A old evil awakens, Dracos the leader of the Disharmonies is back to wreck havoc around Equestria, while Blaze and Corkscrew switch places.





Applejack (MLP Fan Series)

Applejack (Corkscrew: Peace or War?)




Shining Armor


Rainbow Dash


Pinkie Pie




Citizens of Ponyvile/Canterlot/Cloudsdale/Trottingem

Trailer 1: The Fall of CanterlotEdit

0:00 (Shows mane 6 going in Celestia's throne room)

0:03 Twilight: What's wrong princess?

0:05 (looks out window)

0:07 Celestia: A ancient evil is returning Twilight...

0:09 Rarity: What will you have us do about it Princess?

0:11 (Turns back at mane 6)

0:13 Celestia:Nothing...

0:15 Mane 6: What?!

0:18 (big ship appears over ponyville)

0:21 Rainbow Dash: What do you mean do nothing?!

0:24 Celestia: I want you to evacuate with the rest of Ponyville

0:26 Applejack: Not to be rude Princess, but we've been fought with a few nasty criters, why cant we fight with this one?

0:32 Rainbow Dash: Yeah, whats so evil about this one?

0:36 (Celestia walks up to Rainbow Dash)

0:41 Celestia:No Rainbow Dash, this pony is not only Evil and has no good in him at all...he also has no heart.

0:44 Celestia: (shows Dracos in fire) That man knows fear like no other...

0:46 Celestia: His is full of evil and greed and he will destroy anything to get what he wants...

0:50 (Shows Dracos luaghing manicly in the fire)

0:53 (Shows Ponies screaming and running away into the trains)

0:55 (Ship shoots lasers all over Canterlot)

0:58 (Ship lands on few houses)

1:00 (Ship door opens)

1:02 (Shows Dracos with a evil grin)


(Shows Princess's palace being blown up)


(Shows Grimshot falling off cliff)

(Corkscrew grabs Grimshots hoof)


(Shows Blaze and Rainbow Dash in a pool looking deeply into eachother's eyes) <---- lol, thats never going to happen


(Shows Phazon kneeling before Dracos)


(Shows Grimshot hugging a beaten Phazon)


(Shows Dracos and Corkscrew pressing there swords together)


(Shows Luna carrying Twilight)


(Shows the gang running from an army of Disharmonie soldiers)


(Shows Corkscrew getting pushed out of a window)


(Shows mane gang on exploding Disharmonie ship)


(Shows a bloodied Grimshot crawling on the floor)


(Shows Celestia's crown on the floor)


(Shows Blaze picking up a sword)


(Shows Windrider standing up to Phazon)


(Shows a pony with a diamond face plate)


(Shows Derpy dropping a muffin)


Trailer 2: CorkscrewEdit

0:00 (shows Corkscrew looking over Ponyville)

0:10 Corkscrew: Nobody could foretell their return

0:15 (shows Disharmonie soldiers walking in a formation in Canterlot)

0:20 Corkscrew: everytime Dracos takes over a city the Disharmonies get stronger and more ponies die.

0:25 (Shows a colt getting executed by a Disharmonie)

0:30 Corkscrew:so what do i say?...

0:35 Corkscrew: I say we fight back...

0:40 Corkscrew: Or we die...

0:45 Corkscrew: But I know I am not alone

0:50 Corkscrew: There are alternative versions of harmony soldiers in this universe...

1:00 Corkscrew: And im going to find them...

1:05 (Shows Blaze running away from a Disharmonie mare)

1:10 (Shows Windrider judo throwing a Disharmonie colt)

1:15 (Shows Blaze pulling back a branch and whacking it in the mare's face)

1:20 (Shows Phazon walking with limp in the cumbling hospital)

1:25 Corkscrew:But i fear some of them have already been forced to join the Disharmonies

1:30 (Shows a white colt getting in the way of Phazon's escape)

1:35 Corkscrew: And im sure they have freinds who are willing to go with them every step of the way

1:40 (Shows Grimshot slicing the neck of a Disharmonie with a knife)

1:45 (Shows Rainbow Dash thrusting a spear into a Disharmonie)

1:50 (Shows Zephyr whacking a Disharmonie is the balls with a tire iron)

1:55 Corkscrew: And with the remaining Harmony soldiers, we can rebuild the Harmony army...

2:00 Corkscrew: And strike back!

2:05 (Shows Corkscrew and mane freinds leading a army)

2:10 (Pulls out a sword)

2:15 (Points it over to Ponyville)

2:20 (All the harmony soldiers run down to ponyville)

2:25 (The Disharmonie soldiers run to the harmony soldiers)

2:30 (Grimshot tackles a Disharmonie soldier and stabs him in the chest)

2:35 (Grimshot turns to see a sword near his neck)

2:40 Grimshot: You...


Trailer 3: DracosEdit

0:00 Dracos: We have returned...

0:02 Dracos: For thousand of years you have sat on you're seat of power, rulling the land once known as Glucrose...

0:08 Dracos: But finally...

0:10 Dracos: I can retake a role that should've been mine thousands of years ago...

0:14 Dracos: The ruler of the land now known as Equestria...

0:17 Dracos: And any pony who opposes me...

0:20 Dracos: Will be Eliminated...

0:22 Dracos: But anypony who wishes to join me...

0:25 Dracos: Will be more then welcome...

0:28 (Shows Phazon walking to Dracos in the princesses throne room)

0:32 Dracos: So you decided to come back...

0:35 Dracos: ...But there is one harmony...who still thinks he can bring back the harmony order...

0:40 (Shows Corkscrew looking over Canterlot)

0:43 Dracos: He is a fool...

0:45 (Shows a mother with her filly running away)

0:48 (Mother trips while filly is still running away)

0:51 (Filly stops and looks back mother)

0:54 Mother:RUN AWAY CHICO!

0:56 (filly hesitates but then runs away)

1:00 (Disharmony colt grabs mare and puts a sack over her head)

1:05 Dracos: He thinks he will be able to save everyone from the Disharmony Order...he is truly mistaken...

1:10 (Shows Disharmony soldiers fighting Harmony soldiers)

1:15 (Disharmony soldier gets silced open by Harmony soldier)

1:20 (Dracos come onto the battlefield)

1:25 (Dracos puts his hoof thorugh the Harmony soldiers chest)

1:30 (Harmony soldier tries to attack Dracos)

1:35 (But only to be decapitated by Dracos)

1:40 (Dracos's ear pricks up and he turns around to engage his sword with Corkscrew's)

1:45 Dracos: The Harmony order will fall...

1:50 (Shows Dracos holding Corkscrew over a cliff)

COMING SOON (or not :P)

Chapter 1: The Soldier with emotions...Edit

I've always wanted to live a peaceful life...after the Disharmonies were defeated I always wanted to retire and settle down, maybe on a little farm on the coast. But we we're being overwhelmed, we had to retreat, so we got on the kings ship and did a evacuation. But before we knew it, Dracos's ship was on our tail and his ships tentacles grabbed ahold of us. There was a furious battle on the ship, Harmony and Disharmonies clashing left and right, including Dracos the leader himself. But unexpectedly, the engine of the ship got coverd in dark harmony and it exploded, making me travel through time, or even another universe! When I awoke, I was in the new Glucrose, otherwise known as Equestria. I got hungery so i bucked a apple tree, after that I got tired and so i went to sleep. The next day i bucked the same appletree only to be interupted by a orange mare, her name was Applejack. After a little chase she decided that I could keep the apple and thats when I met Big Mactintosh. He was kind enough to lend me a job and let me sleep in the barn. I have to say, its not a luxuray hotel, but its better then nothing. After a while I took some sort of affection to Applejack, I started to fancy her but I didnt want to tell her about my feelings just incase she throws me out. But suprisingly enough...She had the same feelings for me, and then we had our first kiss, by the river where Applejack goes to think. Everything was going ok, untill the incident. I had alot of rage inside of me, so i let it all out with a kick into a appletree, not knowing it was probably the worst mistake of my life. The tree fell on Applejack, severly injuring her. After that she was in rage, and she wanted me off the farm, so I left and I went to Fillydelphia, regretting giving Applejack those injure's. A few weeks later I came back to ponyville, to the pond, where me and AJ had our first kiss. After I starred into the pond for quite a long time, I heard a familier voice. It was Applejack! I never thought i was she those green diamond eyes again. She told me how she was looking for me, and how she missed me. After that we kissed and I promised myself to never leave Applejack's side again. A few weeks later, there was a knock on the door. It was my mentor Neo and my friends. They were here to take me back to Glucrose, but i wasn't going to leave my new family so easily. Neo actually accepted this and said his final goodbyes, leaving me to a peaceful life. After that there was only one more thing to do...And thats ask Applejack to marry me. She was astonished by this, aswell as speechless. That one word, that one simple word was probably the best thing i could hear in my entire life. "Yes". And so, we had a wedding, it wasn't fancy, but Applejack was not into that kind of thing, she was just happy that her freinds were there. After that day many of my dreams were coming true, I did get to live a peaceful life and I did get to live on a farm, obviously very close to Ponyville. One day me and Applejack went to Mr. and Mrs.Cake's shop to get a celebration cake for our anniversary. But when we were there we saw Pinkie Pie playing with Mr and Mrs Cakes fillys. Eventually the little stallion grabbed my hoof and wanted me to pick him up, Mr and Mrs.Cake was fine with this and so I picked him up, after i gave him to Applejack and I told her she would be a great mother. After that me and Applejack thought of having a child, this took a while of course because having a baby is a big responsiblity and it could change our lifes dramaticly, but I loved her too damn much, so we had one, she was a beautiful little earth pony, we named her Applescrew, were not the best at coming up with names but it was good enough. She was a beautiful foal, she had the eyes of her mother and the strength of her father, she was perfect. It has been quite a few years now, Applescrew was 4 and me and Applejack were getting older. But after all these years, I never would've of thought this would happen. I was on the couch reading the Equestria Daily when i heard the mail slot open. I put down my paper and walked over to the door. I looked down and saw a mail card, but it was really damaged and chewed up. "Hmph, perfect mail carrying service my plot" I say opening the mail. When I opened it, the letter inside was even more badly damaged and burnt. "Corkscrew, I know that all of the things you want to hear this is probably the worst thing, I know you must have a great life with you're love, but this is more important then you and you're love, this will effect multiple universies". "What, who sent me this letter?". "The Disharmonies have returned but not only will they return to you're universe, but many others, and our only hope is that you gather up the old Harmonies and form a new Harmony order". "What is going?!". "Im sorry Corkscrew, but this is the only way, by the time you read this ill already be dead, I hope you bring Harmony to you're universe and many others, you're mentor Neo". "Neo...". "P.S, theres also a little package for you in this letter". I empty the the mail carrying the letter to find Dark Harmony inside. "!" I scream dropping the dark harmony. "Is somethin wrong sugercube?" says Applejack going down the stairs. Applejack then sees Corkscrew dissapear right before her eyes. "Corkscrew!" shouts Applejack runnning down the stairs. But before she could run any further, another light flashes before her eyes nearly making her blind. When Applejack opens her eyes again she sees a white pony lying on the floor, with blue blazing hair. The pony gets up groaning in pain. "Where am i?..." says the white pony scrathcing his blue mane.

Chapter 2: The Pervert who hardly had any emotions...Edit

Applejack was in awe as she saw the white pony before her. The white pony got up and rubbed the back of his neck in pain and then said. "Can you make me a sandwich?". Suddenly Applejack grits her teeth. "YA JUST RANDOMLY CAME IN MAH HOME AND YOU ASK ME TO MAKE YA A SANDWICH?!" shouts Applejack. "...Yes..." says Blaze eating a apple. "YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE OF MAH APPLES!" says Applejack enraged. Blaze then suddenly realises Applejack is before him. "Applejack?" says Blaze eating his apple. "How do you know my name?" says Applejack confused. "Are you kidding me AJ? Im your boyfreind" says Blaze taking another bite out of the apple. "Look just get out of my house alright!" shouts Applejack going down the stairs. "Woah Applejack calm down, you know me" says Blaze dropping the apple. "Ah dont, now get out of my house!" says Applejack picking up a baseball bat. "You're so sexy when you're in rage" says Blaze stepping away from Applejack. Suddenly Applejack swings her bat at Blaze, barely missing. "Since when do you have a random baseball bat lying around?" says Blaze looking at the bat. "I wont miss the second time..." says Applejack still holding the bat. "OK OK!" shouts Blaze coming out of the house. Applejack then immeaditly slams the door on Blaze. "...Well that could've gone better..." says Blaze walking away from home. Inside the house Applejack puts her back on the door then slides down and sigh's. Applescrew then comes down stairs confused. "Whats wrong mummy?". "Nothing sugercube...Its nothing..." says Applejack looking up at the ceiling. Blaze walks to ponyville, spotting Appleacres. "I hope at least Applebloom and Big Mac remember me at least..." says Blaze sighing. A few minutes later Blaze is knocking on Apple Acres door. The pony to open the door is a yellow teen earth pony with red hair. "May ah help you?" says the yellow pony. "Applebloom?!" says Blaze with his jaw dropped. "How do you know mah name?" says Applebloom leaning on the wall. "Its me Blaze! Why are you wearing clothes?" says Blaze confused. "Excuse me?". Blaze suddenly hears a familier voice. "Applebloom, who is it?" shouts Big Mac. "Its some wierd naked white pony" says Applebloom. "Probably just another flasher, just close the door". Just when Applebloom is about to close the door, Blaze puts his hoof inbetween the door. "Please dont close the door, im not sure how I got here I dont know why you guys dont remember me, but the only guess i have is this is another universe..." says Blaze very seriously. Applebloom hesitates. "Big Mac...". "What is it Applebloom?". "I think this pony maybe from Corkscrews time..." says Applebloom. Suddenly theres a silence. "Let him in" says Big Mac. Applebloom then opens the door wide open for Blaze. "Come in" says Applebloom happily. Her mood just changed instantly and whos Corkscrew? Sounds like something you would open a bottle with. When I came into the house, It seemed very differant, many pictures were gone and many were new pictures of Applejack and supposedly this Cork fella. Blaze sits down on the couch. "Tell me whats going on, why dont you guys remember me, why doesn't Applejack remember me?!" says Blaze sitting down like Lyra. "Corkscrew once told me about what made him come ere, when you come into contact with a dark source called Dark Harmony, you get randomly transported to a different time or a universe". This made Blaze very uncomfortable and uneasy and he started to get dizzy. "So...why do you guys have clothes on now and whos Corkscrew?" says Blaze trying to wrap his head around all this. "Corkscrew is a soldier from a long time ago, he came here by mistake and met young Applejack" says Big Mac. "Alright, so why is everypony wearing clothes then?" says Blaze scratching his head. Applebloom comes in with some tea. "Its became a rule now, many towns were looking down on ponyville just because we didnt wear clothes, so the mayor planned for some tailor shops to be built in ponyville" says Applebloom placing down cups of tea. That really made Blaze dizzy and uneasy. "No...this cant be true...this is all just a dream" says Blaze getting off the sofa shaking his head. "Calm down Blaze, i know this must be hard for you to take in-". But Blaze ignores Big Mac and stumbles into the kitchen, making Applebloom look at Big Mac with a worried expression. Blaze stumbles some more, knocking over a few plates. He goes over to the sink to wash his face. "This is all just a dream, ponyville would never bring clothes into the society" says Blaze breathing heavily. Blaze looks up to a window to see a mare dropping her phone, goes to pick it up but she doesn't show her flank becuase she has jeans on. This makes Blaze faint and probably puts him in a coma.

Chapter 3: Corkscrew meets the gang / Time is running outEdit

I Awoke in a cave, writhing in pain, no trip with? Dark Harmony is ever a sweet and peaceful ride.? I never knew such small Dark Harmony could transport me somewhere else, damn you Neo why did you have to do this to me! There are many other harmony soldiers out there, anyone but me! Suddenly i realized something, Neo said on the letter "by the time you've read this, i'll be dead". Does this mean Dracos killed Neo and the other Harmony soldiers? My hatred for Neo quickly turned to Dracos. "That son of a bitch! I wont forgive him". After my little outburst i heard a familer western voice, it was Applejack! I was about to follow the cries of my lover when i suddenly realized, this isn't the same universe, this is a different one, Applejack will not know me and will probably already have a lover at this point in time. Before i could hide she saw me, very confused. "What in tarnation?! You're not Blaze, who are ya?". I looked to Applejacks side to see a bag full of apples, she must've been applebucking with this "Blaze", who might also be her lover. Applejack notices that im staring at her apples. "Oh...are you a homeless pony?" says Applejack lowering her voice. I wish to say yes but then I realized im not here to stay at any ponies house, im here to go to Princess Celestia and warn her. "No actually, im here on a mission, if i told you im sure you would not believe me". I got up and tried to walk away from the pony i loved, but she stopped me by her hoof. "Trust me sugarcube, ah've seen some pretty wierd stuff, I can handle it". I was more confident to say my story after that, so we both sat on come tree trunks and i? told my wild story....

"Wow...ah...ah dont know what to say" says Applejack taking her hat off and rubbing her mane. As she took her hat off i got to have a glimpse of her lovely blonde mane, I really wish i could kiss Applejack at this moment, but it would either make me lose her trust or it would make me break the relationship of Applejack and this Blaze character. "Well if you come from another alternate universe, then i think you ought to talk to Twi, ahnd if ya from this alternate universe, im sure you will know her". Ah yes, Twilight is a brilliant magic expert, I talked to her at our wedding...I remember that conversation very well. Applejack sits up from the tree trunk and walks on to Ponyville. "Well? Aint'cha coming?" says Appplejack looking back at me. I nod. I got up from the tree trunk and then I followed AJ to Ponyville.

Me and Applejack? was in Twilights rooms and as? always Twilight was very observant, she was very intrested in my story and it was very intrigued by me inparticular. "Wow, I just cant believe this, I thought the Crystal Ponies were amazing but this! You were from a time where Equestria was even more advanced!" says Twilight very exicted. "Yes but-". "This is just so amazing, how was it like back then? Were the buildings even taller than skyscrapers? What was the technology like, what did scientists discover?" says Twilight bouncing with joy. "We were a advance race, but it was nothing like that Twilight, actually it was pure hell, all the grass and plants died out, buildings were crumbling and many ponies died all because of some stupid war...". The purple little ponies expression changes immensely, and so it turns into a sad look. "Oh im sorry...I got a bit carried away" says Twilight looking down on the floor. I did not want to make the pony even sadder than she is, but i had to tell them the truth. "I think you may want to hold your sympathy Twilight Sparkle, because that war is coming here". This made Applejack and Twilight very shocked and concerned. "What in tarnation?! Why didnt you tell me sooner, we could've of gotten on a train? to Canterlot!" says Applejack in a angry tone. "Well if? I remember correctly, the Applejack in other universe told me you six were the Elements of Harmony, so I wanted all of you to come with me". Suddenly Applejack and Twilight gave me confused looks. "Wait, what do you mean another me?"? says Applejack taking her hat off and rubbing her mane. "I will have to explain another time, but we really need to go" I say getting up going down the ladder from Twilights room. "Yes your right, I'll go and gather the rest of the girls, AJ you walk Corkscrew up to the train station to Canterlot. "Will do sugarcube" says Applejack going down the ladder after me.

Me and AJ sat down on the station, waiting for the mane 6 to come back. "So, how long have you been fighting in this war and how do you know its comin here?" says Applejack sitting on the bench. "Celestia, i really dont know now, I dont even know if this is the second Harmony war or the honest I just want this to end". I say looking down. Applejack saw how exuasted I looked, how much pain I was in, she wanted to comfort me, say everything will be ok. "I haven't known you for that long Mr.Cork, but dont worry, everything will be ok, our Princess will be able to sort it out". "But thats what im fearing, what if Celestia wont be able to help us, Dracos is a totally different villian to? any you've faced, the others just seemed like a threat, but Dracos, not only will he threaten you, he will actually mean it, I dont know what that man thinks in his mind, but all I know is, no ones going to come out of this war alive". This made AJ fall silent. Great, seems everywhere I go I just sadden little ponies, why did you have to bring me here Neo? Why... Suddenly I hear hopping. "WE'RE GOING ON A TRIP TO CANTERLOT, WE'RE GOING ON? A TRIP TO CANTERLOT, WE'RE GOING ON A TRIP TOOOO~". Pinkie Pie is? suddenly silenced by Rarity. "Please darling, we're going on a train, not some road trip". "So this is the Corkscrew guy you were talking about? Doesn't look so tough to me" says Rainbow Dash smugly. I wasn't in the mood for smug brats. "Look, I know who you are Rainbow Dash and I know you have a big ego, but this isn't time for some petty competition! If your gonna think about your looks and impressing everyone, then I dont think you should even come". I get off the bench and go on the train. "Why that little!-". Rainbow is held back by her friends. "Please Rainbow Dash! Calm down, Corkscrews been through alot, he didn't mean it" says Applejack struggling to hold back Rainbow. "I dont care! That stallion just dissed me!" says Rainbows Dash trying to let go of her friends grip. "Please calm down Rainbow Dash, im sure Mr.Screw didnt mean it says Fluttershy in a quiet tone. Rainbow Dash stops trying to let go of her friends grip. "Fine" says Rainbow Dash blowing a part of her mane off her face. "But if he makes one more comment about my ego, Im going to pummel him to the ground!" says Rainbow hitting her hooves together. As Rainbow walks into the train all of her friends let out a sigh.

Grimshot goes into Twilights house to see her preparing. "Can i come in Twilight?" says Grimshot. "Yes, what is it?" says Twilight gathering her things. "I heard you were going to Canterlot, should i come, I know the Princess after all". "Nope we're fine" says Twilight strugling to find her things. "Ok...Then should I help you get ready?". Grimshot pulls out a book with his blue magic. "No im fine, put that book back" says Twilight putting a book about Anthrology in her bag. Grimshot puts the book back, but not in the exact same spot. "What do you think your doing?! Thats not where it was, it was on the shelve above that one you just put it in". "Oh, sorry". Grimshot tries to take out the book but it was wedged in the book shelf. "Oh what now" says Twilight impatiently. "Its stuck..." says Grimshot still trying to pull it out. "Come on, you're a retired soldier, are you saying a book stuck in a book shelf is too hard for you?" says Twilight finally packing up her things. That little sentence made Grimshot ticked off and so he tried to pull out the book with all his might, only for it to make the book case fall. "Oh oh..." Twilight putting her backpack on her. "Watch out!". Grimshot tackles Twilight barely missing the falling book case. Smoke goes around the whole room. When the smoke finally dissapeared it showed Grimshot on Twilight nose to nose making them both blush. Grimshot gets off Twilight awkwardly. "Ahem...Look Grimshot, we are fine, anyway I think you should stay here so you can check up on Phazon" says Twilight still slightly blushing. "Yeah i guess you're  right, what about the mess?". "Spike will clean it up" says Twilight going out of the house. "Who's Spike?" says Grimshot confused.

Spike was chained up on a chair next to a red dragon. A pony with a fedora and glasses goes up to him. "Now, are you gonna tell me where you hid those diamonds?" says the pony chewing on a stick. Spike spits in his face. "Go to hell!".

Shockwave then comes in to see Grimshot sitting on Twilights rug. "You alright dude? You seem a bit rosey cheeked". Grimshot then touches his cheeks, whishing they would stop blushing. "No im fine, my best friend is in hospital, my other best friend is probably in another universe clopping and ever since I slept with the Princess's student, its like I cant talk to her properly anymore, not knowing if she's forgiven me, so yeah, IM FAN BUCKING TASTIC". "Sorry I asked" says Shockwave walking over to Grimshot. "Sigh. Im sorry, im just stressed" says Grimshot rubbing his face. "Dont worry dude, we've been through quite alot, and im sure your the one whos been through most of it". "Its not just me, its Phazon aswell, I regret that I said all those things to him, now look where he is, his in hospital in pain, and now a ancient threat is supposedly returning? This is just a pain in the plot". Shockwave then suddenly hugs Grimshot. "Dont worry dude, I think you just need a hug". I dont remember the last time i've been hugged, It feels so warm, and so refreshing, wow, I never knew Shockwave was so caring. "I love you...". "What?" says Grimshot looking down at Shockwave. Shockwave opens her eyes to show them red. "Shock, are you high...". "If Magic Mike is gay, then i must be high..." says Shockwave chuckling. Grimshot sigh's but he hugs Shockwave back anyway. "I think I better get you home before a guard sees you with those sort of eyes". "They dont know me...I might just have a eye infection". "Yeah but the way your acting, It makes it seem you're high".

Chapter 4 - Arriving in CanterlotEdit

Corpses...Burning fields...Screaming ponies running for their life...Thats all I saw as I was laying on the dead field of grass and flowers...Then I saw him...The white pony who haunts my dreams, standing before a great sea of fire...Dracos...He turned to me, his eyes were full of hatred and the hunger to kill. He walked over to me, one slow step at a time. I tried to get up only to realize there was a sword pierced right through my back. There was no escape, I just layed there as Dracos walked towards me. With every deep breath I took he came closer and closer, there was no escape for me, I just layed there as I waited for my fate. As soon as Dracos was going to stomp on my head, I find myself on a train, to see that I sliced a part of Rarity's hair with my sword. "Oh Celestia! I didnt-". "Dont worry darling...I think it was time for a change" Rarity then gets a mirror and gets teary eyed. "What in Celestia were you dreaming about to make you do that?!" says Twilight pointing her hoof at a sad Rarity whos being comforted by Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. "It...It was nothing...". I look out the window to see that we were nearly at our destination. I see at the corner of my eye that Twilight still wanted to persist on asking me questions, but she decided to leave me alone.

Finally we were here, Canterlot, even though i've lived in a universe similier to this, I've never actually been to Canterlot, or even seen the Princess. From what I can see, this location seems a lot more fancy and posh than Ponyville, seems like Rarity's kind of place...But I think shes too sad about her hair at the moment to care about the enviroment. As the train stops we are greeted by a white stallion unicorn with a blue mane. "Twily!". "BBBFF!" says Twilight running to the stallion. "BBB what?" I say confused. "It's what she calls her big brother, it means Big Brother Best Friend Forever" says Applejack. Shining Armor picks up Twilight and spins her around and hugs her as tight as he could, then he puts her back down. "What are you doing here Big brother, wheres Cadence?" says Twilight looking left and right to try and spot Cadence. "She's not here, the Princess asked me to escort you to her palace myself". "Why is there something wrong?" says Fluttershy. "I'll let the Princess explain...". Suddenly Shining Armor spots me and examines me. "You must be the pony who Celestia was talking about" says Shining. What?! How does Princess Celestia know me?. "Wait, how does she know im here?" I says holding Shining Armor by his shoulder before he walked off. "As I just said, the Princess will explain...". I then let go of Shining's shoulder and he goes off while the other girls follow. What is going on? How does the Princess know im here, this is getting confusing, if Celestia knows whats going on then I hope she's ready to ask my questions...

Push through two doors, revealing a giant throne room. I must say, I never thought it would be this large. A red carpet was before me as it lead to the princess. I was finally in front of the princess, everypony bowed down except for me. The princess stared at me with intrigue, as she if she was really fascinated by me. Im not suprised, its not everyday you get to meet a pony from a parallel universe. Some ponies started to look at me, wondering why I was not bowing down. "So you are the one who is named Corkscrew...". "Yes, I am...". "May I ask why you are not bowing like the rest?" asks Celestia. I look at Twilight who is signaling me to bow down. I take a step foward. "Well Princess, Im not trying to come off as rude but I served a king long before you and also incase you have not noticed a war is coming to your country...". That little sentence by me sent everypony in shock and made the room go silent. The princess stared at me sternly. "Yes...You are right, we must not waste time". Twilight lets out a sigh of relief.

"But before we get down to business I need to ask you a question, how in the wide world of Gluc- I mean Equestria do you know me?". Seems like I still haven't gotten used to saying Equestria instead of Glucrose. "Well, just a day before you arrived I recieved a letter from a anonymous contact saying that Glucrose and Equestria are in danger". Im assuming The Princess is talking about Neo... "Wait, what is Glucrose? How come I've never seen it in text books?" says Twilight. I turn to Twilight. "Twilight, we don't have time for a history lesson, I've wasted enough time with my questions as it is" says Corkscrew. "Ok, I've had enough with your attitude, you've been rude to me and quite alot of my friends and then you go and interupt and disrespect my mentor? I think you better change your tone and attitude very quickly" says Twilight giving Corkscrew a deadly stare. "Well excuse me Libarian, I didn't come here by choice! Honestly I dont give a shit about this war, I just want to get back to Applescrew and Appleja-" Corkscrew then froze up. Many ponies were shocked but confused on why Corkscrew stoppped his sentence. "What did you just say?" says Rainbow Dash. Everypony in that throne room had all eyes on me. When I looked back from the Princess I saw Applejack right before me, the mare I love is right before me, but she's not the same, even though she is the same lovely earth pony with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen... I just... Didnt know what to do... All I did was sit down and look at the ground. All eyes were on the Princess now, she was just about as clueless on what to do as Corkscrew.

Princess Celestia finally breaks the silence. "I think we should postpone this meeting for now, we are all getting a little of edge and im sure we can save this untill later". "But your highness, what are we going to do? We surely can't just stay in these towns?" says Rarity stepping up to speak. "You are correct Rarity, I intend to evacuate everypony in the main holds" says Celestia stepping down from her throne. "Dont worry Princess, we will evacuate everypony" says Twilight. The mane 6 we're about to go but are halted by the Princess. "No...You shall be evacuating with everyone else" says the Princess. "Err, Princess, with all due respect, we have saved Ponyville and even Canterlot countless times, why can't you trust us to evacuate Canterlot?" says Rainbow Dash. "Im sorry my little ponies but...This is too much for you, I fear even the Elements of Harmony could not help us this time...". Princess Celestia looks out her window, spotting countless of mares and stallions being ordered and pushed around guards to the train station. "Whaddya mean!? If the Elements of Harmony can't help us what are we going to do?" shouts Rainbow Dash flying in the air. Applejack then brings her down and covers her mouth. "Don't raise your voice at the Princess!" whispers Applejack angrily. Celestia then looks away from the windows and looks back at the main 6. "Hope...".

Chapter 5 - The Doctor is in...Edit

On a nearby roof a blue police box emerges from the cold reaches of space, and out from a box comes a brown pony with a green tie. "Ahh, good ol-". Derpy then comes out after The Doctor. "What is it Doctor?" says Derpy. The Doctor does a impatient sigh. "My calculations were wrong again, must've had too much gin". "Doctor! Seriously, when are you actually going to bring me to the muffin world!" shouts Derpy. "Hey! It wasn't my fault she was not working properly". "Also when are you going to stop refering the TARDIS to a female?". "So what if I call the TARDIS a female? Are you just jealous because there is another woman traveling with us?" says The Doctor closing the TARDIS door. "ITS A INANIMATE OBJECT! Anyway, you call it sexy sometimes, whats up with that?!" shouts Derpy now flying right in front of the Doctors face. "That-That was just me answering a Tumblr question, it was for comedic purposes!". "Yeah right, sure it was..." says Derpy sarcasticly. "Out of all the women in the universe why did I choose you to be my assisstant...". "Was it because of my charming good looks?" says Derpy walking away from The Doctor. "Ohhh, I see what you did there, good one..." says The Doctor following Derpy.

NOTE: If you haven't watched Doctor Whooves and Assisstant episode 2 or you cant remember it, then you wont get why Derpy said that, if you want to know why she says that so much then go and watch it, anyway back to story and stuff.

As The Doctor followed Derpy with a little more argueing, he spotted Celestia and Corkscrew talking. "Well...Fancy that!" says The Doctor changing his mood instantly. "What is it?" says Derpy behind The Doctor. "It looks like we're right next to the princesses castle, want to give her a visit? Oooo, I bet we could even see Luna again!". The Doctor then runs to the TARDIS. "What are you doing?!". "Well, going to see Celestia of course, so you going to come or not?" says The Doctor opening the TARDIS door. "Oh...Er...Fine!" shouts Derpy following The Doctor. "Fantastic! Come on then, Allons-y!". "What does that even mean?" asks Derpy. "Its french, for lets go".

Inside the castle, Celestia and Corkscrew continued their converse without a audience in the hall of rulers, the hall is coverd in paintings of past rulers of Equestria or Glucrose. "I am truly sorry Corkscrew, It must be hard for-". "No Princess, Im sorry, I was very disrespectful towards you and even your student and her friends, It should be me making the apologies". "...I accept your apology Corkscrew...". The Princess and Corkscrew walk further down the hall untill they see King Xavier on the wall. "Did you know Xavier?..." asks the Princess. Theres silence from Corkscrew. Xavier...A truly amazing colt and leader, the responsibility and nation of Glucrose were put on his shoulders, I really couldn't believe how he could do it sometimes, if it were me, I would probably have a nervous breakdown. King Xavier also had the same sorts of thoughts towards me, he thought I was truly one of a kind, a once in a lifetime soldier that could pass any situation and always cheat death. I became more then a personal gaurd to the King, I became a friend, a person he could talk to, ever since his wife passed away, I was the only one he could actually talk to. But out of all the conversations, there was one I remembered the most, the conversation we had 2 weeks before we evacuated Glucrose.

"Sir?". The king looks away from the window at me. "Yes Corkscrew?". "You called for me?" I say walking over to the king from the entrance to his throne room. "Yes Corkscrew, I had to talk to you about something". The king walked over to me and put his hoof on my shoulder. "Corkscrew, Im not going to lie...I think sooner or later we are going to have to evacuate from our planet Glucrose, we are not holding our ground too well and sooner or later Dracos will overwhelme us and we will be completely obliterated". "But Sir, surely we could-". Xavier then stared at me seriously, like he was for certain now. "And further more...I honestly don't think I'll be around to see this war finish, and this is why I ask you this Corkscrew, as your king...And a friend...". A strange sensation suddenly could be felt throughout the whole room, like some sort of wave. "Corkscrew, if I die, or I get usurped from my throne, then I must ask you this, please, rally everyone from Glucrose and stand tall, for if Glucrose does not have a king or leader, it will be in utter chaos". I cant believe the king is telling me this, does he really have this much faith in me? "Even if no one will follow you at first you will convince them, because you are a leader Corkscrew, you are a soldier, a soldier with emotions, and let me tell you, even though a soldier with emotions might not be the best killing machine, a soldier with emotions can be a damn good leader!".

Corkscrew then snaps out of it and answers Celestia. "I guess you could say that...". Suddenly The Doctor and Derpy fall before Celestia and Corkscrew from the roof window. The Doctor gets up, brushes the dirt off and says. "Ahh, very clever Princess, unlocking the window to it can flip over so any thieves or eavesdroppers can appear right before you....Oh! By the way, Im The Doctor, I was eavesdropping on you and I know you're sister!". Derpy then facehoof's. "Oh...That did not sound very good, sounded like I was a pervy stalker, well I have you know im not a stalk-". The Princess finally closes The Doctor's mouth. "I know who you are Doctor, a Time Lord from Gallopfrey". "Oh, so you know I'm- wait did you just say Gallopfrey?". The Doctor suddenly bursts out laughing, making The Princess, Corkscrew very confused, but not Derpy, because as you know, shes used to this sort of thing. "Oh I just love your pony talk, it's so fascinating" says The Doctor giggling. The Princess and Corkscrew give Derpy blank expressions. "He's usaully like this, you'll get used to it". The Doctor's eyes suddenly widen when he looks at Corkscrew. "Is-Is something wrong?" says Corkscrew looking left and right. The Doctor inspects Corkscrew untill he finally shouts "Holy Russell's Teapot! You're Corkscrew aren't you?". "How did you-". "Well incase you haven't noticed I'm a time traveling pony who can save your rump quicker before you could say Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked" says The Doctor trying to gasp for breath after saying a long tongue twister. "Time traveler, you mean you use Dark Harmony to time travel? Is that why you know me?" asks Corkscrew. "Dark Harmony? I haven't heard of that yet, care to explain Derpy?". "To be honest Doctor I haven't heard of it, even Twilight who you seem to love so much-". "I do not love her, I just love unicorns, and it just so happens thats shes a unicorn and I was fascinated by her, that is all" says The Doctor in a slightly annoyed tone. "Anyway, not even Twilight has mentioned anything about Dark Harmony, and it has to do with time traveling so its pretty big and im sure Twilight would've talked about it by now". "Hmm, very peculiar, care to explain what this Dark Harmony is Mr.Screw?" asks The Doctor readjusting his tie.

"Honestly, I dont know much of it myself, all I know is it has really strange powers and it transports you to a different time or dimension, but thats all really". "Hmm, most peculiar indeed...Do you mind if I take a look at some of this dark harmony, If you have any?". "Of course", Corkscrew hands over some Dark Harmony material to The Doctor, afterwards The Doctor examines it and puts it in his pocket. "Truly fascinating, I should be able to examine this a little more thoroughly at the TARDIS lab, Now! I think we best be going, dont you Ditzy?" asks The Doctor. "Oh yeah! Sorry for intruding Princess" bows Derpy. "Dont worry little one, It's quite alright". "Ok then, allons-".

Chapter 6 - Enter Dracos...Edit

Suddenly there is a gigantic rumble and a large object engulfs the sky, making a humungous shadow cover Canterlot. "What in Equestria is going on!" screams Derpy. " Corkscrew and The Doctor run over to the nearest window and see a gigantic ship loom over Equestria. "Oh...My..." says The Doctor with his jaw wide open. The Princess and Derpy soon follow after Corkscrew and The Doctor to the window with puzzled expressions. "Doctor~ whats going on, and what is...That thing" says Derpy still awestruck. "Oh Doctor your such a bloody idiot, I cant believe I didnt say anything" says The Doctor hitting his head repeatedly. "What is it Doctor?" asks Celestia. "Well it's obvious, you, Corkscrew were obviously here for a reason, especially since you come from a time where a bunch of crazy hungry fools are fighting for power". "What do you mean Doctor?". "Well just to try and wrap things up a bit more quickly, Corkscrew, do you know any event thats taking place right now? I mean besides that large tentacle ship thats coming right towards us" says The Doctor pointing out the window. "That ship, that ship! Contains Dracos, and that man is the reason of mine and many others suffering". "Well then, we better be getting our rumps off Canterlot!" shouts The Doctor grabbing Celestia's hoof and running.

At Ponyville, Grimshot was about to go to the hospital to visit Phazon, but then the same fate is befalled on Ponyville as Canterlot. "Oh...Shit...". Out of no where the ship shoots out a missle and blows off half of the hospital. "Phazon!" shouts Grimshot running into the hospital.

Back at Canterlot The Doctor and the gang are nearly at the TARDIS when Celestia stops. "Princess what are you doing?!" shouts Corkscrew. "You must go on, I must find my sister Luna!" shouts The Princess running away from the group. "Oh bloody hell! Corkscrew, assist her, we will meet you at the TARDIS" says The Doctor going in with Derpy. After a while The Princess looks around the broken down Castle, with Corkscrew far behind, she finally finds Luna, but some debris has fell on Luna and she broke her leg. "Sister! Help me!" shouts Luna trying to slip free from the debris. Celestia immeaditly runs over to her sister and takes the debris off her with her magic. "Luna are you ok, can you walk or fly?" says Celestia helping up Luna. "I can fly sister, but as for my legs-". Luna looks down at her struggling leg on the ground. "Come sister, it will be over soo-". "I highly disagree with you on that...This is far from over, first I must take my rightful place as King".

(Stop the epic music)

Celestia then looks back from her Sister to a white colt, with metal hoof shoes and a large robust silver sword on his back. "Are you the one leading this invaison, are you-". "Yes, I am...Dracos, it's a pleasure to meet you your highness" says Dracos bowing down to Celestia. "You show respect?" says Celestia slightly suprised. "Of course, it's the least that I can do before I slay you down like the dog you are" says Dracos chuckling. Celestia was not amused by that sentence at all. "Ah, and it seems you have a sister, dont worry, I wont kill her like I'll be doing to you, but I may make her my slave" says Dracos grinning. "How dare you, you disgusting-". Suddenly Dracos runs at Celestia and Luna with incredible speed and knocks them both in different directions, and afterwards stabbing Celestia in the leg. "Arghhh!" screams Celestia. "Sister!!!" shouts Luna trying to run at her but then collapses. "...You fool! You dare to insult me, the great and powerful Dracos?!" shouts Dracos. Dracos then flips Celestia over by kicking her, spreading out her wings. "Now, to make sure you can't retreat...". Dracos then stabs Celestia in the wing, making her scream in agony. "And you call yourself the ruler of Equestria...You are a disgrace". Dracos finally twists the sword in her wing, then takes it out. "I think I've already put you in enough pain...". "NO! PLEASE NO!" shouts Luna through tears. "Time to die Princess..." says Dracos raising his sword. "NOOOO!". Dracos is then interupted by Corkscrew, who tackles Dracos into a wall and starts repeatedly punching him in the gut, only to be thrown out of the way by Dracos. "Corkscrew? My my, I am quite suprised, I didnt think you'd actually be here" says Dracos trying to breath after those multiple punches to the gut. "Well, Im just full of suprises ain't I?" says Corkscrew. "And full of spirit too, Im suprised your still got some fight in you" says Dracos chuckling. "Yeah, well I definitely got enough to kill you!" shouts Corkscrew running at Dracos.

At the hospital Phazon is out of his bed, but still has pain in his back, trying to find a exit, while Grimshot is trying to find him at the same time. Phazon finally sees a colt in armour wearing a helmet with red lense,s and a rifle on his back. "Who... *cough cough* ... are you?" says Phazon struggling to walk. "Who I am does not really matter at this point, but if you must know...It is Secronaut..." says Secro walking to Phazon. "What's going on?...Are you the reason for this?". "No no, but I am apart of the reason for this, you shall meet the man responsible for this very soon". "What do you-" Suddenly Secro grabs his rifle and whacks Phazon in the jaw, causing him to be uncouncious. "...Can't even take a whack to the face, this guy doesn't look too tough..." says Secro going on his codec. Meanwhile Dracos and Corkscrew were duking it out in the Princess castle, while Luna was checking on her sister. "Sister...Please answer me, please..." says Luna shaking Celestia. Celestia then opens her eyes slightly, barely breathing. "Luna...Is that you, Im glad your-" Celestia then coughs out blood while moaning in pain. "Dont worry just hang in there, this man will stop Dracos and-". Celestia closes Luna's mouth. "Please, my young sister, you must listen...None of us will be alive If you stay here and fight that man, thats why I need you to go...". "But sister I-". No buts, you must go, take Corkscrew with you, Dracos only wants me anyway" says Celestia, breathing deeper and deeper. "Sister I...". Celestia one again closes Lunas mouth, but follows it with a kiss on the forehead. "I love you too little sister, and I always will..." says Celestia with tears down her cheeks.

With her last bit of energy, Celestia gets up, and does a stun spell at Dracos, leaving him open for a attack from Corkscrew, but then is interupted by Luna tackling him and flying with him out of the castle, leaving Dracos and Celestia alone. "You...YOU DIE HERE!" shouts Dracos. Dracos walks over to Celestia, grabs his sword along the way, raises it and slashes her in the face, breaking the crown in the progress. Luna finally lands with a enraged Corkscrew. "What are you doing?! I could've killed him!" shouts Corkscrew at Luna. "Do you have any idea what you have done-". Suddenly Corkscrew realizes Luna sobbing and that they just left Celestia to die. Dammit, I got so carried away with killing Dracos, that I completely forgot that Celestia was already dead from the begining, and it isn't Luna's fault, she was just following her sisters order...Dammit Corkscrew, you get too carried away. The TARDIS then comes out of no where and The Doctor comes out. "COME ON, ALLONS-Y!" shouts The Doctor. I look at Luna, and before me I saw a shattered pony, I did not know what to do, so all I could do was convince her. I put my hoof on her shoulder. "Look, Luna, I know you must be very sad right now, but right now we're right in the middle of a battlefield and we need to go, your sister sacraficed herself for us to live, lets not waste our lives now!". Luna then looks at me directly and then understands what has to be done. We run to the TARDIS, and leave Canterlot behind us and hopefully...Not for long...

Chapter 7 - Shattered Hearts...Edit

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