LOG ENTRY : 4 It was certainly obvious we had distrubed the "native residence" of the ship, as Xavier says. The airducts clinked around like nuts and bolts during an Earthquake, and there was no stopping of the constant ringing. We ran a beeline to our ship, which seemed to be in good condition. We started up the ship, when the salt was then tossed onto the gash.

Three necro's had mutilated the engine beyond repair. Xavier even said he couldn't think of how to fix this behemoth.

So looks like we were stranded. We all decided the best idea would be to stick together, Strength in numbers, as they say.

We eventually made it to the main deck, were we found a large door broken, as if something had fractured it open like a sheet of paper. Jozef stood guard, while Xavier and I went downstairs to see what was going on with the ship's main control system. It was malfunctioned, sparks flying every whichway. No problem, since we have our protective head pieces. Xavier repaired the terminal in record timing, it seemed. Yet he told me he had to stay behind because he needed to control the ship and continue system maitenance repairs. I followed his orders, and came to the main area.

To my horror, Jozef was no where to be spotted.

LOG ENTRY : 5 I instantly panicked. Probably our strongest soldier/engineer vanished into thin air without a trace. A feeling of both fear and loyalty came over me. Loyalty had won; I walked through the bloodied hallway to find out there was nothing but that. Blood was simply spattered around the room like the painter was drunk. I found myself going through hallways, looking at corpses, torn and mutilated, some. The glyphs seemed to largen in text and size, telling of the Two Brothers going to war before Time itself started. Xavier was there to see it also, he, tightly sealed away from the outer dangers of the ship, we communicated through holographic messaging. He was getting better at roughly translating the ancient symbols, and the brothers were both made of some kind of radioactive chemical. I was intruiged. There was also a Prophecy, which it told of a mere mortal that would stop the two God-like brothers from starting a galaxy sized war. I kept going, the questions leaving more questions then anwsers.

I was treading lightly through he hallway, when all of a sudden a figure tackled me. I instinctivly grabbed its arm ferociously, but then the figure seemed to take a much more human form. A survivor?, I thought. No way there could be a survivor on this god forsaken ship. Turns out she was able to keep quiet from the necros by sealing up the airvents in her room. She survived off of small meals, the cause of her skinny appearance. Her name was Ada, she had black hair, and was most definately able to look a alien straight in the eye without flinching. She asked why I was here. Xavier rudely interupted on my holo-messanger and said "We, Miss". I cut the machine off and groaned. Let me have my free time, and Ill let you have yours, i thought. I answered without think this was a special mission, that we were here to make repairs on the ship. She wasnt much of an engineer I came to find out, but I could atleast teach her.6

We were both walking down a hallway and we came to a large pavilion. The main wall had what looked like a red pillar with two swirling spikes on it, on maroon and one blue. The amount of glyphs around it was staggering.

Then the door busted open like it was made of tin

LOG ENTRY : 6 This necromorph seemed to look much more sophisticated. Bones and muscle web around it, most likely being made up of random corpses. I shot a few lasers into it, and the arm, literally on cue, fell right to the ground. Suprisingly, it seemingly ignored it as if a roach was nibbling away at it's head.

But then the suprise came to us. It regenerated the arm, as if it couldnt be killed. But I knew nothing was truly immortal. I pulled out my flamethrower and began to spew it all over the creature, yet again it's resiliance is staggeringly high. It then stabbed straight through my leg, my Tibia splitting in half with an inhuman crack. I painfully limped away, a pool of blood tracing my steps. Ada then took my flamethrower and doused the being in napalm. All of it's limbs suddenly slid off, and it lye on the floor, flopping around like a fish out of water. Mucus and slime formed a wading pool around it, as it started to reform it's limbs. Then, another one came from the cieling airvent and started maliciousky stabbing the being to death, viciously stabbing and tearing the necro to bits. I was shocked, a necro murdering it's own kind. The other necro then stared at us. I held my arm in defense, but the necro simply walked away, ignorimg us completely. We told Xavier about it, and he formed a hypothesis; The necromorphs were taking sides. One was fighting for the Blue brother, the other for the Red. His thought seemed too real for the moment, but it was all I could rely on.

A familiar scream then erupted from a nearby corridor.


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