I had a choice.

Either face a creature that seemed impossible to defeat, or see if my friend was being ripped apart.

I shot a bolt of stasis at the Regenerator, and sprinted towards where I heard the scream. The doors seemed to have been ripped open by force, obviously, since the necromorphs couldn't really open the doors with their dagger-like arms. The Regenerator seemed to have lost track of me, considering the lack of air vents around the area.

I came to the hall where I heard the scream, and nearly vomited when I saw the sight.

Jozeph was split in half, half his face covered with the parasitic plague. The side of his face was plastered with reddish bumps, mimicing the bloodstained armor. I took his RIG, just incase he left any messages or information about himself. Proving his death, infact. I stood there and fell to my knees, realizing I was the only human on this planet cracker. Desolation boiled over in my blood, and I was nearly on the verge of tears.

Then Jozeph crawled towards me.


He rushed toward me clumsily, the virus obviously taking over. He grabbed my leg, almost crushing the partial armor I had around my ankle. I almost resisted firing at a friend, but I closed my eyes, and smashed his head in, as brain bits and chunks of bone splattered across the floor.

I teared up a little, knowing that my family will never see me again.

This is my final resting place.

This is where I will not only perish, but become one of them.Anger replaced Fear in almost an instant.

What? NO! I was NOT rotting on some condemned ship, just because my two buddies died. I will survive. I will kill every single Necromorph on this ship, until I breath my final breath.

I ran through a few halls, extremely motivated by my pathetic speech in my head, and I started searching through lockers, some with dead air in them, others with items ranging to an assault rifle, to a rotting Lurker.

I started to bust open the final door through the hall, and what I saw swiped the breath from my lungs.


(Coming out when Masked comes back.)

(which is never, most likely)

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