[Note from The Creator: Rayvin mostly represents me as a whole, the person that I wish/want to be. ~RayvenTheInsane]

Rayvin WalkerEdit

Birth Name: Rachel "Harmony" Walker.

Date of Birth: July 31, 1999
Nightcore - Phenomenon02:23

Nightcore - Phenomenon

Rayven's Theme: Phenomenon[Nightcore Remix]

Status: Alive

Age: 14 and 3/4

Family[OC]: Kristil[mother, deceased], Asche[father, unknown], Mactak[older foster brother, alive], Naet[older foster brother, alive]

Friends[IRL]: Jarod, Jason, Jimi, Jack, Ayla

Friends[OC]: Robihn, Ja

Friends[Other]: Jay, Alex, Jessica, Tim/Masky, Hoody, Noah/Firebrand, Kevin/The Observer, Mary/Cursor, Swain, Zim, Dib, Gaz, Gir

Enemies: Slenderman, Deadhead, Asche

Abilities: Martial Artist, Street Fighting, Combat Specialist, "Glitching"[teleporting with a static noise/look], Inventing/Tinkering Specialist, Magnet/Attraction to the Supernatural, Inhuman/Supernatural Strength[makes her strong enough to turn diamonds to a rough gravel], Supernatural/Boogeyman/Reaper Abilities, Can Talk to Animals, Sixth Sense, Hypersensitivity

Modes: Trickster, Anti-forme[Cupcakes], Boogeyman, Reaper[Asche was the grandson of Death itself]

Strengths: Second-In-Command Skills, Tinkering Skills, Combat Skills, Supernatural/Superhuman/Inhuman Skills

Weaknesses: Mind Influence, Hypersensitivity, Insanity, Pressure Problems

Fears: Spiders, Tentacles/Tendrils, Losing Everything, Rejection, Abandonment


Rayvin "Harmony" Walker[born Rachel "Harmony" Walker] was born on July 31, 1999 in Gainseville, Florida, the daughter of Asche and Kristil Walker. She was born into a loving family and household, up until her sixth birthday. After that, her father seemed to become more violent and a little sadistic and cruel. He beat her for doing little things such as peeking into the parent's bedroom, saying she was "supposed to mind her p's and q's". 

The night before her seventh[that day also being her father's birthday], Asche completely snapped and murdered Kristil, and forced Rayvin to give the finishing move. Asche quickly left afterwards, abandoning a traumatized and quickly snapping Rayvin. Rayvin was found by her kindergarten teacher[who was worried since she hadn't been at school for two days], and put into a foster care system.

It took a while for Rayvin to become permanantly adopted, as she was prone to screaming and crying fits and violence, and wouldn't allow people to touch her two trigger points[her cheek and her knee, as her father had suggestively licked her on her cheek and squeezed her knee].

She was adopted by a loving and caring family who acknowledged her mental state and quickly got her into therapy. Over the years, she slowly learned to control her urges, and her temper. However, Asche's influence had already influenced her behavior, and she is still prone to sudden depression and anxiety attacks, along with violent outbursts. However, despite her problems, she was happy, especially with her two older foster brothers, Mactak and Naet.

When Rayvin was eleven years old, her father Asche returned, and proceeded to slowly mutilate her, and even though her foster brother Naet rescued her, the event led to her scarring physicaly and emotionally. She has yet to see her father again.

Rayvin has many special gifts, including being able to talk to animals and having a magnet that makes the supernatural attracted to her. Her father most recently being found out to be The Boogeyman, and her great-grandfather to be Death itself, she has many supernatural powers. Her magnet attracts many beings, not just including ghosts. She can attract Creepypastas and aliens, as well as cryptids and monsters. She has expressed a dislike for Slender beings, however.

Rayvin expresses a dislike for thieves, murderers, liars, cheaters, gamblers, rapists, gangesters, and many of the modern day criminals and jerks, however she is reluctantly willing to own up to stealing and cheating, although they both had a reason for which.

Rayvin loves gaming. Her favorite games are Naughty Bear, Saw and Saw 2, and plenty of other horror games. Rayven also has a weakness for sugar and caffiene, although it doesn't change her in any way because of her high metabolism.

Rayvin has superhuman and inhuman strength, combined with supernatural strength. This makes her very strong, strong enough to crush diamond into a coarse rubble. She is also an advanced fighter, and surpasses many martial arts, street-fighting arts, and just downright rough-housing arts.

Rayvin is highly intelligent, and is very interested in inventing and tinkering. She claims her best work so far is a mechanical backpack with numerous gadgets that even she can't name all at once. She can also fix computers and most electronic devices, as well as inventing them.

Rayvin also has recently obtained some of her father's "nightmare sand", which has the power to turn any dream into a nightmare. Rayvin can use this sand and make it personify into any object, the most favored being a bow and arrow or her Reaper scythe.

Rayvin can also manipulate shadows, as well as summoning beings known as Fears[incarnations and materializations of the fear that resides in every beating heart], which take the form of humanized Changelings from MLP:FiM.

Rayvin is easy to annoy, and has a zero tolerence for any nonsense coming from anyone but very good friends and her family.

Rayvin has a HUGE house, which she uses as an motel complex that everyone shares. The residents she houses include the Mytho's gangs, and occasionally some Creepypastas and supernatural beings. She pays for it as a full-time writer and DJ.

Freaky Fun FactsEdit

Rayvin hates spiders, but she has not taken the life of one.

Rayvin hates tendrils and tentacles, but tolerates it from Jarod.

Rayvin is Christian, but has nothing against other people's beliefs or practices. She also has nothing against homosexuals, bisexuals, or trangenders. She is straight.

Rayvin has a taste for fast paced music, and usually plays Nightcore remixes.

Rayvin is not consious of herself when she goes Anti-forme, and usually doesn't remember what she does as her murdering, cannibalistic anti-self.

Rayvin hates anything to do with Slenderman[his Proxies and brothers aside], and often squabbles with him over the littlest things[i.e., Slenderman pushing against her while trying to walk past].

Rayvin can get depressed and lonely, and has been known to go over the edge with her tendencies.

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