Grimshot is taken as a apprentice by Blade, the mysterious Commader with the burnt face





Shining Armour



Chapter 1Edit

In the Land of equestria there lived a queen of the name Celestia, the riser of the sun and moon...Celestia had a sister of the name Luna, she onced used to be the riser of the moon...but the sister became depressed at the time, when fillys stallions and mares would go out and play for when her sister raised the sun, while...they slept and stayed in for when the beutiful and glorious moon that would shine across equestria, one fateful night Celestia's sister Luna would refuse to lower the moon, and the ponys also became depressed, Celestia tried to reason with her sister...but it was pointless, Luna had turned into a evil force, a force called Nightmare moon, the two sisters had a fierce battle, but in the end, Celestia use these certain artifacts called the Elements of harmony, to banish her sister to the moon...

now, before Twilight sparkle came to be freinds with the folk of ponyville, before the mane 3 stallions came to be twilights freinds aswell...well maybe except for Blaze, there was 2 ponys....who had freindship before the mane 9 elements of harmony...our story begins in the Everfree forrest, when Celestias elite gaurds were fighting off Manticores that have been terrorizeing pony ville. There were 3 ponys, 1 in silver armor that were in the back of the formation, one in Golden armour and finally the leader, who was in dragon scale armour, with a pure diamond mask

One of the stallions by the name of Lighting Scratch (no relation to rainbow dash) goes up to the stallion in Scale armour, 'where do you think these manticores are Blade?' says Lighting Dash. One of the ponies puts there hoof on Lighting's shoulder. 'You know Blade dosent like being talked to while on a mission' says Axel. 'It was only a quest-' suddenly Blade stops, leaving the others confused. 'Whats wrong Blade?'. Blade stands there with his hoof out, the forrest goes silent, aswell as the other guards. Blade then slowly takes out his sword. 'Sir, are they near?' Blade then shushes him, making him a bit outraged, because of the fact that his life may be in danger of the manticores. They go silent once again, but then the silence breaks with bushes being russeled, Blade shoves one of the ponies out of the way to block a strike from a manticore, Blade finally speaks with only a few words 'There here!'. The other elite ponies draw there swords for combat, the other 3 manticores charge at full speed, Lighting Scratch cuts off one of the manticores legs while charging, then stabs it in the mouth, blood covering his blade, suddenly another manticore jumps at Lighing Dash, leaving him without a chance to block, the manticore bites Lighting Scratch's leg, leaving him serverly injured. Axel sees Lighting Scratch about to be attacked again and so he Pushes the manticore he was fighting off him and jumps on the manitcores back attacking Lighting. The manticore roars nearly making Axel fall off the manticores back, but is still holding on gradully. While Axel is riding on the manticores back, Blade is approached by the two other manticores, one of the manticores jump at Blade, but suddenly Blade puches it in the stomach, then he cuts off its limbs, the other manticore sees a chance to attack Blade, but then is met with a slash of Blades sword, decapitating its head. Blade then sees the manticore with the cut limbs in pain, but without hesitation, sticks his sword in his mouth (dayum Blade is one cold mother bucker :P), Blade then sees Axel riding the other manticore, Blade then throws his Sword up, cathes it and then throws it, piercing the manticores leg, making it stagger. Axel then delivers the final blow stabbing the manticore in the back. The battle was finally over, but Lighting Scratch was still in a lot of pain, Axel goes over to Scratch to see if he was okay. Blade then speaks for a second time, 'You were a fool for stopping your battle and then taking over Lighting Scratch's'. Axel responds with a negative tone. 'He was injured Blade! I couldent just leave him to fight the manticore with a injured leg'. Blade then turns around, sheateing his sword. 'It was his own doing, you shouldent of helped him, it was his battle' says Blade in a uncaring tone. Axel then gets angry, but before he could say anything Lighting Scratch holds him back. 'Its best you dont anger the captain' Axel then hesitates. 'I think you should listen to Lighting Scratch'. Axel with a angerd expression on his face, goes to pick up Lighting Scratch. 'Your wings still work dont they, use them, we need to go to the mayor of ponyville to tell him the jobs done, then we should get back to canterlot'. Blade then moves on, while Axel is helping up Lighting Dash. 'Dont worry, his right, i can still use my wings'. Lighting Scratch then flys on foward. 'I will see you guys at ponyville!' Lighting Scratch suddenly is out of sight leaving Axel and Blade alone.

Chapter 2: The ChaseEdit

Ponyville, even though its not as graceful or as pretty as canterlot, it was still a beautiful town. The mayor at the time was Bumbleworth, even though it sounds like a Canterlot name, it is suprisenly not, the reason his name is Bumbleworth is because his ancestors were once great honey harvesters, kinda like the Apple family. Blade and Axel went into centrel ponyville to see Lighting Scratch perving on one of the girls, making him get punched in the face.As the mare is storming off Axel helps him up. 'Your still the same as always, i cant imagine you having a child'. Lighting Dash rubs his face in pain saying 'well, you'll be suprised, many mares like a man who is determined' Blade then interupts there converse. 'We dont have time for banter, we need to notify the mare and then get back to canterlot' Blade then walks on ahead. Lighting then whispers to Axel, 'Do you think the captain is a bit in love with his work?'. Axel then replys with 'No...his just a soldier, maybe thats all his good for' Lighting Scratch then looks over to Blade with a worried look. 'I wonder what made him like this, he couldent have been like this as a filly could he?'. A few minutes later they come to the mayors office. 'Hello there chaps, is the job done?' 'Yes, it is done' says Blade. 'Oh this is wonderful news, the manticores have- 'we dont have time for a celebration, we need to go back to canterlot' Blade then turns away from the mayor and goes through the door. 'Oh, err yes, im sure your very busy' says Bumbleworth. Axel then turns to Bumble. 'Sorry, his like that, we were happy to help'. As Axel is walking away Lighting turns to the mayor. 'I would be very happy if you threw us a party, but dont make it a suasage fest'. 'Oh yes, certainly' says the mayor. 'And while your at it, could you bring that green mare, i think her name is Smith, i would be very much-' But then Lighting is interupted by Axel. 'Come on Lighting!'. 'Ok!...just remember what i said' and so Lighting goes out of the mayors office. 'Oh my...what a wierd bunch...' Lighting Scratch, Axel go out of the office to see Blade contacting a guard with a flare. 'Woah Blade easy on the-' but before lighting could finish his sentence, Blade shoots the flare into the air, leaving the bystanders confused and scared. 'Did you really have to do that?...' says Axel with a annoyed expression. 'how else was i going to get to canterlot without a ride?' says Blade putting away his Flare gun. 'Err...train?' says Lighting Scratch. 'I dont like public travel, i like to think freely without foals crying or some teens chatting about a boy band' says Blade turning to Axel and Scratch. 'You really thought this through, havent you?' says Lighting. 'Well i guess im more oraginized and intelligent...unlike some ponies' says Blade looking at Lighting, then walking away. '...I couldent tell if he was smiling under his mask...' says Lighting Scratch. 'Well, i know for a fact that he pwned you' says Axel smiling. Lighting then looks at Axel with a annoyed look. 'You enjoyed saying that, didnt you?'. 'Oh most definitely' says Axel with a smirk on his face. Axel then walks away from Lighting, still with a grin on his face. 'Oh ha ha, very funny' says Lighting following Axel.

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