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Ravenous Road.

Ravenous Road

I drove down a street. My brother, Mike and I were heading to Mountauk. I continued to drive, passing cars. Mike was fifteen. I was seventeen. Last week, my brother, Mark showed Mike the film, Scream. Mike bought a Ghostface costume and made my sister, Nicole cry. I pushed Mike into his room. I yelled at Mike, for making a seven year old cry.

Mike still has a grudge, against me. I know, he doesn't act like he is fifteen. The next morning after Mike scared Nicole, she hit him with a wooden spatula. Mike went in his room.

Now, I was driving Mike to Montauk, because his incident with my sister. I still drove, throught the streets. It started to rain. Mike was talking about Scream.... I turned around and told Mike to shut up and act his freakin' age. Mike then looked at the window.

The clouds were turning black now. Mike started to gnaw on a pen. I looked and said" Mike, that is my second favorite pen" Mike mocked me. I continued to drive, and the clouds got darker, like black. I was at a red stoplight. Mike opened the car door and walked out into the street. I pulled Mike's arm. Mike then turned around the corner and left.

I decided to continue to drive. I saw the clouds light up in a blue flash. The blue flash blasted to the road, and the road split in two. I drove slowly on the right side of the road. I sped around the corner to find Mike. He walked into a abandoned apartment. The blue flash blasted that area. I closed my eyes, and then opened them. There was nothing there. The blue flash blasted the area twice. I drove away.

Later, I started to head home. Montauk could wait. My car was near empty. I drove up to a close gas station. I got the gas, and continued to drive. I headed out of the city. I heard a hiss, as I turned down a road. Did i go this way? No. I got out of my car and looked at the sign. Ravenous Road. It was written in a dried, red liquid. I went to get back in the car. It wouldn't start.

I realized the car couldn't that, even I just got gas. I walked through the light forest. There was nothing here. I went back to the car. I turned the car back on. It started. Huh? That was strange. I went to turn around, but the road was blocked by barbwire. I said" What the Hell?" Then I saw a flashing light. Everything turned black.

'I woke up. I was chained to a wall. I looked around, and I saw blue Moths. These moths were observing me. I pretended that I was dying. The moths were humanoid, Mothmen. The Mothmen rushed over to where I was. I noticed a silver sword, and it word were etched: Zerstören Sie'' die Mothmen zu entkommen.

I had no time. I put my head up and kicked the two Mothmen scientists. The Moths fell over, in pain. I grabbed the sword, turned around, and released myself. I held the chains, to use against the Moths. I started to run out of the room. The exit turned into a portal, then a vortex. I landed back in Ravenous Road. The image shimmered and showed footage of Mike's death. It was replaying.

The video was gone, and then I opened my eyes to see, The Underworld. A light cloak laid on the obsidian tile. I wore the cloak. I saw a man in a dark cloak. My cloak was taken by the figure's skeleton hand. The skeleton's cloak came to me. I was consumed by its evil.
The Cloak

The Dark Cloak

The skeleton man, with the light cloak was taken. I screamed" No!" I looked at the street's name. Ravenous Road. I was here, all this time. My car returned. I removed the cloak and drove out of the Underworld.

I was back at the area where Mike died. I looked at my pen. I held my pen, and it turned into the sword I saw. The skeleton figure who took my cloak appeared. The figure laughed. The Skeleton figure removed its hood. I gasped. The figure was Mike. I removed the cloak from Mike. The cloak put it back on Mike. It wouldn't let go. Mike boarded the Mothmen's cruiser. The general said" What is your bidding?"

The cruiser blasted away. When Mike died, he made a alliance with the Mothmen. They made him the leader and wear the Dark Cloak. I walked away, knowing that Mike permanently had to wear the Dark Cloak and couldn't be redeemed. I drove away. with my silver sword. I saw the creature that hissed at me twice. The creature held a comlink and said" I sssseee the target you have been ssssearching for"

The End???????

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