Davin Felth(left) and Mod Terrik(right)

I. A desert stormtrooper squad stood around a empty escape pod. One trooper said" There was definetley lifeforms in here" The other trooper said" The tracks go off in this direction. The lt. named Davin Felth said" Look Sir, Droids" Two troopers examined the footsteps.

The two troopers went to search around Tatooine for the droids. Davin Felth said" These footsteps belong to a protocol droid" Mod Terrik examined the droid ring Davin Felth noticed. 1023 said" That belongs to a protocol droid. Davin Felth scanned the escape pod to Darth Vader. 1023 said" The image will be clipped to Darth Vader in three minutes.

II. 1023 used his fire extinguisher to clean the escape pod. Mod Terrik said" Assemble" The two troopers came back. The two troopers were TK-333 and TK-327. TK-327 tossed the scanner to Terrik. Darth Vader appeared in the hologram. Darth Vader said' I am very satisfied with the squad. My faith belongs in Davin Felth and 1023" Darth Vader said" Terrik, move" Davin Felth said" I wondered if I should be commander" He plastered the Imperial organization symbol on the escape pod. Mod Terrik began to wheeze. 1023 said" I think behind the helmet, he is a just a human" Mod Terrik continued to walk. He noticed how day change to night. A masked figure knocked him to the ground. He felt the cold sand. Davin Felth said" Those are just Tusken Raiders, we are in their territory. 1023 said" Terrik probably can't see in those eyeholes" He used his fire extinguisher to scare them away. Davin Felth said" Those Tuskens ran to a homestead"

III. 1023 said" Jawas give droids to moisture farmers. Davin Felth said" exactly" 1023 said" We'll continue our track" Mod Terrik shivered. He asked" How do we make camp?" Davin Felth chuckled. He handed 1023, WTP-2, TK-333, TK-327 and Mod Terrik all shuurras.WTP-2 said" It's a shuura"

The shuura is on the small silver plate.

Mod Terrik said" Oh yeah, right" Davin Felth said" Of course" A homestead in the distance went black. Mod Terrik put his gloves over the fire. Davin Felth said" Your gloves aren't fireproof" Mod Terrik sighed and fell asleep on a rock. Jawas scuttled by, and threw pebbles at him. He brushed them away.

IV. Davin Felth said" Let's start on foot" WTP-2 said" It's fine with me" 1023 said" sandstorm" Davin Felth grabbed 1023 and WTP-2. Mod Terrik grabbed his emergency light. It shone in the howling sand. WTP-2 said" he is alive" Mod Terrik's armor was caked in sand.

Davin Felth, 1023, WTP-2 and Mod Terrik saw AT-STs in the distance. Davin Felth said" General Maxmillian Veers said I excel at AT-STs.


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