Its time for winter wrap up!, but just as they thought today wouldent be wierd....well, you will know soon enough...


Mane 6

Mane Stallions

Citizens of ponyville


(Shows Blaze in cave)

Blaze:what the hell...

???:ive been expecting you...


(shows Queen Chrysalis)

Blaze:who are you?...

Chrysalis:come over here...and ill tell you...


(walks over to Chrysalis)

(Chrysalis makes a bed appear and throws Blaze on it)

Blaze:(okay i see where this is going)

(chains appear on Blaze's hooves)

Blaze:umm, a bit unconfortable, but oh well...WAIT, I DONT HAVE A CONDOM!

(Chrysalis gets closer)


(wakes up)

Blaze:(huff) (huff)

Blaze: ....

Blaze:did a tree made out of cheese just rape me???

(shows the landscape of ponyville)

(shows a house)

0:07 (shows Grimshot yawning)

(gets up)

(trying to get across beer bottles)

0:14 (shows Blaze getting up)

(trying to get across playstallion magzines)

0:20 (shows Phazon getting up)

(shows trying to get across games and films)

(shows all three in bathroom)

0:34 (shows Blaze jumping out a refixed window)

(shows Grimshot blowing a hole in a wall)

(shows Phazon going out a chimney)

0:47 (all three walk on road with each other)

(shows Appleranch family waving)

(shows all three waving to them)

0:54 (shows Pinkie Pie flying on Derpy)

(shows all three with poker faces)

1:00 (shows Twilight shot into the air after a science experiment)

(shows all three laughing)

(shows ciderbar)

(Shows Blaze kicking the door open)

(shows place deserted)

(shows bartender pointing to a sign)


(all three sigh)

(1:30) ....

(shows grimshot on drums)

(shows Phazon on phazon guitar)

1:42 Blaze:Give me some more
Time in a dream
Give me the hope to run out of steam
Somebody said it can be here
We could be roped up, tied up, dead in a year

Blaze:But I love you more than words can say
I can't count the reasons I should stay
One by one they all just fade away
Oh I love you more than words can say

(when songs finished) mane 7:(cheers)

Blaze:now....if you send me naked picture of yourselfs, we may do a encore.

mane 7:NO! was worth a try...

(shows my little pony logo but with fan series below)

Scene 1Edit

Narator:it was winter wrap day, the fillys were out playing, the mares and gentlecolts were chatting and Blaze and the rest of the gang, was in the new rebuilt cafe (because the bartenders were destroyed by Blaze who crashed into it with shockwave in front of him

(Shows a flashback of mlp 5)

(Shows Blaze crashing in the tavern with Shockwave in front of him)


(shows them at cafe)

Shockwave:so, with the bartenders gone is this your new place where you hang out?...

Blaze:eeeyup, it isent so bad, the waitress here is much sexier

(shows Waitress passing there table)

(Blaze whistles at her)

(Waitress gives a seducive look at him)

Blaze:she liked my wooing?...

(Stands up)


Grimshot:(holds Blazes arm down) Calm your hormones Blaze...

Blaze:(whispers to Phazon) she liked it :D

(both do a bro hoof)

(Blazes holds his hoof out to Grimshot)

Grimshot:....ok that was pretty sweet

(Both do a bro hoof)

(Shockwave spots Blazes ear bitten)

Shockwave:omg, Blaze are you alright!?

Blaze:what? gotta speak louder!

(Shockwave turns to Grimshot)

Grimshot:he was at legoland with Rainbow Dash....

(Shows Blaze drunk with Rainbow Dash)

Blaze:wooooo!, dis land....IS TEH BEST LAND!

Rainbow Dash:keep your voice down!...(in quiet tone)

Blaze:silly Rainbow Dash, i cant keep my voice down, its not a solid object (pats Rainbow Dashes head) silly little Dashie

Rainbow Dash:(grits teeth)

(Blaze walks, but then bumps into a mare)

Blaze:watch it, bitch...

(Mare turns around, to be reaveled as the mayor of ponyville)

Mare:excuse me?...

Blaze:i it bitch...

Rainbow Dash:Blaze what are you doing!?, thats the mayor of ponyville! (quiet tone)

Blaze:(turns to Rainbow Dash) .... (looks back at mayor) .... (then back at Rainbow Dash) Still a bitch...

(shows Them kicked out of lego land)


Blaze: (durp face)

Blaze:dont worry Rainbow Dash, theres always your next life (still has a derp face)

Rainbow Dash:(grits teeth even harder)

Blaze:Rainbow Dash?...

Rainbow Dash: (makes a growling dog noise)

Blaze: .-.

(Shows Shockwave with a 'shocked' :P, face)


Shockwave:soooooo, when are you guys heading out?


Phazon:why would we go out?

Shockwave:didnt you know?...

Phazon and Grimshot: .-.


Shockwave:its winter wrap up day, you guys dont know about Winter wrap up day?...



Grimshot:its not chirstmas, its wint-



(Runs out)

Grimshot:sigh, i better go after him, before he goes into inspontanius dance...

(walks out)

Phazon:....well theres nothing to do here....

Shockwave: wanna play poker?...

Phazon:HAIL YES!

(Bartender looks at them)


(Bartender gets a shotgun out)

Shockwave:DA BUQ!


Phazon:(cries) im scared ;~;

Shockwave:me too (cries)

(both hug each other, while still crying)

Bartender:(bursts into tears)

Phazon and Shockwave:???

Bartender:i wanted you guys to do something good for the community because i havent done manure for this town, except sell beer (still crying)

Phazon Shockwave:(both daww)

Phazon:come over here....

(Bartender goes over counter and then they hug each other, crying even more)

(shows all ponys of ponyville in center of town)

(Shows Shockwave and Phazon walking back to mane freinds)

Blaze:you two took a awful long time (epic face)

Phazon:shut up Blaze....

Shockwave:whats wrong, what did he mean?

(Phazon whispers to shockwave), your actually kinda hot, i would bang you if i was intrested.

(all freinds look at Shockwave)

Shockwave:what?, im not afriad to hide my feelings, Fluttershy is hot in a cute way

(Fluttershy blushes)

Shockwave:Twilight is hot in a sexy school girl kinda way


Shockwave:Applejack, (whistles) if i was a stallion i would slap that rump

Applejack:i beg your pardon?

Shockwave:Pinkie pie would be the best kind of girlfreind if you were energetic

Pinkie Pie:ENERGY~, ENERGY~-

Shockwave:Blaze looks like he go at it for a long time

Blaze:of course, i took that holding body fluids class

Shockwave:gross, Grimshot is basically the definition of hot

Grimshot:(fist pumps)

Shockwave:Rarity would make some pretty sexy lingerie so yeah

Rarity:err...thank you?

Shockwave: Rainbow Dash.....nah, she would seem to fast in a love making session

Grimshot:where is Rainbow Dash?

Blaze:ill go and see if shes at her house (about to fly but then Twilight grabs him)

Twilight:not now, the mayor is doing the speech

(shows Mayor on stage)

Blaze:holy manure, Rainbow Dash wasent kidding

Mayor:Mares and Gentlecolts!, its time for another day, a day where we wrap up winter!, im sure most of you know how many times we've been late for wrapping up winter, so now we have a orgainizer, and that orgainizers name is Twilight Sparkle.

(everypony cheers)

Mayor:now, lets make this winter wrap even faster then lasts years!

(Shows all ponys grabbing a vest)

Phazon:alright!, lets get-

(Twilight stops him)

Twilight:what do you think your doing?

Grimshot:wrapping up winter?

Twilight:whenether we do a event, we need to sing a song, didnt you guys know that?

Grimshot:not really, in Cloudsdale we just payed some hobos to do the work.

Blaze:i like the sound of that town.

Twilight:look, you need to do a song, or we cant start the wrap up, have you guys ever done a song?

Blaze:well kinda, i ran through the streets singing maroon 5 and everyone joined in, even my sister.

Twilight:dont you mean everypony?

Blaze:nah, everypony just sounds a bit rascist.

Twilight:how does that sound- never mind, we just need to do a song.

Shockwave:whos gonna star-


Grimshot:this is gonna be good...

(Shows Blaze on stage)

(everypony looks at him)

Winter Wrap Up SongEdit

Blaze: three months of winter annoyances but awesome and sexy mares

(goes up stage) Phazon:we kept our paintball guns at home so we dont trash ponyville like we did the other day

(teleports) Grimshot: but the food i stored is running out, and my maid run back to manexico

(flys up) Shockwave: and even though i like coldplay, there musics kinda getting old

(jumps off) Blaze:its time to welcome spring and all things sexy and clean, but also time to say goodbye,for its lemon snow cones we must clean

(flys up to get a view of ponyville) Blaze: how can i help, im too lazy you see, how can everypony do this? and why do we get up so early, i haven't got a clue!~

(everypony joins in) Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!

Lets finish our holday cheer!

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!

Cuase tommorow spring is here! Tomorrow spring is here!

(shows Phazon on tree) Phazon: bringin home the southern birds, it’s a pain in a ass you see and clearing all the gloomy skies, why the hell can’t i just stay inside, (flys up) we move the clouds and we melt the white snow, when the sun comes up. i kinda get a erection!~ (falls down from sun)

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!~

Lets finish our holday cheer!

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!~

Cuase tommorow spring is here! Tomorrow spring is here!

Girmshot:(looks inside) little critters get there lazy ass’s out, why can’t they do some work?, (skunk stinks Grimshots face) and for some reason we gather up there food and fix their homes below?,(falls down and does a angel) next year ill just barricade myself and just watch some of the expendables 2~

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!~

Lets finish our holday cheer!

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!~

Cuase tommorow spring is here! Tomorrow spring is here!

Shockwave:no easy task to clear the ground, plant our tiny seeds(puts seeds in ground),(holds chin) i wonder if i rememberd to record Csi, oh well ill just go to phazons house, House MD, Russell howard, Adventure time too, i must work so very hard, its just so much to do!~

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!

Lets finish our holday cheer!

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!

Cuase tommorow spring is here!

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!

Cuase tommorow spring is here! Tomorrow spring is here!

Blaze:(goes up hill) now that i know what they all do, i dont want to find my place and not help with any heart so theres no tough task ahead i face, they can do fine by the way and i dont want to help the earth pony way i dont wanna belong so i must not do my best today, not do my best to- (falls down hill) AYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!~

Lets finish our holday cheer!

Winter Wrap up! Winter Warp up!~

cuase tommorow spring is here

cuase tommorow spring is here

cuase tommorow spring is here!~

Scene 2Edit

Narrator:and so Blaze, Phazon and Fluttershy go to see Rainbow Dash, because there the only ones who can fly... (all of freinds that can fly go to Rainbow Dashes house)

(Phazon opens door)

Blaze:yo dash, you there?

Fluttershy:maybe shes not home

Phazon:yeah maybe, but we havent seen her anywhere, we would've seen her by now

Blaze:ill go in her bed-

(Phazon stops Blaze)

Phazon:usauly im okay with this, but dude, dont steal her pants

Blaze:she has pants!?

Phazon:one day twilight did a spell that made everypony wear clothes, you were really not happy...

Blaze:huh...fine, ill go and look on the balcony

Fluttershy:ill just follow Phazon.

Phazon:im going to see if shes in her bedroom.

(Shows Blaze on balcony)

Blaze:Rainbow Dash?

(Shows Phazon in room)

Phazon:a few of un-returned daring doo books of twilights, hair gel, hair spray?...

Fluttershy:she wanted to see what she would look like with just one standard hair color

Phazon:was it good?

Fluttershy:Pinkie Pie ended up selling her a can of pink hair spray, she wanted red

Phazon: oh....(stands) well it looks like she isent in here

(Blaze comes in)

Blaze:wasent in any other rooms

Phazon:hmm...lets go back down to ponyville

(Shows Phazon, Blaze and Fluttershy returning to mane freinds)

Twilight:did you find anything?


Phazon:except for some un-returned books of yours

Twilight:hmm -_-, anyway where do you think she could be?

Blaze: ...i think i may know

(Shows a lesbian bar)

Blaze:dammit, i thought i had that one.

Phazon:you do know she isent a lesbian.

Blaze:preposterous, i saw her hanging out with bon bon

Grimshot:Bon Bon isent a lesbian ether

Blaze:thats what she wants you believe

Applejack:maybe shes in the ranch?

(shows them walking to the ranch)

Rarity:my word dear, you really need to clear the snow off the roof.

Applejack:well big mac is busy clearing the fields, applebloom is off somewhere in the snow playing with her freinds and granny smith is playing bingo

(Shows Granny smith at a bingo match)

Granny Smith:(stands up) PAY UP BITCHES

Charlie:im too old for this shit.

Paul:what did she say!?

(Shows them going in house)


(shows them looking around)

Blaze:whooooo-wie, Granny smith was hot when she was younger (looking at picture)

Blaze:funny, she looks like my mother in a way

(Grimshot and Phazon look at each other)

Phazon:you dont think?-



Grimshot:that would just be creepy. (if your wondering what they mean, they thought that maybe Applejack and Blaze were Brother and sister/cousins)

(Applejack hears a noise)

Applejack:what in tarnation was that?

(Shows Applejack going down basement)

Applejack:Rainbow Dash?

(Shows Rainbow Dash making cider)

Rainbow Dash:oh hey AJ

Applejack:what are ya doing?

Rainbow Dash:making cider of course

Applejack:wouldent the cider just freeze?

Rainbow Dash: .-. (looks in barrel full of cider)

Rainbow Dash:didnt really think of that

Applejack:come on up RD, the whole of the gang were scared you were missing

Rainbow Dash:thats nice of them, but come on, its me Rainbow Dash!, i dont need help from anypony

Applejack:yep, you just need help from a turtle named tank

Rainbow Dash: -_-

(All of ponys see RD)

Gang: Rainbow Dash!


Rainbow Dash:sorry for worrying you guys, i had nothing to drink in the house, so i wanted to get cider from Applejacks

Blaze:(pats head) silly little Dashie

(All of the mane freinds eyes widen)

Rainbow Dash:(grits teeth)

Twilight:Blaze dont-

(Rainbow Dash bucks Blaze)

(Blaze smashes into the wall)

(The Snow from the roof goes down on the house, barricading the windows and the front door)

Twilight:pat Rainbow Dash on the head....


Rainbow Dash:im sorry!, whenether someone pats me on the head, i buck them!

Blaze:Thats!....quite arousing

Rainbow Dash:WHAT!?


Blaze and RD: ???

(everypony tries to open the windows and doors, but it wont budge)

(Pinkie Pie gets cannon out)


Pinkie Pie:why?

Twilight:if you do that, the snow will come in and it will be even harder for us to get out!

Pinkie Pie:oh fudge (sits down)

(everypony sits down)

Shockwave:so....what now...we just sit here?

Twilight:i do not know, if somepony spots the Ranch is covered in snow, they may call for help were stuck here then...

Twilight:yep...and were gonna be staying in here for a long time...

Scene 3Edit

(Clock ticks)

(Shows Grimshot on one chair and Applejack and Twilight on a couch)

(Shows Phazon and Shockwave laying beside the fire)

(Shows Blaze laying on table)

(shows Rainbow Dash on a pillow)

(Shows Pinkie Pie and Rarity playing catch)

Rainbow Dash:(groans)

Applejack:would ya please stop groaning Rainbow groan every darn minute

Rainbow Dash:i cant help it, im like a pea cock, i need to spread my wings, im not the kind of pony that just stays inside

(Shockwave whispers to Phazon)

Shockwave:did she just call herself a peacock?

Phazon:yep, its gonna become the new 'fluttershy is a tree' thing

(Blaze gets off table, then goes upstairs)

Twilight:where are you going?

Blaze:im bored, gonna check out if applebloom has any toys.

Applejack:(shows shuffling newspaper) if you break them, its your funerel sugercube

Blaze:dont worry, me and Applebloom are freinds

Applejack:you sure about that?...

Blaze: .-.

(Shows Applebloom with Blaze in ranch)

Applebloom:So, i see you've gotten with my sister.

Blaze:Yep, i could be ending up as your uncle in law


Blaze:im only joking (pats on head)

Applebloom:(says quietly) i didnt think you were the type of pony to joke on that type of stuff

Applebloom:you sure you wont end up dumping her?

Blaze:nah, me and Applejack are a item, we slept in be-

Applebloom:please dont talk about that stuff with me -_-

Blaze:Look dont worry, i will help around the ranch so you guys can...get too know me

Applebloom:you ever worked in a ranch before Blaze?

Blaze:look, just stop worrying, its not like im a magnet for destruction (leans on Ranch door)

(Door swings open, making Blaze fall and the door knocks into the cow)

(The Cow runs, making all the other cows afraid and run)

(The Cows bust open another ranch door)

Applebloom: .-.

Blaze: :S

(Goes back to them in house)

Blaze:...nah, she will be fine with it

Applejack:okay then (reads newspaper)

(Rainbow Dash gets off pillow) Rainbow Dash:let me come please, im soooo bored

Blaze:alright, come on

(Both walk up stairs)

Shockwave:(Shockwave looks at them walking up stairs)

Applejack:(looks at her)


Applejack: 'hmm'?


Applejack:what does 'hmm' mean?

Shockwave:oh nothing, i just realized that Rainbow Dash and Blaze have been hanging out a lot more recently

Applejack:so?, it means they've become better freinds.

Shockwave:yeah~...but dont you think them two are becoming a little bit 'too' close?

Applejack:what point are ya trying to make Shock...

Shockwave:well, ever since that paintball match Blaze has been hanging out with Rainbow Dash more then you

Applejack:maybe we need a break, we shouldent hang out as GF and BF all the time.

Shockwave:true...but it gets you thinking...Blaze is quite a sneaky and perverted pony...

Applejack:Blaze may be stupid and Perverted, but that dosent mean he would do a thing like that...would he?...


Applejack:(looks at stairs)

(Shows Blaze and Rainbow Dash in Applejacks room)

Blaze:hmm, i wonder what stuff Applejack has, she isent the type of pony who has make up, so i couldent dress up

(Rainbow Dash looks at him)

Rainbow Dash:what? like playing make up games

Blaze:Dash...were stuck in a house, with nothing to do but sit down and look at some crappy ancesstor pictures from Applejacks family book, i mean no offense, but i dont want to look at a family thats been more succesful than mine...

Rainbow Dash:wait....whats this?

(Sees chest)

(Blaze blows dust off)

(Both Cough)

Rainbow Dash:(cough) why did you do that?

Blaze:(cough) sorry, i wanted a (cough) indiana jones kind of effect.

Rainbow Dash:(reads) Tresured possessions?

Blaze:sounds cool


Rainbow Dash: ...its not locked, how coveinant

(Blaze looks through stuff)

Blaze:hey a game!

Rainbow Dash:let me see!

(takes outs of Blaze's hooves)

Rainbow Dash: 'Ponys and Dragons: The Lair of Discord'? (A.K.A Dungeons and Dragons)

Blaze:wow, that guy got so famous that they made a game off him...

Rainbow Dash:i dont think its based off him, give it to twilight, she would know about this mumbo jumbo historical stuff

(Shows All the ponys in the living room)

(Shows Blaze and RD going down stairs)

Blaze:look at what we found.

Grimshot:whats that?

Applejack:wait, thats looks like Granny smiths Ponys and Dragons game!, did you two go in our tresured items box?

Blaze:of course not, it must of been....

(sees Picture of applebloom)

Blaze:Applebloom!, yeah, she must of played with it.

Applejack:darn it Applebloom, how many times do i have to tell that filly not to go in the tresured memories box.

(Rainbow Dash whispers to Blaze)

Rainbow Dash:you would be a horrible uncle...

Blaze:i know...

Twilight:let me see it, ive played it a few before...

(Everyone groans)

Blaze:we get it already!, you like reading books and doing nerdy stuff!

Twilight:you do know i dont only do reading, i used to do sports, thats how i beated Rainbow Dash and Applejack in a race.

Grimshot:she what?...

(Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash look down in shame)

Grimshot:(thats gonna be held againest them for a long time...)

Twilight:now, lets see here...wait, ive never seen this one before...there was never a one based off discord...

Phazon:sooo...a wierd game that none of us have heard of before, a version of a game that should of never existed, and its based off a villian whos known for wrecking chaos......



Twilight:yeah sure...


Shockwave:arent you the one whos always says, 'i have a bad feeling about this' or somewhere close between those lines?

Twilight:look, im bored to death, ive read that book im reading at least 36 times, i think i should have at least a break...


Scene 4Edit

(Shows them sitting around a round table)

Grimshot:so...wheres the board and game pieces?...

Twilight:it has no board or game pieces

(Phazon flips over table)


everypony: o-o

Phazon:...sorry i played monopoly a lot in the everfree forrest with Grimshot...

Rarity:wait, wernt you enemies back then?

Phazon:yes but...well its a long story...

Grimshot:yeah, it would probably need a back story called My Little Pony: Keep your freinds close and your enemies closer (GTF breaks the fourth wall like a bawse) without anyone flipping over the table lets get started...

(Blaze flips over table)

Twilight:oh what now!?

Blaze:i need a drink

(everyone puts table back up)

(Blaze puts cider on table)

Blaze:ok, lets-

(Fluttershy flips table over gently)

Everyone: .-.

Fluttershy:may i please go to the loo...if thats okay with you

Twilight:Applejack show her the toliet -_-

(Applejack leads her out of the door)

Fluttershy:umm....wheres the loo?

Applejack:nature is our loo...

Fluttershy: :O

(Shows them coming back to the table)

Twilight:what took you so long?

Blaze:were you-

Applejack:before you say anything Blaze no, we had to go to town to find a toliet because fluttershy wouldent go in the forrest

Twilight:are we ready to start now?...good

(Gets paper)


Twilight:i made all of you character sheets, choose wise-

(Everyone takes one)

Shockwave:hello my name is....Big Boobie Nymtho!?

Blaze:let me see that....oh yeah, i requested this....

(Shockwave takes Blaze's sheet)

Shockwave:hello my name is.......Batstallion?

Phazon:i requested that one (takes sheet)

Shockwave: (takes Phazons)

Shockwave:hello my name is....Chuck Norr-

(Grimshot takes it)

Shockwave:(sigh) my name is-

Twilight:your taking too long, Blaze? name is Big Boobie Nymtho, i come from the land of sexy mares, who have lumps on there chest who make them much more sexy and hot...

Rarity:lumps?, how ridiculous!

Blaze:nobody asked you, Mare whos in love with her work...

Rarity:how dare-

Twilight:moving on to Phazon....


Phazon:i must be out there in the night....Staying vigilant....wherever a mare or stallion needs to be there...wherever theres masks...or a game there....but sometimes im not because im out in the night....staying vigilant....watching...Lurking...Running, Jumping, Hurdling,, i cant sleep, im awake, i dont sleep i dont i bird? no....Im a bat....i am Batstallion....or am i?....yes i am Batstallion...

Everyone: ..... impressed phazon...when my batman dies you can be him....

Phazon:what? though, your batman....

Blaze:no....Batman isent a man....his a legacy.....a-


Narrator:and so they introduced there characters....were not doing all of them because that would take way~ too long...

Blaze:ok then, so whats the story?

Twilight:you are adventurers in need of action, romance and danger, you hear of a dungeon made by Discord, you decide you wish to go there, but be warned, its a very powerful place filled with chaos and it might destroy freindships

Grimshot:Sounds awesome

Twilight:ok, so each pony will get a go once each time, Blaze will start first.

Blaze:so can i do anything?...


Blaze: ...i rub Rainbow Dashes rump :D

Rainbow Dash: Seriously!?

Twilight:(rolls dice) successfuly place your hoof on her rump

(Blaze touches her rump)

Rainbow Dash:what the, GET YOUR HOOF OFF MY RUMP!

Blaze:its RP though.

Twilight:you can do the things in real life to make it more, he can do that.

Rainbow Dash:my turn right?-

Twilight:nope, its Raritys go, you will have to wait...

(Rainbow Dash looks at Blaze)

Rainbow Dash:im so gonna kill you on my go

Blaze:your but seems awfully warm .-.


Rarity:ok...lets see here, what are my accessories...oh my those Robes look hidious, they have to go!


Rarity:fine....umm....i want to go to the tailor!

Twilight:there is no tailor at the moment, your in the forrest.

Rarity:fine then....umm, we go to a town


Rarity:err.....Diamond Village...yes

Twilight:(rolls dice) you found the diamond village.

Rarity:yay!, now i want-

Twilight:you used up your go now Rarity

Rarity:fine -_-

Rainbow Dash:finally my turn, i want to punch Blaze in the face.

Twilight:(rolls) Blaze dodges your punch.

Rainbow Dash:WHAT!?

Blaze:i must be in heaven :D

Rainbow Dash:your not gonna be in heaven for long, BECAUSE IM GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN TO HELL IF YOU DONT TAKE YOUR HOOF OFF MY FLANK NOW!

Applejack:(rolls eyes)

Applejack: (hmph...i remember when Blaze used to do happened all the time when he first met me...hardly ever does it now...maybe its because im his special pony now and he wants to give me respect...if Blaze has ever heard of such a thing .-.)

???:-jack?, applejack?


Twilight:its your turn.

Applejack:oh...err...we...go into the local Diamond ville tavern?

Rarity:theres no such thing!, Diamon ville is graceful and glorious, its dosent need dirty old taverns, it has clean and fabulous cafes...

Applejack:i said, 'go into the local Diamond ville tavern'

Rarity:and i say, we go into a cafe...



(puts there head closer) Applejack:Tavern


(puts there heads together) Applejack:Tavern!


Twilight:ENOUGH!...Rarity, you should of put more detail into Diamond ville when you had the chance, its Applejacks go now, so we just have to go into a cavern...

Rarity:(glares at Applejack)

Applejack:(glares back)

Rarity:fine....fine fine, i didnt care anyway.

Applejack:well, thats good to know.

Rarity:but if you make it at least a bit-

Applejack:in the tavern theres pony brawls, drinking matches and Russian Roul-

Shockwave:woah...thats a little extreme dont ya think?



Applejack:heh heh...

Twilight:ok, lets try to make this a bit more real, everypony close your eyes...


Twilight: -_-

Twilight:now, imagine your in a tavern... in the tavern...touching Rainbow Dashes rump...theres a mare...with another nice rump...i ask her if we could be in a threesome...

Everyone:(everyone groans in disgust)

Rainbow Dash:im so gonna kill you when we get out of this godamn house.... imagine, you see ponys having hoof brawls, playing darts, drinking contest...

(room suddenly disapears and now there in the tavern)

Grimshot:wow...ive never really used my imagination, only really in battles...

Fluttershy:wow...i feel sorry for you

Grimshot:well, my past is pretty shit....but at least im with you guys...


(everyone hugs) moment....

(everyone groans again)

Phazon:you totally ruined that moment...

Blaze:what? least i improved since the paintball match...thanks to a certain someone (looks at Rainbow Dash)

Rainbow Dash:you know, i would've of smiled back....but your hoof is still on my flank -_-...and i still want to punch you...

Blaze:aww....were such a happy family of freinds...

(Shows everyone in differant types of clothes)

Rarity:Do i really need to wear this equipment

Twilight:yes, Arity... (in big and demonic voice)


Applejack:what in gods name is wrong with your voice Twi?

Twilight:i dont know...maybe we should stop playing thid game...

???:oh...but the games just started...

Rainbow Dash:wait...i know that voice...



Applejack:no, its-

Pinkie Pie:Deapool?, Lauren Faust?, :O...IS IT-

???:ahh Pinkie've always been my favourite...

(Reavels to be...)

Discord:your about as crazy as me...(has blowpipe)


Pinkie Pie:really?, i thought i was just very playful, i mean i like partys, but i also like cupcakes, but lately me and derpy have been trying to mix cupcakes and muffins together, the best name we have right now is muffincake, but we want a name thats a bit new, should i tell you how to make it? first you must have (rants on about ingrediants)

Blaze:so your discord? look real bucked up man...

Discord:ahh...i see you ponys have changed quite a have a few new freinds...

Blaze:im Blaze, im the perverted one :D

Grimshot:im Grimshot, the most awesome one

Phazon: and im Phazon, the most loved one :D

Rainbow Dash:but you trashed pony-

Phazon:the most loved one :D

Shokwave:and im Shockwave :D

Discord:what a wierd bunch, you maybe even wierder then these 6...but i like that in a few ponies.

Blaze:yeah, well you know nothing about us 4, so you dont know how crazy we are.

Discord:you fap everday, or even twice a day.

Blaze:everyone knows that....

Discord:you had a crush on Fluttershy when you first came to ponyville.

(Everyone gasps)

Blaze: ...out of all the secrets, did it have to be that one?...

Fluttershy:is that....true?...

Blaze:(sigh)...yes it is, but lets talk about it when we get out of the house and play this stupid game...

Grimshot:well, Blaze is quite predicable (even though i didnt expect that crush thing)

Discord:you three are quite predictable aswell

Grimshot:oh really?...

Discord:ahem...(clicks fingers, glasses and paper appear)

Discord:now, lets see here...(adjusts glasses)

Discord:Phazon, you and Twilight kissed in the paintball match...

(Shockwave and Blaze laugh)

Shockwave:your bucked! XD

Phazon:oh god...whats Windrider gonna say about this....

(Shows Windrider and Zephyr on a truck)

Zephyr: you really think ponies will like me, i must admit, im one crazy motherbucker.

Windrider:then that will mean you will have high chance of fitting in...

(Goes back to them)

Grimshot:heh, your messed up too Twilight (goes to pat Twilight on the back but then falls down)

Phazon:wait...wheres Twilight!?

Discord:oh, shes in a safe place, i figured if she was the dungeon master, she would cheat, freindship is one hell of a power...


Discord:hmm, creative, adding star wars and a western cuss together

Discord:now, lets see, ahh Shockwave, when you were younger you...well lets say, this is starting to turn out like meet the spy

(Throws pictures on the floor)

(everyone looks at them)




Discord:lets say, im a very good god of chaos...

Grimshot:wow....Shockwave....i...never knew you were that kind of pony

Shockwave(gathers picture) Shut up!, i was very young!, i needed the money!

Discord:now, lets see...ahh..probably the darkest secret...

Discord:Grimshot, you had a Master called Blade.


Discord:and he was killed by a certain pony...wasent he?


Discord:and do you know who that certain pony might be?...

Grimshot:no.....they just found his body, burnt....

Discord:shall i tell you who that pony was?...

Grimshot:you know!?...

Discord:why yes, i do...

Grimshot:tell me!, i want to find the killer and kill him!

Phazon:no...please, dont...


Discord:it was.....



Blaze:(looks at Shockwave)

Discord:i think thats enough of secrets for today, TOO DO LOO (disapears)

(everyones silent)

Phazon:Grimshot i-

Grimshot:shut up....

Phazon: (looks down)

(Tavern goes back to Apple living room)

Everyone: ...

Phazon:Grimshot, im really-

(Grimshot tackles Phazon)

(Starts choking him)


(Freinds take him away)


Phazon: (starts breathing heavily) .....

Blaze:Grimshot, calm down!


Phazon:(stands up)

Phazon:im sorry...







Twilight:sigh...its clear were a bit hot headed, i think we need a break from this game... not hot headed...maybe for once im thinking done being freinds with you Phazon...

(walks up stairs)

Phazon:(looks down)

(everyone goes in seperate rooms)

Phazon: so sorry Grimshot....i had no choice...

Somepony that i used to know songEdit

Phazon: Now and then I think of the past
Like when you said you felt so depressed you could die
Told myself that you were equal to me
But still felt so lonely even with your company
But that was jealousy and it's an ache I still remember

Phazon: I can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
Like resignation to the end
Always the end
So when you found that secret out you could not make sense of it
Though i thought we would still be friends
But I'll admit that wasent going to happen

Phazon: But you dont have to cut me off!
You make it out like i wanted to kill him!
I don't even need your freindship
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
No, you didn't have to stoop so low
No you dont have to transfer to another ville
And then change your number
But i guess that I wont need that though
Now you're just somepony that I used to know
Now you're just somepony that I used to know
Now you're just somepony that I used to know

Grimshot: Now and then I think of all the times we were together
But have me believing that you havent done anything
But i don't wanna live that way
Believing every word you say
You said that i should let it go
But i wont ever forget that you killed somepony that i knew and loved!~

Phazon:But you dont have to cut me off!
You make it out like i wanted to kill him!
But thats not how it went
I don't even need your freindship
But your gonna treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
No, you didn't have to stoop so low
No you dont have to transfer to another ville
And then change your number
But i guess that I wont need that though
Now you're just somepony that I used to know

I used to know

Now you're just somepony that i used to know

Now you're just somebody that i used to know

I used to know

I used to know
That I used to know
I used to know

Scene 5Edit

(Shows Blaze and Shockwave in kitchen)

Blaze:wow...that was...



Blaze:so what are we gonna do now?, Grimshot hates Phazon now and everyponys to depressed to play the game...

Shockwave: (sigh) i dont know...

Pinkie Pie:well, thats easy of course!

(Blaze and Shockwave look at Pinkie Pie)

Blaze:what do you mean?


Blaze and Shockwave:???

Pinkie Pie:let me tell you what im talking about....8 BIT STYLE!

Pinkie Pie Smile Smile Smile (8bit with vocals)Edit

Blaze:oh come on...

Shockwave:we already had a-

(Pinkie Pie holds shockwaves face)


My name is Pinkie Pie, (Hello!)
And I am here to say, (How ya doin?)
I'm gonna make you smile,
And I will brighten up your day!

It doesn't matter now, (What's up?)
If you are sad or perverted, (Howdy!)
'Cuz cheering up my friends
Is just what Pinkie's here to do!

'Cuz I love to make you smile, smile, smile!
Yes I do!
It fills my heart with sunshine all the while!
Yes it does!
'Cuz all I really need's a smile, smile, smile!
From these happy friends of mine!

I like to see you grin! (Awesome!)
I love to see you beam! (Rock on!)
The corners of your mouth turned up
Is always Pinkie's dream! (Bro hoof!)

But if you're kind of worried,
And your face is made of frown,
I'll work your heart and do my best
To turn that sad frown upside down!

'Cuz I love to make you grin, grin, grin!
Yes I do!
Busted out from ear to ear,
Let it begin!
Just give me a joyful grin, grin, grin!
And you fill me with good cheer!

It's true, some days are dark and lonely,
And maybe you feel sad
But Pinkie will be there to show you that it isn't that bad!
There is one thing that makes me happy
And makes my whole life worthwhile,
And that's when I talk to my friends and get them to smile!

I really am so happy!
Your smile fills me with glee!
I give a smile, I get a smile,
And that's so special to me!

'Cuz I love to see you beam, beam, beam!
Yes I do!
Tell me what more can I say to make you see
That I do!
It makes me happy when you beam, beam, beam!
Yes, it always makes my day!

Come on everypony, smile, smile smile!
Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine!
All I really need's a smile, smile, smile!
From these happy friends of mine!

Come on everypony, smile, smile, smile!
Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine!
All I really need's a smile, smile, smile!
From these happy friends of mine!

That's the perfect gift for me!
(Come on everypony, smile, smile, smile!)
It's a smile as wide as a mile!
(Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine!)
To make me happy as can be!
(All I really need's a smile, smile, smile!)
(From these happy friends of...)
Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile!

Come on and smile!
Come on and smile

Come on and smile
Come on and smile.

Scene 5 (still :P)Edit

Blaze:wow...i feel...happy now?...

Shockwave:yeah.....PINKIE PIE IS A WIZARD!



Pinkie Pie:no silly, this song i made is filled with extra happyness, it makes everypony in hearing distance happy!

Shockwave:so why dont you sing it to Phazon and Grimshot?...

Pinkie Pie:i cant, ive sung to many songs today, this pie is all out of flavour (faints)

Blaze:well...i guess its up to us.... should we talk to them or sing a song to them?...

Blaze:lets just talk, i think were going over the limit with these songs.

Shockwave:ill go talk to Phazon

Blaze:ill go talk to...

(sees Fluttershy)

Blaze:actually...i think i have some unfinished buisness...

Shockwave:gonna talk to Fluttershy eh?...about this "crush"


Shockwave:hmph... and i always thought you had a crush on Applejack and Rainbow Dash

Blaze:its me dont know what your gonna get....

Shockwave:yeah, i guess thats true...

(Shows Phazon sitting on chair)

Phazon: ...

(Has flashback)

(Shows Phazon and Blade in the everfree forrest)


Blade:your pitiful, your begging for death?

Blade:this maybe your only life, fight for it...

(throws sword to Phazon)

Phazon:what are you doing? Im a threat to you and your giving me a chance?

Blade:im not that sort of stallion, i only fight fair fights. Now, raise your sword and face me.

Phazon: ....

Phazon: i wish you knew about my...hidden form...then you wouldent be dead...

Shockwave: hey...

Phazon: (looks back to see Shockwave)

Phazon:what are you doing here?, i thought everyone was gonna play without me.

Shockwave:well...with that little incident everyone is too depressed to play

Phazon:even Pinkie Pie?...

Shockwave:she was happy, but then she got tired from all the songs we sang.

Phazon:hmph, i guess thats Pinkie Pie...

Shockwave:...if you dont mind me asking...what did happen?

Phazon: ...something that should of turned out in a differant way...

Shockwave: ...

Shockwave:you say it isent your fault, i believe you, but you dont have stay sad about Grimshot not being your freind-

Phazon:thats not it...


Phazon:i fear Grimshot will not be over this for a while...but in time...i think this will consume him

Shockwave:what do you mean?...

Phazon: ...there...there was a time, in my life, when i just felt so lonely, so depressed, that something awankend in me

Shockwave:i still dont get what your trying to say

Phazon: ...a side of myself that was hidden deep inside my heart, at that moment when i felt like i could not live anymore, it awakend...and when it awakend...well, i dont remember much but, all i know is, i transformed into another thing that day, i dont know what it was, but...when i finally awoke...there was a dead pony in front of me.

Shockwave: ...

Phazon: and because of Blade being the only pony he looked up to, he made a bond with him...

Phazon: ...and i broke it...


Shockwave:but you still havent told me why you had no choice but to kill him...

Phazon:i killed him because he gave me a chance

Shockwave: ?

Phazon: when i killed that pony...somepony soon found out who killed him...

Shockwave: ...Blade...

Phazon: (nods)

Phazon: he found me in the everfree forrest...i knew that he was there to kill me...

Shockwave:so what happened?...

Phazon: ...he didnt kill me...


Phazon: ...he said that i was pitiful...

Blade: your begging for death?

Blade:this maybe your only life, fight for it...

Blade:im not that sort of stallion, i only fight fair fights. Now, raise your sword and face me.

Shockwave:(looks down)

Phazon: ...

(Shockwave hugs Phazon)


Shockwave: look dont worry Phazon...were your freinds, we will always stick by matter what...

Phazon:but what about-

Shockwave:dont worry about Grimshot, Blaze is gonna talk to him...

Phazon: ...

(Phazon hugs back)


(Shows Blaze and Fluttershy in living room)


Blaze: ...yep...


Fluttershy: ...i never thought anypony would have feelings for me...

Blaze: to be honest i dont know why they wouldent...

Fluttershy: ?

Blaze: you maybe shy but, your cute, your tender loving, and you look out for your freinds...

Fluttershy: (blush)

Blaze: but...too be honest, i didnt think me and you could have a relationship, im too pervy, your too shy...dosent really i went with Rainbow Dash...but i found out she dosent like me...especially since this (shows bitten ear)

Fluttershy:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (faints)

Blaze: ...well...that conversation could've of gone better... (Blaze picks up Fluttershy from the floor)

(Puts her on the bed)

Applejack: ya sure she will be alright?

Blaze:yeah, too be honest i have gotten quite the reactions from this (shows ear)

Applejack:(turns head back) yeah...i wonder

Blaze:i better go talk to Grimshot...

Applejack: knowing you, im sure you will persuade him...

(kisses on cheek)

(both go out of room)

Fluttershy: (opens eyes)

Fluttershy: maybe i was wrong about Blaze...

Blaze thoughts: (god it was hard not to take pictures when she was out cold)

Scene 6Edit

(Twilight sees Blaze and Applejack)

Twilight:guys, we have a problem...

(Shockwave and Phazon come in)

Phazon:what is it?

Twilight:it says here on my Ipear, that this game was banned, because it had the powers of releasing Disord.

Blaze:why the hay did they make the game do that then?

Twilight:i think its some sort of plan b for Discord escaping incase we defeat him again.

Rainbow Dash:(walks in the room) which we did.

Twilight:also it says here, if you dont defeat him in the game, he will be realesed into the real world.

Phazon:and so then we will have to chase him around, following the chaos behind him, that will be really fun...


Phazon: ....i was being sarcastic...

Shockwave: ...well, your no fun

Applejack:so what are we waiting for partners? lets get back into the game!


Phazon:what about Grimshot?

Blaze:his not in the mood for a game, we will just have to go without him


(Everyone gets back into chairs)


Discord:seems your ready for another game.

(everyone is in a forrest)

Big Boobie:so, what do we do now?

Batman:not sure, got anything Twilight?

???:My name is not Twilight, its Dora

Big Boobie Nymtho:who the hell is Dora?

Dora:just some girl in this show i used to watch when i was little

Batman:i, where are we supposed to be going?

Arity:hmm, lets see (gets map out of robes)

Skitles (RD):says we need to get a pegesai to get up to Discordius Caves

The Mask (Pinkie Pie):wait, arent some of us Pegesai, we can fly there ourselves!


Clint eastwood (Applejack): WAIT BIG BOOBIE!

(Big tries to fly, but has no wings and ends up falling down a hill)

Batman:well....that was unfortunate...

Discord:my silly little ponies, you really think i would make this easy on you?

(gets up from hill) Big Boobie:not really

Discord:you will need to buy some pegasi, but where would you find one?

Arity:maybe we can ask for where we can find some

Dora:Lets get back to Diamon Ville

Narrator:And so, our heros go back to Diamond Ville, back to the tavern, so they can ask for direction

Bartender:Herro, what can i do for you today?

Big Boobie:were trying to find Pegasi

Bartender:oh yes, i know where to find pegasi, but be warned, she is hard to bargain with

Skitles:im sure we can handle it.

(Shows them in fountain)

Big Boobie:why do i find this so familiar...

(Batman steps on tri-force)

(Fluttershy) Easter Bunny:whats that?

Batman:it looks like...

(great fairy appears out of no where)


Great Fairy:hello heroes of Eqeustria, ive been waiting for you...

Clint:who are you?...

Great Fairy:i am the great fairy, im guessing you are here for the pegasi?

Skitles:do you have any?

Great Fairy:yes, but i wont give them for free

Batman:i have some golden coins here, how mu-

Great Fairy:200 ruppes for all of them...

Batman:.....well were bucked

Dora:please, we need them

Great Fairy:im sorry, i cant help you

Clint:now lookie here-

The Mask:silly ponies, none of you know how to treat a woman right.

(The Mask takes her into room)

10 minutes later

(The Mask goes out with pegasi's)

Big Boobie:what took you so long?

The Mask:its takes time boy, now lets go to Disconius....Discordinus...whatever, LETS GO

Last SceneEdit

Narrator:and so, they go off to the caverns, not knowing what to expect...

(Shows them going off there pegasi)

(Shows Easter bunny giving one of the pegasi a tip)

(Shows them going in cavern)

Big Boobie:ok, lets spilt up.

(Shows them going in differant directions)

(Shows Big boobie going through, then he sees Discord)

Big Boobie:you...(gets dildo bat)

Discord: not even gonna desbribe on how wrong that weapon is...

Discord:but anyway, let me ask you a question...

Big Boobie:what?

Discord: you still have feelings for Fluttershy?

Big Boobie:!

Big Boobie:thats none of your buisness and besides, thats in the past now... if it isent it Rainbow Dash?

Big Boobie:no...

Discord:or do you just dont like Applejack?

Big Boobie:i dont know!

Discord:or maybe you considered that you and Applejack kissing was a mistake

Big Boobie: ...

Big Boobie:(sits down and drops weapon)

Discord:dont worry...i know a way how you cant lie anymore...

(Discord looks at Blaze)

(Blaze eyes go funny)

(Blaze's color fades)

Blaze: i once had to wear a princess dress to a funerel because my dog ate my tuxedo, everyone thought i was a mare at the time.



Blaze:(countinues walking saying lots of secrets)

(Shows Phazon walking down a corridor)

(Discord appears)

Discord:hello there, how has your journey been?

Batman:oh you know, its been hard, but i think were really pulling throu- HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

(gets batarang)

Discord:wait, let me ask you a question...


Discord:did you think what happened that night was your fault?

Batman:shut up! (throws batarang)

(Discord turns it into a chocolate roll)

Discord:let me ask you again (eats) do you think it was your fault?

Batman:i dont know.....

Discord:what are you affraid of Phazon?

Batman: ...losing my freinds...


Batman: ...turning into that beast again...

Discord: what if i told you that theres a way you can control your powers?



Discord:yes, i am a god, i can make things appear and disapear.

Batman:could you please tell me how?

Discord:i will, but only if you do one thing for me


Discord:i want you to lose this game

Batman:thats it?


Discord:but know this...if you lose, you will set me free BUT, you will have your forms removed

Batman: then i wont do it...

Discord:i suggest you think about it first...(dissapears)

Batman:...son of a...

(Shows Soundwave walking through caverns)

Soundwave:this is wierd...i dont even wanna play this game anymore, i mean why cant the mane 6 girls use the elements of harmony -_-

Discord:(appears) thats what i thought...

Soundwave:what do you want...i just want to go home...

Discord:i want you to help me-

Soundwave:you know what, just get me out of this game, if your gonna be set free, fine, i dont really give a shit...

Discord:ohh...such vulgar laungauge, i think we need to zip up that mouth of yours...

(puts a zipper on mouth)


Discord:really? dont care that you cant talk?

Soundwave:(lies down)

Discord:what are you-(un zips mouth) what are you doing?

Soundwave:im tired, like i said, i dont care if you are set free, the heros always win in the end and this my little pony! Do you really think ponies are gonna die?

Discord:well...i guess your honest i feel pretty sorry for Death, she never has any fun...

Soundwave:so, can i go?

Discord:of course, one less pony make me 1 step closer to getting out of this ridiculous game.

(Shockwave dissapears)

(Shows her in living room)

(Shockwave shakes her head in confusion)

(She sees all the mane 6 in the living room)

Shockwave:i need to see-

(sees Blaze and Fluttershy huddled up together)

Shockwave: :3 DAWWW

(shows Applejack and Rainbow Dash)

Shockwave: looks like Blaze's dream is coming true

(shows Phazon and Twilight huddled together)

Shockwave: im not really suprised...

(goes up stairs to see Grimshot)

Shockwave:hey Grim-

(sword cuts off half of her mane)

Shockwave: D:

(reavels Grimshot with a sword)

Grimshot:heh, sorry about that :D

Shockwave: D:

Grimshot: :D

Shockwave: D:<

Grimshot: D:

Shockwave:look, we need your help

Grimshot:with what?

(goes back to mane 6 in centrel chamber)

Dora:ok, now we can-

Clint:wait, wheres Bla- i mean Big Boobie

Skitiles:and wheres Batman and Soundwave?

Discord:oh they have been dealt with (reads Equestria Daily)

Dora:what did you do to our freinds?

Discord:like i said...(gets bloody bag)...they've been dealt with...

Mane 6:(screams)


Discord:(gets out jam donuts)

Discord:why do these donuts always spill out with jam?


(takes bag)

Pinkie Pie:nomonomnomonomnomnom

Discord:well, it looks like theres only 4 of you now

Dora:and we will beat-

(suddenly a light appears)

Disord:ahh...its always nice to see a freindly face...

(Shows Celestia) Discord:Celestia...

Clint:what the hay is going on!?

Celestia:are you ok?

Dora:were fine princess, how did you get in the game? We were trapped in the house wernt we?

Celestia:you've been in the game for ages

Skitles:whats the princess talking about Twilight?

Discord:oh, did i forget to tell you?

Discord:time is differant in this game...30 minutes is 1 day...

Applejack:what in tarnation!?

Twilight:so...we were too late for winter wrap up day?...

Celestia:dont worry Twilight, everypony was more concerned about you 6 then winter wrap up day...

Fluttershy:what about the other 4?

Celestia:you mean the new ponies? Dont worry, they are being woken up by Zecora.

(Shows Blaze waking up)


(sees Zecora)

Blaze: ...

Zecora:are you okay crazy mane one?

Blaze: ...ALIEN!!!

Grimshot:i think his okay...

(goe back to mane 4 and celestia)

Discord:so, im guessing your not here to talk about old memories?

Celestia:im here to stop you once and for all...

Discord:i doubt that, the elements of harmony dont keep me held for long...

Celestia:no...this here to kill you...

mane 4:!!!

Discord:ohh...i like this dark, so willing to kill for peace and harmony...

Rainbow Dash:princess, you cant be serious!

Celestia:im sorry my faithful student...but its the only way to get rid of him for good...

Discord:she does have a point...turning me into stone wont keep me contained forever...


Celestia:ill see you tomorrow student...

(Twilight wakes up, along with other mares)

Grimshot:you guys are awake!

(everyone hugs)

Twilight: i missed all you guys...and yes even you Blaze

Blaze: :D

(Shows Windrider and Zephyr walking to them)

Phazon: Windrider!

(both hug)

Blaze:(sees Zephyr)

Blaze:and who is this lovely mare? (kisses hoof)

(Windrider punches him)

Windrider:seems like you havent changed...

(gets up, with nosebleed) Blaze:ill always be the same :D

Zephyr:(whipers to windrider) he seems like quite the charmer...

Windrider:trust me, when your around him more, you'll see...

Grimshot:well, i hope you enjoy hanging out with us...because we've done some pretty crazy things...

Zephyr:i got a idea...why dont we do a party!? Im sure you all need it after being stuck in that house...

Pinkie Pie:PARTY!

(all of them walk to the sunset)

(puts arm around Zephyr)

Pinkie Pie:i think me and you are gonna be great freinds...

Twilight:great...another Pinkie Pie...thats all we need...

Phazon:i think its good we got another Pinkie Pie, i think were too serious sometimes...


Blaze:i think we need another Blaze...

All of them:NO!

Blaze:i was only joking!

(all of them laugh)

Next episode

My Little Pony Freindship is Magic Fan Series: Episode 7 Last Friday Night

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