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4 horses of the apocalypse
Equestria is thousands of years old, but there is more history behind it then anypony knows. Even Celestia herself doesn't know what Equestria was like before she ruled. That all changed when she asked the oldest beings in all of Equestria what really happened. The 4 Horses of the Apocalypse do know what happened, they know every year, every day, every detail, and every second of what happened.

But what Celestia and the Mane 6 don't know is what the 4 Horses did during that time of Equestria, thousands of years ago, they did something that changed the planet forever and helped shaped Equestria today.

Learn the true history of Equestria where it all began. 10,000 years ago on the planet Glucorse, a single act of violence began a war that changed everything.

Written by Jack aka GTF

I suggest that looking at these descriptions will give you a better look at the characters and what they look like:



Glucrose at war


Pegasus from MLP War for Glucrose


The fallen capitol city of Harmony


The capitol city of Disharmony, Chaonic


Celestia was waiting.....just waiting. By the window she was watching her sunset hit the mountain range, waiting for night to hit Equestria. She had called her student Twilight Sparkle and her friends to come to the castle in a few minutes. She had something extremely important to tell them.

She continued to wait, staring at the sunset until she heard the doors open in the throne room. She turned to see Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy run in. with worried faces.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight yelled, "I got your message, what's wrong?!"

Celestia smiled slightly and walked closer to them.

"Oh, there is nothing wrong my most faithfull student." Celestia cooed.

"Then what is it?" Rainbow asked.

Celestia sighed and walked even closer. She lowered her head to meet their eye level.

"You all know how old I am correct?" Celestia asked squinting her eyes.

"Ummmm Celestia? You are thousands of years old right?" Twilight asked.

Celestia nodded but then looked at them seriously.

"I have found out that Equestria was not what it is today. I found out through much research, that our knowledge of Equestrian history only goes back 5,000 years ago from our ancient ancestors who formed Equestria. But nothing goes back farther." Celestia told them.

"What are you gettin' at yer highness?" Applejack asked with an eyebrow raised.

"What I'm 'gettin' at is that there are 4 other beings in Equestria that are much older then me. If anypony is to know the true history of Equestria it's them." Celestia said.

"But who are they?" Rarity asked.

Celestia sighed and looked at them, their eyes were growing wider by the seconds.

"It''s the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse." Celestia said with her eyes closed.

"The what?!" Rainbow practically screamed.

Fluttershy cowered and said, "Oh they sound so scary."

"But...but Princess, the 4 Horses are myth and legend." Twilight said.

"No my student. They are as real as you and me, and they are coming to the Castle tonight." Celestia told her.

The Mane 6 were all shocked, "WHAT?!"

Celestia looked at them sternly, "I sent them a letter to come to Canterlot to tell us their information on Equestria, I wanted you all to be here when they came, but you all must be on your best behavior."

Twilight was confused, "Wait, what did they say back?"

Celestia pulled out a letter and read it out loud.

"From the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse."

"Dear Princess Celestia,

We have read your letter and are surprised as to what you ask of us. Nopony has ever asked us to tell them the true history of Equestria, we have been in hiding for 5,000 years, and never have we been visited or sent letters. You have shown bravery for we are the most feared beings in Equestria, and for that we will tell you all we know. My brothers and I will arrive in this 'Canterlot' at 9:00 pm tonight. You are the first being to hear the true story of Equestria.

- Death"

Celestia finished and put the letter away. The Mane 6 were shocked with mouth agape and wide eyes.

Celestia broke the silence, "It is almost 9 o' clock, you six will be accompening me when we speak with the 4 Horses."

Twilight shuddered a little, "But.....but aren't they d-dangerous?"

Celestia shook her head, "I think they wouldn't be coming here and tell us the history of Equestria if they were dangerous."

"Oh yeah." Twilight rubbed her head and looked away.

The Mane 6 and Celestia were standing in the Canterlot Gardens where they were waiting for the 4 Horses to arrive.

Pinkie was bouncing around as happy as ever.

"So when we meet them, can I throw them a party since nopony has ever seen them? That must be soooo boring living somewhere and not having any friends. I mean really-" She was cut off by Rainbow Dash.

"Pinkie, ugh they are the bringers of destruction! I don't think they would want any friends." Rainbow told her.

"Oh no everypony has to have friends no matter what they are." Pinkie finished with a smile.

Rainbow facehoofed but felt a wind hit her rainbow mane. She turned to see Celestia staring at a strange vortex appearing about a mile above ground. The Mane 6 cowered but Celestia stood still, staring at the vortex.

Soon the vortex grew and grew, until out came 4 chariots. Each one was different and well decorated.

The 4 chariots got closer to the gardens and soon landed with a loud thud. After the dust cleared, Celestia and the Mane 6 looked in awe at what the chariots looked like up close.

The 1st chariot was greenish yellow with designs of skeletons all over it, pony skeletons. The 2nd chariot was dark blue and had designs of rotting food and snakes all over it. The 3rd chariot was the most amazing, it was literally on fire and glowed dark red. The 4th chariot was black and a single pony skull was in the front of it.

Each chariot was pulled by undead pegasi. The Mane 6 started to get scared as the undead pegasi stared at them with lifeless eyes.

Soon, each chariot door opened, Celestia's mouth was agape at the beings that stepped out.

A greenish yellow horse with scarred and rotting flesh stepped out of the 1st chariot. He had a yellow mane and his eyes were very frightening, they were red cold blooded eyes. His flesh was literally falling off of him and landing on the grass. Rarity tried her best not to throw up.

Out of the 2nd chariot came a pale blue horse with white designs on his flank along with a dead apple core. His body was covered in white designs, he had a dark blue mane and his eyes looked like a snake's eyes.

The 3rd chariot opened and out came a burning red horse with a flaming mane. He wore armor all over his body and hind legs. His eyes glew bright orange and his Cutie Matk was a bloody battle Ax.

The last chariot that opened was the most frightening. Out came a pure black horse with a long white mane. He had a skull for a Cutie Mark and he wore a pony skull on his face. His eyes opened revieling nothing but red circles for eyes. When he walked, the grass he stepped on died instantly.

Fluttershy squeaked with fear and covered her eyes with her hooves. Celestia calmy walked up to the Horses.

"Greetings, my name is-" She began.

"Princess Celestia." Finished a cold but stern voice.

Celestia opened her eyes to see the black horse in front of her. They were the same size, along with the other horses.

"How did you-" She began again.

"Know your name? We know all that is and ever was." Said the pale blue horse with a darker voice then the black one.

Celestia smiled a little scared and asked, "What are your names?"

The yellow horse stepped up and touched his rotting chest, "I am Pestilence." His voice was cocky as if he was smarter then any other pony in Equestria, which he probably was.

The pale blue horse stepped up and said, "I am Famine."

The burning red horse stepped up, "I AM WAR." His voice was very deep, deeper than Famine's.

The black horse stepped up in front of each one and said, "I am Death, leader of the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse."

Pinkie hopped in front of Celestia while Twilight tried to stop her, but it was too late, she was standing in front of Death and the others with a big smile.

"WOW, you ponies are cooler then you sounded! So, are you all nice? Do you want a party?! I can throw you all a party and you can make some friends!" Pinkie said estatic.

Death gave his normal stare at the pink pony in front of him. He looked up at Celestia.

"What is this Celestia? I thought we were going to discuss serious topics, not 'party' with ponies." He said in his chiling stern voice.

Twilight used her magic to bring Pinkie back to them. Twilight put her hoof around Pinkie's mouth. She looked at the 4 Horses, scared.

Celestia began again, "I'm sorry, we can go in the main discussion room now."

"VERY WELL." War said.

Celestia led the group through the long hallway to the Discussion room. The Mane 6 barely bothered to speak to the most dangerous beings in Equestria walking right next to them. But Twilight made the first impression.

" old are all of you?" Twilight asked.

Pestilence answered, "All questions will be answered when we reach the Discussion Room." He told Twilight, not even looking at her.

Rarity walked by War and gushed, "Oh your armor is simply amazing! The way it moves as if it really is stuck to your skin!" She told him with a smile.

"IT IS." War said.

"Wh...what?" Rarity asked.

"IT IS STUCK TO MY SKIN." War finished and continued to walk.

Rarity was feeling sick but continued to walk.

The rest of the walk was silent and creepy, the way the 4 Horses just walked silently not blinking.

When they all reached the Discussion Room, The 4 Horses sat next to each other and Celestia took the main seat. The Mane 6 sat facing towards the 4 Horses. The Mane 6 didn't like the look they were getting from them, that cold, dead stare.

Finally Death broke the silence and said, "Celestia, do you want these ponies in here while we tell you the history or no?"

"They can stay in here Death, this purple unicorn is my student. She will especially like a history lesson about the world she lives in." Celestia said with a smile.

"So be it." Famine said.

Death sighed and began, "This information was never told to anypony before, we will not repeat it after we are done."

Celestia clapped her hooves twice and a unicorn walked in the room with a notepad and pencil.

"Yes Princess?" The unicorn said.

"I want you to write down whatever Death here says." Celestia said.

The unicorn nodded and pulled out the pencil and was ready to write.

Death sighed long and hard, he began his very long story, "I better start from the beginning."

The Mane 6 leaned in closer and so did Celestia. The unicorn began to write whatever Death was saying.

Death began, "In the beginning, 10,000 years ago there was......nothing. Nothing but a dark planet, void of life. That all changed when a super powerful being named this planet, and filled it with life. That is how our race began. That being is known as The Great One, we have not heard of him since. He named the planet Glucrose and created all life, ponies, zebras, dragons, manticores, you name it. Anyway, after 1,000 years of peace, everything was peaceful, and the inhabitants were very advanced and began to invent several things to make their lives better, it only made things worse after the war began. Soon a horse named Dracos despised the planets laws of Harmony and he created a post Civil War."

Celestia was surprised that she was hearing this. Twilight was very interested.

Death continued, "2,000 years later, the Civil War continued to rage, the Harmonies were losing the war and their leader, King Xavier, went to us for help. We decided to end this pity war and stop Dracos."

Twilight interupted, "Wait!"

The 4 Horses looked at her confused.

"If this horse named Dracos started the war, how can he have lived for 2,000 years?" Twilight asked.

Famine answered her, "You see, Glucrose was nothing like Equestria, it was such a rich and healthy planet, that anypony and anything could live for thousands of years."

Now the rest of the Mane 6 were interested and leaned in, ears perked up. Celestia herself was intrigued.

Death continued, "It was now the year 4,200 on Glucrose, this year was the most important then it ever was. We had fought for the Harmonies for many years, we helped but it was still not doing much. This year, changed everything forever."

Death and the 4 Horses closed their eyes and remembered everything. They opened their mouths and began their long history lesson.

The 4 Horses said together, "This is the War for Glucrose."

Chapter 1: The Decrogon

Glucrose.......our home. For generations it has been a peaceful world, until pride and lust for power divided us. Now we fight, enemies who were once our brothers and sisters.

The Decrogon was the capitol city of Harmony, it has been invaded by the Disharmony forces and they holding the city. With the Harmony forces failing to take back their fallen capitol, they call in the most powerful beings they know. The 4 Horses of the Apocalypse.

-Entrance to The Decrogon-

Harmonies are being held back by the Disharmonies defending and holding the city. The rubbled battle ground has dead ponies all over it. Harmony battle tanks and Harmony pegasi are in the front lines trying to weaken the Disharmony defenses. Missiles are flying throught the air; colliding with Harmony soldiers who lie on the ground dead.

"We need to retreat!!!" Shouted a frightened Harmony private.

"We're not going anywhere! If we retreat it's a losing war!" Shouted the unicorn captain.

A bomb exploded by a tank destroying it. The captain turned around and yelled to the privates, "Everypony make way for Scatterblast!"

Just in time, a dark yellow stallion came galloping by them and activated his assualt rifle. He fired short bursts and took out a few Disharmony pegasi from the air.

"Everypony move up! We're taking back The Decrogon!" Scatterblast shouted.

Scatterblast led the assualt through the tattered battlfield and closer to the entrances.

-In The Decrogon-

The Disharmonies were killing any Harmonies found in the large city. But Dracos wasn't leading this assualt on the city, it was Frontline; the unicorn commander for the Disharmonies. He was guarding the main gates with many other soldiers. He was defending the city while his forces were taking out the Harmonies outside of the city.

Frontline was a coward, and he made many others do things for him. Frontline looked in the skies and saw a pegasi heading for him. The golden pegasi with a yellow and black mane landed in front of him and smiled.

"Skyblazer reporting Frontline, the Harmony forces are crumbling before our might!" Skyblazer said proudly.

"Good Skyblazer, now keep to the skies and kill any Harmony that tries to reach the city!" Frontline retorted.

Skyblazer flapped his wings and his rocket boots roared to life. He took to the skies and wasn't seen.

Frontline saw on to the batlefield in front of him and knew this was a winning fight.

-The front gates-

Scatterblast and his soldiers were pinned down. They coudln't reach the entrances do to the defenses. Scatterblast remembered something. He pulled out his message sender and said, "Death, we need you to take out the gates!"

"Affirmitve." Said a cold voice back.

Scatterblast waited and then saw a Disharmony war ship explode. Out of the ship and landing in front of them was Famine.

"Death is on his way! He is bringing my brothers too!" Famine assured them.

Just on cue, Scatterblast and the soldiers turned to see far away from them, Death standing on some rubble.

Death pulled out his scyth and charged forward. He sliced Disharmony soldiers left and right, anything in his path was killed. Scatterblast and the Harmonies cheered as Death was getting closer to them. Their cheering died down when a giant Disharmony robot landed in the front gates. It had the body of a dragon but the head of a horse, and it was made of very strong metal.

It fired multiple shots on the Harmoines and stomped around on the battlefield. Death stopped and put the butt of his scyth on the ground as something large stepped behind him. Behind Death was a flaming monster and it's mouth started glowing brighter. It soon breathed fire all over the Disharmony soldiers, the smell of burning flesh was in the air as the Disharmonies fell to the ground.

Death continued to charge with the fire monster behind him. He passed Scatterblast and jumped at the Disharmony robot. Death brought his scyth down on the head of the robot causing a large explosion. After the dust cleared, Death landed by Scatterblast and put his scyth away. Behind Death came Pestilence, Famine, and War who turned back to his horse form after being the fire golem.

"Oh thank The Great One! We need you 4 to enter the gates and take out the defenses so we can enter!" Scatterblast told them.

"Agreed, Horses, follow me!" Death shouted.

The 4 Horses together busted down the gates and the Harmonies floded in. Bullets were flying everywhere as the Disharmonies were trying to defend. The 4 Horses took cover with Scatterblast.

Death activated his arm shotgun and said, "We need back up Scatterblast!" Death fired a few shots over him.

Scatterblast pulled out his message sender and said, "Warfront, where are you?"

"I'm high in the sky, where are you?" Warfront's message was heard.

"We need back up! Frontline is holding us back, send in your troops and get over here!" Scatterblast said.

"I'm already here, look up!" Warfront said.

Scatterblast and the 4 Horses looked up to see Warfront in a carrier ship with many other soldiers. He jumped to the ground with the Harmonies and pulled out two swords.

"For Harmony!" Warfront shouted and charged. Bullets hit him with little damage as he continued to charge and take out Disharmony soldiers.

Soon he was close enough and took on Frontline head on. Frontline pulled out his sword as well and began to fight Warfront.

The 4 Horses charged up and fired their weapons taking out the Disharmonies. Frontline saw that this was a losing fight and began to run away. But he was stopped by Warfront grabbing his tail.

"Where do you think you're going?" Warfront said.

Warfront began dragging Frontline closer to him.

"NOOO!!! Somepony get me away from this barbarian!" Frontline screamed, but his soldiers had already retreated deeper into the city.

Warfront grabbed Frontline's chest and rear leg, he held Frontline above his head and began to pull with all his strength. Frontline screamed in agony as his spinal cord was being ripped in two.

Soon enough, Warfront ripped Frontline in half with his bare hooves. He dropped the dead pieces of the pony on the ground with blood all over them.

Death and the 4 Horses walked calmly to Warfront.

"Wow, good job Warfront, clearing a path for us I mean." Pestilence said.

Warfront lifted the collapsed colem and held it above his head.

"Go 4 Horses! Head into the city and destroy the Disharmonies!" Warfront shouted.

The 4 Horses galloped under the colem and entered the destroyed city. Nopony else followed them, the 4 brothers were on their own.


"We have to take back The Decrogon. Horses follow me." Death said and his brothers followed behind him.

After hours of fighting and searching the city the 4 Horses were getting closer to the capitol building.

"I can see the building from here." Famine stated.

"Good, War, change into fire golem and take out any Disharmony war ship, we need a clear entrance." Death told War.

War flew off with a trail of fire behind him. That just left Death, Pestilence, and Famine. They reached a giant steel door leading to the capitol building.

"Now brothers listen, taking back The Decrogon will not be easy. We have to reach the building and kill any Disharmony in our path. Horses let's do this!" Death told them and knocked open the stell door.

Famine and Pestilence were stunned and their mouths hung open at the large battle surrounding the capitol building. Pegasi and ships flew through the skies having huge ariel fights. The ground battle wasn't going well, the Harmony forces were being demolished. Not for long.

Death, Pestilence, and Famine landed in and assisted the battle. The 4 Horses were getting closer to the capitol building when suddenly a tremor was felt. The 4 Horses and the Harmonies looked in horror as a giant purple bear landed in the battlefield and started killing Harmonies, it was defending the Disharmonies!

"I-is that an Ursa Major?!" Said a horrified stallion private.

"How the hay did the Disharmonies control an Ursa Major?!" Shouted another.

"It doesn't matter look!" Shouted Famine.

All of a sudden a giant fire golem flew in and punched the Ursa in the face. The Ursa landed on the ground with a loud thud.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" Shouted a Harmony soldier.

"War did good." Death said.

The Ursa got back up and punched War making the fire dissapear and his Horse form landing on the ground. The 4 Horses flew in and attacked the Ursa Major. The Ursa took a defending stance and tried to hit the Horses who were shooting their guns from the ground. The Ursa brought it's hand down and tried to crush them, but Pestilence used his power to hold the hand down. Death used his sycth and sliced off the hand of the Ursa.

The Ursa yeld in pain and tried to defend itself, but to no use. Famine flew up and stapped the Ursa directly in the brain. The Ursa was failing and was about to fall when it grabbed Famine and squeezed him.

Famine changed form and the Ursa was suddenly holding a giant King Cobra. Famine bit down on the neck of the Ursa. The Ursa Major screamed in pain and fell to the ground dead. Famine changed back and went next to his brothers.

"Good job Famine, now we must hed into the capitol building." Death said.

The 4 Horses entered the building as the Harmonies cotinued to fight the failing Disharmony soldiers.

As the 4 Horses continued to go up the winding stairs while taking out Disharmonies that were in the building. Soon they reached the main control room. This is where they needed to be.

"Now we can send for reinforcements, Famine, use that control panel and contact the King!" Death said.

"Can't let you do that now can I?!"

All of a sudden the roof busted open and Skyblazer flew in and landed on top of a giant bar.

"I cannot allow you to cantact the King!" Skyblazer said with a deviesh smile.

"Skyblazer your crimes against Harmony will never go un-punished, this ends here." Death said coldly.

The 4 Horses fired upon Skyblazer who dodged the shots easily.

"You cannot hit me, I'm the best flyer in ALL of Glucrose!" Skyblazer taunted.

Skyblazer flew around the room and fired shots from his grenade launcher on the 4 Horses. They were knocked back from the explosions. Skyblazer was laughing.

"This is TOO easy!" Skyblazer tuanted still firing.

Death had enough and brought his bat-like wings out and flew after Skyblazer. He tackled him and they both laned on the ground, Death pointed his shotgun at Skyblazer's face.

Pestilence chuckled, "Best flyer in Glucrose hm?"

Skyblazer gulped and smiled nervously, "You may kill me, but what about poor Necromancer?"

Death got wide eyed and yelled, "Where is Necromancer?!"

"Why should I tell you?" Skyblazer asked.

Death cocked his gun and pointed at Skyblazer's face. Skyblazer held up his hooves.

"Allright, allright! Necromancer is in the Harmony prison. I doubt you can save him before tomorrow." Skyblazer smiled coldly.

Skyblazer bucked Death in the face and flew out of the room before the 4 Horses could react.


"I will go after him, anyone of you who want to come is welcome." Death said.

"Are you insane, the Harmony prison is escapable!" Pestilence said.

"Necro is the commander of the Harmony unicorns! If he dies we lose a portion of our army!" Death yelled back.

"It's a trap!" Pestilence said.

"That's a risk we will have to take." Death said.

Pestilence sighed and started to walk away. he turned back and said, "I will go and continue to fight, I will defend the King and what he holds dear. Good luck my brother."

"Good luck brother." Death said.

Pestilence dissapeared.

Famine walked up to Death and asked, "Where do we hed now?"

Death sighed and looked up.

"We're heading to the capitol city of Disharmony, Chaonic, to the great Harmony Prison."

Chapter 2: Dark Harmony

With The Decrogon under siege, and the Harmonies trying to take it back, it was a perfect moment for Dracos to begin his plan for total planetary domination. There are Harmonies and Disharmonies, but nopony ever thought that there was a third group, the Rebellion. It was lead by a pony and his brother named Pegasus and Megasus. They held a space command post that was as big as the moon that orbited Glucrose as well.

Dracos's plan was to infiltrate the command post and steal a power they were holding there, the power was known as Dark Harmony.

-Space Warfare-

A huge space battle was going on in front of the Rebellion Command Post, between the Disharmonies and the Rebellion. Dracos's star cruiser was flying straight for the Command Post while it was getting shot up.

Inside the ship, Dracos, Megosoro, and Zamo were flying the ship.

"Fly closer, we must enter the Command Post!" Dracos yelled.

"Lord Dracos, system defenses are failing!" Megosoro yelled holding the steering wheel.

"Defenses at 15%!" Zamo yelled.

"Charge all firepower and defense mechanisms to the back thrusthers, FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!" Dracos screamed.

A Disharmony pegasi looked at Dracos as if he was crazy, "But that's suicide!!!" He screamed.

Dracos aimed his cannon at the pegasi and shot, killing him.

"Anypony else want to tell me what suicide is?" Dracos asked.

"No I'm good." Zamo said.

The ship began to pick up speed as they collided to the side of the Command Post.

Dracos, Megosoro, Zamo, and many other soldiers landed in the Command Post and began to regain themselves.

Megosoro asked, "Is everypony alright?"

"We're fine, now get moving!" Dracos yelled at his soldiers.

They began moving through the huge Command Post until Dracos, Megosoro, and Zamo reached a hologram. The hologram revield itself to be a black pegasi with a firery blue mane, wings, and tail.

"I am Megasus." The pegasi said, "My brother and I have guarded this Post for a thousand years."

Dracos pushed Zamo aside and said, "I am Dracos, leader of the Disharmonies, and this Command Post is in Disharmony territory, it is my property!"

"We don't belong to anypony Dracos, we are the Rebellion! Harmony and Disharmony are both weak! We seek to change that and live by our own rules." Megasus said smiling.

"Then you know what I want Megasus, I know the Dark Harmony is here and I need it!" Dracos yelled.

"Dark Harmony? HA you're a bigger fool than you look Dracos, nopony controls Dark Harmony, it kills on touch. You wasted your time coming here." Megasus said.

"We shall see." Dracos said coldly.

"You will never survive Dracos, now die!" Megasus's hologram dissapeared and turrets appeared on the walls.

They began to fire on Dracos and his team. They destroyed the turrets with ease.

"I don't like that Megasus." Zamo said.

"Don't worry Zamo, he is nothing a speck of dust compared to me! We will get that Dark Harmony, and my plan will succeed!" Dracos said.

"After we get the Dark Harmony, can I rip off Megasus's head and buck it into space pleeeease?" Megosoro asked.

Dracos chuckled and said, "Easy now Megosoro, I love that enthusiasm though."

They walked through a series of halls and finally reached a large elevator. The three got in and they started to go up.

Through the glass window, Dracos saw the space war going on.

"Our soldiers are dying by the second Dracos." Zamo said.

"Impossible, they should be victorious or dead!" Dracos retorted.

Soon a black pegasi appeared in front of the window, he had a flaming mane, wings, and tail, like Megasus except they were red.

He was wearing a faceplate to allow him to breath in space. He was wearing a jetpack on his flank, obviously to fly through space.

He began to speak, "I am Pegasus, and I'm not here to fight."

"That makes one of us." Dracos answered.

Pegasus continued, "I know of your plan Dracos, and you should stop right now! What you plan to do will kill our entire race!"

"If it is to win the war, I do not care what happens." Dracos said back.

"I know the horrors of Dark Harmony, it is a power you don't want to mess with." Pegasus said back.

"You know Pegasus, when I get the Dark Harmony, your Command Post will be the first to be destroyed." Dracos said coldly.

"Your a fool! You'll kill us all!" Pegasus said and flew back to the battle.

"That fool doesn't know that Dark Harmony can be obtained by a super powerful being, and it shall be me." Dracos said.

Dracos got a message on his message sender, Clastro the Disharmony scientist was trying to contact him.

"Clastro, report." Dracos answered.

Clastro's voice was like a computer and it was completely emotionless, "Lord Dracos, I have found an entrance to the Dark Harmony labs, follow these cordinates."

Dracos recieved the cordinates as they reached the top of the elevator as it stopped.

"Alright, Zamo, Megosoro follow me." Dracos said and galloped away fast. Zamo and Megosoro followed.

When they arrived in the labs, they saw a large tube in the center of the room. They then saw Megasus fly in front of them.

"Impossible, nopony has ever made it this far! No matter, I will destroy the Drak Harmony before you even reach it Dracos!" Megasus yelled as a force field formed around him.

Megsus began pressing buttons to destroy the Dark Harmony.

"NOOOOO, Zamo, Megosoro, move your flanks and open the front hatches of the Dark harmony tube!!!" Dracos yelled.

Soon the Rebellion entered the room and began firing on Dracos and his soldiers. Zamo and Megosoro reached the hatches and were prying them open. Dracos fired multiple cannon shots on the Rebellion, killing many.

The two opened the hatches and the Dark Harmony was a lighting substance that began to electrify the room.

Dracos galloped into the tube and was electrified by the substance. Megasus landed by the tube and screamed, "NO, he can't live through direct contact!!!"

Soon Dracos came out of the tube and landed on the ground. He was different, he was more muscular and he had purple markings all over his body.

"I have survived the Dark Harmony, it is in my soul, I can now control it as I please, I AM DRACOS!!!!" Dracos yelled.

Megasus flew off in terror. Zamo and Megosoro were stunned to see their leader.

"Now my brothers, here is your reward." Dracos said and his hooves lit up with electricty. He electrified Zamo and Megosoro. They both screamed in pain but they both stopped and looked at themselves.

"I feel....stronger!" Zamo said.

"That's the power of Dark Harmony, now let's find Megasus and destroy this worthless Rebellion." Dracos said and electrified a giant door. It was destroyed instantly.

The three went through the entire base, spreading Dark Harmony and killing any Rebellion in their way. They soon reached a door.

Clastro sent Dracos another message, "Dracos, scanners indicate, that Megasus and many others are behind that door."

Dracos destroyed the door and walked in to see Pegasus and Megasus. With them was Thunderwing, Secronaut, Metrolane, and Blitzwing.

"Hello again Megasus." Dracos smiled in hatred.

"Leave now Dracos, you have what you came for, leave us." Pegasus said.

"I disagree brother." Megasus smiled at Dracos.

"Teach me the ways of Dark Harmony Dracos," Megasus shoved Pegasus aside, "You may have controlled a small portion of it, but you haven't seen where all of the Dark Harmony is. I know where to get more!" Megasus said proudly.

"Brother, what are you doing?!" Pegasus yelled.

"Something I should've done a LONG time ago." Megasus answered.

Dracos rubbed his chin and answered, "Very well, show us where the other Dark Harmony is Megasus."

"Excellent." Megasus smiled.

Pegasus had enough, "Traitor, King Xavier will hear about this!"

With that Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing flew out of the room and into space with faceplates on.

"Shall I send Thunderwing and Secronaut to go after them, lord Dracos?" Megasus bowed.

"No, I want the Harmony leader to know about us, he must know that he is not the strongest being on this planet. But I have a mission for you and your team, infiltrate Glucrose and get me the other Dark Harmony. Do this for your new master." Dracos told Magasus.

Megasus, Thunderwing, and Secronaut put on faceplates and flew into space.

Dracos, Zamo, and Megosoro looked through the glass and at the powerful planet Glucrose.

"My plan is coming nicely, lets destroy this Command Post and get back to Glucrose." Dracos said as they all went to an escape ship.

They got in the ship and flew out of the massive Command Post now in flames.

Dracos looked back and saw the Command Post explode, sending thousands of debris towards the planet.

Chapter 3: Prison Break

With the Rebellion destroyed, Dracos now has what he needs for world domination. Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing have joined the Harmonies and became the pegasi commanders. But with the Unicorn commander Necromancer being held in the great Harmony Prison, Death, Famine, War, and Scatterblast infiltrate the prison to get him out before it's too late.

-Entrance to the Harmony Prison-

A large dropship had entered the Prison grounds, out of the ship came captured Harmonies. The stallion commander Scatterblast had been captured and so was a few of his soldiers.

They were being lead to the Prison by some Disharmony guards.

"So Scatterblast, what's the brilliant plan now?" Said a captured Harmony soldier.

"Easy private, all will come together soon." Scatterblast said.

"QUIET!" A Disharmony brute yelled.

As the main doors opened, it revield many Disharmony soldiers around the base with Harmony soldiers being tortured.

"I TOLD YOU I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" Said a Harmony zebra.

A Disharmony brute electricuted the zebra, killing him. Scatterblast glared at what was happening to his fellow soldiers, these Disharmonies would pay.

"Smashdown! We have the Harmony commander Scatterblast, what should we do with him?" Asked the Disharmony guard.

A chair turned around, facing Scatterblast was a grey stallion with a black mane. He was holding a large hammer as he got up. His voice was very tough and demanding.

"Take him to the shooting range!" Smashdown ordered pointing in a direction.

The guards took Scatterblast to the shooting range. Scatterblast saw in horror as some fellow Harmonies got shot to death on front of him.

"Your next Scatterblast!" A guard said as he pushed Scatterblast in front of the Disharmonies holding the guns.

"Ready........" The guard began. The brutes began charging their guns.

"Aim......" The guard said.

" better hurry." Scatterblast whispered.

Just then, three blurs entered the room and killed all the Disharmonies. The blurs changed form and it was Death, Famine, and War.

"I was wondering when you 3 would show up, that was too close." Scatterblast told them.

"Not to worry Scatterblast, we would never leave you behind. Now let's get moving, they must have heard the fight, we have to go and find Necromancer." Death said.

The 4 entered a series of cells with Harmony soldiers.

One injured cell mate spoke up, "Sc-Scatterblast, is that you?"

"Yes it is I. We are here to rescue Necromancer." Scatterblast said.

"What about us? Release us please!" Said another cell mate.

"Freedom will come my brothers, just be patient." Scatterblast told them.

"No don't leave us!" Said a cell mate.

Scatterblast, Death, Famine, and War exited the room and entered an even larger one. This room had a large screen in the middle of the room. Scatterblast sighed.

"Death, can we release all the Harmonies in this prison?" Scatterblast asked.

"We only came for Necromancer, I'm not sure about everypony else." Death said.

"Well, we can't just leave them here to be tortured." Famine stated.


"Later, if we can." Death said.

Just then, the TV screen turned on and Dracos's head appeared.

"Hello Death." Dracos said.

Death took a battle stance and said, "Dracos."

"I see you have entered the Harmony prison to rescue your precious unicorn commander, but you will never make it out of here alive." Dracos told them.

"You can't stop us Dracos, we are the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse." Death said.

"3 Horses, your brother Pestilence is caught up somewhere." Dracos retorted.

"There is nothing you can do to stop us." Famine said.

"Oh I disagree, Disharmonies attack!" Dracos yelled.

Just then, many Disharmony griffans entered the room, flying around and shooting at the the group.

They killed the griffans with ease. Dracos was mad.

"Your armies are weak Dracos!" Death yelled.

"It won't matter, my plan for world domination will come soon. I will infect the planet's core with Dark Harmony! I would be able to control the entire planet when I do this!" Dracos yelled.

"At what cost Dracos? Your war is destroying the planet you once called your home." Death told him.

"Our war Death, a war that I am winning. You know that there is only one way to end this war, and you have the power to do it. Take your worthless Harmonies and leave Glucrose forever! Or stay and face your demise." Dracos warned him.

Death answered back, "This is our home Dracos, we will stay, we will fight, and we will win."

Dracos really got mad, "ENOUGH! I've had it with you and your team, face my wrath!"

A blinding light was all Scatterblast, Death, Famine, and War remembered.

-Jail Cell-

The 4 awakened to find themsleves in a jail cell.

"Ugh, what happened?" Famine asked.

"Dracos teleported us to a jail cell." Death answered.


"Oh I wouldn't worry about that." A voice behind them answered.

The 4 turned around to see the horse Nastroport outside of the cell. He was a dark blue unicorn with a messed up white mane.

"Your cells were specially made so that even you can't break them. Die in peace!" Nastroport said as he trotted away.

"How do we get out of here?" Scatterblast asked.

"I have an idea." Death said and pulled out his sycth. He walked to a wall and struck it with his sycth. The wall exploded and a huge opening was now there.

"Woah, didn't know you could do that!" Scatterblast said.

"There is much you don't know about me Scatterblast. Let's get out of here and save Necromancer." Death said back.

The 4 got out and reached the outside where many Disharmony guards saw them.


The 4 of them pulled out their guns and killed all the guards. They galloped through the prison, until they came across the prison control room.

"This room controls all the cells." Scatterblast said.

"We're not leaving this prison until all the Harmonies are free. Who would like to do the honors?" Death asked.

War pressed buttons on the control panel. All throughout the prison, the cells opened.

"THAT DID IT." War said.

"We're free!" Said many Harmony cell mates as they galloped through the prison fighting the guards.

"Now let's find Necromancer!" Death said.

The Harmony Prison was in chaos, the Disharmony guards were failing to fight the Harmony escapes. Soon through the chaos, Death, Famine, War, and Scatterblast came across the room that Necromancer was being held in. They opened the door and saw Necromancer himself with hooves tied to a machine that was electricuting him.

Necromancer was a jet black unicorn with pink, yellow, and blue stripes going through his white mane and tail. He looked up to see Death and the others.

" came for me." Necromancer said.

"Don't worry Necromancer, we'll get you out of here!" Scatterblast said.

"I cannot let you do that."

All of a sudden, Nastroport appeared in front of Necro and pulled out two blasters.

"You have come to far, you have made my prison fall apart, I will kill you all!" Nastroport yelled.

Nastroport fired multiple shots and actually struck Death and Famine. War and Scatterblast took defensive postures and fired back. Death and Famine's wounds healed up fast and they fired back.

Famine's acid gun melted Nastrport's armor. War got up and punched Nastroport, he fell to the ground.

"Awwww my's burning?" Nastroport asked.

War pulled out his sword and was about to strike Nastroport when War got shot in the side.

Smashdown appeared and fired at War. Nastroport got up and aimed his gun at Necro. He fired twice.

The first shot hit Necro in the stomach, Death blocked the second shot. Nastroport and Smashdown retreated out of the room. Scatterblast, Death, Famine and War got Necro down and circled around him.

"Uhhhh Death, I'm not gonna make it." Necromancer stuttered.

"You're gonna make it Necromancer, we need you to lead the Harmony unicorns." Death told him.

" it's over for me. You must lead the unicorns now. We can win this war......I know it......uhhhhh." Necromancer said before he died.

Scatterblast tried his best to hold back tears. Death put his hoof on Necro's chest and sucked out his soul, he was DEATH after all. Death put Necro down and got up.

"WHAT NOW DEATH?" War asked.

Death glared at the door and said, "We're breaking out of here."

They busted through the prison walls and got to the large and heavily guarded court yard. Outside many Harmonies were trying to escape but they were getting shot by the guards.

A Disharmony captain saw them and yelled, "It's Death, concentrate all fire!"

Many cannons and Disharmony robots aimed at Death and 3 others. Death was not impressed.

He slammed his hooves to the ground and began to grow and change. Soon enough, the Disharmony soldiers backed up in fear as Death was in his super form. He looked like a giant minotaur that was pure black and it's tail was a spiked club.

Death attacked the robots and the guards to clear a path for the Harmonies. Death was unstoppable in his super form as more Disharmonies were being killed by the second. Soon many Harmonies reached the escape ships and flew out of the capitol city of Disharmony, Chaonic.

Death changed back to his horse form and joined War, Famine, and Scatterblast as they were getting in a escapes ship. The 4 of them started the engines and they flew off.

Their mission was failed, Necromancer was killed. But they did destroy the great Harmony prison, and now there are many more Harmony soldiers that were saved because of that.

Chapter 4: Mines of Dark Harmony

Necromancer is dead, now the 4 Horses must move to their next objective. Meanwhile, with Dracos on the assualt of The Decrogon, he intrusts the recieving of the Dark Harmony to Megasus, Thunderwing, and Secronaut. Their mission is to aquire the rest of the Dark Harmony from the mines of Glucrose, and transport it to Dracos's space ship.

-The Mines-

Megasus, Thunderwing, and Secronaut are soaring through the destroyed cities of Glucrose and heading deeper into the canyons. They eventually reach a large opening in the ground and head into it, this is where Megasus keeps the Dark Harmony mines. They land on a platform inside the canyon.

Megasus pulls out his message sender and says, "Dracos, we have entered the Dark Harmony mines, we will get to the edge and your will recieve the Dark Harmony."

"Very well Megasus, do not fail me." Dracos said back.

The three pegasi flew downwards into the canyon and reached an entrance on a platform. They landed by the entrance and Megasus opened it. It revieled a large construction area that had long since shut down.

"This isn't good Megasus, I thought you said we would be getting the Dark Harmony from this place, but it doesn't look like it has been used in years." Thunderwing said.

"Well we just have to reactivate it is all, now get moving!" Megasus ordered.

The three flew through the narrow canyon walls and soon reached a activation switch.

"There that wasn't so hard was it?" Megasus chuckled.

"Whatever you say boss." Secronaut muffled through his mask.

Thunderwing and Secronaut both pulled the switch down and all the construction drones began to work again.

"Excellent. Drone, bring me a sample of Dark Harmony!" Megasus said.

The drone came by with empty hands. It said, "MEGASUS, DARK HARMONY HAS BEEN LOOTED BY HARMONIES MANY MONTHS AGO."

"What?! Where did they go to?" Megasus asked.


"Well we lost. Let's get out of this creepy mine." Thunderwing said.

"No, we will recieve the Dark Harmony and we will transport it to the ship! Lord Dracos commands us!" Megasus yelled at Thunderwing.

The three flew even deeper into the mines until they came upon an underground base. The hid behind some rocks and observed.

The base was very large, ships and Harmony pegasi were flying around, working and carrying large supplies. The defense systems looked very strong, many soldiers were sprawled across the base.

"How did we not know about this?" Secronaut asked.

"We haven't been here for years, we would have never known. They obviously keep the Dark Harmony inside that base." Megasus said.

"Well lets go get them!" Thunderwing yelled.

"You read my mind, but we have to sneak in, there's too many soldiers, follow me." Megasus ordered and flew off.

The three of them flew closer to the base, not being seen. They came upon a small opening, they entered inside. They were now in the base.

"Okay, let's go." Megasus said and trotted towards the hallways. Thunderwing and Secronaut did the same.

They came across 4 soldiers that were chatting by a large TV screen.

"Okay, on three we take them out." Megasus whispered.

"One.........Two......Th-" Megasus tried to finish but the TV turned on.

The screen was King Xavier and he said, "To the Harmony mining base, there has been word that Disharmony pegasi have entered your base. They are there for the Dark Harmony, they are NOT allowed to get it. If anypony sees a Disharmony, shoot him on sight!" The screen went black.

"Okay you heard him, weapons ready!" Said the soldier.

"Do they really think they could stop us?" Megasus whispered.

"I say we attack." Secronaut said a little too loud for the soldiers to hear.

They turned to see them, "Disharmonies, shoot them!"

The bullets flew by Megasus who shot three of the soldiers. The last one retreated and activated the loud speaker. He said, "Disharmonies in the base! Everypony to your battlesta-GAH!!!"

Thunderwing stabbed the soldier in the chest. The dead Harmony fell to the ground.

"This is great, now the whole base knows were here!" Thunderwing yelled.

"It doesn't matter! Not even this puny base can stop I, Megasus! Let's find the Dark Harmony and get out!" Megasus ordered.

The three flew through the base and killed any Harmony in their way. They reached an exit which led to a deep canyon.

"My scanners show that this is the way to the Dark Harmony!" Secronaut said.

"We better be careful, I see many turrets and there is a war ship flying in the canyon. I say we go inside the war ship, and apply multiple wounds from the inside so it can use its own attacks on the turrets." Thunderwing explained.

Secronaut yawned and said, "Ugh, you're such a bore Thunderwing."

"Enough out of you two, lets take out the ship!" Megasus said.

The three flew inside the ship and killed the Harmonies inside the ship. Soon they had complete control and Secronaut sent the missles to lock onto the turrets. The missles reacted and destroyed the turrets.

"Excellent, lets get out of here, the ship is coming apart!" Megasus said as he stumbled from the ship rocking.

The three flew out of the ship but Thunderwing hit his head on a bar and he dropped to the dark canyon below. Secronaut flew down and caught him. Secronaut carried Thunderwing on his back as they landed on another platform with Megasus.

Thunderwing got up and rubbed his head, "Ughhh what happened?"

"You hit your head on the bar. I mean COME ON!!! You're acting dumber than Secronaut!" Megasus said.

"Yeah!!! Wait, dumber than Secronaut? I'll show you dumb Megasus!" Secronaut yelled.

Megasus chuckled and said, "You always do."

Secronaut shook his head and continued to follow Megasus and Thunderwing deeper into the canyon.

The three came upon a large device in the center of the dark canyon. Above the machine was an opening to the grounds of Glucrose.

"Oh finally some fresh air!" Thunderwing stated as he saw the sun shining into the canyon.

"This is the device that the Harmonies used to hold the Dark Harmony. We must activate the space portal above the device." Megasus said as he flew at the top of the machine.

He placed the space conductor above the machine and flew off. He pressed a button on his wrist and the conductor formed a portal above the machine.

But Megasus heard something from his message sender, he looked to see Dracos calling him.

"What is it Dracos?" Megasus asked.

"We are getting torn up in The Decrogon, where is that Dark Harmony?! I need it for my soldiers!!!" Dracos yelled.

"Oh quit whining! We are sending the Dark Harmony as we speak." Megasus said back.

"I'm beginning to think you don't try hard Megasus, you better send it in the next 5 minutes or I will have your head!!!!" Dracos yelled.

Megasus closed his message sender and said, "Idiot, how dare he question me!"

"Megasus, we should begin sending the Dark Harmony, Dracos was sounding serious." Secronaut warned.

"Whatever, Thunderwing, begin the transfer." Megasus ordered.

Thunderwing did what he was told and soon the Dark Harmony exploded out of the machine and into the portal.

"Perfect, let's get out of this damned place!" Megasus said as he flew off with his two partners behind him.

Out in the open of the destroyed citites of Glucrose, Megasus was flying with his partners. Megasus pulled out his message sender and said, "Dracos, the Dark Harmony has been sent to your space ship. You can use it as you please."

"Excellent work Megasus, now get here to The Decrogon and recieve further orders!" Dracos said.

"Yes.....Lord Dracos." Megasus said.

Megasus closed his message sender and flew with Thunderwing and Secronaut to The Decrogon.

Chapter 5: Assualt of Pestilence

The Harmony mining base is destroyed. With all of Glucrose's Dark Harmony in the hooves of Dracos, he will use it to bring the destruction of The Decrogon. With an assualt already taking place in The Decrogon, Dracos along with Zamo and Clastro, will infiltrate the King's palace and steal the key to the core of Glucrose. If Dracos gets the key, there is no telling what chaos he will bring.

-Invasion of The Decrogon-

Disharmony war ships are soaring through the skies. The entrance to the King's palace is heavily gaurded, there is a large firefight between the Harmonies and the Disharmonies going on there.

A dropship lands by the Disharmonies and Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro step out and stand by a zebra captain.

Dracos began, "Captain, report!"

The zebra turned around and said, "We can't breach the entrance, why do you even want to go to the King's palace? There is nothing there!"

"Oh that is where you are wrong captain, Clastro, inform him!" Dracos ordered.

Clastro turned to face the zebra captain and he said in his emotionless voice, "The key to the core of Glucrose is located deep inside the palace, we must retrieve it at all costs."

The zebra was taken back by this and was shoved aside by Dracos.

"Leave the entrance to me." Dracos said.

With that Dracos saw 3 flying objects headed towards him. They flew right above him and looked down.

"Megasus, Thunderwing, and Secronaut reporting! What are your orders?" Megasus asked.

"You decided to show up after all. Very well, SKYBLAZER, REPORT HERE NOW!!!" Dracos shouted.

Just on cue Skyblazer flew right by Dracos and was right by Megasus.

"What are your orders my lord?" Skyblazer asked.

Dracos pointed at Megasus and his team, he said, "Take Megasus and his squad and destroy all Harmony sky defenses!"

"Don't worry Dracos, with my leadership, victory is a certain thing!" Megasus gloated.

Skyblazer turned to him, "YOUR leadership? Dracos ordered me to lead you!"

"Yeah but-" Megasus began.

"ENOUGH!!! I want all 4 of you into the skies now!!!" Dracos ordered.

The 4 flew off scared. Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro turned back towards the gates and charged.

Dracos killed the guards with ease while Zamo was planting a bomb with a demolition crew on the gates. The gates exploded and the Disharmonies floded in lead by Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro.

Dracos looked around the empty courtyard and asked Clastro, "Where is the key?"

"Dracos, scanners indicate we must head deeper into the palace to reach the key. I have already set a destination for us to follow." Clastro answered.

"Good, now you Disharmonies kill all guards in this palace and leave it in ruins!" Dracos ordered at the soldiers.

"We won't fail you my lord!" Said a soldier.

The large group of Disharmonies galloped or flew away, leaving Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro alone.

"Clastro, lead the way." Dracos aid.

Clastro led the group through many rooms and many entrances and exits. Soon Zamo got impatient and asked, "Where are even going Clastro?"

"We have arrived to our destination." Clastro said in front of a large door.

Dracos bucked it open and they were in a research room with holograms of planets everywhere. They went up the stairs where there was a small square box on a stand.

"Finally, this is where the key is." Dracos said looking at the box.

"Kind of a weird place to put the key to the core huh?" Zamo said.

"Nevermind that." Dracos said opening the box to find it empty.

"Wow, that is one empty box." Zamo said.

Soon a hologram appeared on the stand where they were standing. It was King Xavier.

He said, "Dracos, you think we're so dumb? I wouldn't leave the key to the core of Glucrose in an observation room. No the key is with me at my main complex, you cannot come to me, for if you do, you will be killed."

"Ahhh King Xavier, why don't you come and fight me like a stallion and stop hiding. I have torn your capitol apart, you think a silly complex can stop me?" Dracos retorted.

"Fool Dracos, if you infect the core with Dark Harmony you'll kill the entire planet! No matter how many Harmonies fall, you will never get this key!" Xavier yelled.

"We will see about that, I'm coming for you Xavier." Dracos said coldly.

The hologram disapeared and many Harmonies floded the room, shooting at Dracos and his group.

They fired back and eventually killed the Harmonies. The 3 of them galloped out of the room. Dracos turned to Clastro and said, "Where to now Clastro?"

"Setting cordinates for King's Complex.........succeded, we must turn right and enter the large battlefield, leading to the gates of the King's Complex." Clastro said.

They did that and saw the battlefield that Clastro mentioned. The Harmony soldiers ruled the ground and skies with their turrets and large groups of soldiers spread everywhere. Dracos looked down to see Megosoro with a small group of Disharmonies trying to take the ground.

"Dracos, Megosoro needs our help!" Zamo yelled.

Just then, Megosoro got surrounded and many Harmonies tackled him and continue to hit him.

"Pity, Megosoro was a strong comman-" Dracos began.

Suddenly Megosoro busted out and shot the Harmonies around him. That was the cue for Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro to enter the battle. Megosoro saw Dracos land in and shoot the Harmonies.

"My lord, we cannot breach the gates! They are too strong!" Megosoro yelled.

"Not as strong as I!" Dracos yelled and trotted up to the gates. His hooves started to get electric and he shocked the large gates with Dark Harmony. He was surprised to see the gates were still intact.

"WHAT IS THIS?! NOTHING CAN STOP DARK HARMONY!!!" Dracos yelled in anger.

Suddenly, another hologram of King Xavier appeared in front of the gates. He said, "You are dumber then you look Dracos. Do you really think a small portion of Dark Harmony can destroy my gates? No, now this is where you die!" The hologram disappeared.

Dracos was seething with anger. Many Harmonies now entered the battlefield. Megosoro yelled, "Dracos we have to retreat!"


"We can't bust through the gates!" Megosoro yelled back.

"Oh yes we can, call in the Dark Bombers to destroy the gates!" Dracos ordered Megosoro.

"But....but Dracos we cannot let our soldiers die when it lands!" Megosoro warned him.

"I AM YOUR LEADER, DO AS I COMMAND!!!!" Dracos yelled as he grabbed Megosoro's throat.

"Ye-yes Dr-Dracos." Megosoro stuttered.

Dracos let go of him as he ordered the soldiers to get to cover. The Disharmonies retreated to cover as the Harmonies took advantage of this and moved in. Megosoro pulled out his message sender and said, "Megasus, send in a Dark Bomber on the gates of the King's Complex!"

"I here you Megosoro, request denied. I only take orders from me!" Megasus gloated.

Dracos grabbed the message sender and yelled, "You take orders from me Megasus! Now send in the Bomber or else!!!"

"Oh....DRACOS, well then, I'll send in a bomber right away." Megasus sounded scared.

Soon the Harmonies have advanced and surrounded Dracos's army.

"That's the whole Harmony army!" Zamo screamed.

Dracos looked in the air to see a ship headed for the gates. The Harmonies screamed and tried to take cover, but it was no use. The bomber landed, killing everything in its path until it reached the gates and soon destroyed them. As the dust cleared, Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro entered the destroyed gates while Megosoro stayed outside with the Disharmony army.

A simple light was all that lit the room when Dracos said, "So where is this key? And where is the King?"

A cold laugh echoed through the walls. Dracos pulled out his arm cannon and took a defensive posture, so did Zamo and Clastro.

The laugh stopped and said, "Oh Dracos, always trying so hard, but will fail so miserably."

"Show yourself coward." Dracos warned.

"Oh do you not recognize me?" The voice said and soon a cloud of green and yellow entered the room.

The cloud changed into Pestilence who stood on top of a destroyed pedastle.

"Pestilence. I should've known." Dracos said.

"Ah good to see you Dracos, too bad it will be a short visit for I will terminate you." Pestilence smiled.

"You can't terminate me even with your full power. Now where is the King so I can rip the key out of his cold, dead hooves!" Dracos yelled.

"The King is not here, and do you mean this key?" Pestilence asked pulling out the key to the core.

"How did you get that?!" Dracos asked.

"The King entrusted me to protect it from the likes of you." Pestilence said putting the key away.

Dracos got mad and yelled, "GIVE IT TO ME OR ELSE!!!"

"Or what, you'll kill me? Don't make me laugh!" Pestilence said.

"You'll regret this, fighting me will be the biggest mistake you've ever made." Dracos said coldly.

"Oh no, the only mistake WE ever made was allowing you to live as a colt!" Pestilence smiled devieshly.

"I will rip the key from YOUR dead hooves!" Dracos yelled as he pulled out his sword.

"OH, now things got interesting. Well then, come and get the key." Pestilence said as the room began to transform.

Soon, the walls shifted and Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro were now in a large circular room with a large dome in the center. In the dome was Pestilence holding the key, laughing uncontrolably.

"What is so bucking funny?" Dracos asked.

Pestilence wiped a tear from his eye and said, "Oh hahaha I was just thinking how fun this is going to be! In this room, I have UNLIMITED power!!!"

Pestilence stood up on his forelegs and lighting erupted in the room. Pestilence continued to laugh.

Zamo gluped and said, "Well.....were bucked."

Pestilence looked at them and said, "Now, look what happens when you mess with Harmony!"

Large metal fists came from the ceiling and began to try to hit Dracos and his team. They dodged them with ease.

"Is that all you got Pestilence?!" Zamo yelled.

"Oh," Pestilence began, "I have only just begun, Harmony technology is much more advanced then you think."

Soon more fists tried to crush them, they easily dodged them. Pestilence claped his hooves together and doors opened to let Harmony brutes in. They carried large hammers and shields. Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro fought each of them and soon killed the last one. Zamo and Clastro were getting tired while Dracos was still standing.

"You are more resiliant than I thought, never the less, everypony goes down after a few shots." Pestilence said as the dome's cannon began to charge up. Clastro took quick notice.

"Dracos, those cannon chargers are vulnerable, we can shoot them, and the explosion can cause the dome to explode, therefore getting us the key." Clastro explained.

Zamo shook his head and said, "Ugh, you're such a nerd Clastro."

"Shut it Zamo, do what Clastro said!" Dracos said and began to fire his cannon on the chargers. Zamo and Clastro did the same.

The cannon chargers exploded just as Clastro said and Pestilence shouted, "WHAT THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, NOOOOO!!!!" The dome collapsed on top of Pestilence.

Dracos walked towards the rubble and saw Pestilence on his back. He pulled out his sword and stabbed Pestilence directly in the stomach. Pestilence screamed in pain as he was lifted up from the sword. Soon he was staring at Dracos face to face.

Pestilence coughed up blood and smiled, "Do your worst."

"I plan to." Dracos said as he jammed the sword deeper into his stomach. Pestilence screamed in pain and dropped the key. Dracos caught it with his hoof and dropped Pestilence.

"Yes I have done it! The key to the core of Glucrose is mine! The key to my victory is MINE!!!!" Dracos yelled in victory.

Dracos's victory was cut short by a small laughter. He looked down to see Pestilence chuckling with blood coming out of his stomach.

Soon the small chuckle turned to full out laughter and Dracos was getting suspicious.

Pestilence finally said through his laughing, "Oh, you under estimate us Dracos."

Dracos was even more surprised to see the wound healing up before his eyes. Pestilence was healed.

Pestilence continued, "You think you can come here and try to kill ME, Pestilence. No, you may have the key, but you will never make it to the core."

Suddenly Pestilence floated in mid air and faced Dracos, his smile growing wider.

Pestilence said in a very disturbing voice, "Now you will know the true power of The 4 Horses of the Apocalypse!"

The room began to shake and Dracos fell back where Zamo and Clastro caught him. Dracos looked in horror as Pestilence started to change. His arms grew longer and sproated long sharp claws. His arms were so big, they touched the edges of the room. Next were Pestilence's legs that grew and made him look 20 times taller then before. His new feet grew tallons and now was his chest and head. Pestilence's body was covered by a large chest piece, his head began to grow larger and more deadlier. Soon his head was that of a giant insect but was MUCH bigger. He had three large fangs from his mouth and on his back out grew 2 long tenticle like arms.

Pestilence was now in his super form. Dracos's mouth was agape at what he saw. A large undead like monster staring right at him.

It began to speak.


Pestilence's tenticles began to glow and they shot out bright beams of energy that collided to where Dracos and his team were standing.

They were shot out of the building and all three of them landed in the war-torn battlefield below.

Chapter 6: Run for the Core

Dracos has the key to the core. But will he be able to make it there alive while the great Pestilence is trailing close behind him? Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro land in the battlefield after their encounter, they must hurry to the core before it's too late.

Dracos landed with a hard thud and skidded across the torn war zone. Next followed Zamo who crashed into a destroyed tank, then Clastro who simply face planted on some dirt and rubble. Dracos groaned and got up while Zamo was clearly in pain.

"AWWWW my hoof! What the hay was that Dracos?!" Zamo asked angerily.

Dracos simply kept his mouth open and stared at the key. He grew a frown quickly.

"Let's get to the core now!" Dracos ordered and galloped away, Zamo and Clastro followed behind him.

"Clastro, search cordinates for the Royal Entrance!" Dracos ordered.

"Scanning........successfull, the Royal Entrance leads to the core. I have located it to be excalty 3.2 miles away from us. We must head for the bridge." Clastro explained.

"Excelent work Clastro, let's go to the bridge!" Dracos commanded.

In less then 2 minutes, they have reached the bridge where many Disharmony soldiers were on it. The bridge sprawled across a large canyon. The Disharmonies saw Dracos.

One Disharmony said, "Everypony salute, it's lord Dracos!" All the Disharmonies saluted.

"The honor is all yours." Dracos sneered.

When Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro were halfway through the bridge they heard many screams. They turned to see their soldiers running towards them. Dracos looked up to see what they were running from. This almost gave Dracos a heart attack.

A Disharmony war ship was being torn to shreads by the giant super form of Pestilence. The ship exploded sending dead soldiers to the canyon below. Pestilence landed on the bridge and stared at Dracos. The bridge began to give out under the intense weight of Pestilence.

"DRACOS HAS BEEN FOUND! KILL!!!" Pestilence screamed and his tenticles charged up. They fired many lasers at the soldiers and he tried to hit Dracos.

"Help us lord Dracos!!!" The soldiers screamed as they were being picked up and thrown off the bridge.

"Nothing can stop that thing, our bullets aren't doing anything to him!!!" Zamo screamed.

Clastro broke in and said, "Dracos, those bridge holders will give out at any second, if we focus all fire power on them, Pestilence will fall to the casam below."

"Great observation Clastro, carry it out." Dracos said coldly.

All the soldiers shot the bridge holders and soon enough, they broke and Pestilence fell to the canyon. Dracos grinned and said, "That was easier than I thoug-"

He couldn't finish because a large arm erupted from the darkness and and grabbed the bridge. The bridge shook violently and Pestilence brought himself back up.

"Uhhh Dracos, would now be a good time to run?" Zamo sounded scared.

"Retreat back to the gates! We need to get to the core!" Dracos ordered.

All the soldiers started galloping and flying as fast as they could to the gates on the other side of the bridge. Clastro looked back to see Pestilence's large mouth glowing brightly. He soon let out a bright beam of energy at the bridge and it was disintegrating.

"Dracos, Pestilence is destroying the bridge." Clastro didn't even sound scared.

"Then move your flank!" Dracos yelled and galloped faster towards the gates.

They opened the gates for Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro to enter. The soldiers were not so lucky as they were killed as the beam past them. Dracos shut the gates just in time becuase the beam destroyed the entire bridge.

Zamo chuckled and said, "That was a close one eh?"

"Yes but Pestilence is too stupid to kill us anyway, so it doesn't matter." Dracos said, "Wait where are we?"

They were in a room with no exits. Instead they saw a glass window and many trains passing by them.

"Zamo where are we?!" Dracos asked, "You're are the one who wanted to retreat here!"

"Don't blame me, bl...blame Clastro! Yeah, he was the one who l-led us here!" Zamo stuttered.

"That's right Clastro, what do you have to say for yourself?" Dracos was very angry.

Clastro was not affected by his anger and simply said, "Dracos, scanners indicate we are in the train station of Harmony. If we go down the tunnels we will eventually reach the Royal Entrance."

"Then let's go down the tunnels, oh and try not to get hit by the trains." Dracos said as he blew open the wall with his gun, thus making an entrance to the train station.

The three of them walked out and saw the deep tunnels going under ground. Zamo chuckled and nudged Clastro's shoulder.

Zamo asked, "Hey Clastro, wanna race?"

"Negative." Clastro simply said.

The three of them galloped down the long tunnels, dodging the trains as they passed. They soon reached another exit which led to an elevator. They climed in and went up.

As they were going up they saw the Disharmony forces invading The Decrogon. Dracos got a message and actviated his MS (message sender).

"Megasus report." Dracos said.

"Dracos, your armies are weaker then I thought! The Rebellion was stronger than this! We can't invade The Decrogon anymore, the Harmonies are too strong! We are going to retreat!" Megasus screamed.

"NO! Anypony seen leaving the battle will be shot on sight! Continue the assualt!" Dracos yelled.

"Your insane Dracos not even we can sceeeeeeeeeeeee." Megasus went static.

Dracos shook his MS and said, "Why isn't it working?!"

Dracos looked over to Zamo who was shaking with fear. Dracos followed his gaze and saw it.

Pestilence's super form was killing the Disharmonies and helping the Harmonies win. Suddenly the beast turned to the elevator and saw Dracos, pure hatred in his eyes.

Pestilence jumped on the building and grabbed the elevator. He looked inside and saw Dracos.

Pestilence said, "I FOUND YOU, NOW DIEEEEE!!!!" Pestilence's mouth was beginning to glow bright again.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME?!?! YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL DRACOS?!?! Give it your best shot." Dracos yelled.

"Uhhhh Dracos, I don't think you should be incouraging him." Zamo said quietly.

Pestilence shot the beam of pure energy at the elevator. The elevator couldn't hold and began to fall.

Zamo was holding for dear life and screamed, "WE'RE GONNA DIE!"

"No we're not, jump to the right on three. One.....two....THREE!!!" Dracos said as he crashed out of the elevator and landed on a platform with Zamo and Clastro. They saw the elevator crash to the ground.

Pestilence looked down on them and roared. He began to climb down the building.

"Oh great Pestilence is chasing us!" Zamo yelled.

"And your constant whining won't do anything to stop him, now move!" Dracos said back.

The three of them ran through many platforms and eventually reached a long road that had a sign above it. The road floated in mid air, below them was nothing but a long fall to the ground. Clastro read the sign and said, "If we follow this road, we will reach the Royal Entrance to the core in 1 hour and 27 minutes."

"I know how to read Clastro, now get moving, both of you!" Dracos ordered.

The three of them sped down the long road. Zamo looked behind him and saw Pestilence destroying the road and following close behind them.

"He's on our tail, we just can't shake this guy!" Zamo yelled.

"Up on this platform now!" Dracos said and jumped on a platform off the road.

Clastro looked ahead of the platform and saw the Royal Entrance.

"We have reached our destina-" Clastro tried to finish but he was hit by Pestilence.

Clastro crashed into the gates, thus opening them.

"GO NOW!!!" Dracos yelled and galloped into the entrance, Zamo followed behind.

Pestilence wasn't finished with them and charged into the entrance. He was too big but he busted his way through and he fell to the deep ground below. Pestilence landed on the hard ground and eyed his surroundings.

He was in a large room, big enough for him to fit in, there was a massive gate with a Royal Keyhole in front of him. Suddenly, Dracos, Zamo, and Clastro landed in front and stared at the gate.

"We have reached the entrance to the core, and Pestilence couldn't even stop us." Dracos said proudly.

Zamo heard a low growl behind him, he turned around to see Pestilence's massive monster form standing and staring right at them.

Zamo shook Dracos's shoulder and said, "Uhhh Dracos, I think you might want to re-think that."

Dracos turned to see Pestilence staring at them in hatred. Pestilence roared and aimed his tenticles at them, preparing to fire.

"Pestilence is more resilient than I thought, what strong power he has." Dracos said, "Never the less, Disharmonies, kill Pestilence!!!"

Clastro and Zamo both activated their machine guns that transformed over their arms. They fired everything they had on Pestilence, who fired back blasts form his tenticles. Dracos fired his arm cannon several times at Pestilence's tenticles. Finally, after many shots, one of the tenticles exploded.

"YEAH!!! Take that you undead magget!!!" Zamo cheered.

Pestilence brought his fist down and tried to grab them, they dodged but Pestilence's hand was stuck to the ground.

"Now Disharmonies, infect his hand with Dark Harmony!" Dracos ordered.

Clastro's hoof electricuted and he brought it down on Pestilence's massive hand. His hand began to glow purple and it fell apart. Pestilence screamed in pain.

"Keep going! Pestilence is losing!" Dracos yelled.

Pestilence had enough and fired his full arsenal of lasers and energy beams at them. They barely got out of the way of the deadly beams and continued to fire on Pestilence. Finally, Pestilence's last tenticle exploded, Pestilence got on one knee.

"Now Dracos, while Pestilence is rebuilding himself, infect his chest with Dark Harmony." Clastro said.

Dracos began walking towards Pestilence and said, "I know what to do Clastro, now be quiet or face my wrath!"

Dracos's hooves began to glow and he shot electrical beams at Pestilence's chest. Pestilence screamed and he began falling apart. Soon, the massive body parts were nothing but rubble and Pestilence's true horse form was lying in the center. He wasn't moving.

Dracos took quick notice and trotted up to Pestilence, he put his back hoof on Pestilence's chest.

"I have defeated the mighty Pestilence! I have conquered one of the 4 Horses! When I infect the core, the whole galaxy will hear my name and tremble!!!!"

Zamo and Clastro were both staring in awe at their leader. Dracos turned back to them and said, "Let's get to the core."

Dracos trotted up to the huge gates and stuck the key inside. The gates opened which revieled a long tunnel that went downwards.

"We are so close to victory. Clastro, call the rest of the commanders to get to the core as fast as possible, send them cordinates." Dracos said.

"As you command." Clastro said and sent the cordinates to the rest of the commanders.

The three of them galloped down the long dark tunnel, to the core of Glucrose.

Chapter 7: Cheating Death

The great Pestilence has fallen. Now with Dracos and his legion heading towards the core, it's up to the 4 Horses to get there and stop them. Death, Famine, and War have just arrived in The Decrogon, which has long been destroyed by the Disharmony invaders.

Death, Famine, and War have recently pushed back much of the Disharmony forces when they arrived back to The Decrogon. But to no avail, the Disharmonies were strong in numbers.

Through the midst of the battle, Death has recieved a message from his brother Pestilence. Death activated his message sender and asked, "Pestilence, what is going on?"

Death heard loud breathing in the MS, soon it sounded like a clear voice, and it said, "I......I'm sorry brother. I couldn't stop them. They were too strong with Dark Harmony. Now they are headed for the core,, please forgive me."

Death grew wide eyes and sighed deeply, "Pestilence, it is not your fault. But I will not allow this world to die because we weren't fast enough. I will go alone and stop Dracos once and for all."

"But brother, that's sui-" Pestilence said back but Death closed the MS.

Death looked at Famine and War, who each had wide eyes.

"Death, we are not letting you fight that maniac alone. Let us come with you." Famine said.

Death raised a hoof and said, "I will not let your lives be in danger over that super powerful war lord. This is something I have to do alone."


Death closed his eyes and sighed again, "This planet will never know peace, to end this war, I must kill Dracos. That is the only thing to do."

Famine and War looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

"Come back to us brother, best of luck." Famine said.

Death nodded, he spread his wings and flew off. War and Famine continued to fight the Disharmony soldiers. Famine looked back and said, "I have a bad feeling about this."

-Caves of Glucrose-

Dracos, Clastro, Zamo, Skyblazer, Megasus, Thunderwing, Secronaut, Megosoro, Nastroport, Smashdown, and Blasticus were all searching and going even deeper into the heart of Glucrose. These were all the Commanders of the Disharmonies, leaving only the captains and corporals in charge of the armies above.

"This is a pretty creepy place huh Megosoro?" Smashdown asked.

"Whatever you say." Megosoro replied.

"Oh quit being such babies! I, Megasus am not afraid of anything!" Megasus gloated.

A drop of water landed on Megasus's head which made him scream in terror and fly up to the rocky ceiling.

All the commanders laughed except Dracos, who stared at Megasus in pity. Megasus flew down and glared at Thunderwing and Secronaut for laughing at him.

"The core to Glucrose must be in center of the planet, how do you know we are even close Dracos?" Blasticus asked.

"Patience my most skilled warrior, I can sense the core's presence, we must head even deeper." Dracos said back.

Clastro looked at his scanner and said, "Dracos, I cannot recieve any signals, we are too deep into the planet."

"That's a good thing right?" Nastroport asked.

"No, it's a bad thing and we need to head straight for the heavens!" Skyblazer sarcastically said.

Skyblazer laughed at his own joke while the others shook their heads.

After more hours of searching they finally came across a large room with many colums leading to a large gate.

"That is the entrance to the core, we are so close!" Dracos smiled deviously.

Zamo felt a chill go down his spine and said, "Dr-Dracos, something doesn't feel right. I think somepony is here with us."

"Don't be foolish Zamo, it's just cold here down in the center of Glucrose." Thunderwing explained.

"No I mean I actually felt a presence by me!" Zamo yelled.

"Shut up!" Dracos ordered, "I have no time for your pointless fears, now open those gates!"

But something wasn't right, the whole team felt uneasy. Secronaut said he heard voices coming from behind him. Megosoro felt chills, and Smashdown felt somepony touching him.

The whole team went closer to the gates and opened them.

In the opening, there was an even larger room, but this room glew brightly for the core was in here, in the center was the core of Glucrose. It was massive, and glew bright red.

"Yes...the core. Let's go inside the other room now." Dracos said.

But before any of them could enter, a large shadow appeared in front of them. The shadow stood in front of Dracos and soon changed into none other than Death. He glared at all the Commanders, he was pissed.

"Death, you finally decided to show u-" Dracos began but was punched in the face by Death. Dracos was sent flying across the room and landed with a loud thud.

"Dracos NOOO!!! Kill Death!" Blasticus ordered.

"Is that even possible?!" Skyblazer asked but was soon attacked by Death too.

Death lifted him up and threw him violently at Nastroport and Clastro. Death was now everywhere, he punched and kicked all the commanders until they fell to the ground.

In less then a minute, all the commanders were lying on the ground. Death looked at his handywork and turned back to Dracos. But Death was punched square in the face by a white hoof. Death caught himself and flew in mid-air.

Dracos had a bloody snout, his glare at Death was pure hatred. Dracos looked at his soldiers who were getting back up.

"Get to the core now!!!! I'll take care of Death." Dracos said in his coldest voice.

All the commanders escaped to the core room leaving Death and Dracos alone. Death landed on the ground.

Dracos began, "So Death, you finally have gotten the courage to face up against me. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?"

"I know all there is Dracos, and I know your death will be very horrifying. This war is killing millions of innocent lives, and I will stop you before it's too late." Death said back.

Death pulled out his sycth and stood on his back legs. He continued his glare.

"This war? HAHAHA I will soon end this war Death! All you have to do is get out of the way and let me infect the core." Dracos said.

"I cannot let you do that." Death told him.

"Why? Because you fight for freedom? How noble of you! One of the 4 Horses of the APOCALYPSE fighting for freedom?!?! That shows that you are weaker then the Harmonies you and your brothers have joined." Dracos told him while pulling out his sword as well.

"They are stronger then you think Dracos. And by the end of the day, you will fall." Death glared at him.

Both horses stood away from each other, glaring each other down.

In the core room, the commanders looked at the massive core in front of them. Zamo looked back and asked, "Why isn't Dracos coming?!"

"He is going to battle Death." Clastro said.

"Well this should be interesting." Megasus smiled and began to walk out of the room to watch the fight. But the gates closed, locking them inside the core room.

"What?! We are trapped!!!" Megasus yelled.

Megosoro walked up to Megasus and said, "This is Dracos's fight, we cannot interupt."

"Awwwww I wanted to see him die!" Megasus whined.

Skyblazer glared at Megasus and began to wonder why Dracos put him second in command of the Disharmony pegasi.

The battle between Death and Dracos was legendary. Their moves were perfect and swift on each other. One swipe and the other would dodge. One jab and the other would counter attack. Death's eyes glowed and shot out beams of energy at Dracos, Death was trying to steal his soul. Dracos blocked it with a Dark Harmony shield that grew out of his arm. Death was confused.

"Oh you don't understand do you?!" Dracos said, "Dark Harmony is MUCH stronger then you think, I am pratically invincible!!!"

Death flew towards Dracos in an attempt to tackle him. Dracos dodged and grabbed Death's tail. He then smashed Death on the ground several times and then threw him into a column, making it collapse.

Death flew out of the wreakage and charged at Death with his sycth. Dracos held his sword close and charged as well. They collided weapons and both of them flew back. Dracos caught himself and charged at Death again. Dracos sliced Death's stomach and his cannon transformed and he fired one shot at Death's face.

Death flew back and landed on the ground. When he was getting up, Dracos stood above him and said, "Well Death, it has been fun, but now is the time to say goodbye!!!"

Dracos brought his weapon down on Death, on the last second, Death caught it with his hoof and looked at Dracos. What Death said made Dracos's blood freeze.

"Goodbye Dracos."

Death's right hoof transformed into his shotgun and he fired one shot into Dracos's stomach, sending him crashing to the ground.

Death got up and walked towards Dracos who was getting back up. Death was surprised that anypony could take such torment.

Death leaned in close and said, "You cannot cheat death Dracos. Just except your fate."

Dracos laughed coldly and said, "I just did."

Dracos shocked Death with Dark Harmony coming out of his hooves. Death screamd in pain and fell to his back. Dracos got back up and pulled out his sword. He was laughing insanely as he stood over Death.


Dracos raised his sword above his head and was about to bring it down on Death when something collided hard into his side.

Dracos brought himself up and saw War standing over Death, he was holding a giant sword and he was ready to kill.

Dracos turned to see Famine and Pestilence also enter the room, Famine was carrying a huge glowing red Ax, Pestilence was holding a spear and shield. The 4 Horses of the Apocalypse against one stallion. Dracos did the math.

Dracos bolted towards the gates and they opened before him. They closed and locked as he was gone.

War lifted Death up on his hooves, "DEATH, ARE YOU OKAY?" He asked.

"I'm we have to stop them before it's too late." Death coughed.

Famine and Pestilence tried to break down the door, but they couldn't. It was magically sealed.

Dracos limped towards the massive glowing ball of magma with his commanders following behind him.

"On this day we will win the war." Dracos said.

"Yes my master." Megasus said smiling.

"Everpony, focus your Dark Harmony on the core when I begin!" Dracos ordered.

Dracos's hooves glew bright purple and they began to grow electricity. Soon he fired his full arsenal of Dark Harmony directly into the core. His commanders followed and fired their Dark harmony into the core. The core sent electricity everywhere and its color of red turned to purple, the core was infected.

Dracos turned around to his team and said, "This is just the beginning my friends, soon we will rule ALL OF GLUCROSE!!!!"

Just then the gates busted open and the Disharmonies turned around to see the super form of Death transform back to his Horse form. The 4 Horses walked up to Dracos and his team. They looked to see the core was now infected.

"No." Pestilence shuddered.

"This can't be." Famine said.


"Do you have any idea......what you have done?" Death asked.

"All I my victory." Dracos said as a lighting bolt of Dark Harmony shot at the ceiling making an exit to the surface. All the stallions and unicorns got their jet packs and put them on their flanks. They flew out and got to the exit. The pegasi flew after them. The 4 Horses were still there.....shuddering in defeat.

"We.....lost." Famine said sadly.

"No you haven't." Said a strange voice.

The 4 Horses looked up as a cloaked figure came from the rocky ceiling and landed rright in front of them. It took off it's hood and it reveiled it to be an old zebra.

"What do you mean old one?" Death asked.

The zebra stared at the 4 Horses and said, "You did not lose the war, but since the core is now infected with that evil substance, Glucrose can no longer support life. You must have all the Harmonies leave this planet Death, have them find a new home in the galaxy. Then you will have truly won."

Death was amazed at this zebra's knowledge. He asked him, "How do you know this will work?"

"Because, if the Harmonies leave this planet, you can use your most powerful weapon and kill the Disharmonies once and for all. Use the Elements of Revelation!" The zebra said.

"How do you know of our power?" Pestilence asked.

"I know....more than you can think of. Your Elements of Revelation will wipe out all life on Glucrose, that is why the Harmonies must escape before you use it." The zebra explained.

Death thought about this and said, "Very well. We will go to the King and tell him this. Thank you."

The zebra nodded and spread some magic dust around him. He claped his hooves and he dissapeared in front of them. Death looked at his brothers and said, "Let's get back to The Decrogon."

The King has heard of Death's message and soon he agreed that all Harmonies must leave Glucrose at once. King Xavier had Death send a message to all the cities of Harmony. This is what Death had to say.

"Attention all Harmonies, this is Death fo the 4 Horses, I have an important message from the King. Our planet is dying, there are thousands of escape ships waiting in The Decrogon for any Harmony who wants to live. You will be sent into space and look for a new home in the galaxy. Come quickly......time is short."

Millions of Harmonies, both civilians and soldiers alike were pilling into the thousands of escape ships and blasting off the planet. It was pandamonia in The Decrogon, ponies, dragons, zebras, griffins, and wild animals were being pilled onto the ships. The skies were soon full of exhaust and escaps ships heading for space.

Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine were watching the ships escape from a tall watch tower. They were watching when suddenly a ship exploded followed by another. Dead Harmonies were falling to the ground, ships were blowing up left and right.

"What is going on?!" Pestilence screamed.

"We recieved a message from the holo screen, show it!" Death said.

The holo screen showed Dracos looking as mad as ever. He said, "You think you can send your Harmonies away from Glucrose? Noooo, my space command post will destroy all ships trying to leave. Now you will join them and DIE!!!!"

"HE'S INSANE." War said.

Death closed the holo screen and opened a new one.

"Pegasus!" Death yelled.

Pegasus appeared on the holo screen and asked, "Yes Death, what are your orders?"

"Take Metrolane and Bliztwing! Take out the space command post! Get moving!" Death ordered.

"We won't let you down Death." Pegasus said as the holo screen disappeared.

Pegasus just got his orders and turned towards Metrolane and Blitzwing.

"Send an order to ALL Harmony pegasi, tell them to follow us to space, we're going to take out the Disharmony space command post."

Chapter 8: Space Warfare

The Harmonies have retreated. Now hundreds of escape ships our leaving the dying planet Glucrose, in hopes of finding a new home in the galaxy. But when Dracos's space command post is destroying any ship that tries to escape, it will be a losing fight for the Harmonies. Soon Death ordered Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing to take out the command post once and for all.....

The decks of The Decrogon were in full panic. Pegasi and Griffins were suiting up for the space war ahead of them. Pegasus and Metrolane put on jet packs and air masks to allow them to fly and breathe in space. Blitzwing didn't need an air mask since he was wearing all armor to allow him to breathe.

"Alright everypony, let's fly!" Pegasus ordered and flew out of the decks with Metrolane and Blitzwing. Following behind them were hundreds of pegasi and griffins. They dodged the falling debris from the escape ships and they all headed into space.

When they got to space, they saw something that made them wide eyed.

The Disharmony Space Command Post. It was massive. Barely smaller than Glucrose's moon, this huge vessal was firing deadly lasers every few seconds. The Harmony pegasi were being killed by that deadly beam.

"WE CAN'T GO ANY FURTHER!!!" Shouted a Harmony pegasi.

"We can make it! Keep pushing forward!" Pegasus ordered.

"I.......CAN'T......GO AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Shouted a griffin as he was blasted by the laser. Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing dodged it and continued forward.

The three of them came across what was making the beams, a large charging cannon that sent deadly lasers hurtling towards Glucrose.

"So this is what is making the lasers." Metrolane said.

Blitzwing turned around and said, "Looks like ve are going alone from now on." He pointed towards the Harmonies that were trying to fight back against the Disharmonies that were blocking their path.

"That cannon is charging the lasers, destroy it!" Pegasus shouted.

The three of them activated their photon assualt rifles and began firing on the cannon. After several shots, the cannon exploded, creating a huge entrance.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" Metrolane cheered.

"We have to get inside the base, to destroy it from the inside." Pegasus said as he flew towards the entrance followed by Metrolane and Blitzwing. The three of them entered the command post now and began walking closer inside.

Pegasus and Metrolane took off their air masks. The three of them now entered a long hallway.

"The longer I'm in here, it just reminds me more and more of the Rebellion Command Post." Metrolane stated.

"We fight for Harmony now Metrolane, there is no changing that." Pegasus said.

"I've alvays vondered, vhy did you lead zhe Rebellion and zhen leave it to die?" Blitzwing asked.

"We fight for a better cause now my friend, we are much better and lead the Harmony pegasi." Pegasus answered.

"It's about time you took command of the pegasi, hehe what took you so long?" Metrolane chuckled.

"That is a story.....for a different time." Pegasus answered.

A loud intercom voice interupted them.

It said, "Warning, cannon charger destroyed, repairs required on laser core, defenses online."

"Yeah, that was us." Metrolane beamed.

"Shut up Metrolane." Blitzwing said shaking his head.

The three of them now entered an electric room with obs of electricity scattered across the room. Their were wires and computers all over the place.

"Ahhh yeahhh, we found the energy of the command post." Metrolane said.

"Destroy this place now." Pegasus said and shot everywhere. Metrolane and Blitzwing did the same.

The room was now in ruins, the intercom voice came up again.

It said, "Warning, energy room destroyed, losing power on decks 1-7, send in repair squad."

"Everypony hide, we'll take out the repair group." Pegasus said as he hid behind some debris.

Blitzwing and Metrolane did the smae and waited. Soon the doors opened revieling a group of 10 Disharmony repair squads, they were also heavily armed.

"NOW!!!" Pegasus shouted.

The three pegasi fired upon the Disharmonies. Many fell to the ground, dead, while some escaped.

A Disharmony unicorn was injured and was lying on the ground. Blitzwing trotted up to her and glared down. She looked up with fear filled eyes.

"Pl-please....don't kill me." She said beginning to cry.

"Too late." Blitzwing said and shot her in the head. She died right there. Pegasus was mad.

"What the hay Blitzwing! You never kill an unarmed soldier!" Pegasus roared.

"Zhat vasn't a problem vhen ve vere part of zhe Rebellion." Blitzwing calmly said.

Pegasus put his snout on Blitzwing's armored face, "We aren't part of them anymore! You will follow orders, understand!!!" He shouted.

"Yes...captain." Blitzwing said.

Pegasus snorted and trotted out the door. Metrolane walked by the dead unicorn and said, "Ah dude, she was pretty, why did you have to kill her?"

Blitzwing looked at the dead unicorn sadly and followed Metrolane out the door.

The three of them came to a new room. Pegasus opened the door slowly and peaked inside. He saw a large room with two floors. The room was actually a look out post. The top floor is what they were on, some stairs lead sown to the first floor. The room was heavily guarded with Disharmonies. But what Pegasus saw on the first floor made his heart skip a beat.

It was Blasticus, General of the Disharmony unicorns. He wore large black armor that glew dark purple. He was very buff looking and he was standing on his hind legs watching the battle unfold from the glass window.

The intercom voice came again, "Attention, Harmonies in vessal, be aware and shoot them on sight."

Blasticus turned to his guards and said, "Search the upper decks for the Harmony invaders! If we don't find them Dracos will have our heads!"

"Yes sir!" The unicorn guard said and disappeared along with others.

Metrolane sneeked up behind a guard and took him out with one of his hidden blades. Metrolane motioned for Blitzwing and Pegasus to follow. They nodded in agreement and got close behind him.

Metrolane pulled out a sticky grenade and threw it at Blasticus. It stuck on and started to beep loudly.

"Wha?" Was all Blasticus could say before the grenade exploded. Blasticus screamed in pain and fell to his front hooves. The guards pulled out their guns and looked around. Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing flew up and shot the Disharmony guards including Blasticus.

Soon the room was cleared all except for Blasticus who was getting back up. Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing landed and stared at Blasticus who pulled out a large minigun.

"You think you can kill me?! Let's see you kill this!!!" Blasticus yelled as his minigun spun to life.

He fired several shots but luckily they dodged the deadly bullets. They returned fire but found out that their bullets couldn't effect him.

"Our bullets aren't doing anything!" Metrolane shouted.

"Zhen ve vill have to use bigger fire power." Blitzwing said.

"Blitzwing now!" Pegasus shouted.

Blitzwing flew towards Blasticus and got on his back. He planted a bomb and tried to fly away. But Blasticus grabbed him and threw him against the door. Blasticus shot Blitzwing, luckily Blitzwing was wearing armor.

Pegasus landed in front of Blasticus and said, "Hey big guy!"

Blasticus turned to face him.

"Don't mess with Harmony." Pegasus said as he pushed a button on his wrist.

The bomb exploded sending Blastcius flying to the ground. He landed in front of Pegasus and Metrolane. He died within moments.

"YEAH, WOOHOOO!!!" Metrolane cheered.

Blitzwing limped towards the group as Pegasus landed by a computer and began typing.

"It's got to be here somewhere. Found it! The laser core is deeper into the ship, we can destroy it and this base will explode!" Pegasus said.

The computer turned off and a large hologram appeared in the center of the room. Pegasus and the other two turned to see it was Dracos.

"Ahhhh Pegasus, how brave of you to enter my little....vessal." Dracos smiled.

"End this choas now Dracos! I found out where the laser core is! We will destroy it and escape this place!" Pegasus shouted.

Dracos chuckled and continued, "Oh Pegasus, you would have made a great Disharmony, you should have joined like your brother. It would make things so much easier."

"I fight for Harmony with pride! Unlike your mindless slaves, we never give up!" Pegasus yelled as he flew up closer to the hologram.

Dracos's smile turned to a frown, "You would have been my general in the pegasi ranks. But since you chose to fight for the Harmonies, you will die with the Harmonies!"

The hologram disappeared and a manticore busted through the doors. It roared and pounced on the group. They dodged and took out their guns.

"The Disharmonies have manticores now? That's just not fair." Metrolane said.

"Shoot it when it pounces!" Pegasus shouted.

The manticore pounced again, but they dodged again and shot it in the side. The manticore roared in pain and turned back towards them. Pegasus rammed it into the glass, causing the glass to shatter. The three pegasi barely escaped adn got out of the room as they were almost sucked out into endless space...with the manticore.

"Zhat vas a close call." Blitzwing said as he clutched his chest in pain.

"Are you hurt?" Pegasus asked.

"Yeah, I got shot in zhe chest by Blasticus, luckily I have zhis armor on da?" Blitzwing said.

"That was lucky." Metrolane smiled.

Pegasus trotted in front of them and said, "Follow me, I know where the laser core is."

The three pegasi continued to search in the huge space station. They entered rooms and decks, but finally they came to a massive room, deep in the command post.

This room was massive, it had a huge ball of energy in the center of the room. This was the laser core.

"We found it." Metrolane said.

The intercom came up again, "Attention, laser core repaired, beginning new target, preparing to fire on The Decrogon, on the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse in 2 minutes."

"WHAT?! NOOOOO!!!" Pegasus shouted.

"Wait, aren't the 4 Horses deathless?" Metrolane asked.

"Ve don't know for sure, but ve can't vait and find out!" Blitzwing stated.

"Don't worry, I'll plant the bomb on the core then we can get out of here!" Pegasus said as he flew up to the core.

"Well we're still safe, the Disharmonies don't know where we are." Metrolane beamed.

The intercom came up again, "Attention, Harmonies found on laser core deck, send all soldiers and kill them."

"Oh buck me in the ass." Metrolane said.

"Enough! With every second we waste another Harmony dies! You two cover me! I'll plant the bomb!" Pegasus shouted as he began planting.

Metrolane and Blitzwing got to cover and activated their guns. They stared at the door until it busted open.

Out of the door came Disharmony brutes, soldiers and sharpshooters. The sharpshooters took cover and began to fire on Pegasus.

"I said cover me!" Pegasus yelled.

Blitzwing and Metrolane flew up and killed the sharpshooters before they could so anymore damage. Both of them landed and began fighting the soldiers and brutes head on.

Pegasus got shot in the arm by some of the crossfire. He screamed in pain but continued to work. Blitzwing was stabbing a brute in the back with one of his hidden blades while Metrolane was shooting and bucking any soldier that tried to attack him. The two pegasi were strong warriors but they couldn't take on all these Disharmonies.

Soon Pegasus finished planting the bomb and yelled, "Let's get out of here!!!"

That was enough for Blitzwing and Metrolane, thye both flew with Pegasus out of the room, they both got shot in the rear legs, but they didn't care baout that, all they cared about was getting out of the command post as fast as possible.

The three pegasi were soaring through the massive space base, dodgeing bullets and shooting Disharmonies in their path. The intercom came up again and said, "Attention, firing on the 4 Horses in t-minus 30 seconds."

"DO IT NOW PEGASUS!!!" Metrolane screamed.

"I can't blow this place until we get out!" Pegasus yelled.

The three continued to fly faster until they came to a familiar sight, the cannon opening they came from. Pegasus and Metrolane put on their air masks and flew out with Blitzwing behind them. Pegasus looked at the button on his wrist and said, "Here come the fireworks."

He pressed it and they all turned around in mid-flight to see the command post go up in flames from the mini explosions going on inside. Soon, the entire command post exploded, sending a huge shockwave through space. The shockwave hit all three of them. They flew back and tried to regain their composure.

All three of them soared back to the planet as fast as they could, pieces of debris were flying past them from the massive explosion. They all came closer and closer to Glucrose and soon entered the atmosphere. They began to slow down and decend to the ground as the debris passed them.

Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing landed on the grounds of The Decrogon.

"YEEEHAAAA WE DID IT BOYS!!!!" Metrolane cheered.

"Not bad." Blitzwing said as he looked at his hoof.

Pegasus looked up into the starry night sky and saw many Harmony escape ships heading into space.

They weren't shot down.

Chapter 9: Corkscrew Peace or War?

The Disharmony Space Command Post is destroyed. Now many more Harmony escape ships can leave without getting destroyed. Just in time, the King's ship was planned to launch after the Command Post was destroyed. Now Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine can watch the King's ship escape, and make it off of Glucrose....unharmed. But Dracos will not give up that easily......

The 4 Horses continued to assure that all ships made it off Glucorse still operational. Just then, the King's ship, "The Peace Keeper," was seen flying through the air and into space as well. Death gave a smile.

"King Xavier and Queen Maldala have now escaped the planet." Famine stated.

"Good, the leader of the Harmonies has now made it off, that's a load off our shoulders eh?" Pestilence said.

"I SENSE SOMETHING BROTHERS." War said and put a hoof on his head.

"I sense a great disturbance." Famine said too.

"Hello generals." Came a voice from behind the 4.

They turned to see Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing enter the lookout platform. They walked by them and stared at the ships with them. Finally Death broke the silence.

"You did a good thing this night, now the Harmonies can escape." He said.

"Oh it vas nothing." Blitzwing said.

"Nothing?! You practically anihalated everypony in there!" Pestilence said smiling, his smile turned dead serious.

"Wait......if Dracos was in that command post, and you three just destroyed it, then....." Pestilence smile grew wider and wider.

"YES!!!! Dracos is DEAD!!!" Pestilence cheered.

"No he's not." Death said.

Pestilence looked at him confused.

"I sense.....he escaped the ship and he....oh no." Death said opening his eyes quickly.

"What?!" Pegasus almost screamed.

"He.....he's going to..." Death began but was cut off by the holo message on the big screen in front of them.

It was King Xavier who had blood and cuts all over him.

"Death! Dracos, he....he came to The Peace Keeper! Help us before it's too la-" Xavier was cut off.

"NOOOOO!!!" Metrolane screamed.

"What do we do Death?" Famine asked.

Death looked more pissed then he ever was. He spread his wings and said, "We will go."

"Vhat do you mean 've'?" Blitzwing asked.

"The 4 Horses will go alone." Death finished.

"Wait we can't let you take on Dracos's army alone." Metrolane said.


"We won't let you go alone." Pegasus told them.

Death looked at him and said sternly, "You have all done your job, now let us do ours. This is something we have to do alone."

Pegasus, Metrolane, and Blitzwing were speechless. The 4 Horses started to glow and Death started to flap his wings.

"Goodbye for now." Death said and he flew off with his brothers.

The three pegasi watched as the 4 Horses sped off into the sky and They didn't need air masks or jet packs, they were just pissed.

They soon came across what was a giant space war between The Peace Keeper and The War Tide. Dracos's and Xavier's space vessals clashing it out in a big space battle. The War Tide was hovering above The Peace Keeper and shooting at it constantly.

"Let's go!!!" Death ordered and the 4 Horses flew towards the ships.

-20 minutes earlier-

The Peace Keeper is now flying away in space from Glucrose. The massive ship is now passing the moon. Inside the ship Neo and Corkscrew are walking to the main deck where the King and Queen wanted to see them. Neo was telling Corkscrew of what the plan was.

"We have no choice Corkscrew, leaving our home is the hardest decision the King has ever had to make." Neo had told him about this as they were walking down the large hall toward the main deck.

"It has been a long, painful war with the Disharmonies." Neo said as the large door opened revealing the main deck to us.

"Whatever lies in that endless galaxy," Neo was saying, "Is our best and last hope my friend."

Corkscrew nodded in agreement and they walked toward many other scientists, pilots, and soldiers. Until they came across the King and Queen sitting on high chairs staring into the glass window in front of him.

Corkscrew says to the King, "Your majesty."

He looks down at him with a sad face and says, "I want you and Neo on the main deck to watch as we leave."

"Your majesty, the engines are becoming unstable." Said a worried pegasi pilot.

Another pilot said, "At this rate the engines may give out before we even leave."

A large shadow overcomes the main deck. Corkscrew look in horror as an even larger ship was above them.

"Dracos, he has come!" The King shouted.

Large tenticles erupted from Dracos's ship and landed in the main deck. The glass shattered and destroyed many computers. Corkscrew got up and his plasma gun transformed to cover his right arm. He shot the Disharmony soldiers that tried to get in the ship.

"Corkscrew, look out!" Neo shouted, but it was too late.

A tenticle landed right in front of Corkscrew and he flew backwards, landing on his back inside the main deck.

He was about to black out when he heard these words form the King. "All hooves to combat!"

Corkscrew passed out.

When he awoke, he saw Neo and the King himself, standing over him. Corkscrew could barely make out their words.

"Yes, I think he's waking up!" Neo said.

"Thank the great one." King Xavier said.

Corkscrew was fully awake but horrified to see they were still in the main deck, with bullets flying above them and explosions happening constantly.

"He's got a few cuts and bruises, nothing new there." Neo stated.

"He'll make it though." Said Neo as the King stood up in relief and continued to fight the Disharmonies that were trying to invade the main deck.

"I'm going to test your eyesight, follow the light." Neo said as he pointed a flashlight at Corkscrew's face and moved it around. Corkscrew followed it perfectly.

"Perfect, how do you feel?" Neo said.

He was about to answer when an explosion was heard behind us.

"Put your hooves up where we can see them!" Said a Disharmony soldier and two others.

"Don't fire I'm a medic!" Neo said with hooves in the air.

"Stick a sock in it!" Said the other Disharmony soldier.

Neo behind his back pulled out a flashbang grenade and took out the pin. He threw it at the Disharmonies and yelled, "Take them out Corkscrew!!!"

A bang was heard and then blindness. Corkscrew activated his arm plasma gun and shot the blinded Disharmonies. They fell to the ground dead. He got up and the King walked up to the only working computer in the center of the main deck.

"Alright, the deck is clear!" Neo shouted.

"Dracos will not give up that easily, computer, full damage report!" The King said.

The Computer with a robotic voice said, "ERROR, TRANSMISSION COMING IN."

Dracos's head appeared on the hologram above the computer.

"Your armies will never escape Glucrose your highness." Dracos said in hate and anger.

"I will tear your ship apart PIECE BY PIECE!!!" Dracos shouted as his hologramed head dissapeared.

King Xavier got a message from his Harmony soldiers that said, "Your highness! The engine deck is being invaded by Disharmonies!"

King Xavier yelled in his message sender, "I'm on my way, Corkscrew, stay and cover the bridge!"

The King turned towards Queen Maldala and kissed her. "Goodbye my dear, I will return." He said. The King and many other soldiers galloped out of the room and only Neo, Corkscrew, the Queen, and many other pilots and scientists were left in the main deck.

"Corkscrew! You need to take this fuel supply to the main server room! If we don't do that, the ship will shut down and we will be defenseless!" Neo told Corkscrew and handed him the fuel supply.

"This way Corkscrew!" Shouted a Royal Commando.

Corkscrew galloped toward the server room with his three Rayal Commandos with him. They came to a closed door, a Harmony Brute forced it open for them and said, "Go I can't hold it forever!" Corkscrew and his group got through but saw another tenticle break through the glass and suck all the Harmonies out into space. Corkscrew hung on until the emergency gates closed.

"GRAVITY REASTABLISHED." The computer said.

Corkscrew heard Neo's voice again on his message sender, he said, "Ugh, Dracos will pay for that!"

When Corkscrew reached it, he placed the fuel supply inside and heard Neo in my message sender.

He said, "GOOD, now covering fire!!! Shoot Dracos's ship!!! Corkscrew I need you to get to the King and assist him. Bring him back to the bridge so we can get out of here! He's......oh no...he's fighting Dracos head on!!! Dracos is on the ship!!!"

Corkscrew almost had a heart attack, but he couldn't abandon the King. Neo then told him, "Get to the elevator!" He did just that and he pushed the up button. He came to three floors, the first floor had a Disharmony brute killing Commandos, he shot the brute as the elevator went up, it didn't do much damage. The next floor was scary.

"Clastro's on the 5th deck!" Shouted a Harmony Commando. As Corkscrew kept going up he saw Clastro, Smashdown, and Nastroport mutilating the Commandos.

"Smashdown, create an entrance." Clastro said in his chilling emotionless voice.

The elevator kept going up and soon Corkscrew came to a group of Harmonies.

One said, "Ah, Corkscrew, glad you can make it, follow us!" Corkscrew followed until he came to a new room filled with many supplies.

"In here Corkscrew, fresh supplies!" Shouted a Harmony. As Corkscrew was gathering ammo, a soldier came up to him and asked, "Was that you who brought the defenses up?"

Corkscrew nodded which made the soldier smile, "Nice, now we can have a fighting chance."

Another soldier spoke up, "Oh yeah? What kind of chance do we have against the Disharmonies?"

"I just hope we escape out of this alive." Said a scared zebra.

Corkscrew put on an air mask and grabbed more ammo. He was about to walk out into the open space areas when a soldier stopped him. He turned around.

"You want to lead the fight Corky?" He asked holding a huge missle launcher. Corkscrew got wide eyed and put the missle launcher on his arm.

"LET'S MOVE OUT!!!" Corkscrew shouted and ran out the air lock with soldiers behind him. They came outside onto the armor of the ship wear they stuck on thanks to their magnetic boots they were all wearing.

They saw a Disharmony robot throw down a ship which burnt into flames. Corkscrew shot one blast from the missle launcher at the robot and it died instantly. They continued to fight the invading Disharmonies on the hull of the massive star ship.

The large group of Harmonies finally came to the engine deck where a Harmony robot was shooting at the Disharmonies. It looked down on Corkscrew and said, "Corkscrew, I'll clear you a wedge."

The robot continued to shoot the Disharmonies and Corkscrew continued to shoot his missle launcher until it ran out of ammo. A message went out to all Harmonies on their message senders. It said, "Everypony, protect Corkscrew! He's going for the King!"

Corkscrew soon reached the engine deck thanks to covering fire. He entered a dark room and couldn't see anything. He got another message from Neo.

He said, "Good, now my scanners say the King should be right in front of you."

Corkscrew looked for a split second before the King was thrown against him like a rag doll. He fell to the side and looked as the King got up with a sword and he was looking at someone.

He was looking at Dracos.

Dracos and the King continued to sword fight and then he pushed the King down. Dracos looked down on Corkscrew.

"Die Corkscrew!!!" Dracos yelled as he pointed his arm cannon at him.

Corkscrew closed his eyes but he heard the King tackle Dracos and they began to fight.

Dracos was fighting valiently when he heard a loud explosion. The engine deck was going to blow.

Dracos activated his backpack and flew out of the room. The King was injured so Corkscrew helped him up and he tried to get out of there as fast as possible.

When they reached the server room, Corkscrew heard something go estatic. He looked over and saw the fuel supply was going insane with something glowing and purple on it. He realized what it was.

"Dark Harmony!!!" Corkscrew yelled as the fuel supply exploded and he layed on the ground with the King beside him. He was passed out and Corkscrew was about too as well when he heard galloping coming his way.

"There they are!!!" Neo shouted.

Neo bent down and saw something strange on Corkscrew, he was glowing. Soon after a bright flash, Corkscrew was gone. Neo looked around frantically, the other medics were dumb founded.

"Where.....where did he....what the buck happened?!" Shouted a medic.

Neo was in a panic, his apprentice was gone, but where? He looked down at the King who was covered in blood. Neo got down and held him with one hoof.

"Your majesty, are you okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine. Give me your message sender." The King said.

Neo did as he was told. Xavier went to the holo message to show his entire face. When he got word of the 4 Horses he said, "Death! Dracos, he....he came to The Peace Keeper! Help us before it's too late!" But he was cut off at the last word as the message sender turned to static.

"Oh no." Neo said.

"Come on, we have to get back to the bridge." Said a medic.

"Okay, lets go your majesty." Neo said as he picked him up and carried him on his back.

The three medics now entered the bridge where the Queen was shocked to see her husband wounded.

"What happened to him?!" She screamed.

"He got hurt my Queen, but he'll make it if we help him now." Neo said and put him on the ground.

Neo began fixing the King's cuts until a message went out through the entire ship.

It said, "Attention, all Harmonies we must defend the ship! Launch all fire power on the Disharmonies! Quickly, before it's too lat- AHHHHHHHH!!!"

It turned off. Neo looked at the ground sadly, this was it, they were all going to die.

Soon another announcement went out through the ship, it said, "All Harmonies, the 4 Horses have arrived! Defend them at all costs, they're going to help us!"

Neo's ears perked up and so did the other medics.

"The....the 4 Horses?!" One medic smiled.

"YES!!!" Said another medic.

Neo himself, smiled through his faceplate.

The 4 Horses were relentless in the space war. They sliced and shot and killed and stabbed any Disharmony in their way. Soon they wrecked so much havok, that the Disharmonies started to retreat.

"Yeah you all better run!" Pestilence shouted.

The Disharmony soldiers began to head back to The War Tide ship. There, they fought from the ship and shot missles.

"We have to find Dracos, I sense he's still on the ship!" Death said and flew towards The Peace Keeper. The other 3 followed.

The 4 Horses came across the docking bay of The Peace Keeper, this room was massive and a giant fire fight was going on. The Disharmonies kept coming in while the Harmonies tried to defend the inside.

"THERE'S TOO MUCH FIRE!!!" War yelled.

"I'll take care of it brothers." Famine said coldly as his eyes started to glow green. Famine jumped in the middle of the battle and began to change. He soon was a long, powerful, deadly, venomiss, massive, king cobra. He hissed and smung his tail at the invading Disharmonies.

"RUN!!! It's FAMINE!!!" Shouted the Disharmonies as they retreated out of the docking bay.

Famine looked back at the Harmonies and his brothers.

He said with a venomiss voice, "I'll take out The War Tide. Death, go find Dracos."

Death nodded and saw as Famine slitherd out of the docking bay and onto the ship. He soon jumped onto The War Tide and began destroying it. They fired all their missles at Famine, which did nothing and he continued to destroy the ship.

Death, War, and Pestilence flew towards The War Tide and landed in THEIR docking bay. Now it was the Harmonies turn as they invaded the Disharmony ship.

Death pulled out his scyth and was about to charge until he heard voices behind him.


"Ve came to help you!"

"Nopony is stopping us now!"

"Death to all Disharmonies!"

"Let's fight!!!"

Death turned to see many jet packs in the air and land in the docking bay. It was Pegasus, Metrolane, Blitzwing, Scatterblast, and Warfront.

"What are you all doing here?!" Death asked.

Scatterblast pulled off his air mask and said, "We couldn't let you fight the Disharmonies alone now can we?"

Death nodded and charged at the Disharmony soldiers.

Outside the ship, it was getting torn apart from Famine's attacks. He was biting it and breaking it apart inside and out.

Back in the docking bay, Dracos, Zamo, Clastro, Megasus, and Skyblazer came and began defending the docks.

Dracos spotted Death from far away. Death spotted him as well and he held his scyth out in front of him.

"DRACOS!!!!" Death yelled and charged forward.

"DEATH!!!!" Dracos yelled and charged with his sword raised.

The two powerful horses ran at each other at full speed. With bullets wissing passed them they finally got close and jumped at each other.

Both of their weapons collided sending a shockwave throughout the docking bay.

Chapter 10: The Final Battle

The Peace Keeper is prevailing. With help from the 4 Horses, the Harmonies can make it out alive. While the battle in the docking bay of The War Tide continues, the King and Queen must have all Harmonies make it back to The Peace Keeper in time.....or they will leave them.

Death and Dracos flew back from the shockwave they just caused, they both landed perfectly and fought each other.

Clastro took on Scatterblast. Megasus flew right in front of his brother....Pegasus.

Megasus licked his lips and said, "Hello brother."

"You were meant to be so much more brother, not this, please come back to me." Pegasus said and held his hoof in front of him. Megasus looked at Pegasus's hoof seriously and looked back at his brother.

Megasus quickly formed a frown and pushed the hoof away. He said, "I fight for the strong now brother! And you.....are my enemy."

Megasus put his hoofs up. Pegasus looked at him sadly and said, "You leave me no choice brother."

Pegasus had tears flowing as he tackled Megasus and they both landed on the ground and fought; brother against brother.

Zamo was enjoying the fight, mainly because he had a minigun from a safe distance. He shot Harmonies left and right and laughed insanely as he did.

"I haven't had this much fun since I ripped that Harmony's throat out!" Zamo yelled and continued to shoot.

Skyblazer flew down to Zamo and said, "Don't get cocky now, we still need to GACK!!!"

Skyblazer got tackled by Metrolane and they began fighting in the air. Zamo continued to shoot.

-The Peace Keeper-

The King and Queen began having all Harmonies get back to the ship. They would leave in one hour. The engines were ready.

The King grabbed the speaked and said, "All Harmonies, make it back to The Peace Keeper, or you will be left behind! This is your only warning, we leave in one hour!"

Neo trotted up to Xavier and said with a worried face, "But....what about Corkscrew?!" What about my apprentice?!"

Xavier looked at him sternly and said, "It's either Corkscrew or all the Harmonies Neo!"

"He's my appren-" Neo began.

"Enough! We will search for his location after we leave." Xavier said.

Neo nodded and continued his work on the computer. The King went back to fixing the wires and components.

A pegasai flew and landed by the King and said, "My king, we have to leave earlier! There has been an emergency!"

"Like what?" The King asked.

"Famine has gone rampant on the enemy ship! We have to leave now!" The pegasai warned.

The King sent another message, "This is the King, all Harmonies retreat back to The Peace Keeper! I repreat, retreat!"

-The War Tide-

Many of the Harmonies recieved the message and began the retreat. All the Harmonies floaded out of the docking bay and entered The Peace Keeper. Outside Famine was still destroying the ship when he noticed the docking bay.

All the Harmonies were retreating and Zamo was killing the retreating soldiers. Famine had enough.

"Oh how I love mutilation!" Zamo laughed.

"Zamo! Assist me!!!" Dracos yelled struggling to fight Death.

"Oh Dracos, look how much fun I'm having!" Zamo said shooting randomly.

"BUCK YOU!!!" Dracos yelled and got punched by Death.

"Okay Lord Dracos, I'll help you out with-" Zamo began.

Suddenly the entire roof busted open. A large shadow loomed over Zamo.

"Oh no...." Zamo shuddered and turned around slowly.

He was staring face to face with the King Cobra Famine. It's eyes staring into his soul.

Zamo gulped and shuddered more. Famine reared his head back and plunged at Zamo.

"Oh buck me in the-" Zamo began before he was eaten alive by Famine who busted straight through the floor and through the rest of the ship.

Famine busted through main servos and computer rooms, engine rooms, and finally the fuel room. The entire ship was going to blow.

A large tremour went through the ship. The 3 Horses, Pegasus, Metrolane, Blitzwing, Scatterblast, Warfront, Dracos, Megasus, Clastro, and Skyblazer were the last ponies in the docking bay.

"My ship!!! What have you done?!" Dracos yelled.

"Exactly what you think." Death said coldly.

Another explosion went through the bay. Dracos had no choice.

"Disharmonies, retreat back to Glucrose! Abandon ship!" Dracos ordered but glared back at Death.

"This isn't over." He said as he put on a faceplate and jet pack.

The Disharmonies flew out and headed back to the planet. Leaving the Harmonies in the exploding ship.

Suddenly, Famine erupted from the floor and changed back to his horse form.

"Did we do it? Did we win?" Famine asked.

Another explosion rocked the ship.


"You ponies come with us!" Death said pointing at the Harmonies who put on their faceplates.

All of them flew out of the exploding ship just in time because it ingulfed in flames.

Death took one look back at The Peace Keeper, it was working again and flying away into the endless galaxy.

Death smiled.

-The Decrogon-

The 4 Horses, Scatterblast, Warfront, Pegasus, Metrolane, Blitzwing, and a new commander of the unicorns whose name was Silver Knot stood valiently on top of the look out platform. They were all watching the last Harmony ships leaving.

Death looked at the Harmonies and said, "I'm so proud of all of you, your bravery has proved worthy in the great Glucrosian War." Death and the 4 Horses smiled at them.

"Thank you, Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine, because of you, you helped us survive through the war. We can't thank you enough." Scatterblast said.

"Don't thank us just yet," Death began, "Because we will not use The Elements of Revelation until ALL Harmonies have left this planet, including you." Death pointed at them. "It will be 5 years to gather all Harmonies and bring them to the ship, that is all the time we get." Death said.

Silver Knot stepped forward and said, "But Death, Dracos is still out there."

Death looked forward at a massive ship being built.

He said, "Then we will fight, I have already organized a ship for all of your departure."

Death pointed at the massive ship in front of them.

"The Zanthium, with it you shall make your journey through the stars." Death told them.

Death turned towards Pegasus, Metrolane, Blitzwing, Scatterblast, Warfront, and Silver Knot.

"And remember matter where you go.....Glucrose will be with you.....always."


The 4 Horses sighed long and hard. They had just finished their massive lesson of the history of Equestria. They opened their eyes and saw that they were back in the discussion room, funny, it was if they were back on Glucrose.

The 6 mares in front of them had their mouths open and their eyes as big as dinner plates. Celestia herself had wide eyes and she continued to stare at the 4 Horses. The unicorn who was writing the story down sighed happily and placed the pencil down.

Finally, after a long moment of silence, Death spoke up.

"The Harmonies eventually made it off of Glucrose, this took a total of 5 years to accomplish. We did what we had to do next, we wiped the planet of life and brought the new world order, new life, new land, everything." Death told them.

After a moment of silence, Rainbow Dash smiled softly.

She said, " guys are even cooler than I thought."

Pestilence rose an eyebrow and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Hello?! You fought in a war! And you fought for good, I thought you would fight for evil!" Dash replied.

"Most would think that, yes." Famine said.

" 4 are.....nice?" Fluttershy quietly asked.


Fluttershy smiled soflty and nodded.

"Me too, " Rarity broke in, "I mean, you all sacrificed so much in that dreadful war, you 4 are the most generous I have ever seen."

"Thank you ma'am." Death said.

Applejack smiled and turned to them, "No, thank you, ya'll fought for good, and helped to shape Equestria today. We all can't thank you enough."

The 4 Horses smiled.

"YEAH! I mean WOW you all fought in a war and you were all like BAMM BOOM CRASH to those meany Disharmonies!" Pinkie said smiling as big as she can.

"Speaking of Disaharmonies..." Celestia spoke up finally. The 4 Horses turned to her.

"Ahem, Death, Pestilence, War, Famine, you all killed Dracos and his legion correct?" Celestia asked.

"That is correct Celestia." Death answered.

Celestia smiled and said, "Well that's good, I wouldn't want him invading Equestria."

"But wait!" Twilight yelled a little. The 4 Horses turned to her.

She blushed a little and cleared her throat.

"How did you kill Dracos and his army? What happened to The Peace Keeper? Why did Megasus betray his own brother? What happened in those final 5 years?!" Twilight asked too many questions.

The 4 Horses sighed and went back to looking sad. Twilight thought that maybe those weren't the right questions to ask. Death looked at her sternly.

He said, "The final 5 years of Glucrose....were the darkest...and bloodiest times it has ever seen."

Famine said soflty, "There were many casualitites, so many Harmonies we wanted to save."

Pestilence spoke, "It was horrid....dreadful things had happened that we haven't spoke of since."


"Like what?" Celestia asked.

" see..." Death began but Pestilence whispered into his ear.

"Brother, it is too late, we have to get back to slumber, can we tell them tomorrow night?" Pestilence whispered.

Death nodded and stood up, so did the other Horses. He walked to the door with his brothers following behind him. Celestia walked by them and asked, "Where are you all going?"

Death answered, "Tomorrow night, we will tell you the final 5 years of Glucrose, but be warned....this story is not for the faint of heart. Goodbye for now."

"Bye!" The Mane 6 said together.

Death chuckled a little and all 4 of them disappered in a bright flash. Celestia walked to the unicorn and said, "Did you write down everything Death and the Horses said?"

"I...think so." The unicorn yawned.

"Good, now take the notes to the printing press, we have some history books to make." Celestia smiled.

The unicorn nodded and trotted out of the room. Celestia walked by the Mane 6 who all looked tired.

"I hope you all enjoyed the history lesson we were given, especially you Twilight." Celestia said.

"Oh we did yer highness." Applejack yawned.

"Yeah it was.....very informational." Rarity said looking a little sick after remembering some of the deaths in the story.

"I though history was for eggheads.....but I guess it's pretty cool." Rainbow Dash said.

"Yeah it was so cool and ZZZZZZZZZZ." Pinkie Pie passed out sleeping right there. Celestia chuckled and so did Pinkie's friends.

"It was....pretty scary. But it was nice hearing how we all came to be." Fluttershy said.

"Oh Celestia, that was amazing! I have to learn more about all this!" Twilight said estatic.

"Oh don't worry my student, you will learn more tomorrow night, now good night all of you." Celestia said.

"Good night Princess!" They all said and trotted out of the room and into the night.

Rainbow Dash carried Pinkie on her back to take her home. All 6 of them finally came back to Ponyville, it was very late and they were all tired.

"Goodnight dears." Rarity said and trotted away.

"Goodnight all of ya." Applejack said and trotted away as well.

"Goodnight." Fluttershy said and flew off.

"Goodnight Twilight." Rainbow said and walked to Suger Cuber Corner to drop off Pinkie.

Twilight smiled and looked at the moon. She sighed and went back to her library.

She opened and shut the door quietly, but of course, Spike was still up eating ice cream.

"Spike! What are you doing? I wanted you in bed before I got home!" Twilight yelled.

"Sorry Twilight, I just couldn't sleep, where were you?" Spike asked putting the ice cream down.

Twilight sighed and walked up the stairs, she said, "I was hearing about the true history of Equestria at Canterlot."

"The true history?" Spike asked and followed her.

"Yep, the true history." Twilight said closing her eyes and smiling.

"Can I hear it?!" Spike asked.

Twilight turned to him, he had a pleading look on his face.

"You really want to know?" Twilight asked.

"Duh! I want to know everything about the world we live in!" Spike said.

Twilight giggled and walked to her bed and sat down on top of it. Spike sat in his little bed and stared at Twilight. She had her eyes closed and she finally opened them.

"Spike...this is the true history of our home....are you ready?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah." Spike leaned in closer.

"And you have to go to bed right after okay?" Twilight asked.

Yeah I'll do extra chores tomorrow too!" Spike pleaded.

"Okay." Twilight closed her eyes again.

She finally spoke up.

"In the beginning, 10,000 years ago there was.......nothing."

The End...