Act One Edit

You are a proxy. You have nothing to do. You are lost in a forest. So you put on your EPIC HAT! And dance to the theme music of this story.

You decide to equip mask. Silly, you've already got a mask on! You need to find a person who The Operator dude wanted for you to get. You think his name is "Phazon" or something like that.

You see a human talking in the forest with a flashlight on collecting pages. What will you do?

You decide to find another person and force them to make out! They were already in a relationship so they don't mind. The person's name is Phazon. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? His girlfriend is named Raven. You force them to make out again.

You forgot to introduce yourself to the readers! Your name is Masky. You have a passion for shipping which is why you did what you just did. You also like to make Masked live in your basement because he didn't like the previous paragraph of this hastily written fic.

Wait a minute! Wasn't that person Phazon? The Operator will kill you, you idiot! To the proxymobile! After realising that you don't have a proxymobile or a lair so you decide to make one rather than find Phazon and not get killed by The Operator.

Then you realise you have the basement! As you walk by Masked (who's eating cookies and watching the office, by the way) you begin working on your proxymobile!

After 11 days you realise how hard this really is. So you take a very long break. During this, you get a knock on the door. "Who is it?" you yell.

It turns out to be the mailman, who's got your Death Note Complete Collection DVD Set! You sit and watch your series while Masked (who wants to portray himself as a super sexy legit genius) went to bed. You get another knock on the door. Who's it gonna be?

And it's The Operator. He says that he'll give you sour patch kids if you get Phazon in a week.

You want them.

You need them.

You really like their tas- oh nevermind i suck at referencing MLP.

So you must make the proxymobile and find him! You get Masked to help you! He does not want to help you. So you remove his mask. Masked kills you in one of his RP battles.


And then you came back to life because Mary Sue. You do the wise choice of not removing Masked's mask. As you finish your very poorly made Proxymobile you realise something. Halloween's tomorrow. You run out of your basement yelling "OH MAH GAWSH I GOTTA GET TEH KANDY" and you go to the store and buy a ton of candy.

For Halloween, you decide to go as a proxy vampire Mary Sue. You think your costume looks pretty good. Now you go to bed, completely forgetting about the sour patch kids.

You are on the street which is a noticibale plot hole because you were trapped in a forest, remember? But the author of this story doesn't care about plots so random crap like this could happen. Only on The Hub.

Anyway, you try to get as much candy as you can. You go to a creepy graveyard house and a monster comes out and kills you.


But you're a Mary Sue so you came back to life. You learnt a valuble lesson: You won't get Sour Patch Kids from creepy graveyard houses.

As you go to sleep (after stealing all TEH KANDY) you felt good about today.

Act I (continued)Edit

After spending two months ignoring this story, the author has decided to continue your tale on Christmas where stuff happens. 

Anyway, you get presents from Raychel, Lewis, Jarod, Kevin and the family that works for Slenderman because the author feels like getting killled by Rayven for using her characters without asking. She's clearly not going to have this entire story Understanding Secrets canon.

Anyway, for christmas you get a portal gun, Halo 4, a Slenderman Plushie, a free ticket to have a rushed story that has no planning whatsoever with millions of plot holes good as long as it has humor and Sour Patch Kids.

You then eat all the Sour Patch Kids. 

After that pathetic excuse for a Christmas special you then go to see Masked who might be dropped sooner or later, I don't know. Masked says that the world might actually end and the Mayans could've been a few days late. You ignore this.

Suddenly the world ends and you're the only one left. You realise that the story is going to be darker now, but at least it's still with the lighthearted and humorous tone the author always uses... Right?


Act IIEdit

You are the Operator. You run Slender. Inc and you have a passion for torturing people. You feel like poking your employees with a pointed stick for fun, but you feel you need a reason for that. 

Then you hear a knock on the door.

You are the Observer. You don't have a job, but you feel like you need one. You see all the bills on your table. You decide to take a walk in town. You look closely just in case if there is a help wanted sign, but all the jobs appear to be taken. Eventually you end up in the forest. As you get deeper and deeper, you see a place called Slender. Inc. It has a help wanted sign. You decide to knock on the door.

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