SORE #1 The 2 Spirits!

Victor Cornelius saw the dark realm unfold before his eyes.His cousin Vector the dark used him to make android clones.He was smart, almost the smartest person on Earth (See SORE #3 when comes)but he did not weild that technology. But he knew a dark spirit had that magic.He had a portal opener to the dark world that he used before(See SORE origins when comes)but he got it to use it for only good.But, e could not think about this now.the being known as the Rake fell out of the portal.The Rake was then put in a chamber that took his energy.He then looked to see not only two familir guards standing, aiting for the right moment, but he also noticed a creepy creature in the shadow.Then, one guard,flew through his suit!He was Jacklyn Williams AKA The Fate Keeper.He had every power of a ghost.Then, the other turned buff, hairy, and ripped through his suit.He was Donovan Miles AKA The London Werewolf!

"A ghost, a werewolf, and a shadow.Is it Halloween already?" chortled Vector the Dark.

"The shadow isn't with us.I'm not sure what it is."said a baffled Donovan Miles.

"I am the Slender man.Me an Rake need to finish something."said the Slender man in a hush tone.

"I'm heya!' Then, the Rake clawed through the chamber.But, the machine was already powered.

Victor, the LW, and the FK ran to the machine. Vector chased after them.

As those four ran to the machine, Rake and Slender man started to fight.

The LW crashed through the machine. And every single clone was shot into space.

"I'll get you!"Screamed Vector"My Giants!"Two gigantic men came. "Vectex, Vecton. Finish them!"

LW reacted fast.He ran and pushed the giant Vectex into the beam of clones. Vectex was pulled in too.

Victor, though was actually trying to make peace with Rake and Slender man."Stop!You could be good!You just need to get along!"

"Neva, Chrome Dome! I'm the good one! He is the bad one!"

"Are you kidding.I've only scared Erik, and I've regreted it evver since he became Death's adoptive son!"

"You're both good!You could help those two bring down Vecton!"

"Fine! But one slip from dis guy, I'm out!"

Then, Rake and Slender man helped the LW and the FK drop Vecton on Vector.Victor wanted then to show the new recruits SORE, Colonel Frost, Rarity, and Spike.

To Be Continued