"Come on, just a little bit more!" Raven urged herself.

Phazon vs. Raven: Friends or Foes?

A tree had fallen in the middle of the road, and Raven couldn't climb over its enormous trunk.

She had to get home quickly. She was ecpecting company.

No, not the kind of company that comes over for tea and crumpets.

This was an UNFRIENDLY PRESENCE, and Raven could tell. The Voices had told her so.

Raven has these voices in her head. They tell her right from wrong, they give her advice, and they tell her about people.

This is what happened the first time she met Phazon.

She was already suspicious about Phazon's behavior because of the way he was stuttering, but the Voices told her to confirm her suspicions. They told her to look at his eyes for something unusual, and she found an inhuman blue.

"Move, darn you, MOVE!" Raven screamed, pushing as hard as she could. The tree moved a few feet before stopping again. it wouldn't even budge after that.

Frustrated, Raven's face flushed red. Giving a yell of fury, she took her sythe off of her back and bagan to hack away at the tree. She cut the middle up into thick chunks which she kicked over to the side.

"Dang lumberjacks," she huffed, putting her sythe back on her back. "Can't chop in one place. Idiots."

She continued walking, pushing deeper still into her home. The forests of Estes Park, Colorado.


Phazon followed closely behind her, not wanting to lose her. Even though his hands became sticky as he touched the Ponderosa pine trees, the sticky sap dribbling from cracks onto his hands, he kept following Raven, sticking to the shadows.

Normally, he wouldn't be so clingy to another spiecies. There were things he had to do.

But this time was different. He had experienced her skills the last time they met, and he was intruiged by her figure, so small but so strong.

He had to make her The Offer.

Now, don't think for a second that this'll go "The Godfather" from here, all that "make him an offer he can't refuse" stuff.

He was going to make her the choice of being infused with Phazon.

If she agreed, she'd be infused and within a month, fight along side him.

If she declined... Well, let's say she wouldn't be spared like last time. She most certainly would die.


"Now where am I?" Raven huffed as she looked around.

This place didn't look very familiar. There were a lot more trees, and it was a lot darker.

Raven gave a cry of exasperation and sat down on a fallen log. Every time she went hysterical, she'd always get lost.

Now she had no idea where she was, and there was an unfriendly presence following her. Fantastic.

"Lost?" she heard a voice behind her. That sounded familiar. Almost like...

She jumped up and turned around, bringing out her sythe again.

Phazon held up his hands, as if surrendering. "Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute! I am not looking to start a fight."

"Whatever it is, no! Go mess with somebody else's life, you jerkI killed you!" Raven was getting worked up at the sight of Phazon. She was totally fooled last time; if the knife plunged into his gut didn't kill him, then a stick wouldn't do much either.

"Will you calm the heck down for a minute? I am trying to tell you something!" Phazon said.

"Jerk off!" Raven yelled, swinging her sythe.

Phazon grabbed the sythe handle and pulled. Raven wouldn't let go, so he leaned forward and shouted, "Stand your hand, Raven! I am not looking for trouble, I have a proposition for you!"

"Get off of my sythe!" Raven hollered. She sure was defiant, Phazon thought.

"Listen, you have so much potential! You would do really well if you had the right person to guide you!" Phazon blurted.

Raven stopped struggling for a minute, now curious to see where this would go. "What are you talking about?"

"All I'm saying," Phazon said, pulling the sythe out of her hands, "is that you have extrordinary power that can't be passed up. What this universe needs is people who are willing to take up extroidinary power and lift it right up to their shoulders; You and me. We're exeptional like that.

I could SQUASH you like a BUG right now. But I'm offering you a choice: Join me, and together we can fight along side eachother. Or you can die. Make your choice."

Raven's cheeks burned. Join him? Squash her?

"You..." Raven clenched her fists and Phazon watched in surprised as her irises...

Turned red.

"JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU COME BACK AFTER ALMOST GETTING KILLED AND ASK ME TO TEAM UP WITH YOU?!" Raven's voice sounded demonic. It was like two voices: One wailed and howled, and the other buzzed angrilly like a saw. But the voices said, as one.

"You weren't even close to killing me," Phazon chuckled. "You were no where near CLOSE! THAT'S how powerful the Great Poison IS, don't you see?! I could make you this powerful, think about it! You could come back from a DEATH experience!"

"... shut up..." Raven snarled quietly.

Phazon was confused, "Er... What?"

"I SAID, SHUT UP!" Raven suddenly pressed something on her chest, and out popped these thin, hooked poles, like spider's legs. They pushed her off the ground, so she looked bigger.

Phazon stepped back, and remembered. She was not only fairly strong, but also highly intelligent.

"If that's the way it's going to be!" Phazon suddenly morphed, his body now glowing orange, his arm cannon now was a shiny green.

Raven attacked quickly, one of her spider's legs rushing towards Phazon at an incredible speed. Phazon jumped out of the way, and powered up his arm cannon.

Raven wasted no time, and she took a long sword from her back and swung it. It sliced effortlessly through Phazon's arm, the arm cannon falling to the ground.

Phazon roared, but not in pain, Raven realized. In RAGE.

Phazon retaliated even quicker, and grabbed one of her spider legs. He pulled hard, and dragged her across the ground, slamming her into everything he could.

Raven's cheeks were cut, and her nose was bleeding. She had at least two bumps in her head now and she'd lost two teeth.

Phazon finally let go, and she crashed into a tree.

Raven looked up, quivering with the pain and the realization that she'd made a horrible mistake.

Phazon towered over her, burning brightly. His arm had reformed now, and with that arm he grabbed Raven by the shirt and lifted her into the air.

"When I'm done with you, you'll wish you DID take my offer... That is, if you've survived."

He slammed her into the tree repeatedly, taking his time to watch her grunt in agony as new cuts were formed to the back of her skull.

His next move surprised Raven as much as it did pain her. He grabbed her by the wrist, and with a sudden flick of his hand, her wrist snapped. Phazon savored her screams as her unending melody of pain filled the forest.

Phazon threw her to the ground, and she cried out in hurt. After giving her a swift kick in the gut, and watching the blood spurt from her mouth as she gargled and spat, he turned around.

"I'll let you die in your pain. You have no real sense or power, just foolishness. You're weak! And I'm over you."

With that he turned and walked away back towards his shuttle, smiling and leaving her screaming her rage as he headed off to go back home.


Raven laughed weakly and stood up. Her body quivered and shook, but she stayed standing.

She looked off into the distance where Phazon had walked off to. She wanted to run after him, but she decided against it as the voices told her to go home and heal.

Raven snickered, and too turned around ad walked off in the opposite direction, thinking of how lucky she was to be alive.

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