Rocco Lampone

Rocco Lampone was a soldier, who was sent home. Rocco Lampone's injury was a shattered kneecap, resulting his leg being crippled. In 1943, Rocco Lampone met Peter Clemenza. Peter Clemenza liked Rocco Lampone. He began his career in the Corleone Crime Family. Peter Clemenza made him a associate.

Two years later, Rocco Lampone became a made man. Paulie Gatto was The Don, Vito Corleone's driver. Paulie set up Vito Corleone to be assassinated. Vito was shot six times, but survived. Sonny Corleone, Vito's oldest son wanted Paulie to be "handled"

Paulie Gatto drove Lampone and Clemenza. Peter Clemenza had to go bathroom. Paulie stopped the car in a marshy field. Rocco Lampone shot Paulie in the back of the head three times. Peter Clemenza told him, " To leave the gun and take the cannolis"

Rocco Lampone was accepted into the Corleone Family. Rocco Lampone was Vito's chaffuer. Vito told his son, Michael to make a secret regime. Michael became Don, after Sonny was assassinated. Rocco Lampone was apart of the secret regime. Rocco Lampone and Al Neri were the two best assassins. Rocco and Al were selected to assassinate Don Tattaglia and Don Barzini, the enemies of the Corleone family.

Rocco Lampone killed Don Tattaglia with a another assassin. Rocco Lampone was present when Michael visited Carlo Rizzi. Carlo abused Connie, Michael's sister and set up Sonny to be killed. Rocco Lampone held Carlo's coat. Rocco Lampone witnessed Carlo's death, with Michael, Al Neri, and Tom Hagen.

Rocco Lampone was made Caporegime. Rocco was chief of security at the Lake Tahoe compound. Rocco Lampone was with Michael, looking at papers. Kay, Michael's wife walked in. Rocco Lampone walked out of the room.

Rocco Lampone knew that Hyman Roth was trying to kill Michael. Michael sent Rocco to assassinate Hyman Roth. Roth was in the custody of Federal Agents. It was difficult, but not impossible. Rocco Lampone disguised himself as a reporter. He went to Miami International Airport. Rocco Lampone approached Hyman Roth, shooting him in the stomach. Chaos happened and a Federal Agent shot Rocco Lampone twice.

Rocco Lampone was supposed to be in Godfather Part III, but the actor Tom Rosqui had a struggle with cancer. Tom Rosqui couldn't be in the film. In 1991, Tom Rosqui died.

Leave the gun, take the cannolis- Peter Clemenza.

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