Zircorp Experimental Research Center. High Earth orbit. June 26th, 20--. SUBJECT Dr. Joseph Dawkins. AGE 26. BEGAN WORK --- -- ----

The expansive Zircorp Experimental Research Center floated along the furthest edge of Earth's gravity. Michael Zirman was to supervize today's experiments, but was preoccupied in Zircorp Tower. In the Quantam Division of the facility, a group of scientists work on their newest invention: The Interdimensional Quantum Anti-Matter Tunneling Rotator. Based on the technology of The Interspacial Quantum Matter Tunneling Reactor, scientists have built the IQATR with the intentions of opening an Einstein-Rosen Bridge into an alternate dimension of reality. The first stages of the test work as planned: the Anti-Matter Dispensers spray properly, the electro-magnetic rotator prongs keep the matter and anti-matter from touching, and the rise platform raises the device at the correct speed required for the matter collisions to breach the spacetime membrane. However, disaster strikes. The Anti-Matter Dispensers explode from a freak power re-routing. Floods of anti-matter spread across the machine's parts. Microscope explosions disable the electro-magnetic field prongs. The explosions slowly widen the wormhole. The matter on the machine combines with the anti-matter. The machine explodes.

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