The alarm clock rung.




I awoke.

Another boring day for me, I thought.

I stood up, turned off the alarm, and went into the bathroom to bathe.

Ever since I had this job I've been on this routine everyday.

I dressed, grabbed the coffee my wife had left, and sat next to my 2 year old son, who always held his newest drawing infront of his face in the morning.

Peek-a-boo Daddy, he said as he removed the drawing of a green face with red hair from his face.

I rustled his hair, pinned the drawing to the board, and left for work.

It was a bad day. I spilled coffee all over my work papers, was late for work, and got chewed out by my boss.

The only good side was the guy I hated at the office, Marcus, was fired yesterday.

I took the elevator down to parking lot, unlocked my car, and went inside.

I was about to turn on the engine when I heard the elevator come down.

I don't know why, but I instinctivly ducked down and hid enough to look.

I saw Marcus come out, holding a bloody knife, walking to my bosses car.

The boss turned around, and yelled at him for being back in the building.

He didn't see the knife.

Marcus stabbed him over and over again.

He slit his throat, stabbed him in the heart, and dragged his body into the car.

I was urged to call 911, but not until he left.

Marcus was about to enter the car, then suddenly turned back and winked.

Right. At. Me.

Did he see me?

Surely not, otherwise I would be dead, right?

The thoughts stormed my head.

And then he left.

I left out a sigh of relief.

I survived.


I started the engine, and got ready to drive out of there as fast as I could.

But I stopped.

The tires wouldn't turn.

I got out the car to see the tires slashed.

Inside the slash was a drawing.

It was a green face with red hair.

Above it was written the words, stained in blood.


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