SORE #5 A Shrinking Feelin

New Director Victor Cornelius led Logan, Jacklyn, Spike, Ken, and Luitentant Ditzy Doo into the Cornelius Labrotory.He showed them a big machine that said "Shrinker 5000"

"My friends, this is, the-"

"Shrinker 5000? We see the label."

"Well, that takes that away, Ditzy. Anyway, it obviously shrinks.But there are still some bugs in it.I need the DNA from Vectex's atom.But first, I need you all to help me wire some stuff in.Ditzy and Jacklyn, you wire in the rewire to the --"

As, Victor gave the orders, Grimshot Theral Frost was walking through an alley of New York.

"Well, if it is't the prestigous Colonel Frost."said a mysterious voice.

It was Jimmmy the Rat.A mafia don who terorizes People and Ponies.

"Jimmy.Don't you have a mafia to run?"Then, 4 mobsters wled behind Grimshot.Romie Jultikip (the muscle), Johnny No-Words (the mute), Anton Piscoll (the musket-man), and Sammy the Bomb (the machine gun-man).

"Give us your wallet."said Sammy the Bomb.

"I'll give you something."

Grimsot then grasped the gun out of Sammy's hands and bashed Sammy into Johnny with it.Then, Romie ran towards him, only to get bucked at.Then, Grimshot looked around, Anton and Jimmy were gone.

Victor and the others were interupted by two villains, one with a gun, fighting them.

"Luckily we found that horse's mini ship, ay Anton?"

"Wi, Mousier Rat"

Then, Spike brothe fire, and it accidentally hit the Shrinker 5000.

Rarity was walking through SORE HQ, to see the Cornelius labrotory had shrunken!

While Rarity looked, Jimmy and Anton had hidden.Then, after the coast was clear, and Rarity decided to get help, with Spike in her hair, to come, Jimmy and Anton continued ther reign.Jimmy took Anton's musket and shot Jacklyn.

It went through! Kept shooting and it went through! But, the shots made a hole in the HQ, leading to a vacuum like holeleading to space try ing to suck them in! Jimmy the Rat was un prepared, he and the musket went through Jacklyn and was sucked into space!

By that time, Rarity came back, and unshrunk every body.

And then, Grimshot came in a spare ship and dropped off Sammy, Romie, and Johnny into a trusted prison; Redswat Facility.Anton and Johnny also were put there to.

But, Jacklyn was still sucked in to space...