SORE #5 A Shrinking Feeling

Victor never stopped science. He may have been colonel now, but his passion would always be, science. So, 3 months after he became involved in a new project, sycronized mass reduction.He and Ditzy spent days in the lab.At the same time he started though, Grimshot was walking through NYC, a city excepting ponies and humans equally. There, he ran into trouble. On a walk to Starkicks, he was bombarded by the mafia of NYC, lead by Johnny the Rat.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Celastia's boy! Men, let's mug 'im. Fork Over $50, or else." threatened Johnny.

Without a word, Grimshot bucked Three goons across the street with one swoft kick. Causing Johnny to run quickly to the closest safe spot. He was chased by Grimshot, all in all ending in Johnny running into an abandoned NASA base, set for demolition tomorrow. Luckily for Johnny, one rocket worked enough to suprisingly easily hot wire it.

"Rocket Science... Please." said Johnny as the rocket started to fire up.

A month passed when Victor asked Ken to come in. He brought up to Ken that he had finished the expirement of syncronized mass reduction. He was about to test it on a lamp table, when Johnny's rocket bursted in, making and covering a hole. Johnny jumped out with a fake gun to threaten saying "Everybody! Hands in the air!"

"What's that you're holding?"

"A-a-a shrinker 3000..."

"Hand it over"

"Take it!"

"HA! Stupid! YOu could have just used it to shrink me!"

How'd you know it shrank stuff!"

"Victor, it's called a shrinker!" added Ken.

Then, Victor, Ditzy, and Ken were all a centimeter tall. "HAHAHA" said a giant Johnny. He leaned his foot over them, giving them a cue to run. Johnny used a walkee talkee to say "Rarity! You need to help! Johnny the Rat shrank us!-He's a MOB BOSS!-Uh Huh..-Okay!"

2 minutes of Johnny trying to kill them later, Rarity stepped in, unfortunately stepping on Ken's leg, not noticing.

Then, the talkee said,"The shrinker has a growth function! GET IT! Rarity then tackled him down, grabbing the shrinker. Then, Johnny moved to a certain spot saying "DON"T MOVE! Or he gets it!" Johnny's foot was right over Ken.

"*gasp* You wouldn't dare! Murder is wrong, even for you!"

"Fine, I won't step on him." He stepped a few steps forward. Only to sit down.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Then, Rarity pushed Johnny all the way out of the hole he made with his rocket, pushing the rocket back to, seconds later being blocked by a table.

"Ken?!" Nothing was there tears ran to her eyes. Ken was a good friend of Rarity's now he was gone, in the most disrespectful manner, by the most disrespectful person.

She grew Ditzy, but before she grew Victor, a hand had held on to the hole. Johnny pushed the table back and tackled Rarity.She pushed him back into the hole for good, but he had the shrinker.

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