"Earth," Phazon observed the area he had landed in.

It was green and brown. The scanners showed the green part was what the inhabitants of the planet called "grass", and the brown part was called "dirt".

"Not bad," he nodded. He looked up, the sky flushed a bright and endless blue. "Not bad at all."

Phazon vs. Raven

He looked at his scanners for a few minutes more, trying to pick the perfect disguise for his visit.

He chose the form of a man in his 20s, with shaggy brown hair and a fairly strong body. The only thing he could not hide that revealed his true self were his eyes, unnaturally blue for a human's.

Phazon shrugged, "Oh, well. I hardly doubt anyone would notice, anyhow."

He typed in a few more notes and calculations on his scanner, and then began to walk towards a city the inhabitants called "Pueblo, Colorado".


There weren't many people out today, it was too hot. Most of them were inside to cool off in front of their "air conditioners", or perhaps out at the pool to enjoy relief from the blistering hot.

Suddenly, while Phazon was crossing the street, a car absent-mindedly sped towards him. Phazon looked at the car in alarm, almost intimidated enough to change back and blast it with his arm cannon.

The car screeched to a stop before Phazon could change back. Phazon's fear was suddenly replaced with a sense of rage.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" he hollered. He kicked the car in the bumper, leaving a dent and a huge scratch mark. "STUPID HEAD!" With that he ran off.


After he had calmed down a little, Phazon looked up to see where he had run. A huge area the inhabitants of Pueblo called the "State Fair Grounds" greeted him.

Yes, the ground was dusty, and yes, the paint was chipping in some places, and yes, the place smelt of livestock.

But that was the beauty of it.

It was like what the humans called a "carnival", and he found that later on, in the month of August, the State Fair Grounds would bustle with activity and food and fun. He had to return for that.

"Ahem," Phazon heard a polite noise behind him.

He turned around to see a girl, about in her 20s, as well, standing there. She had long black hair and bluish-grey eyes that looked like rain-clouds. She looked fairly strong, and highly intelligent.

Phazon's eyes widened and coughed. "Uh, hello. I-is this your property? I didn't know, I didn't mean to intrude."

The girl didn't answer. She simply stared at him with a soft but firm expression that made Phazon slightly uncomfortable.

"Uh..." Phazon searched for a fake name. "My name is Jarod.. And I hai- I mean, come from Ph- I mean, uh, Virginia!"

The girl stared at him. Phazon knew she may not have been buying this. Phazon was now restless. "Uh, and you are-"

"The 'stupid head'," The girl said flatly. Her voice was like a cherry, tart and firm.

"Oh," Phazon nodded. Then he realized. "OH. I am SO sorry, ma'am, I didn't... I can pay for that."

"It was a rental," the girl chuckled. "But it's okay."

"Phew," Phazon sighed in relief.

"Well, nice to meet you, Jarod." the girl smirked, and extended her hand. Phazon took it and they shook.

"So, what's your name?" Phazon quieried.

"Raven," she answered.

Phazon stopped shaking her hand. "Raven. That's a curious name."

"Wasn't my idea, of course," she laughed.

"Hm," Phazon, nodded. He looked up to see Raven staring hard at him. She seemed to be... "Are you... Looking at my eyes?"

"That's a peculiar shade of blue, if you ask me," Raven stated in a suspicious tone.

Phazon stuttered, "Uh.. Well... That's because... They're... CONTACTS! Yeah, contacts!"

Raven was silent for a minute. "Contacts, huh? Hm." Raven nodded, but she didn't look like she had bought it.

Phazon suddenly felt a dull pain rocket through his cheek. Raven had been so quick, he didn't have time to react. She had socked him hard in the cheek, which was now starting to turn bright blue.

Raven's eyes widened. "You... You're not human at all!"

Phazon was angry now. How dare she? He had allowed himself to be hurt by a backwater scum like herself. However, she did prove to pack quite a punch, and the lust for battle was already beggining to grow on both of them.

"No DIP, Sherlock!" Phazon snapped, suddenly changing back to his true form. His body pulsed slowly in the blue light.

Raven backed up, but refused to retreat. "Who are you? WHAT are you?"

"My REAL name," he mimicked gentleman-liness by briefly bowing, "Is Phazon. I hail from Phaaze. And this light that you see from my body is nothing more than an affect of the Great Poison."

"Well, I don't care WHAT you are," she snapped back. "Just get away from my home!"

"And why should I want to do that? I know I've already concoured four planets that I now rule with a Phazon fist, but a few more couldn't hurt."

"You keep your slimy hands off of my planet!" She suddenly attacked, a kicking/punching melee combo.

Phazon ducked and grabbed her by the ankle, throwing her into one of the brick walls.

She should have been killed instantly, according to Phazon's calculations.

But she simply got up and brushed herself off, ready to retaliate. She took a long skinning knife from her pocket, and got into a fighting stance, daring Phazon to attack.

Phazon normally would have just begun to corrupt the planet at this point, but there was something about this girl that intrigued him. There shouldn't have been that much strength in a girl probably a little small for her age. He decided to give her a little fun first, and see if she could prove a challenge.

Phazon formed his hand into a knife, as well, ready for some up-close-and-personal combat. He attacked her this time, and Raven blocked his knife with hers. She kicked him in the gut and he retaliated by moving his knife upwards.

Raven's face rocketed with a sharp-burning pain, and she screamed. Her face was wet with blood, the gash on her cheek supplying what seemed like gallons.

Raven put her hand to her cheek, wincing as the pain from the skin touching the gash electrocuing her face. She was trying hard not to cry, Phazon backing up with a smirk of satisfaction on his face.

"Well, you know what they say: A mule will always move with a carrot in front and a stick in the back." he laughed coldly.

"You..." Raven's face burned. "DOG!" she took her knife and stabbed Phazon in the gut, the blade making its exit at the back of his body. Raven let go of the knife and left it there.

Phazon looked at Raven, then at the knife. He grabbed the knife and pulled it out of his gut without a word. There wasn't a scratch on his stomach, and there wasn't even any blood on the knife.

"I'm curious," Phazon said, "after you kill me, what do you plan on doing?"

Raven was undettered. She simply attacked Phazon again, kicking and punching.

Phazon dodged and blocked the kicks and punches that Raven threw. He was surprised that she was this quick, and was even more surprised that she didn't seem to tire. His body slowly wore down to her speed, and he felt himself tire.

"You're all right," he complimented, blocking one of her kicks. "You've learnt a lot, kid, I can tell."

"You'll find I'm full of surprises!" she replied, ducking one of his punches.

Phazon was getting tired, and Raven was, too. But she still kept throwing kicks and punches while Phazon slowly troied to push her off.

Raven grabbed Phazon around the middle, and flipped him to the ground. Panting, she grabbed a nearby branch that had fallen from one of the trees and stepped on Phazon's chest so he couldn't move.

"I guess Teddy Roosevelt's advice on war IS useful," she smirked.

"And what advice would that be?" Phazon asked through labored breaths.

"Speak softly, CARRY A BIG STICK!" With that, she plunged the stick through Phazon's chest, twisting it in as deep as it would go.

Phazon grunted in pain, and closed his eyes.

Raven stood up, breathing heavilly. Her cheek would need some work and there were a few bruises that would be there for a while.

But she had won.

She had gone up against a practical GOD.

And she had won. She gave a cry of victory, and ran out of the fairgrounds, practically dancing her way to her car.


Phazon opened one eye and smiled. He sat up and pulled the branch out of his chest. He hadn't really been injured, and he healed up immediately. While he was pissed off that he was subdued by a girl, he was also intruiged by her defiance. She had provided a good source of temporary fun, and she was definately a worthy opponent.

"Raven," Phazon rolled the word in his mouth, savoring it with an air of satisfaction. "Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battles will be LEGENDARY!"

He stared at the door as if Raven were still there. "Hear me, Raven. You may have won the battle, but you will lose the war. I'll beat you, then nothing will dare to stand up to me."

A slow smile spread across his face. "Or maybe..." he snickered. "Maybe you're just the kind of person I need at my side."


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