Grimshot Theral Frost demanded Luitentant Ditzy Doo come at once.Then, the London Werewolf and the Fate Keeper reported that only Luitentant Doo's assistant, Ken, wasthere, but he was unconsious.Which was never good.

"I want everyone looking for the luitentant!But, we also must prepare." It only took Grimshot a few seconds to figure it out.

Meanwhile, on top of SORE HQ, in an airlock resturaunt (the SORE HQ is a space craft) when 5 Vector androids came.Spike and Rarity were having dinner there.Luckily, they were trained for this scenario.They took down 3 using, judo, karate, and kung fu.The other 2 fled just in time.Then, all of the HQ was being invaded at once.The two of them went to the control center.To find Grimshot and the others were making a plan.

"Ah, Rarity and Spike.Just in time.Now, Team1 is the London Werewolf, Spike, Slender man, and the Fate Keeper.Being the 4 with the most fighting chances, you're the ones who will fend the androids off.The rest of you, are with me.We need to find Ditzy Doo.He's most likely in the ship, so we have to find him.Let's go team!"

Rarity, Grimshot, Logan, and Victor got into a mini ship a left to the other ship to rescue Ditzy Doo.But, during that, the LW, the FK, Spike, and Slender man were getting rid of clones in different ways!The LW knocked them out with his super strength, Slender man brought them into his shadow world, Spike scolded them with fire breath, and Fate Keeper was whamming them with his staff.

"So, Slender man. What happens in the shadow world?" asked the LW while kicking androids into the special prison known as the Redswat Facility.

"A boy known as Erik uses them as slaves.He is the smartest person ever. His intellect is as vast as the universe"said Slender man "Rake would have to cut through me for anyone to escape."

Then, Vectex interupted."I am Vectex.Ruler of the Vectclones.And I know how to make you all fall." He then picked up a machine that would suck Fate Keeper in.And that's what he did.Then, two men put a collar on LW just in time for it to work.

"AAH!" Then, when he turned to Donovan Miles.It stopped hurting.

"This machine makes the Fate Keeper like a dust particle to a vacuum.And, much like an idea created long ago, if you turn in to the London Werewolf, the quasar energy will kill you if it takes a good amount of time."Then, he got a 200 wat light and aimed it Slender man.When it turned on it al most singed Slender man.


"This one was easy to figure out.And, Spike.With one of my devices, the worst your fire blasts will do is get me wet."The machine then just made the fire, water!

"Android 217, note this, we can use the overgrown mutt and the shadow against SORE.But, the dragon and the ghost must die."

By the time Ditzy, Grimshot, Victor, Rarity, and Logan got back, thetrue horror was about to begin.

To Be Continued