Here is the next spoiler chapter until My Little Pony Escape From Glucrose is released! Sadly I think this will be the final spoiler chapter until it is actually done. So for now enjoy Chapter 5!!!

Characters that appear in Chapter 5:

Phazon, Windrider, Blaze, Nightmoon, and Blue.

Last spoiler chapter:

SPOILER: New FriendsEdit

Never has Phazon been so terrified.

Even though he was but a simple soldier in the Harmony ranks, he never was in MAJOR battle until Pentrodis was invaded. Speaking of Pentrodis, they never escaped, Phazon had led the group of ponies to a safe refuge camp for now. It was just a simple little tent that he assembled before the pouring rain hit.

Phazon looked back outside for a quick peek, he immediatly regretted it when the Disharmony search ship turned his way. Phazon gasped and quickly scrambled inside, good thing he wasn't seen. The only bad thing that happened was the white pegasus chuckling to himself as Phazon fell on his back.

"Nice fall, dumbass."

Phazon looked back and saw this white pegasus chuckling and looking at the small fire that Phazon had built. Phazon got back up and walked ever so slowly to the campfire. He sat down and looked at the ponies he had saved.

The first one to his left was a light blue stallion, he seemed scronny but obviously he had moves that Phazon didn't. When they saved him, they saw this certain stallion fighting none other than Incitatus.

The second one was a white mare with a droopy pink mane. Her frown remained the same as she stared into the little fire. Phazon wanted to tell her how she was but stopped himself.

The third one was that white pegasus, he wore a smirk that kind of wished Phazon he didn't save him.

The last one was a light purple stallion with a dark mane. He faced the far end of the tent and didn't even decide to look back. What was his problem.

After a few seconds of continued silence, Phazon couldn't take it anymore.

" about this war huh?"

That got the stallion's attention.

The purple stallion with a black mane turned back and shouted at him, "This war is horrid! Are you menatlly challenged or something how long has it taken you to figure that out already?!"

Phazon was taken aback by this sudden outburst and so did the other ponies as they stared at this strange stallion. Finally, the white pegasus smiled and asked, "And what's your name, hot shot?"

The stallion groaned and faced the tent again.

"My name is Nightmoon.....not like any of you care or anything."

Phazon looked around, "Okaaaaayyy.....what's your name?"

The light blue stallion answered, "My name is Blue, I was trained as a Harmony assasin and was sent on a mission to take out Incitatus....but of course I failed like I always do."

"Well that sucks." The white pegasus commented.

Phazon had enough and asked, "What's your name then?"

The white pegasus stood up and went on about himself.

"I am Blaze! And I'm the greatest pegasus that's ever lived! I've taken out so many Disharmonies you would have never had believed it!"

"Oh my gosh, shut up!"

Blaze turned his attention to the only female in the small tent. She looked at him with sad eyes and whispered sharply, "Have you forgotten why we are hiding?! Those Disharmonies out there are trying to find us and kill us as we speak!"

Blaze smirked and said, "Beautiful AND smart, what's your name gorgeous?"

"I'm Windrider."

Phazon stood back up and announced, "Okay, I'm Phazon by the way. Hello Blue, Nightmoon, Blaze, and......Windrider."

Blaze saw as Phazon blushed slightly when he mentioned Windrider's name. He smirked and said, "So and Windrider huh?"

Phazon and Windrider turned their attention to the smug white pegasus. They both frowned and said at the same time.

"Shut up, Blaze!"

As they both said it, Phazon and Windrider looked at each other and blushed slightly, Blaze found that to be extremely funny because he fell on his back and laughed as loud as he could. Before he could continued, he recieved a punch to the face.

Blaze looked up and saw the light blue stallion facing him.

"Shut up!" He whispered sharply, "You want those Disharmonies out there to kill us?!"

Blaze smirked again and appologized, "Sorry, didn't know you were the boss now."

"I think it's all fair to say that I'm the leader of this group." Phazon announced.

Now everypony's attention was brought to the strange colored alicorn. He slowly made his way to the fire and said out loud, "But seriously, I am one strong pony, now I might not look it but I have killed so many Disharmonies that Blaze would look like a bucking liar.....which I know he is."

"Huh? I'm no liar!"

"Oh come on, Blaze," Phazon muttered, "I saw that you were just a mechanic when i saved your flank in Pentrodis."

The others chuckled soflty except Blaze who crossed his hooves and stuck his snout in the air.

Nightmoon smiled softly and asked, "So why do you get to be leader?"

Phazon smiled and sat down next to Windrider, he looked at all the ponies around him as they began to move in closer to the fire. Phazon sighed and began.

"A long time ago, I joined up in the Harmony scientists-"


Ignoring Blaze's comment, Phazon continued, "I joined them and wanted to learn more about space and science, and never wanted to be involved in the war. Until one faithful night, I came across a metorite that I saw fall from the sky. I made the mistake of touching the blue substance oozing out of the metor and I passed out on contact. When I awoke the next morning, I found out that my skin was colored differently and my eyes were now that of a cold blooded creature. I also found out that my cutie mark has changed. I also discover that the substance I touched has made me stronger than most stallions. With my new strengths, I quit being a scientist and joined the war effort."

"K, cool, so who wants to go next?" Blaze asked.

Phazon opened his eyes and looked at Blaze, "Hey, did you not just hear me? I found a meteorite and now I'm stronger from touching it!"

Blaze shrugged and said, "I wasn't stronger from touching my penis so why should this be any different?"

Windrider groaned while Blue and Nightmoon chuckled softly. Phazon sighed and sat back down while Blue stood up.

"My name is Blue and although I'm not the strongest of ponies-"

"Damn straight!" Blaze shouted.

Blu shook his head and continued, "I'm very quick on my hooves. I was trained as a Harmony assasin and soon became one of the best. My mentor was none other than Moon Flame, the zebra assasin in Alpha Squadron. I am very deadly and tricky when it comes to being an assialent. I had a special mission to kill a Disharmony commader when he was invading a Pentrodis along with thousands of the other Disharmonies. But thanks to you guys, you saved my life sooo.....thanks. Incitatus would have killed me if you guys hadn't gotten there in time."

"Love you too, Blue." Blaze chuckled.

"Shut up, Blaze." Blue grunted and sat back down.

Nightmoon realized it was his turn and stood up, "I was never a happy child. Most of my life was lived in sorrow. And Blaze I swear if you interupt again I'll buck you in the face!"

Blaze silenced his mouth.

"Anyways, I was always picked on and ridiculed. When I got old enough, the anger from my past raged inside. I took out my rage by joining the Harmonies and killing several Disharmonies. The commanders saw how good I was and thought that I was ready to fight in the big leagues. The Harmony Enforcers. I became quite a good fighter by joining the Enforcers. When the Enforcers were called out during an invasion of Pentrodis, I and my team reacted quickly and entered the battlefield. And thanks again, Phazon, you saved my life."

"Oh what, no thanks to me?" Blaze interrupted.

"Okay, I've had it with you Blaze, you're up next." Nightmoon smiled and sat back down.

Blaze smiled broadly and stood up, "Name's sexy son of a bitch Blaze! I always do the right thing and I joined the war when my Mom and Dad were killed! I was but a simple mechanic until this bastard found me and saved my life!" Blaze pointed at Phazon.

"And I'm kinda regretting it now." Phazon muttered.

Blaze simply shrugged and looked over to see Windrider giving him a sorrowful look.

"Blaze.....your Mom and Dad are dead?" Windrider asked.

Blaze nodded and said, "But it's fine, they never liked me anyway, always said I was too much of a perv for them to raise."

"I would definetly agree with that." Blue said.

All was silent again until Blaze smiled and said, "It's your turn, fine flank."

"Blaze, control your hormones!" Phazon shouted.

Nightmoon couldn't help it and burst into laughter while Blue just chuckled. Phazon looked over to see Windrider's cheeks burning. She just giggled and stood up.

"I started out as a simple medic for the Harmony soldiers. I always got to heal up the wounded when they were brought in to the medical base. But of all days, Pentrodis was under attack, the Harmonies needed all the medics they could get. and my medical friends were sent at once. Since I was never in a battle, I easily got seperated from my group and almost got killed until you and Phazon saved me."

Windrider looked over to Phazon and blushed again.

Blaze stuck out his hooves and asked, "Is that it?"

Nightmoon actually had a question for Blaze that still made him mad.

"Hey Blaze, how come you almost got us killed when you yelled at Incitatus?! Phazon and I were about to take him out from behind when you just shouted useless nonsense!" Nightmoon yelled and didn't really care that there were still Disharmony ships outside.

Blaze simply sat back and answered, "It's called being fricken awesome! Look it up, it's in the dictionary, right next to buck you!"

Buck you was the magic sentence of the day.

"LET ME AT HIM I'LL KILL HIM!!!" Nightmoon shouted and jumped for Blaze. Blue and Phazon tried their hardest to hold him back while Blaze was laughing his head off.


Phazon, Blue, Nightmoon, and Blaze all stopped to look at Windrider who was obviously mad. She slowed her breathing and simply said, "It's getting late, all of you are a little mad because you haven't gotten enough sleep. So I think we should all turn in for the night."

Blaze nodded.

"Yeah I agree." Blaze said and yawned, "Well goodnight everypony, I'll be sure to make fun of each of you more tomorrow."

With that, Blaze fell alseep on his back and snored loudly.

Blue couldn't help it and yawned as well, "Yeah, I'm tired too. Goodnight everypony." Blue sat down at the far edge of the tent and fell asleep fast.

Nightmoon smiled and said, "Well.....I guess I'll go to sleep too."

He trotted over to the end of the tent and shivered when he was far away from the fire. He laid his head on the ground and drifted off into sleep. That meant the only two left awake were.....

Phazon looked over and saw Windrider in the dim firelight. He didn't want to admit it but.....she was beautiful. Phazon got up and sat down right next to Windrider. She realized the stallion had moved closer.

"Oh....hey Phazon....are you gonna go to sleep too?"

Phazon shook his head and said, "No.....not yet....."

Windrider looked at Phazon and realized how amazing he looked. For a strange looking stallion, he was fairly attractive. Windrider didn't know for sure but there was something in those green eyes of his that she found to be.......



"I......thank you for saving my life in Pentrodis."

"Aw it was nothing."

"No...I mean you risked your life to save me...and why me?"

" was just were so......ummm....."

Phazon couldn't finish when Windrider closed her eyes and moved her lips toward his. Phazon let his instinct do the work as he moved ever so close to Windrider's beautiful face. They were so close that Phazon could feel her breathe against his lips.




Phazon and Windrider turned around to see Blaze shuffling in his sleep and snoring loudly. Windrider giggled from Blaze's perverted humor even in his sleep.

'Dammit, Blaze!' Phazon thought to himself.

Windrider turned back towards Phazon who was still pretty mad that Blaze ruined his moment. Phazon saw that Windrider was looking at him expectantly and he was about to speak.

"Ummm.....maybe we could-"

Windrider pressed her soft hoof on Phazon's lips, thus silencing him. She leaned in slowly and whispered, "Goodnight, Phazon." Leaving Phazon speachless, Windrider curled up in a ball by the fire and drifted off into sleep. Phazon smiled again and made his way to the other side of the fire.

Leaning his head down and closing his eyes, Phazon finally realized that he had made some awesome new friends.

Another spoiler chapter is done! I think this is the last one since I don't want to reviel to much. I loved doing Blaze's parts in this. If you're out there CF, tell me what you think.

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