Creepy Blaze
I was just a normal teen really, i stayed at home alot, I had a passion for making stories, one of my most loved stories was the MLP Fan Series, many of my friends liked it and even some of there friends liked it. I nearly finished the story of Season 1 and couldn't wait to do the movie. But before I worked on my latest episode, I wanted to look through some of my ideas on my computer, I really planned this story out, had different episode ideas and everything, even other OC ideas. I was glad i chose Blaze to be my Oc, he was unique, he was like no other pony, I mean its not every single day you get to meet a perverted pegasus. But anyway, I looked around in my MLP folder, which I hid because I did not want my family to see it, because you see, im a closet brony, yeah sometimes it can get to a point where you get so sick of hiding it you just feel like shouting out "Im a brony!", but I much rather not do it, especially since I live in a flat. Anyway, as I looked through my folder I saw my episode ideas, as I looked through them I saw episode ideas like a whole episode where Phazon was trying to get revenge on the lawyer from Episode 2, or even a romance episode where Rainbow finally falls for Blaze...which she doesn't, because I scrapped that relationship. But as I looked through the folder I found a episode, no name, just says Word Document. I thought I just accidently made a new document, so I tried to delete it. But when I tried to delete it, it did not let me, it just made the windows sound when you cant click a certain option. So I just left it there, but then as I was about to close the folder, I thought of another idea about how Blaze goes to prison because he threatens to destory the subway store, so I thought i may aswell use the New Document and just rename it. So I opened the document, but to my suprise, I already found some text in it, It said The Alicorn under the title, it had a picture of the first pony I drew. What? I dont remember making this, oh well, might aswell read it, it maybe a good story anyway. As I read through the story, all the characters were pretty normal, actually whoever wrote this captured the personalities of the characters pretty well. The story was about how my prototype mare came to Ponyville and made friends with everybody (or should i say everypony) It was pretty normal for a MLP Fan Series episode, but I liked it. But then it suddenly started to get wierd, it said that Twilight and Rainbow Dash was missing, and then the next day Pinkie Pie and Applejack. The gang looked around for them, but they never showed. Finally Fluttershy and Rarity went missing with the Alicorn. The OC gang decided to look for them one more time. Blaze looked in Twilights house, when he tried to pull out one of the books a secret entrance opened up, leading him down to a dark entrance. Blaze had no idea what was going on, he wanted to go, but as he tried to leave the secret entrance door shut, so he had to go on.

blood was then splashed on the floor and heads of ponies were hanged on the wall, Lyra, Doctor Whooves, Derpy, Vinyl and others. Blaze then finally got to the bottom of the stairs. What Blaze saw next was so horrifying, he nearly puked. All of his friends, guts spilling out, eyes gouged, chests ripped out, were before Blaze, hanged by there own intestines. There wings and horn were pulled of aswell, one of the horns were stabbed into Rainbow Dashes head and one of the wings replaced Raritys leg. As Blaze stood there, frozen, not being able process what he is seeing, he hears a female voice. "Didn't your mother ever tell you Jimi, never go and wander about?". I had enough, I closed the window as fast as I could, only to my horror to see the female Alicorn as my desktop picture saying, "You brought this upon yourself". After that I hit my computer, making the desktop picture go back to its normal image. I suddenly felt uneasy and sick, I just wanted to go to bed. I turned my computer and my light off and went to sleep.;26

I then woke up in the middle of Ponyville, not as a human but a pony. I stand up and see the Alicorn female, I decide to figure out what the hell is going on and why she is doing this. "Why am I doing this you ask?" says Alicorn. "Because you were ashamed of me...The first day you drew me you were scared of your mum and brother finding it, so you hid it behind your dirty bookcase, you never cared for me, you were never proud of me, you were ashamed of me!". Wow...I never knew she had feelings, she was just a drawing to me but now I see her for what she truly is. "You chose Blaze over me, because he was a pervert? Buck you!" shouts the Alicorn pointing at me. There was no use convincing her, she already killed mutalated the mane 6 and all of Ponyville. "So now, you are going to pay..." says Alicorn. I then saw before me Blaze, his limbs hanging under a tree and his eyeless head on a spike. "Now...Its your turn..." says the Alicorn.

I wake up, screaming at the top of my lungs. Thank god...It was just a dream. I get up and go to the sink with the mirror cupboard to wash my face. I opened the mirror cupboard and took my toothbrush out, when i closed my cupboard again, I saw a stitched up eyeless Blaze behind me...

And that concludes the story, now you must be thinking, wait a minute, if SublimePie/Jimi is dead then how is he writing this story now?...Well...Who said anything about SublimePie writing this...And who is the only pony left in Ponyville?...

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