A young writer had decided that he wanted to make a book for his own school. When he showed the Principal, he did not like what he saw.

Eventually the fanfictions were rejected. But that did not stop the writer from making more...

Chapter 1: CrackedEdit

26 days later, another book was made.

He attempted to improve on it, but they were still rejected. He decided that he should try doing it for someone else.

He went to a low-budget animation company, and asked if he could make a book for them. When he gave them the book, it was rejected as well. All the writer wanted was recognition, but it never worked.

Chapter 2: BreakdownEdit

As the writer went to more places, and sent his books down, they got rejected more. 

When he got a story published for once, it was a very big flop, and it was critically panned. The writer's frustration made the books more and more dark throughout... until one day, he had quite the mental breakdown.

This mental breakdown made his world of creations go bizzaro. He couldn't control himself, and so the world went very twisted. The main characters of his stories were killed. Only one of his characters managed to escape, and he is now dead anyway. 

And so the stories were gone. Forever. There was no happy ending, no hope, they are now gone. You cannot find them.

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