A new pegasus stallion arrives in Ponyville for a chance at a new life. But when he "meets" an over-energetic mare, they both find something they thought they would never

Clopfic by GTF



Chapter 1: That Lovely MareEdit

My name is Blackjack. Most ponies don't know about me but I was one heck of a stunt pony back in Cloudsdale. But all of that has worn off, I just want the simple life now in this so called.....Ponyville. Who knows, I might make some new friends.

I had just arrived actually, but I haven't gotten to me new home yet. So I decided to do some running (I had to lose a little weight).

Running along the dirt path, I passed several landmarks you had memorized. The park fountain, that booth that sells snowcones, the park center, the works. It was all serene and pretty, and many ponies took their time to admire the natural beauty of the place. I, however, had seen it all enough times. I only ever stopped in one spot to catch my breath, and I wasn't quite there yet.

I finally found it....that damn tree with the perfect shade on this hot day.

Leaning back, I rested my head on the tree and took in the serenity of the area. With summer fast approaching, the flowers were in full bloom and the bees were buzzing about, absolutely giddy in their presence. Birds were chirping cheerily overhead, and a light breeze blew through the field. The breeze made quick work of the burning sensation on my body, and I was relieved in its cool embrace. The breeze had a slightly sweet smell to it, not unlike honey.

Looking up to the sky, I saw that it is almost entirely clear. The weather crew did a great job clearing the sky today. Usually it takes them longer to finish up. There are a few stragglers here and there, but for the most part, there isn't a thing obstructing your view.

In fact, the only thing really distracting is that little speck that seems to be growing.

"What the?"

"....ooooook ooOOoOuuUuUUUTT!!!"

Before I even had a chance to move, I was hit full force by the incoming projectile. Feathers fly and bodies tumble as I and my new assailant are sent spiraling down the hill. Rolling over one another, the earth around me is spinning and my head begins to grow dizzy from the tumble. I can hear both my grunts and the other pony's as I spin. My vision was filled with the all colors of the rainbow.

After several, painful seconds of rolling, I and the pony who tackled me come to a stop. My head is still spinning, but slowly the world realigns itself. Blinking several times, I dispel whats left of the vertigo. Looking upward, I finally get a look at my assailant.

As it turns out, it's a mare. A rather familiar one at that. She had a rather short mane consisting of all the colors of the rainbow, and her eyes were a sharp magenta. Her body was almost the same shade as the sky. Her cheeks were an unusual shade of red as she stared back into my own red eyes.

Before I even begin to wonder why, I realized she's practically straddling me and her face was mere inches from mine.

"Um..." She starts shakily. She pulses her wings and lifts herself off of me. Now hovering, she continues. "I, uh, heheh! S-Sorry about that!"

"Urgh, it's no trouble- ow!" I felt a stinging pain in the back of my head.

Oh crap, are you okay?" She asks, genuinely concerned. She floats down to me and begins to examine my head.

"Yeah, just something on the back of my head..." Feeling around, I felt something small stabbing the back of my head.

", let me see." The mare got behind me and begins to part my mane, looking for the obstructing object. After a few seconds of her digging through my hair, and I didn't want to admit it felt good, I felt a sharp pain.

"OW! What the heck!?" I yelled by accident.

"Sorry! I had to get this out!" Looking back to her, I find her holding a large splinter. It was bigger than a toothpick!

"Woah...uh, thanks..." I gently rubbed my hoof through my hair, trying to find any more obstructions. When I didn't feel anything, I let out a sigh and stood up.

"Yeah...s-sorry about that, I kinda messed up a new maneuver I'm trying to perfect." She says, sounding bashful.

"Eh, could've been worse, right?" I reply, trying to calm her. It seems to work, and she gives a small smile. Looking at the mare, I can now see her fully. She's wearing two small, white saddlebags. I couldn't help but wonder why she would be performing stunts with bags on. Her Cutie Mark displays a cloud giving off a rainbow-colored lightning bolt. Something about her was incredibly familiar. "Say, what's your name?" I asked.

"I'm Rainbow Dash! Best flyer in Ponyville!"

"Best flyer huh? I said stroking my chin.

"Yeah!" She yelled excitedly, "Wait a minute....are you new here?"

I nodded, "Yep, I just came from Cloudsdale and-"

"Cloudsdale?! No way I came from there too!" She squeeled like a school filly.

"Oh really?" I ased looking at her up and down, "'re kinda a big shot here?"

Rainbow Dash placed a hoof on her chest and bragged, "Yeaaaahhh, I'm the best flyer here!"

She suddenly looks at you and smiles deviously.

"Are you a good flyer?"

I nod.

That simple nod made her sqeel with joy. She got closer to me and practically shouted, "You wanna race sometime?! Because I totally know this great place where me and my friend Applejack raced and-"

I put a hoof in front of her face silencing her.

"Sorry, Rainbow, but I don't think I have enough time to race ya, I still gotta get to my new home." I said flatly.

She suddenly gets even closer to me and begs with puppy dog eyes.

"Oh pleeeease!" She begs.

You're flattered by her offer, in a way, but doesn't she have any other, more willing friends to race? Why would she turn to a complete stranger?

But of course, how could you say no to those adorable eyes?

"Well...maybe I could-"

"AWESOME!!!" She shouts and points behind you, "Over there is Red Tail Woods, that place is the perfect place for races! What do you say, tomorrow at eight in the morning?"

I turn back to her and thought about it, I really didn't have anything going on tomorrow soooo....

"Sure why not?"

"Cool!" She shouts and begins to fly off, she stopped in mid-air and looks back to me.

"Oh I forgot....what's your name?"

I smile broadly and answered her.

"My name's Blackjack."

She smiles back and flys off, leaving me to suddenly realize that I just had a date on the first day in Ponyville...

....and it was with a pretty lovely mare.

Chapter 2: Welcome to PonyvilleEdit


I actually finished packing and was surprised that there was even a guest. Besides Rainbow Dash, I didn't know anypony in Ponyville since I was probably Rainbow wanting to talk about our race.

But when I opened the door, a gust of sparklers and glitter exploded in face followed by an EXTREMELY annoying voice.

"Welcome welcome welcome! A fine welcome to you!"

"Welcome welcome welcome! I say how do you do?"

"Welcome welcome welcome! I say hip hip hurray!"

"Welcome welcome welcome! To Ponyville today!"

Was that a song? Did I just listen to a song? Wherever the music came from, the voice obviously came from the pink pony standing right in front of me with a party hat and a white letter.

I smiled sorta, "Ummm.....hi."

She suddenly grabbed my hoof and shook it with such intensity that I literaly almost fell on my face when she released me.

"My name is Pinkie Pie, I like candy and partying, and GASP are you new here?! Because if you are which I totally know you are by the way, than that means you have no friends, and it ALSO means that you are invited to your own special super invitation party tonight at Twilight Sparkle's house!"

She spoke so fast that I didn't even no where to start, but let's just start with names.

"Uhhh...well my name is-"

"Oh I know who you are, Rainbow Dash told me all about you! How she flew right into you, and how she is going to race you tomorrow, which I am totally sponsering by the way, and how she said you were totally cute!"

I stopped her at that point by placing my hoof in her mouth.

Silence...sweet sile-wait...

"Hold on....did Rainbow Dash say I was.....cute?" I asked.

She nodded and spit my hoof out of her mouth, "Yep, a real cutie pie! In fact, I kinda have to agree with her..."

She leaned in at this point and gave me a seductive look when she said it, "You are kinda cute."

The strangest thing happened, she leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth. I didn't know whether to be excited or frightened from this mare's behavior. So I just pushed her off and shouted, "What the heck was that for?!"

She just shrugged, "I don't know, I just thought Phazon and Cartoonfan would like that."


She giggled and said, "Oh nothing, just come over tonight at Twilight's house! It's the big tree in the center of town you won't miss it!"

With that, she turned around and made her way to the rest of the town. Before I could close my door, I heard her shout, "See ya tonight, cutie pie!"

"Oh buck me."

This was Twilight Sparkle's house? Weird.

A tree.....what if she had a fire? I forgot about that when I knocked on the door twice. All I heard were several shushes and slight giggles in there.

"Come iiiiinnnn." Came a very cute voice.

I did just that and opened the door.

'She doesn't lock the door? Does she want to get raped or som-'


I gasped and fell on the floor when the lights suddenly turned on. When I opened my eyes I realized that I was surrounded by a bunch of cute mares. Did I forget to turn my swag off?

"Oh sorry are you okay?" Asked the purple unicorn.

This one was....pretty cute...but in a school filly kind of way. She helped me up and watched as I slowly shook my head.

"Sorry about that, but it kinda needs to be done since you're new to Ponyville and all." The unicorn said.

"Yeah..." I muttered and looked directly at her, "What's your name?"

"My name is Twilight Sparkle."

Twilight Sparkle? Then this must be her house, funny, I imagined a creepy old witch like mare would live here.

Another mare walked up and said, "My name is Rarity, and I must say that your mane is simply a Rainbow Dash kind of way."

"Where is Rainbow Dash anyway?" Twilight asked.

A yellow pegasus with a long pink mane stepped forward and said, "Well....she said she wanted to go put some makeup on."

"Makeup?" Twilight said, "That doesn't sound like Rainbow Dash."

The yellow pegasus stepped right next to Twilight and looked at me, I smiled and asked, "What's your name, sweetie?"

Saying sweetie made that yellow pegasus blush and hide behind her friend Twilight, I laughed and asked Twilight the same question.

"Her name is Fluttershy, yeah I know, her name kinda fits her attitude."

Looking back at this Fluttershy I noticed she looked totally adorable trying to hide. Just to mess around, I winked at her which caused the yellow mare to yelp and blush even harder than before.

Before I could mess with her some more, I looked up the stairs and saw a recognizable mare walk down. It was Rainbow Dash but she was actually wearing makeup and mascarra. Whoever she was trying to impress, it was working.

Rainbow came by with the rest of her friends and looked at me, she smiled and said, "Everyone, this is Blackjack, me and him are gonna race tomorrow at Red Tail Woods."

The orange one with a stetson hat smiled and said, "Ooowee! You are a handsome one, aren'tcha? Rainbow sure knows how to pick 'em!" This earned a few giggles from the rest of the group and a massive shade of red for Rainbow's face. "A-applejack!! We're not dating! I-I mean, I-" She suddenly wiped all the makeup she was wearing and glared at her friend.

"Now Dash, I doubt this is the time or place for you to be talkin' about yer relationships an' what not." She whispered just loud enough for me to hear, "Don't let 'em get away!"

That was enough to allow me to chuckle.

Once again, Applejack turned her attention to me, "Now then, what's your name?"

"The name's Blackjack miss." I said and kissed her hoof like the gentlecolt I was. That actually made the orange mare blush, I sure did have a thing with making girls blush today.

But when I did that, I could hear Rainbow Dash growling softly, obviously not enjoying the scene I just did. Before any of us could make another move, that same pink pony jumped right in front of us all and shouted.


Chapter 3: The Big Race and a Slap to the FaceEdit

So the party actually turned out to be a huge disaster. Not at the beginning though, we danced, we chated, we played games, and me and Rainbow Dash were talking away from the group. I was learning so much about her that night but of course Pinkie Pie had to ruin it.

She brought out a huge pink cannon and fired away at all of us. Instead of streamers and glitter, a massive supply of cake frosting exploded on everypony. Twilight told everypony to go home so she could get her house cleaned up, that is why the party ended so early.

Anyway, when I got home, I took a long shower and finally realized it was 10:00 PM. So I quickly brushed my teeth and laid down on my bed, before I could close my eyes I suddenly remembered something....

"Oh buck I forgot the race tomorrow."

"Fillies and gentlecolts, hi there I'm Pinkie Pie and I welcome you to another exciting race in Red Tail Woods!"

A huge explosion of cheers erupted from the entire inhabitants of Ponyville as they all came to watch the race. Some were even placing bets to see who would win, Me or Rainbow Dash.

As I pushed myself through the crowd, I could see Pinkie Pie and a little purple dragon in an air balloon floating above the dirt road. Pinkie had microphone while the dragon looked just happy to be up so high. Finally, Pinkie turned her way towards the ground and announced, "And here is out first racer: Rainbow Dash!"

The cheers grew even lowder than before, if that was possible. I looked over and saw Rainbow Dash stretching her wings and pacing in place. Before I could walk closer to her, Pinkie Pie shouted over the microphone.

"And her opponent: Blackjack the cutie pie!"

The cheers died down but was still audible for some ponies to look around when Pinkie had said my name like that. I simply facehoofed and trotted over to Dash. When she saw me, I swear I could see a little sparkle in her eyes, but that quickly died down when a smirk appeared on her face.

"So you decided to show up! I don't blame ya, I mean my first race I felt a little scared and-"

"My first race?" I interrupted, "Dash, I raced my entire life."

She simply rolled her eyes and glared at me, but it was a challenging glare when she spoke, "That doesn't matter, because I'm still gonna kick your flank all the way back to last Tuesday."

I chuckled softly and answered in just a challenging tone, "Bring it on, little missy."

She didn't take to kindly to that remark, but before she could answer back, Pinkie began to talk again.

"The race will begin momentarily, but first everypony will get to the starting line so they could see these two speed demons take off!"

Just like that, several mares and stallions arrived to the starting line to see us take off. I recognized a few to be Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy but the rest were complete strangers.

I turned back around when Rainbow tapped me on the shoulder. When I faced her, I suddenly realized we were touching noses at how close she was. Rainbow Dash didn't move a muscle, instead she stared into my eyes like an interested school filly. And I admit......I was beginning to like her more and more.

"Hey ya two love birds, you can kiss when the race is over!"

I looked back to see Applejack obvioulsy enjoying the scenario we were in. Rainbow Dash prepared to yell something back but was again interrupted by Pinkie Pie.

"Racers, take your places!"

Rainbow shook her head and got in a ready position, I did just the same and stared down the dirt road in front of me. This was it. The moment of truth. Who was going to win, me or Rainbow Dash?

"On your mark.....get set......GO!!!"

In the blink of an eye, Rainbow Dash and I blasted off the starting line. Rainbow left behind an aura of colour behind her, while I really didn't leave anything behind. The crowd of ponies all stared in amazement at the speed of the us.

"And they're off!"

That was the last thing I heard Pinkie shout when I lost track of her. I was too focused on catching up to Rainbow Dash who was gaining the lead. She wasn't holding back anything, she REALLY wanted to win this!

I pumped my wings as hard as they could go and to mine and Rainbow's amazement, I actually passed her.

"What the?!" I heard Rainbow Dash shout from behind and obvioulsy struggling to catch up. I smirked with victory when I suddenly realized I was winning, and the best part was, what Pinkie Pie had shouted next.

"They are halfway there fillies and gentlecolts! Place your bets, place your bets!"

"Dammit Pinkie Pie." I muttered and took off even harder than before.

But before I could go any farther, I felt a sharp pain at the end of my tail. I was suddenly jerked back and land hard on the dirt road. I slightly looked up and saw Rainbow Dash taking off.

"Hey that's cheating!" I shouted from the ground.

She stopped in mid-air and faced me with a smirk clearly visible on her face, "Cry me a river why dontcha?!" The next thing she did made me blush with anger. She grabbed her face and made googly eyes at me while sticking her tongue out.

That was the last thing she did before she took off down the road.

I quickly shook the dirt off and followed her. We were so close now, I could hear the ponies cheering our names as we sped down the road closer and closer.

We were neck and neck, Rainbow looked at me with pure disbelief on her face. I ignored her and pumped my wings to their limit. My eyes were closed but I could hear Rainbow struggling to pass me.

"Here they come!" Pinkie shouted.

The cheers grew even louder than before after we passed the finish line and crashed on the ground in exaushtion. I looked up and saw Rainbow Dash breathing in and out so rapidly that she looked like a machine.

I stood up shaking a little to see Applejack, Twilight, Rarity, and Fluttershy come up to us.

"Who won?", asked Applejack. "Ya'll went so fast we couldn't see" Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"Well, clearly I won", boasted Rainbow with a smile. Her triumph was interrupted by me obviously mad.

"You’re kidding right? I won that one", I replied.

"No you didn't!"

"Yes I did!"

"Will you two stop it?!" Pinkie shouted from the air balloon.

Rainbow and I looked up to see Pinkie Pie and the dragon looking down on us. The next thing that Pinkie surprised even me.

"We saw who won, it was Blackjack!"


My mouth was agape when I turned Rainbow's way. Her lower lip was trembling as was her sleek athletic body. She faced me with what appeared to be tears at the rims of her eyes when she finally realized she had lost.

I felt sorry for doing this but she deserved it for cheating after all.

"HA! I won you lost! How does it feel to lose, Dashie?! How does it feel to-"

I couldn't finish my sentence when I felt a hard slap echo across my face.

I spun around and landed on ym back in a cloud of dust. I could hear several gasps from Twilight and the other mares around me. When I opened my eyes, I could see Rainbow Dash glaring down at me with hatred. But the worst thing I saw were several tears falling down her face.

That was the last time I saw her when she took off towards the skies.

I was suddenly helped up by Applejack and Fluttershy. I rubbed my cheek in pain and turned towards Twilight who was pawing at the ground nervously.

She spoke, "I'm.....I'm sorry, Blackjack. I guess I fogot to tell you that Rainbow Dash hates losing."

"You bucking think?"

Chapter 4: Drunk Mares and ApologiesEdit

"Oh darling, you're cheek is bleeding."

Rarity kept fussing over my injured cheek after we had made it back to Ponyville. I slightly rubbed it and sighed, "Rainbow sure knows how to slap hard."

Applejack blushed and nervously admitted, "Ummm....Ah guess Ah'll have to apologize fer that. Ah was the one who taught her how to hit really hard."

"Thank you, Applejack, I really apreciate it." I frowned.

Twilight smiled gingerly and said, "It's okay, Blackjack, Rainbow can have a....temper sometime."

"Yeah....I guess so." I said thinking about Rainbow Dash. Now that she wasn't going to talk to me anymore, obvioulsy she hated me now because I was gloating right in her face, I guess I could just live the rest of my life in Ponyville.

Until Pinkie Pie-

"Hey Blackjack guess what?!"

I backed away wehn Pinkie somehow appeared in front of me, instead I forced a smile and asked, "Yesssss....Pinkie Pie?"

She smiled and looked at the rest of her friends, they suddenly gasped and smiled at me just the same. This confusion was finished when I asked, "What's going on?"

Pinkie Pie jumped right in front of me and shouted, "Since your first welcome to Ponyville party was a bust, we've been talking and decided to have another one in Applejack's barn! There'll be cake and drinks and games and-"

Twilight put a hoof in Pinkie's mouth and said, "Let's just say this an what do you say? Are you comin'?

I forced another smile and said, "Sure why not? Got nothing better to do tonight. So where is your barn, AJ?"

She smiled and pointed to a small house on top of a hill not too far away and spoke, "The big red barn over there."

"Okay, thanks." I said and spread my wings to take off to my house.

I heard Twilight shout from below me, "Be there in 3 hours when the sun goes down!"

"Okay, this looks good enough."

I looked myself over in my mirror and adjusted my bowtie. I didn't wear anything else because I didn't need to, nopony in Ponyville weared clothes.

When I stepped outside, I found out it had already gotten cold and dark. The sun had gone down and the Ponyville lights were turned on. Out in the distance I could see Applejack's barn lit up from the inside.

"Oh crap I'm late!" I shouted and flew the rest of the way.

When I got there, I knocked on the wooden door twice only to be greeted by an over-energetic Pinkie Pie with a party hat on. She smiled and shouted, "Come on in!"

She literaly pulled me inside as I got adjusted to the bright light. I looked around and realized something.

"Where is everypony?"

It was true, the only ones here were Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Da-RAINBOW DASH?!?!

I suddenly hid behind Pinkie Pie in a quick motion in hopes she didn't see me, Rainbow Dash was leaning on the side of the wooden wall and looking at her hoof. Pinkie Pie coughed politly as I looked up at her.

"'re kinda grabbing my-"

I looked at my hoof and realized I was touching her flank.

"GEEE!!!" I backed away and landed straight on my back. I heard several giggles come from each of them as I looked up and rubbed my head.

"Oh come now, dear, you can't be falling down already," Rarity giggled and took a swig of the glass she was holding, "we haven't even had any hard cider."

"You have hard cider?" I asked as Applejack helped me back up.

"Well shoot, Blacky, how else are we gonna have a good time?" Applejack asked me with a sutlry smile.

I shrugged, "I thought we were gonna play some party games or whatever."

Twilight sighed and looked over to Pinkie, "Well Pinkie Pie here accidently burned all the part supplies including the cake."

"How do you burn a cake?"

"Don't ask."

I chuckled and asked, "So what DO we have?"

Pinkie Pie hopped to the table in the center of the barn and pulled the sheet off of it. Laying on top were seven cups of cider. She took one and drank most of it.

"We HICK party!" Pinkie Pie almost fell to the ground.

Fluttershy gently grabbed her cup and began sipping small amounts, Twilight leviated her cup and took a slight swig, Rarity did the same but with a little more gulp to go with that, Applejack took her cup and took a LONG drink from it. After a single hiccup Applejack steadily walked over to the wall.

I reached forward and grabbed my cup....

.....but grabbed a blue hoof instead.

I looked up to see Rainbow Dash going for the same drink as I. She scowled and swiped the cup away before flying over to the end of the barn. Part of me felt horrible for making her so angry at me, another part was just pissed that my drink got stolen.

I just sighed and took the last cup on the table and slightly sipped on it not wanting to have my drunk side to become unleashed.

"This is the best night of my life!" I shouted after spilling another one of my drinks on Twilight's wet mane. She just giggled and got me another drink which I happily took.

I realized I couldn't take much more and leaned on the side of the wall. While here I decided to take a look at my new friends.

And what a sight it was.

Tumblr m7qdgiVweF1qc5ffho1 1280

Each of my new friends were drunk out of their minds. Even Rainbow Dash decided to have a little fun and go a little wild. Fluttershy seemed to have come out of her shell and drink a LOT more than she wanted too. Rarity's fine charm was ruined when she began drinking too much and I can see it perfectly from where I was standing. Applejack was drunk out of her mind as was Pinkie Pie, except for Twilight who was by far the worst.

"Great party huh, Blackjack?!" Applejack hiccuped from her position.

I simply nodded and took another drink, the hard cider had already destroyed my brain cells but I didn't really seem to mind. It made me feel better especially after I-

"Heyyyyy Jackyyy!" Rainbow Dash walced over to me.

I almost choked when Rainbow Dash landed right on my chest and gigled like a school filly. She looked up at me with seductive magenta eyes which made me shudder. I did find Rainbow Dash to be attractive and I admit it.....I did kind of like her. But she hated me now so why was acting like this?

"Rainbow Dash, what are you doing?!" I accidently snapped.

She simply looked over to her still drunk friends and smiled back at me while rubbing my chest, "I'm having fun, Jacky, is that crime? Are you the police now?"

"I....thought you were mad at me?" I asked as Rainbow kept rubbing my chest.

She hiccuped again, obviously the cider had gotten to her head and what she said next was a true sign that she was already hard drunk.

"When was I mad at...who?"

I smiled and said, "Oh nevermind."

The rest of the night was simple chatting and drinking between me and Rainbow Dash. She seemed to have calmed down now that the cider had taken over her mind but we still had a great time.

Several hours passed and both me and Rainbow couldn't take anymore, niether could anypony else. They were all sprawled against the hay bails and fast asleep, Rainbow Dash had her hooves on her chin to stay awake but it didn't help much.

I looked at my watch and read the time.

"Oh crap it's almost midnight."

I stood up and walced over to Twilight to tell her what time it was, and to my amazement, Rainbow Dash came with me and stood close to my walcing body.

I tapped on Twilight's head as she slowly woke up. She looked up at me with tired eyes as I told her, "Twilight, it's almost 1 in the morning, thanks for the party and all but I think I'm gonna head back."

" too." Rainbow Dash added in sounding drunker than ever.

Twilight yawned and turned over on her back, I faced the other way when she completely showed her marehood to me. She simply nodded and said, "Okay....goodnight Blackjack and Rainbow.....I think I'll spend the night here. Who's with me?!"

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack raised their hooves in the air but kept their heads down.

Twilight turned to her side and fell asleep again.

Now outside, Rainbow and I were walcing with each other, not a care in the world. On the way back to my house, I spotted a cloud just above our heads.

"Hey check this out!" Rainbow shouted and flew up to the cloud and landing perfectly on top. I followed her and with enough strength I made it and sat next to her.

We both stared at the moon together, it was one beautiful night.....the chirping crickets, the sound of the cool wind hitting the trees, it was incredible. Which reminded me...

I looked over to Rainbow Dash who had her eyes closed and a smile on her face. She turned my way and opened those gorgeous eyes of hers. That same face that I......fell in love with was driving me crazy!

'Tell her how you feel, idiot!' I screamed in my head.

I looked at her again and this time we both froze in place, our eyes connected and expressions somber. No doubt, I knew she had forgotten our little fight earlier today.

She suddenly turned towards a building not too far away and shouted, "Hey, you know what would be cool?!"


"We should tottaly have a race! And this time I'm gonna win!"

I stopped her there. She remembered?! OH CRAP!

"Rainbow Dash, I'm SO sorry how I acted before it's just that-"

She stopped me by placing a hoof on my mouth, I looked at her when she began laughing, "Don't worry, dude, I'm not mad anymore! I guess I deserved it, after all I cheated."

I sighed with relief, she forgave me which means my concious was now clear. I looked back to her when she still had that confident look on her face that I fell in love with.

"So, what do ya say? Race me?" She asked.

"Why not?"

We got in our positions side by side, she turned my way and spoke, "Okay here it goes, first one to the building and back wins, got it?!"

"Got it, Dash!"

She and I spread our wings and she began the countdown.


We took off. It was Rainbow Dash in the lead followed by me close on her tail. When I passed her, I shouted from behind me, "You're not gonna cheat again are you?!"

"Shut up!" She playfully shouts back and soon catched back up.

We were neck and neck as we touched the building she had laid out. We pushed ourselves off of it as we soon were approaching the cloud. I passed her again and realized that I was going to win.

"Oh no you don't!" Rainbow shouts and picks up speed.

She obivouls ydidn;t see where she was going when she crashed right into me. Our bodies colided as were both plumeted onto the cloud together.

I opened my eyes to feel a warm presence on top of me. I looked up to feel a soft mane brush my nose and made me sneeze. A slight giggle caught my atteniotn when I focussed up to see her startling over me again.

Our bodies were touching, just like the first time I met her. She smiled and looked me over up and down. It began to get me arroused but I forced myself to stay calm....I didn't want to scare her if my....ummm....touched her.

Finally she spoke, "Tie?"

I licked my lips and nervously shook my head, "Tie."

We stayed in that position for a while, without realizing that Rainbow Dash hadn't moved yet. I wasn't sure if I should be excited about this. After all, I was a gentlecolt, and it felt wrong for me to heat up at the touch of a mare. Still, my body couldn't ignore the sleek, athletic body resting on top of me, so I settled on a sort-of-kind-of state.

Rainbow Dash gave a seductive grin, "You know, Blackjack....."

'Oh we go.' I prepared myself for what was to come.

It was nothing like I expected.

"I know how you feel about me..."

I opened my eyes and looked at her, I held my breathe when her nose was touching mine slightly, her soft breathes kept touching my expecting lips that made my entire body shiver from pleasure. She knew how I felt about her....oh great.

"and to tell ya the truth...."

I flinched when I was ready for her to snap at me. Instead what happened was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life.

She leaned in even closer and said, "I feel the same way."

It was the most blissful feeling that I had ever experienced. Our faces had met. Our lips were locked together, and I could feel her trying to explore my mouth. I allowed my tongue to interact with hers. My movements were not my own. The blush across my face slowly grew, and my body began to feel that feeling of intense desire that I had felt just a day ago, back when I had first met the mare. It was indescribable. I could feel the region between my legs grow hot, and the most honest part of my body began to stir. I wanted this. But she stopped.

She looked back at me and flashed a smirk, I opened my eyes to see her smirk dissapear....and an expression of hunger now present. We both could feel it, that intense desire you get when you first kiss somepony. The desire that says, 'Don't stop, kiss me again!'

That's exactly what happened.

Rainbow Dash closed her eyes and pressed her lips against mine again. It was no longer just a short tongue touch, but now it was full tongues on each other. I explored her mouth from the deep inside to as far as my tongue could go. And Dash was loving it!

It was at this point that Rainbow Dash had started rubbing herself against my belly while still making out. If I was excited before, this was FAR beyond that and Rainbow Dash looked like she was beginning to want to go further.

It's not everyday you have a cute mare grinding on top of you while loving your mouth.

I opened my eyes for a short second to see sweat dripping down Dash's forehead with her eyes still closed. She was getting tired of being on top, hey we weren't having sex it's just that her grinding was making her exauhsted!

I stopped her and pushed her gently to the side where I then proceeded to lay on top of her. She seemed to take kindly to that as we continued our kissing.

Our faces met as we began to explore each others mouths again, this time I was more directive and pelted her face and neck with kisses.

A sweet moan escaped Rainbow Dash's lips as I began to move lower.

I looked up to see Dash's head lift up to see me kissing her chest and belly and slowly making my way south. I could hear her heartbeats increasing as I was now at abdomen. But before I could move any closer to beyond the hindlegs, she spoke up.

"Wait! I don't want to do this on a cloud!"

I looked up to her to see her eyes pleading with sexy hunger. I guess we had the same thought in mind.

"My house?"

"Your house."

Chapter 5: Rainbow JackedEdit

I quickly busted open my door with my free hoof to allow us both in.

Rainbow Dash was in my arms as we continued our kiss from the cloud. As I stood on my hindlegs, I could hear Rainbow Dash's moans of pleasure echo from her vocal cords. I seriously had to get to my bedroom.

Busting open the door again, I could hear and Rainbow Dash's excitment as I placed her on my bed. When I finally got back up and looked around I realized that Rainbow Dash was POSITIONING herself for me. She gave me the most seductive look I had ever seen while her tail swooshed above the covers.

'Here we go...' I thought, 'Maybe she won't know I'm a virgin.'

I fought the urge to kiss her right then and there. Her enormous, magenta eyes were locked with mine, glimmering in the moonlight that seeped through the window. Her eyelids fell and rose slowly, as her beautiful smile returned. At that moment, I knew she was thinking the same thing as me.

I slowly climbed on top of the bed and positioned myself upon Dash's sleek body. I could feel her heartrate on my chest increasingly rise. The mare’s eyes closed and she sighed happily, almost as if she’d been waiting so long for my touch. As her eyes opened, I found myself moving closer and closer to her.

The pegasi's delicate lips met mine softly. At first, I felt her mouth open only slightly and her tongue traced momentarily across my lips. Before I had a chance to respond, I felt her forcefully push past my teeth, sending her tongue deep into my mouth.

I soon broke the kiss when I could see the boredom in her eyes. She obviously wanted to move faster. So that's what I did.

I gently kissed her neck and chest effecitonatly while her panting kept going faster. I knew she was staring at me with anticipation when I had reached her belly. Oh her soft velvey skin was almost too much for me......I felt myself.....getting hard.

'Oh crap.'

Ignoring my large erection, I had finally reached my destination.

Rainbow Dash spread her hindlegs with confidence as I stared in awe. The pink slit that was her marehood was glistening with pure adornation, I could feel her breathing increase as I simply stared at the first vagina I ever seen.

"Are you gonna keep teasing me or what?!" Rainbow screamed a little too loud.

I suddenly realized that Dash was glaring at me. I gasped when I found my soft breathes hitting her slit cauing her to almost lose it when she so wanted me to eat her out.

If my love wants it.....she gets it.

I closed my eyes and drove my tongue deep into her.

The mare cried out in delight, as she thrusted her hips into my muzzle. After a few minutes, I began to explore in this new area which only caused her hind legs to buck in the air. I could tell that she was barely able to hold on.

"Oh Celestia!" Rainbow screamed as her chest arched into the air.

Her sweet juices tasted almost like berries, but they were mixed in an assortment of flavors, almost like a rainbow of flavors.

Hence the name.

Rainbow's back arched as she drove her hips into me. Her head snapped back into the pillow, mulit-colored mane cascading down her face. She laid back, contractions rocking her body, her breathing deep. I continued running my tongue up her marehood, tasting the fluids as they rolled down her lips.

It wasn’t long before she pulled away from me, rolling onto her side and crossing her hind legs. "I’m sorry…" she spoke, breathing rapidly. "I’m…just…very sensitive."

"And....I never really...done this before."

Now I was surprised.

I got back up but hid my raging boner so I could ask my new lover what she was talking about.

"Rainbow, you're a virgin?"

She simply bit her lower lip and nodded, still shuttering from her first time. I calmly sat by her and put a forehoof around her neck. I gently rubbed her chest as I admitted it, "You know....I'm a virgin too."

The sparkle in her eyes almost made her look like a little school filly that solved a hard math equation. I continued, "Since this our first times, how about we do this together?"

She nodded, "Yeah....I'd like that." Suddenly she gave my a quick kiss and almost said in a whisper, "Besides...I read some books about pleasuring your stallion."

The next thing I knew she had pushed my on my back, my head hit the pillow as she kissed my adorably. When she broke the kiss, her smile almost my erection break through my legs......which it eventually did with what she did next.

She turned around, she slowly crawled to where my legs were crossed; staring at them with huge eyes. I couldn't hold it anymore when Rainbow spread my legs apar with her hooves. Her eyes ran across my body, starting from my neck and working down the chest, stomach and beyond.

"Whoa.....that's new...." Rainbow's voice was faint as my erection was staring at her straight in the face.

I slightly looked up from the pillow and gulped, "Are you sure you know what to do?"

She giggled and said, "Those books are really me."

She gracefully took a seat to my right side, and draped her fore hooves over my legs and stomach. The cyan mare leaned down, her eyes fixed on my erection. I could feel her breath as she neared. She gave it a light, playful kiss, before making herself comfortable. She took one more look at me, and bent forward.

Her tongue made contact with the base of my shaft. She dragged it upwards, causing a pleasurable sensation to course through my body. The mare continued, moving her mouth up and down, coating me in her saliva. She sat up, and her open mouth hovered over my tip.

I could just barely feel the warmth of her lips. Each time she exhaled, chills ran up my spine. As she slid her mouth over my manhood, I couldn't belive the amount of pleasure I was in. She leaned forward, pressing me between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

The cyan pegasus rose from her position and took a seat between my legs. As she planted her fore hooves on my thighs, I felt my erection rise. Then she leaned forward and dragged her tongue across my testicles, before lavishing more attention on my shaft.

The pleasurable torment of Rainbow's oral skills was quickly becoming too much for me to endure. Dash sensed my movement, and sat forward. The blissful shock of release impacted me a second later.

I never really jerked off before so I had no idea what it felt like.

The first shot of semen struck the outside of her lips before she had a chance to make contact. Unperturbed, she bent down, wrapping her lips around my shaft. Each time a stream left my body, I felt her tongue lapping against me as she swallowed. When Rainbow was quite satisfied that she had emptied me...which she hadn't, she separated from me, her mouth still slightly open; a white trail of my seed on her lips.

"Well that's a different....umm...taste." She said as she licked the remainder of semen.

I slightly looked up and shook, "What did I ever do to deserve you, Rainbow?"

The mare playfully prodded my still erect shaft with her hoof, "I don't know....I guess we were just meant for each other."

"Well then...." I said sitting up, "my turn."

Rainbow Dash followed my movements as she laid on her back. I shook my head and said, "No....turn over."

She gasped, her eyes and mouth wide with surprise as she spoke in a low whisper, "You would really want to....with me?"

"There's nopony else I'd want to do it with."

She sighed happily and squirmed on the bed to lay on her belly. Her tail swished back and forth before resting on the side.....revieling her beautiful flank to me. She looked back with a little bit of sweat on her forehead as I climbed on top of her in a dominating position.

"Please be gentle with me...." I heard her slightly whisper and see her eyes look as innocent as ever.

I flashed a smirk as I began to rub the sides of her flank; my hoof drapping across her cutie mark. She REALLY seemed to like that as she thrusted her flank a little bit higher into the air.

"Gosh, Dash, I thought you weren't afraid of anything? Don't tell me you're afraid of me." I asked her while still rubbing the sides of her perfectly curved rump.

She turned back with a little frown and almost shouted over the pleasure, "Hey I'm not afraid, especially not of you-OHHHHH!!!"

Her back arched like a bow and her eyes bugged out of her head when I had mounted her while she was speaking. "OH! Oh Blackjack!" she cried out, squirming under me pressure. Arching my back and holding her firmly, I held myself in this position while she squirmed and whimpered.

I actuall got used to her size, although it was a little tight I found my way as I gently began to move back and forth. I could feel Dash calming down a bit now that she was comfortable with my size.

I began slowly, not wanting to hurt her, after I almost pulled my shaft out of her, she looked back with a hint of dissapointment in her face. I soon solved that when I dug myself into her with a forward thrust. She gasped when I had used so little force...what would happen if I went harder?

Now that we were both used to the rythmetic thrusts, I humped with an even harder thrust as I gripped the sides of her flank. Her breathing was constant but picked up as I began to feel a little wet at the end of my tip. Oh her sweet body against mine was almost enough to...

'Oh no.....'

I quickly stopped.

She looked back at me obviously not satisfied and the dissapointment visible again. I was shaking trying to hold it in but I just can't stop it anymore.

"What's wrong?" Rainbow asked her voice innocent.

I cummed into her.

"AHHHHHH!!!!" We both screamed in unison as the next stream after the next entered her flank. When I was finally done, we were both trembling, me from the sudden ejacualtion, her from the extreme pleasure that rocked through her little body.

I collapsed as both our bodies rested on the soft bed; me on top of her....and my erection still inside her anus. Finally, she looked up and back at me, her eyes seemd tired but not yet was she done.

"Can we move on or whatever? This is a little uncomfortable." She asked with her voice low.

I nodded and pulled myself out of her. She got back up as I got in her position this time. I was on my back as Dash postioned her entire body over me. I could see my erection under slowly rise again as the juices dripped from her marehood.

"You ready?" I asked my voice sultry.

She looked around, fully wondering if she should do this or not. Finally she nodded and said, "Ready."

She backed away and lowered herself on top of me. The next thing she did was almost too much. My erection pressed into the warmth of her chest as she moved forward, drawing a line down the light blue coat of the mare. A feeling like electricity coursed through every nerve ending in my body. I couldn’t help but gasp in pleasure.

As I slowly began to bring her down, the cyan mare aligned herself with me. I felt my erection pressing at the lips of her marehood.

And I brought her down.

Rainbow gasped in my ear and her fore hooves pulled on my shoulders. I slowly pushed deeper, as the pegasus continued to lower herself. Soon I reached the end of my length, and I found myself pausing.

I relished in the heated, constricting confines of my lover. Rainbow's little body trembled in ecstasy around me. Her lips met mine in an open mouth kiss. I began to draw myself out before pushing back in with more force, struggling to go deeper.

Blissful pleasure rang out in my head and across my body. Rainbow broke the kiss, crying out as she drove her hips into my. My hooves slid up between her shoulder blades, and I pulled her into a fierce embrace, her chest pressing into mine. I felt the little mare’s heart frantically beating against mine as I thrusted myself deeper and deeper into her.

Another drip on my noes cause me to open my eyes to see Rainbow Dash sweating perfusely. Now that we actually making love, I decided what to do.

"Just a minute."

Raainbow sat up, looking down at me with concern, "Did I do something worng? Because I'm SO sorry if I did it's just that I never did this before and I really like you and-"

I shook my head, moving over and shifting my body weight to the side as I gently pushed Dash into my pillow. Once she was comfortably, I took a position over her. I pushed the rainbow mane from her eyes to see them gleaming.


She kissed me, "When did you turn into a gentlecolt all of a sudden?"

I chuckled and leaned forward, pressing myself into her again. This time I moved slower, more deliberately. Which each massive thrust, I could hear her body panting and shaking. I delivered another kiss onto her lips again while I continued my forward humps; my erection digging deep inside of her as she clutched the sides of the bed.

Her eyes fell as I watched her quickly approached the end of her endurance. Rainbow reached up for me. I bent forwards, allowing her fore hooves to wrap around your neck. She pulled me closer to the bed, her muscles repeatedly contracting around my manhood. Her back arched and she cried out breathlessly.

I thrusted myself into Dash again and held my place, releasing deep inside of her. She held me tightly, kissing me with force and passion unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

"AHHHHHH!!!!" We screamed in unison as we both came to our climax.

Exhausted, I drew yourself out of her, a trail of my seed slowly flowing onto the sheets. I took a place beside the mare, squeezing together over the pillows. We took a moment to catch our breath. I seized the opportunity to admire the little pegasus; she’d never appeared more beautiful to me.

Her eyes were tired and drained of energy. Her mane was messed up like it hadn't been before but this was for a reason. We just had sex.

The slight smile on her lips spread when I said these words.

"I love you, Dashie."

"Love you too, Jackie."

She kissed me one last time lightly on the lips. I slipped my hooves around her midsection, bringing her closer. Rainbow's breathing grew steady and silent. Her eyelids fell, and she drifted off to sleep. I yawned and allowed myself to fall asleep in the pegasi's embrace.

There we each other's hooves.....together forever.


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