WARNING: If you read this story, you WILL lose at least one IQ point. I'm probably on something while writing this meta story that i was supposed to do something, so be warned.

Once upon a time some people lived in this barn and it was great because it was a barn and stuff! Then aliens came up and then BAYSPLOSIONS! The people were terrified so a kid came up and ran "OH MAH FRIGGIN GAWD WERE ALL GOINGG TO DIEE RUUUNNN!' Everyone ran and stuff then some crap happened and the aliens were killed but it wasn't done yet because the author wanted more aliens and BAYSPLOSIONS and crap and he made this an incredibly crappy story WANNA SEE AN INCREDIBLY CRAPPY STORY? Read the alternate ending to Cheerlie's Garden on freaking and lose even more IQ points damn gotta get back to the story so i'll jump the damn shark over the moon while watching Jaws! Yess and then there was a huge alien chase of doom and everyone yelled OMG ALIENS and everyone died

And this would be what happened if I wrote a creepypasta about aliens. Happy?

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