SORE #4 The End of Vectex

"Android 217, run scenario 324517"

"ZZZ Complete."

"Run scenario 234561."

"ZZZ The odds of you getting beaten are 35 to 65."

"ZZZ New odds 0.001 to..."

"More like 100 to 0!"announced a proud, Grimshot Theral Frost.

"AAAH!"Vectex then punched Grimshot to the ceiling.

Rarity ended up seeing that.Logan and Victor went to protect Ken.And Ditzy Doo was supposed to fend off any android that wasn't in the control center.Then, she saw Spike and Fate Keeper (both tied to strange machines, hung over a vat of electrical goo.If they fell in they would be toast.She had to choose. Spike and Jacklyn, or Grimshot.Then, she saw Donovan.He pointed at her, then, at the vat.Then to him then to Vectex.Then, he made the sign 3 2 1!

All of it happened in a flash.Rarity kicked off Spike and Jacklyn and kicked off the machines.Jacklyn knocked away the guards.Spike saved Slender man.The LW tackled Vectex after turning into the LW.The collar exploded.

A flash gave off. When it cleared, Vectex and Donovan disappeared.

So, Android 217 was put in Redswat between Vector the Dark, Vecton, and Talgo(see SORE origins when comes).

Vectex was actually imprisoned in an atom.Victor put him in a thermo nucealar container.

Unfortuneatley, the LW is gone


Grimshot and Victor were sitting together in the control center.

"Victor.This is all to much for me.I was better solo.So, that's what I'm gonna do.I have a very important question for you.Could you be the director of SORE?"

"Yes!" answered Victor.

THE END ;for now;