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Amber, one of the newest privates.


"Left! Left! Left, right, left! Left! Left! Left, right, left! I don't know, but I been told!" hollered the drill sergeant.

"I don't know, but I been told!" the formations sang back.

"Marchin' around is gettin' old!"

"Marchin' around is gettin' old!"


"SOUND-off! One, two, three, four!" the formation took their guns off their backs, and flipped them like batons before putting them to rest positions and continuing their march.

"COMPANY, HALT!" the sergeant ordered, and the formations stopped. "COMPANY, LEFT-FACE!" the soldiers stood in a totally straight line, staring straight ahead, at attention.

Alucard studied the troops lined up in front of their sergeant. They didn't look at him until the sergeant said, "At ease. Break formations, soldiers. You're off for now."

As soon as the sergeant said that, the troops went their own ways. 

"Not you, Corporal Walker! Get your scrawny ass over here!" the drill sergeant ordered, and Sergeant Sphrinklz smiled as the young corporal stood next to him.

"Mister Alucard, Miss Seras, I give you our most experienced soldier, Corporal Rayvine Walker."

Rayvine saluted, standing at attention as Alucard studied her. Short black hair and stormy blue eyes peered out at him from under the brim of her cap.

"You look so awfully young to be in the army, my dear," he examined.

"I'm twenty. I've been in the army for about four years," she replied.

"Even still, the army seems to be one of the places I'd least find you."

"Corporal Walker will be your escort for the time you are here," Sphriklz explained. "You will give him a tour of the base today, and of our city tomorrow."

Rayvine tensed. "Sir? Requesting permission to sit this one out."

"Corporal, if there's something wrong, then you certainly won't mind sharing it with us?"

".... No sir, there's nothing wrong."

"Good, then you'll do it."

".... Yes, sir."


"OW!" Seras yelped as a rock whacked her in the back of the head. The snickering of young army boys angered her as they went away. Only a new pleeb, a young girl only about sixteen was left.

Seras walked over to her, and asked, "What was that for?"

"You're funny lookin'," she said, in a very distinct country accent.

"Oh? Well, you're pretty funny looking, too," Seras shot back in her light, English toned accent.

"That's a funny lookin' skirt."

"Those are funny looking boots."

"You got some funny lookin' hair."

"You have a funny looking FACE!"

The pleeb's eyes narrowed, and she walked away, saying, "You're a stranger; Strangers don't last long here."

Seras huffed and she moved to try and find her master. "Where are you?" she thought.

"With Corporal Walker. We're in the weapons faucility." he replied. Walker was currently showing him some of the weapons they used.

".... And THIS," she explained, tugging out a huge-looking machine gun, "is one of my personal favorites. Four chain rounds in about a minute, each bullet firing at about a millisecond."

Alucard eyed the gun, only half impressed. "Looks reliable. Is it?"

"Yeah, as long as the camber doesn't jam."

"Hm," Alucard grunted, taking out his own gun from his coat pocket. "This is MY weapon of choice. Very strong; Very reliable."

"A Jackal!" Walker's eyes widened. "Aren't those things pretty much extinct, though?"

"Not this one," Alucard chuckled.

"That is awesome," Rayvine complemented. "Just plain awesome."


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