"Yes, Master? What is it? Why have you called us?" Alucard bowed, Seras standing at the edge of the room by the door, and he
Hellsing alucard vampires seras victoria hellsing ultimate 1600x1200 wallpaper 81

Alucard and Seras


"I have an assignment for you," Integra explained, taking out a rather large-looking file.

"What is it?"

"I am sending you and Seras to America, to see if they have changed their rapscallion manner since the War for Independance back in the 1800's."

Alucard remembered the War for Independance. America versus England, in a death battle for control over the country. America had won, much to England's dissapointment, although King George was a downright tyrant in his own right.

"Why are you sending us?" Seras quieried.

"Hush," Alucard thought, shot a glare at her over the brims of his goggles, and she shut her mouth.

"Because I trust you. Besides, America would be honored to have you, Hellsing's trump cards, visiting one of their U.S. Army bases. Your flight leaves tomorrow," Integra explained, sliding Alucard the file. "Study up. Get some rest. Prepare yourselves. You will be flown to Camp Blanding in Starke, Florida, where you will be met by the Sergeant Major of the Army, Sergeant Sphrinklz. He will direct you from there."


The plane trip was relatively quiet. Many people were too busy staring at the two individuals sitting in the first class section of the plane.

The man, who looked roughly in his early 30's, had short jet-black hair, bangs obscuring his face, his eyes hidden by orange goggles with wire frames. He wore a black suit, the usual tie replaced with a knotted red cravat, and black leather boots, and a red overcoat with a red cape. His head was lowered, the red fedora hat with the wide floppy brim, hands, hidden by white gloves, held politely in front of him.

The woman had blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a tight looking light blue uniform with a short skirt, and black stockings and tall black boots. She was reading through a huge looking file. Then she stopped, and looked up at the people staring.

"Do you MIND?" she asked quietly.

They all turned away, looking out their wondows or studying the backs of their seats.


Outside of the airport, the streets of Starke were bustling with activity. People shoved past Alucard and Seras, grumbling to themselves, only a select few using their manners and apologizing.

A red ball came bouncing Seras' way, and she picked it up, watching as a group of kids walked up to her.

"Can we have our ball back, please, miss?" a young girl with red hair and wearing red overalls asked politely.

"Of course, sweetie. Here you go," she handed her the ball back, and the girl smiled politely.

"Hey, mister. Ain'cha got a car?" the oldest boy asked. "Not very smart to be walking around on a cool day like this!"

"No, we're visiting here from England," Alucard explained. "We're looking for the Army base, Camp Blanding."

"Oh, you're only a block's walk from here; just walk down this sidewalk and take a left. We walked past it earlier today. Seemed someone's waiting for youse."

"Thank you very much, that's just what we needed," Alucard touched the brim of his hat in respect.

The older child picked up his little sister with the ball. "Anytime, mister. Anytime."

The girl threw the ball, and the rest of the group chased after it. "Last one to the soccer field is a rotten egg!"

"Damn it! Uhh, see you later, mister!" he ran after his siblings, struggling to keep his little sister in his arms. "YOU GUYS ARE SO DEAD!"


"Welcome to Camp Blanding, Mister Alucard, Miss Seras. It's an honor to meet you," Sergeant Sphrinklz shook both of their hands.

"The honor is all ours, Sergeant," Alucard shook the hand back strongly.

"What a firm grip!" Sphrinkles complimented. "Like a Burmese Python!"

"We were sent here from the Hellsing Organization in England. Our master said you had a task for us."

"Ah, yes...." the Sergeant looked around, then whispered. "There have been a string of murders going on in the base."

"Murders?" Seras questioned.

"At first it was mostly the prisoners we take in here to question," he explained, "but now it's gone up to the pleebs here! And the murders are totally random! There's no M.O., no evidence, no witnesses! We called you hoping you'd assist us."

"We'd be delighted and honored to help, Sergeant."

"Many thanks, friend," Sergeant Sphrinklz saluted. "Now follow me; It's time for the soldier's afternoon rally."

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