Zircorp Experimental Research Center. High Earth orbit. June 26th, 20--. SUBJECT Dr. Joseph Dawkins. AGE 26. BEGAN WORK --- -- ----

Dawkins awoke from his slumber at approximately 10:28 AM. An apparent nightmare has shaken him, but he rises. Getting dressed for work, Doctor Dawkins observed his Sc.D certificate and left for the elevator. Looking through the clear, bullet proof glass out onto the breath-taking view of the Earth. Reaching the third floor, which houses the quantum division, military soldiers stop him for ID. Dawkins abides.

"Doctor," the soldier said, whilst saluting him. "Mr. President hopes Project Alice goes to plan, sir. Proceed."

Dawkins continues towards the testing chamber. He enters the Electromagnetic Defensive Suit Chamber and puts on the suit, to prevent any injury during the test. He exits and enters the control room.

"Ah, Dr. Dawkins!" a scientist exclaimed. "If you'd be so kind, you may enter the test chamber and boot up the machine. We'll stabilize it out here. You'll find it's very similar to the IQMTR we built last year, so do not worry if you are confused."

"Yes, so just enter the chamber and we'll start the process." confirmed a second scientist.

Dawkins enters the chamber. He checks the wiring for damage and boots up the control panel. The observing scientists start the machine. As per planning, the machine works perfectly at first. The power surge occurs soon after, causing anti-matter to spray across the machine.

Over the inter-com: "Joseph! Get him out of there!"                                                                                              "I-I can't! The door panel's fried!"                                                                                                                      "Oh god! Dawkins hold on, I'll get you out of there!"

The scientist melts off a piece of railing with a laser pen and breaks through the Observation Room's glass. A soldier runs in to help as Dr. James jumps through the window.

"Dr. James, wait!" the soldier cries, reaching out the window after him, just as the machine begins exploding. Dawkins dives for cover. The machi-

Analyzer Terminated. Analysis Continued Below.

10:46 AM. Dawkins awakes from unconsciousness. He stares at the now ruined test chamber, which now houses a spiraling portal. Before he could investigate further, he stops to gaze a burned, dismembered corpse. His scorched name-tag reads: Garrold James, Ph.D. Dawkins holds his head and makes his way to the disintegrated chamber door.

A soldier with half of his skeleton exposed lies in the Observation Room floor. The other scientist, Jacob Mikes, is lying in a fetal position in the corner.

"Joseph! Thank god you're alright! Dr. James, I tried to stop him, I-. I know, there's nothing I could have done. Go find a soldier to help us, and have him send a medic."

Dawkins continues out of the testing area to find the soldiers near the elevator. Just as he makes it to the hallway, the testing chamber abruptly explodes.

Dawkins regains consciousness as he flies through space, crashing into another part of the space station.

Dawkins gets up, spits out blood, and gets up to his feet. He stops to examine a piece of slightly burned pipe with a disembodied hand clenching it. Dawkins picks up the pipe and carefully unhooks Dr. James' hand from the pipe. Dawkins stares at the pipe in his hand, and suddenly drops it.

Dawkins redirects his attention towards the emergency blast doors blocking the hole in the glass he just made. He notices a small pebble near the door.

He picks up the pebble and stares at it. Suddenly, a strange, scaly hand jets out of the pebble and grows in size. Soon a large, humanoid reptile-like creature with mandibles and antennae on top of it's "head" emerges from the growing egg. The creature stares at Joseph curiously for a few moments, and the suddenly it's black eyes turn red and it begins to try to claw at Dawkins.

Frightened, Dawkins grabs the pipe and swings it at the creature's "temple". The creature stumbles back, dazed. Before it could attack again, Dawkins hits it in the head again, lifts the pipe over his head, and slams it on the top of the creature's skull. The strange being collasps and bleeds to death. It's yellow-green blood covering his suit, Dawkins drops the pipe, and sits to rest. Before he could sit for a good 3 minutes, he hears a loud scream down the hall. Dawkins picks up the pipe, and head in the screamers direction.

Further Analysis Required.

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