Phazon can be depressed at times because of the things thats happened to him in the past, but he dosent show it to his freinds much, he only really shows this emotion to Windrider, because shes the reason he got kept alive in MLP 1:A New Beggining, but sometimes Phazon can be a quite happy pony, if his freinds are around him, he wont be very depressed and despite all thats happened to him, he can still be very happy


Phazon has a very intresting apperance (and can even change his apperance sometimes), Phazon has a Sharp Purple and Black mane, his coat his Black and he has the eyes of a animal (which are green)

The intresting thing about Phazon is he has multiple forms, but some of these forms can lead to chaos, destrution and mishap. Phazon has 5 forms (including his normal form). First unstable phazon, his like discord, but he does more evil things them him, Chaotic Phazon, just wants to wreck havoc, but not in the way discord does, he does it in a more vile way, Light Phazon is a very rare form of Phazons, but when it comes to vanquishing darkness...well, you know where im going with this and finally Phazons most powerful form, Phazon God, this form just wants to rule the world and kill ponies if he has to


Blaze -

Phazon and Blaze are good freinds, Phazon usauly dosent mind Blaze being pervy (unlike some ponies) they go to the Cafe/Bar to have a glass of cider every other day, but soon they will have to stop hanging out with each other so much because at one point they will have to get jobs (which will probably be this season)

Grimshot -

Like Blaze, Grimshot and Phazon are good freinds (aswell as good drinking buddies), as it says on Grimshot Theral Frost (GTF) page, they like to play on the xbox if there not going out (BTW, Blaze always goes out to woo mares, if you got it right, you get a cookie :3). Even though Grimshot and Phazon have a dark past, they have come to know each other and soon become freinds.

Windrider -

Phazon and Windrider are very close, they got into a relationship pretty quickly, they had there first kiss in the middle of MLP 3: The Hangover, so far no ones noticed where Windriders went, a few ponies are worried about her, but at one point Phazon forgot she went (also Phazon kinda has a bad memorie, thats why he cant even remember where he was first born) but Windrider will be comming back and she will be comming back with a freind of hers (her freind will most likely be wooed by Blaze :P)

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