You are R2-D2.

You are in the possession of Royal Engineers of Naboo.



You repair the shield generator of Princess Amidala's Royal Starship.

You chirp in excitement.

You beep sadly, for the droids who failed.

You meet C-3PO.

You beep to see a another droid.

You chirp and called him "naked"

You meet Anakin's friends, W. Wald and Kitser Banai.

You sing in excitement.

You sing in interest.

You actually interact with Anakin, who accidentally flies into space.

You chirp, being surprised.

You beep, thrilling for adventure.

You and Anakin play a major role in Naboo Space Battle.

You Weeeeeowww as Anakin zooms.

You sing for this adventure.

You attend Qui-Gon Jinn's funeral.

You whistle sadly.

You sing sadly.

You still serve Queen Amidala, a decade later.

You chirp, for being useful.

You whistle, being in her service.

You notice two Kouhuns.

You turn on.

You chirp, to alert.

You soar through the Geonosis droid factory.

You chirp, in interest.

You hear C-3PO whine.

You pull C-3PO's head to put back on his body, in the middle of the Battle of Geonosis.

You help him, anyway.

You ignore his constant whining.

You notice a young Boba Fett, holding his father's helmet.

You sing sadly.

You whistle sadly.

You and C-3PO are the witnesses to Anakin and Padme's wedding.

You chirp, gleefully.

You whistle.

You have a bond with R2-KT.

You chirp.

You sing.

You start to have a great bond with C-3PO.

You whistle.

You sing.

You encounter Boba Fett's droid, BL-17.

You chirp at the droid.

You reply to BL-17's chirp.

Princess Leia puts the Death Star Plans into you.

You do not mind.

You notice she leaves after put the plans into you.

You encounter Jawas.

You sing at the hooded creatures.

You whistle at the Jawas.

You are Luke's astromech droid in Battle of Yavin. You are blasted.

You whistle in pain.

You chirp in pain.

You are repaired.

You sing happily.

You beep.

Three years later.

You are covered in filth after you fell in the swamp.

You chirp, you are not in the best mood.

You beep three times, you aren't in the best mood.

You meet Yoda, he hits you with a stick.

You chirp in anger.

You beep in frustration.

You and Luke go to Bespin.

You chirp, as you see a adult Boba Fett.

You beep.

The door closes in front of you. Luke and you are seperated.

You chirp.

You whistle away.

You help your friends.

You beep, for helping.

You whistle.

A year later.

You are sent to Jabba's Palace.

You whistle.

You chirp, to see Tatoo I and Tatoo II at sunset.

You help your friends again.

You sing in excitement.

You chirp, to be useful.

You visit Dagobah, with Luke.

You wait in the rain.

You chirp.

Luke tells you Yoda is gone.

You chirp sadly.

You sing sadly.

You visit the Moon of Endor.

You chirp to see Ewoks.

You whistle.

You and your allies are trapped in a net.

You slice open the net.

Later, The Empire ends.

You and your friends celebrate.

You sing happily.

R2-D2 The Clone Wars


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