3 New ponys come to live in pony ville, not to expect another pony coming to town



Rainbow Dash


Pinkie Pie





Phazon (His a bad guy :P)


Scene 1Edit

Narrator: After the big wedding of Shining armour and Cadence the mane six, other wise known as the elements of harmony, went back to ponyville to have a rest from shape shifting creatures, so they could for once have some piece and quiet....but oh were they wrong, only one mile away there was a white coated pony, with Blazing Blue and Black mane, kin of Lighting Scratch and sister of the famous Viynl Scratch who defeated discord with Bass cannons. Now Blaze is on a carridge with a cowboy hat he bought from the corner shop for one pound, which is a pretty good price, for it being good material and all, but anyway were going off topic, there was also two other ponys coming from differant direction, another white coated pony of the name Grimshot which by the way has a little comparison to Grimlock because his father was madly in love with Transfomers, anyway were going off topic once again, Grimshot was a retired gaurd, trained by the mysterious Dragon amoured Blade, the third pony was Windrider, a majestic blue coated mare who has had been always depressed by her sisters passing, and trys to live her dream so she can forget about the incident.

Narator:as these three ponys were coming into pony ville, Twilight was studying once again, to be interupted by Rainbow Dash knocking on her door, now im going to have a sandwich break, im sure you can cope without me.

Twilight:Hey Rainbow Dash, its not often you come around, what brings you here?

Rainbow Dash: i was just wondering........can i borrow your Big mac?

Twilight:do you mean Big mac as in Applejacks brother, or do you mean my Big mac computer?

Rainbow Dash:none of those, i just want to eat your big mac burger, im starving.

Twilight:(sigh) fine (throws Big mac)

Rainbow Dash:thanks! (eats sandwich)

Twilight:so what are you doing today?

Rainbow Dash:nuthin much (while still chewing)

Twilight:i actually saw something on my telescope

Rainbow Dash:(swallows) wait, did you see a shooting star? (goes to near twilights face) WAS IT AS FAST AS ME?, DO YOU THINK I COULD BE FASTER THAN-

Twilight:(covers mouth with hoof) no, it was a carridge (takes hoof off mouth)

Rainbow Dash:oh, whats so intresting about that?

Twilight:i think it maybe a new pony, maybe you can introduce the pony to ponyville

Rainbow Dash:isent that pinkie pie's job?

???:did somepony say pie!?

(Twilight and Rainbow Dash look up)

(shows Pinkie Pie on one of trees in twilights house holding a pie)

Twilight:Pinkie Pie how long have you been there!?

Pinkie Pie:i was just walking down the pavements holding a pie when i just heard you saying PIE!

Narrator:ok im back, also Pinkie Pie wasent actually walking down the street, she was just hiding in one of twilights trees holding a pie waiting untill somebody said Pie.

Twilight:okay~ anyway you should welcome the new pony.

Pinkie Pie: new......(GASP)

(Gets party cannon and shoots out a hole in twilights tree)

(runs out)

Twilight: ...i hope she pays for that

Rainbow Dash:fine, but only for this one time

Twilight:trust me, you will like it

Rainbow Dash:(groans while flying out of the hole)

Twilight: ...this is gonna need a lot of work, SPIKE!~



Narrator:what everypony didnt know was Spike was in manehattan trying to shake off a gang who he stole some diamonds from

(Shows them in a yellow Carridge with taxi on the top of it)



Narrator:but anyway, thats for another time, well this is only the pilot so we dont know if that will actually happen because it depends if the public like this show- and im breaking the fourth wall again arent i? Anyway Rainbow Dash is flying to where the carridge is supposedly coming, 10 minutes later Rainbow Dash wakes up from her slumber to see a figure, with a humungous mane

Rainbow Dash:what the?...

(Reavels to be white coated pony)

???:Hello there, my name is Blaze and you have one sexy rump

Rainbow Dash: .....excuse me?...

Scene 2Edit

(shows Rainbow Dash and Blaze walking down road)

Rainbow your names Blaze?

Blaze:yep, sister of viynl.

Rainbow Dash:(stops Blaze with hoof) wait, please dont tell me your a DJ

Blaze:oh no, i know a little bit, but really my specialality (shows rump)

Blaze:is a enginier.

Rainbow Dash:enginier?, so what kind of things can you fix? (walks again)

Blaze: well...

10 minutes later

Blaze:cooker, microwave-

Rainbow Dash: .-. (flys upsidedown)

Blaze:but thats all really.

Rainbow Dash: kay~, also what was that about earlier?.


Rainbow Dash:you said i had one sexy rump

Blaze:take it as a compilment, i mean you are quite pretty-

Rainbow Dash:pretty awesome?

Blaze: i meant your looks.....unless your a stallion.

Rainbow Dash: (stops with hoof)

Blaze:why did we stop?...

Rainbow Dash:did you just say i was a stallion?...

Blaze:err .-.

(shows Twilight and Applejack fixing the wall)

Twilight:sigh....thanks for helping me Applejack

Applejack:no problem sugercube.

(both hear trotting)

Twilight:what was that?...

???:Rainbow Dash is chasing the new pony

(Twilight and Applejack look up to see Pinkie Pie on telescope)

Twilight:Pinkie Pie, your still here?

Pinkie Pie:it gets boring at home without the fillys

Twilight: (uses teleportation spell to get to the telescope)

Pinkie Pie: (falls on Applejack)

Applejack: -_- Pinkie Pie, would ya please get off mah back

Twilight: wait.... (still looking through telescope)

Twilight:your right Pinkie Pie!, shes chasing the new po-

(Twilights refixed wall gets busted open)

(Shows Blaze flying, but suddenly spots Applejack)

(Shows Applejack brushing off some dust on her body)

Blaze: well heelllo there...(shows Blaze leaning on desk)

Twilight:oh brother (rolls eyes)

Applejack:hay there, you must be the new pony, my name is Applejack.

Blaze:my name is Blaze Scratch and the pleasure is mine (kisses hoof)


(Rainbow Dash tackles Blaze)

Applejack: o_o


Blaze: oh *gags* hey there

Applejack:what in tarnation are you doing?

Rainbow Dash:this chump here thought i was a stallion!

Blaze: *gags* objection *gags* when spitfire showed me her polish skills *gags* she *gags* sounded like....a stallion X_X (knocked out)

Narrator:i think we should maybe see Grimshot now...

Scene 3Edit

Narrator:so as you can see thing arent as normal as there going to be, like the paintball match, the subway store, Blaze going to- you know what no more spoilers, for now lets just see Grimshot.

(Shows Grimshot going into town)

Grimshot:sigh...finally, i can have a new start here in ponyville. (Looks around)

Grimshot:i guess Celestia was right about this place being great, looks really pretty aswell

Grimshot: (stops) wait...was that what celestia really said?..


Celestia:why dont you rest at ponyville?, the ponys there are lovely and they can show you around, also my faithful student twilight is there, so she can give you a tour.

(Goes back to Grimshot)

Grimshot: hmm...oh well...

Narrator:yeah~, thats not what she said...

Celestia:dont go to ponyville, all the ponys there are mad, the madness got to my student twilight once when she made everypony in love with a teddy bear, so i really recomend you dont go there...

Narrator:anyway back to the present

Grimshot:(gets out map) Now, lets see here...

(Shows poster of Chuck Norris)

Grimshot:can you guide me the way chuck norris?...

(accidently drops it)


(runs after it)

(sees mare with baby in bugee)

Grimshot:mam, i need your baby!

Mare:what!?, of course not!

Grimshot:but its important my dear, my chuck norris poster is blowing away, i need your baby to catch it

Mare:oh my word!, quickly use him!

(Grimshot takes the pegasus baby, forgot what a pony baby is called, correct me if you must)

Grimshot:ok little filly, its time for you to spread your wings!

(throws baby into the air)

(video pause's)

Narrator:sorry but i really have to say this....ahem....'i must ponys need me'......(sighs)......that felt good...anyway lets countinue


(shows little filly flying through the air)

(uses wings to catch chuck norris poster)


(puts in mouth)


(catches little filly)

(takes Chuck Norris poster)

Grimshot:Chuck, are you okay?

(Chuck's teeth sparkle)

Grimshot:of course you stopped a chainsaw with your hoof, a little filly wont bring you down

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