(This story was requested by a fellow friend, by the username of RavenWalker)!

Sitting below a nearby oak tree, stood a small figure right beside a nearby bush, lifting a small stick off the ground, ripping it directly out of the pile of snow, which laid beneath her. She lifted the stick, and started to sketch into the deep hollow snow, slightly giggling, before dropping the stick; and getting onto her feet. a slight grin spread across her face, with a small drop of blood; spilling from the lower part of her chin, as she slowly started walking into the deep snow, clutching her fists together, kicking the piles of snow directly out of her path.

Raven made a slight giggle again, shoving the snow aside, and turned into the opposite direction, looking directly towards the snow-covered forest in front of her. Stepping inside, the massive branchs from the trees hung low, completely dried out and skeleton-like. As if the sticks themseleves, where arms; attempting to grasp at every-will, to grab at raven.

A long strip of dirty black hair covered and hid raven's own face, as she slowly moved forward, attempting not to run into something, as much as possible; as well as keeping her own self on balance, without something tripping her over. Raven quickly flipped the small strands of hair blocking her eyesite, and soon noticed that she was nearly inchs away from smacking into a large broken tree.

However, much of that didn't catch her attection; but instead...a small weathered peice of construction paper, hung by a thin dented nail, was stuck directly into the middle of the tree. Raven lifted her hood, stepping forward as she grasped onto the peice of paper, and tore the page off the nail, and gazed down at the written text before her.

The text on the page confused her, since it said nothing more then just "FOLLOWS" written in pen, with a small sketch of a couple trees, and a small stick figure below; which didn't appear to have any type of facial expressions, and seemed to have several arms coming out of it's back. Raven took this as nothing more; then just a sick little joke, and crumbled the sheet of paper, and threw it behind her, listening to the sound of the crumbled paper hit the snowy ground below. She quickly moved forward, passing the tree as her sense of attection was caught again, with yet another peice of construction paper nailed to the tree.

Raven walked towards the hollow tree, and ripping the paper directly off the nail, and examind the text which was written across the page. Several blood-stains spilled across the edges of the paper, followed by a few rips and tears along edges and on the page itself; in the exact areas where the blood-spots seemed to be located. The page was almost the exact same as the other page, however; this time..the page read "ALWAYS WATCHS, NO EYES" with another small sketch below, of just a stick-figure-like head; with two small 'X's as the "eyes".

Raven shook her head at the nonsense before her, slowly digging deep into a pocket in her winter jacket, and grasping a small pocket knife out of her pocket, as she jammed the blade directly into the center of the paper; leaving a massive hole in the center of the paper, as she dragged the blade along, ripping the paper into several pieces, and throwing it behind her, listening to the small thud sounds of the paper falling against the soft snow below.

Raven turned her back towards the tree, and raised her head; and began walking forward, with her feet digging deep into the snow, with small piles of snow falling into her shoes. The sun was now slowly setting behind the trees, as the stars soon became visable within the sky, and a few speckles of snow started to fall from the sky and onto the ground, with an owl hooting off within the distance; making a slight echo across the fields around Raven.

Raven sighed, as the moon soon became visable in the sky, with a slight mist forming in front of the trees; around Raven. Raven suddenly stopped within her own tracks, as she soon turned, to see YET ANOTHER tree behind her, with yet another page nailed directly into the center.

However this time, the page itself was completely splattered in blood, and the entire tree itself was on edge of falling apart. Raven stormed towards the tree, and ripping the page directly off the tree, and didn't even bother to read the page itself, but just threw the page directly behind her, ready to hear the soft noise of paper hitting the snow.

Raven suddenly paused, waitng for the small piece of paper to hit the ground. Within two minutes of waiting, raven quickly turned, confused and suddenly stepped back in shock, of the site before her. Raven couldn't beileve the creature which stood directly in front of her, grasping the piece of paper in it's long skeleton-like fingures, with blood dripping off the edge of the page, with the creature looming directly over raven.
Slenderman VS raven

The creature appeared to be wearing a dark black suit and tie, with long tee-like limbs hanging by it's side, and it's entire head itself, lacked a face, no eyes, no mouth, nothing. The creature lacked expressio, however..the creature somhow still manged to look like, it was actually LOOKING at raven, giving it the feeling; that the creature in-fact had eyes after all. The creature suddenly began to lift it's right hand, and then it's left; reaching it's fingures forward, making a slight laughing noise, as the fingures approched raven's face.

Raven stepped back, grasping the pocket knife out of her coat pocket and shifted it forward, going straight into the creature's right hand, with a small drip of black-ish goo fell from the open wound; and into the snow, and slowly sank into the ground.

Raven giggled, as her left eye suddenly began to twitch as she slowly watched the black goo fall from the open wound, as she suddenly burst out in laughter; and looked up at the tall creature before her, not even showing a sigh of the slightest of pain. A sudden ghastly smile spread along raven's face as she exclaimed....

"Insanity.....what is that"?! she suddenly broke out in mid laughter, as both her eyes seemed to gro
w bloodshot, and soon began to actually glow red. Small drips of blood fell from her teeth of her own smile, as the hair which was now stuck under her head, fell over her left eye, not making her left eye visable. The hood which was over her head; had now fallen against her back, gripping the knife tightly into her hand, glancing up at the creature above her.

The creature suddenly stepped forward, swinging it's left arm forward, with small sharp nails tearing away at the fignure itself, and slashing deep into Rave's shoulder. Raven fell onto her knees grunting, while looking up towards the creature above her with her dark red eyes, with a sudden stream of blood falling from her eye and down her cheek, as she suddenly burst out into an insane laugh as the slender figures nail jammed deep into her shoulder, blood spraying directly out of her coat and into the snow, making a good amount of the snow around raven a dark red color, keeping Raven at laughter.

A slight smile spread along Raven's face again, giggling..while exclaiming..

"That won't do you any good...hehe"...before Raven suddenly burst up from the ground, grasping onto the arm which had the nail dug into Raven's skin, and started to twist, bursting in laughter; as the stream from her shoulder spilled out of her ripped jacket, twisting the slenderman's arm with a sudden sound of a "CRACK' was heard, with the creature attempting to escape Raven's grasp.

Raven suddenly grabbed onto the creatures palm, and putting it's fingure along Raven's pace, pressing the nail of it's fingure deep into her skin, ripping open parts of her flesh and muscle around her mouth, with a massive puddle of blood spilling out from the sides of her mouth.

Licking the blood straight from the sides of her lips, she looked down at the slenderman's arm within her grasp, as she looked up towards the creature, and suddenly stepped back; as she soon noticed a large tentical-like arm forming from it's back, then another...then another.

Raven backed away, still grasping onto it's arm, as the slenderman suddenly pulled her forward, with Raven pusing backwords, her feet digging deep into the snow and into the soil as the slenderman's arm soon lifted her into the arm; as the tentical-like arm pushed forward and going straight into Raven's stomach, with a small stream of blood falling from Raven's mouth.

"Is......Is...Is that all you got"?! Raven chocked out, spitting out the blood which seemed to fall from her mouth, and looked up at the Slenderman's expression-less face, as the creature lifted up the remains of it's right arm, and slowly began to paint a bloody smile across it's face with the draining blood from Raven's body.

A small blood tear streamed down Raven's face, before returning to a smile across her face, as she let out a slight chuckle, and raised her right hand forward, jamming the knife directly into the Slenderman's chest. The creature let out a slight cry of pain, as the creature jumped back, dropping Raven into a pile of snow; having the creature to fall back into a tree behind it, and nearly on edge of falling onto it's knees.

The creature soon caught itself on it's own balance, pushing itself up against the tree, before a sudden tentical was spread from the creature's back and grasping around the small bottom of the tree, suddenly ripping the massive roots from place and lifting the entire tree into the air, with the Slenderman making a slight screech into the sky, which sounded much like a laugh of victory, chucking the tree forward, knocking Raven off balance and smacked into the sky and into another nearby tree, as a sudden sharp pain dug deep into her spine, before notcing a massive gaping hole; straight into Raven's chest, with her left eye suddenly twitching from the pain, which had strunk her.

The slenderman stepped forward, looking straight into her eyes with it's faceless skull and it's blood-painted smile, as Raven spit blood directly onto the creature's head, and shifted her leg forward, kicking the creature back into another nearby tree, and soon noticed that the creature AS WELL, was now stabbed by a tree branch, and could barley move.

"Hows IT FEEL"? Raven chocked out towards the creature, as the creature suddenly let out a small screech, as a sudden fire was seen off within the distance, of what appeared to be a forest fire, and two smile figures running off onto the road; and beside a nearby tree. The slenderman's attection was soon caught by the figures standing by the tree, and tilted it's head, is if the creature somehow knew them.

Slenderman suddenly looked around at the burning forest, and directly at Raven, nearly inchs away from being burned deep within the flames, as the Slenderman slowly slid his way forward, as the figures suddenly approached slenderman, both where wearing masks, and hoodies.

Raven peered down at the two masked man, and back at slenderman; before all of them suddenly vanished into the night....leaving Raven to burn.....


Opening her eyes in confusion, Raven suddenly found herself peering directly into the eyes of a white mask and black around them, asking her to wake up.

Raven suddenly screamed, shaking and confused, she kicked the figure back; and soon realized as the figure fell back, that it had exclaimed, "I want to help you"...

Raven suddenly froze, as the man suddenly caught himself back onto his feet, and lifted the mask away from his face, and was nobody else...besides the one and only...Jarod.

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