Yeh, so basicully thars gonna be a gig i meun big upcuming fic of EM EL PEE FUN SEAREAS ahnd sence everywun else wus dein eit, i fought, HAY, i culd do some crap like that, su beahold, der infu pege urf EM EL PEE FUN SEAREAS TEH MUVIE. (sorry i did this page like ages ago but my computer froze and i wasn't botherd to do this long shit again so thats wai eim spulling su HARRIBLE)

Plot (not that kind of plot i mean the storyline perv :P)Edit

So basically, after the Harmony Wars III (oh btw there was a war, BUT IT WAS NO BIEG DEEAL :P) Luna saw how tired the mane friends and the OC's were, so she gave them all tickets to go somewhere else, but only had 6 tickets for the mane girls to go to Fillydelphia, but she did have enough tickets for the OC's to go Los Pegasus. Another group of friends were pretty sick of Ponyville aswell, so they put their money together to go to MEHB...sorry i was watching PewDiePie and that sound he made is stuck in my head, anyway they put their money together to go to Germaney. Also if your curious about who the other friends are they are teh BECKGRUEND CHARECTERS, the background characters in this are

Doctor Whooves



Bon Bon



And thats all the plot (THE STORYLINE KIND OF PLOT) your getting.

Characters (yeh i kno you guys know the characters already but in the words of Pewds...I DONT CARE!!!)Edit

Blaze - Blaze is the brother of the famous Vinyl, who soon becomes famous himself...for being a complete perv. Even though Blaze can be a ass and a perv, he can care about his friends very much and this movie will explain why Blaze became a perv in the first place, ermergerd.

Grimshot - Grimshot used to be a royal guard for Princess Celestia, but retired ever since he had a injury which will be explained in the movie. He did heal overtime, but he didn't think that being a royal guard was for him anymore, so he went to Ponyville, where he met Blaze and a old frienime of his Phazon.

Phazon - Phazon is a very mysterious pony, no one knows how he was created, why he became the evil thing he was in MLP Episode 1. Really the only pony who knows him the most is Grimshot, but not even he knows how Phazon was created, he only found him as a filly and secretly cared for him...BUT NO MOAR, you shall find out moar in the muvie :3

Windrider - Windrider is the reason why Phazon survived the night of the arrival of Blaze and Grimshot. She is a very secretive pony at times and she also has a very dark secret, which Zephyr will tell Phazon is the movie. At times people think Windrider is not very strong because shes a mare and she only comes off as a harmless cook, but over the years Windrider has trained in the art of Judo (if you dont like Windrider to use this style of fighting notify me Raven) and she can be very defensive...and offense when it comes to Blaze.

Shockwave - Shockwave is a pony who loves to have fun, but she can also sometimes be very lazy and just stay in the house most of the time. Also Shockwave is probably only one of the few ponies who is bi-sexual, so sometimes there can be some pretty awkward moments between her and her friends.

Zephyr - Zephyr is probably only one of the few ponies who can stand up to the abilities of Pinkie Pies partying, only that Zephyrs parties are more adult like where Pinkies parties are more childish. The only other difference between Pinkie and her is that Pinkie can defie the laws of physics, but Pinkie is still probably Zephyrs second best friend, Windrider being her first.

Nightmoon - Nightmoon is a gentlecolt and unlike Blaze, he treats all women with respect, while Blaze only respects only a few women, this is why Blaze and Nightmoon are instead of being friends, they are more like frenimes. Also Nightmoon has a special crush on Vinyl, but sadly Vinyl is Blaze's brother, so this can be very hard for Nightmoon to tell the truth to the person he loves, especially when your crush is the sister of your frienemy.

Chico - Chico is a magnet for attention, but sometimes this is bad because many of mares think that she will take their colts away from them, so its very hard for her to talk to most mares and its hard to talk to colts because the mares will take them away from her. Luckily she found the troublemakers of Ponyville and they actually give her a chance.

Epic Coffe - Epic Coffe used to be part of the Wonderbolts (which can be bad because Rainbow Dash asks her so many questions) but also she can be very addicted to coffe and her cutie mark can confuse alot of ponies because its a cup of coffe with wings on it. This is because when she was younger she did a racing competition, while drinking a cup of coffe, she did not let a single bit of coffe come out of the cup and soon this became a type of racing match, and thats how she got her cutie mark :P (If you dont like that story Sweetie then tell me what you would like it to be)

Doctor Whooves - Doctor Whooves used to be a alien in a form of a human called The Time Lord, one day he was on the Tardis when it malfunctioned and he came to Equestria and so he met the clumsy pony Ditzy Doo, mostly known among ponies as Derpy Whooves. Now Derpy and The Doctor go on wild adventures but this time they thought going on a vacation would be the best idea.

Ditzy Doo - Ditzy is the mail carrier of Ponyville, but also the most clumsy one in Ponyville, Ditzy can be picked on alot by the ponies of Ponyville and she can be made very sad by this. But then she met a pony who truly understood her and that pony is Doctor Whooves, after they met they went on wild adventures and now this time they are going on a vacation along with some other ponies.

Lyra - Lyra is known for acting like a human, which can freak out many ponies of Ponyville because most of them dont even know what a human is. Lyra is seen hanging out with Bon Bon most of the time, they like going to the cafe where The Troublemakers of Ponyville go.

Bon Bon - Bon Bon is a french pony (i want to make her french because Bon Bon means candy in french :P) who is seen most of the time with Lyra Heartstrings, they go to the local cafe where they talk about various things and since its Ponyville, theres alot to talk about.

Vinyl - Vinyl is a DJ pony, her stage name is DJ-PON 3 and she is the brother of Blaze Scratch, known across Ponyville for his pervyness. She lives with Octavia, who have very different music tastes, but still are great friends. Also Vinyl is known for solving solutions mostly with wubs

Octavia - Octavia is a pony who adores classical music, unlike Vinyl who loves dubstep, but they are somehow still friends, Octavia is known for playing the cello at concerts at Ponyville.

okai, i meight muke moar beut i dunt know lel, maibe i will add moar butt yu will ned tu weit

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