[This is a little gift for my friend Lazarus Jack. I got the inspiration from listening to Sober by P!nk.

Sober Promotional Poster[Rayvine crying, her two sides expressing their seperate parts while maintaining the same body.]



I'm safe

Up high

"Where is she?!" Alucard turned to his young fledgling, frantically.

"I don't know! All I saw in that video was that she climbed out the window!" Seras replied.

Nothing can touch me

But why do I feel this party's over?

"Wait! I see tracks. They lead...." her voice trailed away, and her eyes widened in fear.

"Right.... To.... That.... Ledge...!" he started to walk towards it, then broke out into a full out run.

No pain


He could sense blood. And tears. And sadness. And hatred. And anger. And most of all.... Hurt.

You're my protection

How do I feel this good sober?

Seras peered down over the ledge, and gasped quietly.

Rayvine lay there in the soft snow, a light frost covering her as the snow continued to fall. Her ankle twisted the wrong way, her arm bending the same. Her eyes were closed, tears leaking out of the edges, but luckily she was still breathing.

I'm coming down,

Coming down,

Coming down

Seras checked Rayvine's pulse, which then came up to her fingertips, faintly. Seras reached down for her, and Rayvine's good arm suddenly shot up and clenched around her throat. Rayvine panted heavilly, although her expression was hidden behind the thick black hair shielding her face.

"Rayvine, it's us!" she grasped at the hand on her neck. When Rayvine heard those words, "it's us", her grip loosened, and she allowed Alucard to gently pry the fingers off her neck.

Spinning 'round,

Spinning 'round,

Spinning 'round

Alucard picked Rayvine up, and she curled up slightly. Her skin was cold to the touch, her face flushed red; her body had tried desperately to heat her up. She passed out, giving out a slight groan of pain as the throbbing in her two broken points returned.

Looking for myself

"Let's get her back to the infirmary," Alucard said, and Seras nodded.

"Why would she do something like this to herself?" Seras asked quietly to herself as Alucard shook his head.


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