Before you read, please remember that this story will not be very well made. I just thought of a really short one-shot fic. Lots of things will be rushed, and yes, this is a Cupcakes parody. If you like this, cool. If you don't, i know why.

Pinkie Pie Tries To Make A Creepypasta (With a little bit of shipping.)

Making a creepypasta was hard. VERY hard. You had to make it creepy and not make it look like a rip off of ANY horror movie or any other creepypasta. Rainbow Dash was quite a big fan of these stories. She had read Slendermane, Smile,Smile,Smile.jpg and Jeff The Pony. Her birthday was coming up quite soon and she wanted one of her best friends to make one....

"But, Rainbow!" Pinkie screamed. "C'mon, Pinkie. PLEASE! Your number came up so i had no choice. You have to write a creepypasta!" "I did that last year!" "Twilight did that last year! PLEASE!"....

A minute of silence followed. "Okay, fine." grumbled Pinkie. Despite loving lots and lots of things, she just hated creepypastas. She just couldn't giggle at the ghostie with them. And now she was being asked to write one. (AUTHORS NOTE: I know Pinkie's out of character for this bit but i needed to. It was all i could think of.)

Pinkie just sat at her desk. "Only 19 hours. Then i can finish this. Then i don't have to do this for 6 years." The sadness of having to write one deflated her hair. She was Pinkamena now. She just tried to think of something creepy but no ideas went by.

16 hours until Dashie's birthday. 3 hours had gone by and she still couldn't think of anything. She decided to go on break and have some of those leftover cupcakes. That's it! She could call it Cupcakes! Her hair bounced up again! Before she wrote this, she decided to have some of those Cupcakes.

She opened the fridge. The cupcakes were rainbow coloured... rainbow.. rainbow... RAINBOW DASH!

The cupcakes even sorta tasted like RD. Hmm...

Pinkie got back to work. She began typing... "The air is warm and the sun was shining.."

Everypony was at RD's house for her party. Twilight got her the new Daring Do book, Rarity got her a dress, Fluttershy got her some pet things for Tank, Applejack got her some {BUY SOME APPLES!} and last, Pinkie got her the creepypasta. "Thanks, Pinkie. I'll read it later." RD said. "Oh, you're welcome Rainbow, it took ages but i finally finished it! YAAAYY! Now lets get this party started!". Pinkie grabbed her party cannon and got everything set up in 5 minutes.

After the huge party, RD decided to sit down and read Pinkie's story. After reading it, her reaction was priceless.....

"It was scary enough without the shipping."

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