Hey guys, just wanted to create this page quickly, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read my episodes of MLP Fan Series (and also been patient because it takes me forever to make them :P) and let me use your OC's so i could think of their own personalitys and situations they could get mixed into. So as a special thank you and since christmas is coming soon, i wanted to make a few pictures of our OC's celebrating christmas and at the end im going to make a special song. So i hope you guys enjoy these pics (so far i've only made one but there shall be more) and yet again thank you for reading my stories :D


Zephyr makes a big ass snowman and everyponies shocked by it

UPDATE: So, change of plans, im now actually taking in requests for ponies to be drawn, so if you like my art, then I shall draw your pony, im gonna show a example of my pony art with my first pony I drew

Pony 001

This looks quite horrible but oh well...anyone want to help come up with a name for her? :P

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