The massive escape ship "The Zanthium" leaving planet Glucrose.

Planet Glucrose is dying, the Harmonies have lost the war. Their only hope is The Zanthium, a massive spaceship waiting to shoot off into space, never to return, but to find a new home in the galaxy.

With the 4 Horses on the urge of deciding their final course of action on the Disharmonies, Dracos has already come up with a plan that will crush Harmony.... once and for all.

This is the sequel to War For Glucrose. More characters, more battles, more sorrow, this fanfic will be so much better than the first one.

Here is the character info page for all to enjoy until this epic sequel will arrive.

If you need some help to see the characters better:


The 4 Horses of the Apocalypse

4 horses of the apocalypse

The scorned and damned horses return and better than ever in Escape From Glucrose!

Death: With all his same powers and abilities, Death seeks vengeance against Dracos with all that he has done. His main job is to focus that all Harmonies get in The Zanthium and leave Glucrose, so that the final plan can be reveiled.

Pestilence: Although Pestilence hasn't changed at all, he still is very powerful and will fight to the end. He seemed to be quite cocky in WFG, but in EFG he will kill any Disharmony in his path.

War: War is never tired when it comes to fighting. With his brothers, he fights for Harmony and makes sure to kill anything that doesn't have to do with Harmony. War will be more deadly and stronger than ever in EFG.

Famine: Famine has changed the most. Through the past 5 years, the war on Glucrose has changed him. He is no longer quick and and agile in the war effort, he has become weaker now that Glucrose is dying. Still he fights to the bitter end.




The newest commander of the Harmony forces has returned. Now with much more to live for, Scatterblast has to lead the harmony forces to survive long enough for The Zanthium to be ready. He commands and enforces to the best he can, it is still not enough when the final battle is approaching.



The red stallion returns but with vengeance in his heart. Warfront has had bad history with the Disharmonies. He once lived a peaceful life, not envolved in the war, that is until his wife Dasiy and child Sunbeam were captured by by a certain Disharmony pegasi named Skyblazer. His wife was raped and killed while the child was killed. Eversince then, Warfront swore to destroy Disharmony and especially Skyblazer. But through the war, Warfront has come across some near death experiences, if all was lost, Warfront would just want to die and be with his family. The only thing keeping him from doing that is his best friend Scatterblast.



This master pegasi returns and leads all the Harmony pegasi with his companions Metrolane and Blitzwing. He is more trustworthy now that 5 years have passed fighting for Harmony. Needless to say, Pegasus will have to make a sacrifice when all seems lost.



The badass pegasi under command of Pegasus is back with a harder attitude. Metrolane will not make a big appearence but he will be important in the war effort. Metrolane has got more then he asked for when Glucrose falls.


Pegasis enclave by aaronmk-d4h04bg

Blitzwing and his new armor

Blitzwing hasn't changed at all, except for the armor. His same molotone attitude is the same, his appearence is slightly different. Blitzwing is more serious than he was in WFG, he fights without remorse and kills any Disharmony that stands in his way. Still, he follows Pegasus's orders no matter what.

Alpha Squadron:

Alpha Squadron is an elite group of Harmonies that do the missions that most Harmonies would never think of doing. They are composed of a series of Packs, a Pack is a group of 5 or more soldiers that are a team. There are many Packs in Alpha Squadron, in fact, there are over 300 Packs. Alpha Squadron was made shortly after King Xavier left the planet, he would have never approved at what Alpha Squadron does.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Symbol by Alpha Vector

Alpha Squadron Symbol

Trion Pack:

Trion Pack is a group of 5 Harmonies that will be the main Alpha Squadron group in EFG. The team is composed of a male stallion, a female mare, a male unicorn, a male griffon, and a male teenage dragon. The team members names are Dust, Sandstorm, Sparky, Gyro, and Nightlock.



Dust without his mask and armor

Leader of Trion Pack, Dust was once a Disharmony supply pony. But when an air bombing took out his base, he was left to die from his fellow Disharmonies. Being revived and rebuilt by the Harmonies, Dust swore he would fight for Harmony and do whatever it takes to get revenge. But just being in the simple army ranks for Dust was too easy, Dust than signed up for the best of the best, Alpha Squadron. He soon got pared up with 4 other members. They all became close teammates, and even closer friends.



Sandstorm is the communications officer and second in command of Trion Pack. She is mature and very smart, although she wanted to be in command of Trion Pack, she was out beat by Dust. Still, she is one tough fighter and will always stand by her teammates in any mission.



Sparky is the scientist and medical officer for Trion Pack. Once a simple scientist for Alpha Squadron, Sparky never wanted to be in the war. But when his best friend got killed by the Disharmonies, something changed in Sparky, he never felt happy again. Too avenge his friends fate, Sparky joined Trion Pack and with remarkable talents, he got in at once. With his pissed off attitude, he's never in the mood. The only times he smiles is when he blows the brains out of a Disharmony's head.



Gyro is the flight and sky expert of Trion Pack. Although he is an incredible fighter, he is a BIG smartass. He will make jokes constantly and make fun of his team all the time. This is the only reason hie teammates dislike him, but Gyro will be serious and fight with his team together when he needs to.



Nightlock is the weapons expert of Trion Pack. He is a very young dragon, barely in his teenage years. Even at this age, Nightlock is one of the best veterans in all of Alpha Squadron. Whenever he was set in a Pack, all the team members would die except him. When he was placed in Trion Pack however, his teammates were stronger than the others, which pleased Nightlock. Nightlock is only twice as big as a stallion, so he's not that big of a dragon.

Silver Knot:


Eversince the death of Necromancer, Harmony needed a new Unicorn commander. What better choice than Silver Knot? Silver Knot was a very untrained soldier, but thanks to his bravery and leadership he was bumped up to commander. He leads next to Pegasus and Scatterblast.

Moon Flame:

Moon Flame is a supreme commander in Alpha Squadron. She is an assasin zebra who trains the newer Packs with simple missions. She has even trained Dust to fight better. Moon Flame will have a dominating appearence to most ponies. She is commander for a reason.



Blackjack is the newest sky corporal in the Harmony pegasi ranks. His attitude is surprisingly happy and excited to fight in battle, mostly to some ponies they are scared when fighting in war, not Blackjack though. Blackjack is a very skilled flyer, he shouts stuff that some ponies would find odd, still he fights in honor and always listens to orders, that doesn't mean he doesn't like to have fun.

Harmony Raiders:

This small group of Harmonies was never involved in the war, in fact, they were just formed during an attack on a Harmony city. These 5 ponies stayed together throughout the final days of the war, their only mission is to survive. The team members are Phazon, Blaze, Windrider, Nightmoon, and Blue.



Although his true birth remains unknown, Phazon was meant to die as a small colt from a very rare disease. But the 4 Horses saw something in this pony that they never saw in anypony else. So Death spared his life and allowed him to choose his path in life. So Phazon joined the Harmony scientists. He never wanted anything to do with the war, he was just a simple mind wonderer wanting to learn more about the universe. Until one faithful night, Phazon comes across a metorite that he saw fall from the sky. Phazon makes the mistake of touching the blue substance oozing out of the metor and passes out on contact. When he awakes the next morning, he finds his skin colored differently and his eyes now that of a cold blooded creature. He also finds he has a cutie mark that he has never seen before. Phazon also discovers that the substance he touched has made him stronger than most stallions. With his new strengths, Phazon quit being a scientist and joined the war effort where he fought for Harmony. Later in the years, he meets 4 other ponies and leads an alliance with them.



Blaze was never a good fighter. He always got ridiculed because of this. But since his parents were killed in the war, Blaze had nowhere else to turn but the war itself. He didn't make it into the soldier ranks, but he did become a mechanic and got his cutie mark doing this. Blaze doesn't let the ponies get to him about being weak, instead he is actually pretty happy that he didn't become a soldier. But one fateful day, an attack on a Harmony city that Blaze was in, caused him and his team to get seperated from the Harmony soldiers. He gets lost but is found by one Harmony soldier in particular; Phazon. They both become quick friends and try to look for more survivors.




Windrider started out as a simple medic for the Harmony soldiers. Although her past remains unknown, she never really mentions it to her friends. She always got to heal up the wounded when they were brought in to the medical base. But one day, when a Harmony city was under attack, the Harmonies needed all the medics they could get. So Windrider and her medical friends were sent at once. Since Windrider was never in a battle, she easily got seperated from her group and almost gets killed until she is saved by Phazon and Blaze; to Harmony survivors of the attack. She becomes quick friends with them and joins them in their journey.



Nightmoon was never a happy child. Most of his life was lived in sorrow. He was always picked on and ridiculed. When he got old enough, the anger from his past raged inside him. He took out his rage by joining the Harmonies and killing several Disharmonies. The commanders saw how good he was and thought that he was ready to fight in the big leagues. The Harmony Enforcers. The Enforcers are a strong and powerful group of Harmonies that always do the heavy work in the battlefield. Nightmoon became quite a good fighter by joining the Enforcers. When the Enforcers are called out during an invasion of a Harmony city, Nightmoon and his team react quickly and enter the battlefield. But when he gets seperated from his team, he gets found by a small group of Harmony soldiers and becomes quick friends with them. He is by far the strongest of the team.



Although Blue is not the strongest of ponies, he is very quick on his hooves. Blue was trained as a Harmony assasin and soon became one of the best. His mentor was none other than Moon Flame, the zebra assasin in Alpha Squadron. Blue is very deadly and tricky when it comes to being an assialent. He had a special mission to kill a Disharmony commader when he was invading a Harmony city along with thousands of other Disharmonies. His mission failed and he almost was killed until a group of 4 Harmonies saved his life. Blue joined them into helping them make it to wherever they were going.




Dracos was and is still the leader of all the Disharmonies. He has probably changed the most during the past 5 years. His strong and powerful structure turned to insane and quite creepy, he is still very powerful. The reason for his new attitude is the infection of the Dark Harmony in his soul, it has changed him. Dracos is much more evil than he was in WFG, he has a plan that will win him the war and crush Harmony once and for all. Dracos still hates the 4 Horses but his new plan will involve them, and this time..... he won't fail.



The still brother of Pegasus, Megasus still seeks power agaisnt Dracos's will. Megasus is much stronger than he was 5 years ago, he leads all the pegasi as Skyblazer was bumped down in the ranks. Skyblazer hates Megasus for this. Megasus still has his companions Thunderwing anf Secronaut that he still makes fun of. Even all through this, Megasus is very proud of himself for being such a great flyer and battle hardened warrior. Dracos will kill him one day but he senses something in Megasus, something...... intriguing.



Thunderwing returns at the side of Megasus. Thunderwing is bold and strong, although he has been a very strong flyer, he has been faultering ove the years. When the Disharmonies get new commanders, Thunderwing can't help but fall in love with one of them. Secronaut is still a trusted companion of Thunderwing.



Secronaut is back and deadlier than ever. His powerful flying and deadly strikes will be worth it in the final battle that is to come. Secronaut still wants to challenge his old rival Blitzwing, who know, they may fight in this sequel.



The deranged scientist for the Disharmonies returns and with new armor. Clastro has changed as well, he used to be calm and follow orders, now he is a little more directive and gone a little insane. Most of his insanity comes from his new apprentice; Toxin. Dracos gives him and Toxin a very important mission in this sequel, a mission that will change the course of the war.



The strong stallion returns with a mission; kill all Harmonies. Megosoro hasn't changed at all, his strong appearence and powerful attitude stayed the same throughout the years. He will be fighting with Dracos in this one mission he has with him. Megosoro has a little bit of competiton as well, Incitatus, a new strong stallion is willing to take his place. Megosoro has his job cut out for him to prove he is stronger.



Smashdown is back but has changed entirely. He was once a strong warrior but is now bored to even fight in this war. It has been going on for thousands of years, he just wants it to end. Still, he will follow Dracos's orders no matter what they are.



Smashdown's brother, Nastroport. is back and is still as deadly as ever. Unlike his brother, Nastroport is still very involved in the war. But alas, Smashdown and Nastroport only do small missions, so it has gotten boring eversince the harmony prison was destroyed.



Skyblazer was once a powerful pegasi, now he is just a little too cocky. His strengths have left him which made Megasus the new pegasi commander. Skyblazer tries his best to redeem himself to Dracos, but it mostly fails. But his mission that Dracos assigns him with Clastro and Toxin will prove otherwise.

Hunter Coalition:

Hunter Coalition is an elite group of Disharmonies. Their main job is to follow orders and do the dirty work of the Disharmonies. The leader of the Hunter Coalition is a mare, her name is Beatrice. She leads with a small group of Hunters that rule the Hunter Coalition. Their names are Napalm, Apache, and Shade. The Hunter Coalition was formed a few years after the Harmony Alpha Squadron was made.



Beatrice is the fowl leader of the Hunter Coalition. Her methods are sick but effective. Dracos himself saw how powerful she was being as a soldier, so he formed the Hunter Coalition and made her the leader. Beatrice is never in a good mood and will alwayd try to impress Dracos.



Napalm is the sky commander of the Hunter Coalition. His weapon of choice is a flamethrower which would be kind of obvious because of his name. Napalm is strong, arrogant, and a great flyer. Although he won't have any important parts in EFG, he is still one powerful pegasi.


Shade is a zebra assasin for the Hunter Coalition. She was made head assasin and put in with the main commanders of the Hunters. She actually has a sister, her name is Moon Flame. Yeah that's right, one of the leaders of Alpha Aquadron has a sister that fights for Disharmony. Shade wanted her sister to fight with her, and Moon Flame wanted her sister to choose the right path. Neither of them got their wish.



Apache is a griffon for the Hunters. He is the weapons expert for the main leaders and has a very bad history with Harmony. He despises it for a reason because he was once friends with Gyro the griffon. Until a fatal accident caused Gyro to abondon him and leave him to die. Apache never forgave him and wears an eyepatch to remember that day. Apache will someday get revenge on Gyro, who know, it could be in this sequel.



Buckshot is the greatest sniper Disharmony has to offer. His skill is beyond imaginable, which is why Dracos called him in personaly to do a job with Clastro, Toxin, and Skyblazer. His mission is very important: shoot the 4 Horses.



Antares is the Diamond Dog commander. His loyalty to Dracos meets no end. Unfortunately, his devotion annoys even Dracos, and is often mocked by the other Diamond Dogs and even ponies. Antares leads the Diamond Dogs against the 4 Horses when they are weakened after Clastro had done things to them. Horrible things.



Chico is the newest and youngest member of the Disharmonies. Thanks to her seductive charms, she has wooed Thunderwing, Smashdown, and even Clastro! Dracos is intrigued by her charms and has her join Megasus and his group for a very important mission. This mission will be step one in winning the war for the Disharmonies!



Toxin is the insane torture expert of the Disharmonies. He was placed as an apprentice to the Disharmony scientist Clastro and helps him dearly for what is to come. Toxin is literaly insane, he twitches constantly and always wears a disturbing smile.



Incitatus is the newest war stallion in the Disharmony ranks. He is completely loyal to Dracos and always tries to please him. Unlike Antares, he succeeds. The strange thing about Incitatus is that he mostly speaks in the royal Glucrosian language, but he will speak normally so that his teammates can understand him. His wings are not real but just placed on his body to scare the enemy (as if his mask wasn't enough). Incitatus' weapons of choice is a large cannon that attaches to his right arm, and a sword that is attached to his left arm.


I've always wanted to use monsters in MLP WFG but never had enough time. But in EFG, I will have several monsters that I wanted to add in this fic.

Monsters such as:

  • Changelings
  • Hydras
  • Dragons
  • Manticores
  • Undead Ponies
  • Ursa Minors


Never before seen chapter titles below! These will be the names of the chapters in MLP EFG. That is all I will reveil.

Chapter 1: Welcome Home

Chapter 2: Meeting of the Disharmonies

Chapter 3: Megasus, a True Leader

Chapter 4: Capturing the Apocalypse

Chapter 5: New Friends

Chapter 6: Trion Pack

Chapter 7: The Experiments of Clastro

Chapter 8: Dracos Rises Again

Chapter 9: Phazon and the Harmony Raiders

Chapter 10: No Pony Controls Death

Chapter 11: Waking Up to a War Filled Morning

Chapter 12: The Revelator

Chapter 13: Dust to Sand

Chapter 14: The Zanthium

Chapter 15: Death of a Hero

Chapter 16: Escape From Glucrose

Chapter 17: Revelation



Preview of Undead Ponies trying to kill Skyblazer

Destroyedcity 2

Remains of Pentrodis

Tumblr lvo1jcmgO21qeuenj


Glucrose's final days

Pegasis enclave by aaronmk-d4h04bg

Fallout equestria dragons lair by hereticofdune-d4waxi6

Glucrosian Dragons

36924 - gun nuke Octavia war

Fallout equestria loss colour by colgatefim-d564l0l

If anyone wants to know more about this sequel, ask me to add more info in the comments below.

This massive fanfic will be released in late September or early October!

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