Loads of new ponys come into ponyville, but one pony is not a nice pony at all...


Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash


Rarity AppleJack

Pinkie Pie

Ditzy Doo (A.K.A Derpy)

WindRider (A.K.A RavenWalker)

Phazon (A.K.A Phazongumball123)

Blaze (A.K.A Cartoonfan7360 :D)

Grimshot (A.K.A GumballTransformerfan)

Chapter 1Edit

(Shows a overview of pony ville) (flying) Blaze:Hmm this seems ok (bumps into RD) RD:HEY!!! watch were ya goin wise guy Blaze:Same for you...err...wait who are you? RD:hmm? oh your a new pony, my name is Rainbow Dash (gets closer to blaze) RD:have you heard of me? Blaze:no, but i could see that you could win a award for being a Rude little Squirt RD:Rude little!- thats it pal you and me now! Blaze: ...but i need to go to my house first... RD:Oh, well then ill see you at...Apple Jacks Ranch. Blaze: ...still new dude. RD:sigh (shows another part of ponyville) Grimshot:hmm, this seems really nice (sees pinkie pie) Grimshot:hey there, my name is- Pinkie Pie:(GASP runs away) Grimshot:-_- everyone i meet is crazy...

(twilgiht comes around) Twilight:i havent seen you before?, are you new?. Grimshot:huh?, oh i am new, my name is Grimshot, a retired royal guard for princess Celiestia. Twilight:Princess Celiestia?, im a student of hers. Grimshot:Really?,oh nice to meet you. Twligiht:have you got any storys to tell? Grimshot:Oh, i dont like to boast but... Twilight:you like boasting alot dont you Grimshot:i mean not that much- Twilight:-_- Grimshot:sigh, ok i like boasting alot but trust me, ive got alot to tell. Twilgiht:ok, come by my house this evening so we can talk about it. Grimshot:ok, ill see you there. Twilight:cya Grim. (both walk away) Grimshot:she seems a fine pony.

Chapter 2Edit

Windrider:i hope i can find a job here... (Mrs Cake shows up) Mrs.Cake:oh hello i dont belive we met. Windrider:i dont think we have, my name is Windrider

Mrs.Cake:oh hello Windrider, my name is Mrs.Cake, me and my husband own the cake store Windrider:do you need any help?, im trying to look for a job

Mrs.Cake:oh well, we could have help around the kitchen, sometimes its too much for the three of us Winrider:three? Mrs.Cake:oh Pinkie Pie, she helps around with Me and Mr.Cake Windrider:i cant wait to see them ^_^ Mrs.Cake:oh actualy we should get to work straight away. WindRider:oh okay. Mrs.Cake:come on Darling, Pinkie Pie always loves to see new ponys. (shows grimshot in the streets) (sees blaze) (both look at each other) Blaze:I can already tell were gonna be good friends Grimshot:me too. (shows Grimshot knocking Twilights door) Grimshot:hmm, dosent seem to be anyone in (door suddenly opens) B & G:??? (Blaze opens door a bit more) (both go in) Everyone:WELCOME TO PONYVILLE!!! (both Jump up in fright) (Grimshot uses magic blast) Everyone:AHHHH!!!! (Everyone takes cover) (shows place destroyed) Grimshot:heh heh sorry, ill fix it up (rebuild place, puts books together and everything) Grimshot:there, I did the best I could for now. Twilight:thank you, thats pretty fancy magic you got there. Grimshot:thanks, as a royal guard I went through a lot of training. Twilight:are you still one now? Grimshot:no no, im retired, I chose to rest here. (Grimshot sees Fluttershy) Grimshot:hello my name is- Fluttershy:AHHHHHHHHHH (looks really scared) Grimshot:umm… Twilight:umm, this is Fluttershy… Fluttershy: (quivers in fear) Grimshot:heh heh sorry about earlier, just royal guard instincts. Fluttershy: oh… then you shouldn’t say sorry Grimshot:no no I have every right to say sorry Fluttershy: oh okay… Grimshot: (smiles) (cuts to Blaze) AppleJack: so you’re the suger cube I been hearing about, welcome to Ponyville Blaze: thanks. AppleJack: (looks at cutie mark) AppleJack: so whats yor special ability an all Blaze:flying, really. AppleJack:i see AppleJack:I think Rainbow Dash would like you. Blaze: actually things got to a bad start (rubs neck). AppleJack:im nat surprised AppleJack:dat pony always somehow makes a rivalry Blaze: (sigh) AppleJack:whats wrong suger cube? Blaze:I just really wanted to make friends when I first came to ponyville AppleJack:ahh shucks don’t worry, soon Rainbow Dash will like yer. Blaze:really? AppleJack:yeah sure, when Twilight came she didn’t want to make any friends, now look at her. Blaze:hmm, I guess your right. (Rainbow Dash comes) Rainbow Dash:well well look who decided to show up. Blaze: I had to show up, it was basicly a party for me and Grimshot. Rainbow Dash: well you better be ready tormorrow, because when we race, im gonna kick your butt Blaze:yeah sure whatever… Rainbow Dash:??? You don’t seem very exicted about it. Blaze: well first I want to get to know you better, I don’t just race anyone Rainbow Dash: hmm, you make a good case point Dexter, fine ill have a little chat with you. (Shows Windrider with Pinkie Pie) Pinkie Pie; -And then I was like PARTY, and then we had a party. Windrider: 0-0 wow, that’s some story Pinkie Pie: I know right!…(pinkie pie twitches) Windrider:??? Whats wrong Rarity:did Pinkie Pie just twitch?. Windrider: yes, whats wrong? Rarity: (GASP) EVERYONE PINKIE PIE JUST TWITCHED!!! Everyone Except new ponys:AHHHHHHHHH!!! AppleJack:were in deep trouble now. Big Mac:EEEEEYUP Grimshot:whats wrong? Twilgiht:when Pinkie Pie Twitches something happens, this time somethings gonna fall from the sky. Grimshot:oh come on that’s nonsense- (A dark pony crashes through Roof) Grimshot: … ok I admit it I was Pwned ???:ALL BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GREAT LORD PHAZON!

Chapter 3Edit

Grimshot:Phazon!!! Blaze:you know this dude? Grimshot: he hated the Princess Dearly, I never knew why, but all I know is…

Grimshot:he was one of my greatest enemys Twilight:Grimshot I know your retired but can you hold him off? Grimshot:where are you goin? Twilight:just trust me! Phazon:Go on run!, this is between me and Grimshot. Grimshot:grr Blaze:no way… Grimshot:??? Blaze:im not gonna let you fight him by yourself Windrider:me too… Phazon:hmm, 3 against 1, that dosent seem fair. (makes Clones) (Grimshot runs to Phazon) (Both put there hoofs together in anger) (Clone Jumps at Grimshot) (Blaze Tackles Clone) (Phazon flys up and then throws Grimshot down, but lands on hoofs)

(Phazon throws clone at Grimshot)

(Windrider Jumps off Grimshot then punches clone) (Phazon Blasts Windrider with Magic Blast) Grimshot:Windrider! (Blaze Catches her) Windrider: huff huff Blaze: Windrider you okay (Windrider turns into Phazon) Blaze:Windrider??? Phazon:she cant hear you (lands) Grimshot:what did you do!? Phazon:I turned her into Phazon, she isent my slave yet, but soon will be Blaze:your gonna pay for that! Grimshot:Blaze don’t!!! (Phazon makes a big hole) (then freezes one of Blazes Wings) Rainbow Dash:were ba- (sees Blaze falling) Rainbow Dash:Blaze! (goes down) (Phazon Freezes Rainbow Dashes Wing as well) Rainbow Dash:AHHHH Blaze:Rainbow? Rainbow Dash:Blaze! (holds hoof out) (Blaze Grabs Rainbows hoof) (Rainbow Dash holds on ledge of rock) Rainbow:Grr come on… (shows Rainbow Struggling) Blaze:Rainbow Dash… Rainbow Dash:come on! Help me! Blaze:Rainbow… Rainbow Dash:What!!! Blaze:let go… Rainbow Dash:what!? Are you crazy??? Blaze:let go Rainbow, theres no point if both of us dies Rainbow Dash:im not gonna let go! (Blaze lets go of grip while Rainbow is holding) Rainbow:Hold my hoof!!! Blaze:see ya around Rainbow… Rainbow:no! (Rainbow Dash realises grip)

Chapter 4Edit

(shows Blaze falling) (Shows Rainbow Dash getting up) Rainbow Dash:huff huff… Rainbow Dash:I cant belive his gone… Rainbow Dash: (cries) Blaze:Now theres a sight I thought I’d never see Rainbow:huh!? (shows Derpy holding Blaze by the hoofs) Rainbow Dash:Derpy! Derpy:hey Rainbow Dash…

(bumps into a rock) (places Blaze onto a rock with Rainbow) Rainbow Dash:why were you down here??? Derpy:I dropped my Mail down here :P Blaze:oh Derpy:I cant bring you both up, so ill get help Blaze:take your time. (Shows Derpy goin up) (Derpy Peeks) (shows Grimshots and Phazons Magic Energy Waves colliding) Phazon:GIVE UP FOOL Grimshot:Never!… (shows both struggling) Twilight:why hasent Rainbow Dash came back up yet?, we need her for the Elements of Harmony to work! (sees Derpy coming up)

Twilight:Derpy have you seen Rainbow Dash down there Derpy:yeah, shes there with her boy friend AppleJack:excuse me?, since when did Rainbow Dash have a Boy Friend? Twilght:theres no time!, Derpy, Fluttershy grab Rainbow Dash and this so called boy friend Fluttershy:ok… (both get Blaze and Rainbow Dash up) Rarity:Rainbow would you be a dear and GET YOUR RUMP OVER HERE! Rainbow Dash:ok ok! (all mane six float up) (Phazons Energy Wave is winning over Grimshots)


(but then the mane six blast Phazon with…some…thing??? :P) Phazon:GAH! (Then Grimshots Energy wave wins over Phazons) Phazon:AHHHHHH!!!!! (both go unconscious) Blaze:Grimshot! (Windrider wakes up) Rarity:seems his out cold. Windrider:guys! Pinkie Pie:WINDRIDER! (hugs) Pinkie Pie:IM SO GLAD TO SEE YOU, WERE YOU GLAD TO SEE ME?, BECAUSE I WAS GLAD TO SEE YOU! Windrider:yes Pinkie Pie, I am glad to see you, but look at Phazon. (all look at Phazon) Twilight:weird?, his not actually Phazon anymore. Windrider:I say we take him to the hospital. AppleJack:I don’t think that’s a good idea suger cube Windrider:come on we cant just leave him Twilight: …sigh fine we will take him to pony care.

(shows all the ponys coming out of Twilights house) Twilight:sigh… AppleJack:so Rainbow, when did yer and this lad get together Rainbow Dash:what do you mean??? AppleJack:you know…when did he become your boyfriend Rainbow Dash:WHAT, his not my boy friend! (puts arm around her) Blaze:HA she wishes I was her boy friend (Blaze Has a Epic face) (shows Rainbow Dashes eye twitching) Pinkie Pie:oh oh Rainbow Dashes eye is twitching. Blaze::what does it mean? Pinkie Pie:it means someones gonna get punched in the face.

Blaze:really who?

(everyone takes a step back)

(Rainbow Punches Blaze in the face)


(everyone laughs)