SORE #2 The Big Heat Signature

Donovan Miles and Jacklyn Williams walked through SORE HQ.They brought back Prof. Victor Cornelius, the Rake, and the Slender man.The 5 of them walked into the control center.There, a red and white pony stood giving people orders.

"Rake, Slender man. That is Colonel Grimshot Theral Frost.He is the director of SORE.He's in charge of everyone in SORE.Even the founder, Phazon.He's ready for anything."announced the professor.

"Luitentant! What is that massive heat signature?!Luitentant!Luitentant Ditzy Doo!Oh.Victor!You're back!With two dark magic elementals.For DNA or for fighting?Never mind, Williams, Miles!Get Luitentant Doo!"Shouted the one and only, Grimshot Theral Frost.

The two scattered off in different directions.Then, a small purple dragon with green spikes.He then picked up some flowers and left.

"That, is agent Spike.He is a feild agent and a spy.But, for some reason he seems like me."

Then a beautiful pony with blue hair came out then.

"Sir! Message from Luitntant Ditzy Doo ont the command center.A large swarm of androids are inching toward us.What shall we do?"said Agent Rarity.

"Well, my precious, lady's choice."

"This should snap you back to yourself.Plus, you deserve this." Rarity then bucked Grimshot in the chin.

"Wait!We sent thousands of androids and a giant into space!(SORE #1)They must be coming back!Wow, that was faster than excpected."

"Colonel.I have to go I have a date."

Rarity walked out.Rake watched "Wow.I thought Slender man was the rejected one"

"Says the one who is only permitted to walk in West Africa!(See SORE origins when comes) I live on Earth!"

"I thought you were banished! 'Cuz that's what Death said!"

"Go back to imprisonment!"

"Ya' had ta go there!Well, that's it!I'm out!You want DNA, ya' got it!Hasta la vista!"

Then he claw a specific design that opened a portal.Rake then left.


"What, Logan?"

Colonel, Logan, Slender man, and Victor watched, a space craft with Vectex on it stopped. Right in invading position.

"Men, we're at war."