I cradled my head in my knees, hoping the horrendous screeching would stop.

I hid in the corner of my bedroom, hoping they wouldnt crawl out of the airducts or something.

But that was months ago.

I am now a stranded engineer, on an unknown ship, in an unknown galaxy.

This is my story.


At first, the ship seemed harmless. Peaceful, even. But that gut feeling left me tense, going onto the abandoned Planet Cracker.Being put on a private mission to repair it, the creatures lurking there were not expecting fresh meat to arrive.

And on time, if I do add.

I didnt expect to see so much body bags and tables flooding with disemboweled patients, probably doctors trying to find a so-called "cure" for the cause of Infected.

But they were simply beating a dead horse.


I kept quiet, staying behind my fellow comrades, Xavier "Excalibur" Marks and Jozeph "Juggernaut" Stevan.

Jozeph, a Russian Heavy engineer, has always been there for me. He's a tough guy, goes all out, and is always the guy with the big gun.

Xavier, our best known scientist, knows about everything there is to know about these "Necromorphs". Whenever he sees one, he starts scavenging it like a vulture if it's dead.

Me, Im just an average engineer. Nothing special, really.

I, Jason "Bolt" Clarke, was ready for anything on this ship.

But I was so wrong, that if it could kill, Id already be dead.


The ship's damage seemes like it was used in a war; the engines were obliterated, wires severed and sparking around every corner, and I see why we were sent here.

We came to what seemed like the examination room, and we found diagrams of what seemed to be mutated human beings.

Xavier, being how curious he is, examined the diagrams and X-Rays of the mutants like hyroglyphics.

Speaking of those, strange messages made in a foreign language were sprawled all over the walls, around deceased men and women, all with large bandages around themselves sometimes. I dare not to lift up the guaze to see what horrid image will haunt my nightmares.

Xavier seemed to be able to decode the hyroglyphs, and it seemed to talk about two brothers, one a heroic Blue, another, a devious, angry Red.

And That's when complete chaos began.


We all knew what we heard through the air ducts.

Clattering. Banging. Deep, almost demonic screeches.

That's when we first saw one.

It stood about as tall as a average human, but it's arms were tucked beneath it's skin and its bowel area was completely mutilated. Its lower jaw was missing, showing its disfigured tongue and maw. The other arms were over it's head, baring a large spike coming from the palm of each in a Praying Mantis like style.

It, was definately a Necromorph.

The being tackled me and started to try and rip ke open, but it's plans were cut too short when I sliced it's arm off, causing it to jump off of me. It then tried to disembowel Jozeph, but he ripped the head off of the mutant before it layed a finger on him. Xavier then finished the beast off by stomping strongly on the creature's chest.

It stop moving, showing no signs of life.

But this was a small victory in the gargantuan War of a battle.

LOG ENTRY : 4 (Coming January 9th)

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