Just a little fanfic me and my brother are putting together (well mainly im writing it, but his helping me incase theres any plot holes or somethings dont make sense :P), anyway if you dont like mass effect (dis-cluding the endings) then dont read this, other then that, enjoy :D


Commander Shepard

David Anderson

Kaiden Alenko







2148 CE

Humanity discovers a small cache of highly advanced Prothean technology hidden deep beneath the surface of Mars on the south polar region of Promethei Planum. Building on the remnants of this long extinct race, humans quickly explore the science of mass effect fields, leading to the development of faster than light travel and beginning detailed exploration of the Sol system.

2149 CE

Following information from the translated data cache on Mars, humans discover that Charon, Pluto's moon, is actually a massive piece of dormant Prothean technology, a mass relay, encased in ice. Once activated, Jon Grissom leads the first team of explorers through the relay, which instantaneously transports them to another relay in Arcturus, 36 light-years away. The explorers discover that the mass relays are part of a vast network, making travel across the galaxy possible.
The Systems Alliance charter is signed by the eighteen largest nations on Earth. The Alliance soon becomes the military and exploratory spearhead of humanity
2150 CE
The Systems Alliance begins the first surveys for colonization prospects outside the Sol System. One of these surveys discovers the planet Terra Nova.

2151 CE

To defend its expanding territory, humanity begins constructing a massive military fleet and space station at Arcturus, the nexus of several key mass relays, even though they have yet to encounter another intelligent spacefaring race.
An accident at Singapore International Spaceport exposes hundreds of humans to dust-form element zero. Roughly 30% of the children born in Singapore after element zero exposure suffer from cancerous growths. After his mother is exposed during the accident, Kaidan Alenko is born later that year with biotic potential.

2152 CE

The Delta Pavonis Foundation, a major consortium based on Earth, begins settlement of humanity's first extra-solar colony world, the planet Demeter. Later that year, additional colonies are founded on Eden Prime and Terra Nova.
2154 CE
Shepard is born.

2155 CE

The Systems Alliance occupies completed portions of Arcturus Station, intended to become the Alliance's headquarters.

2156 CE

Arcturus Station is formally inaugurated.
A small number of human children exposed to element zero exhibit minor telekinetic abilities.

2157 CE

Pluto's orbit becomes circularized as a result of mass relay operations.

2157 CE: The First Contact War

Humanity makes violent first contact with another spacefaring race: the turians. The turians observe human explorers attempting to activate a dormant mass relay, a practice forbidden by galactic law after the Rachni Wars, and attack. Over the next three months, a brief but tense conflict known by humans as the First Contact War and by turians as the Relay 314 Incident ensues.

2158 CE

Humans learn the potential of biotics. An international effort to track element zero exposures begins. Roughly 10% of recorded exposed children show indications of biotic ability.

2159 CE

The Systems Alliance purchases Gagarin Station for a fraction of its construction cost, and converts the facility into a biotic research and training facility.

2160 CE

The Systems Alliance Parliament is formed. With the existence of human biotics firmly established, the Biotic Acclimation and Temperance Training (BAaT) program is set up on Gagarin Station to train potential candidates and develop biotic implants.

2161 CE

Amid concerns over gene therapy and genetic modifications being misused, the Systems Alliance Parliament passes the Sudham-Wolcott Genetic Heritage Act. It imposes sharp restrictions on controversial uses of genetic engineering, but provides government subsidies for beneficial applications.

2162 CE

Construction of Arcturus Station is completed

2163 CE

The Alliance secretly begins illegal AI research at a base on Sidon with Dr. Shu Qian as project leader. Lt. Kahlee Sanders is assigned as a tech analyst.
The first experimental L1 biotic implants are used in humans.
A series of starship drive failures are orchestrated over populated areas on human colony worlds, causing widespread exposures to element zero. This results in a second generation of humans born with biotic potential.

2164 CE

Ivor Johnstagg is sentenced to 21 years in prison for attempting to assassinate Venta Tox, the volus ambassador to the Citadel. Although Johnstagg claims to be acting on behalf of the radical human political party Eternal Earth, no connection is found and Johnstagg is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Backlash from the assassination attempt jeopardizes the Systems Alliance's bid for an embassy on the Citadel.

2165 CE

Humanity continues to expand, founding more colonies and establishing trade alliances with many of the other species who recognize the authority of the Citadel Council. In 2165 CE, the Council makes official recognition of humanity's growing power and influence in the galactic community. Humanity is granted an embassy on the Citadel, the political and economic heart of the galaxy. Tensions grow between humans and batarians as they compete for territory in the Skyllian Verge.

2166 CE

Commander Vyrnnus, a turian mercenary, is hired to oversee the training of human biotics at BAaT.

2167 CE

L2 biotic implants are first developed and used in humans. Kaidan Alenko is among the first to receive the new implants.

2168 CE

Shepard receives secondary exposure to element zero. Permanent biotic inclination manifests.

2170 CE

The human colony of Mindoir is attacked by batarian slavers. Many colonists are killed or captured.

Another human colony, Yandoa, suffers catastrophic dust-form element zero exposure to its atmosphere when an Eldfell-Ashland Energy ship explodes in orbit. Many children suffer birth defects; thirty-seven biotic children are born, including Gillian Grayson.
Biotic training for humans is outsourced to the military, selected R&D companies, and renamed divisions of the defunct Conatix Industries.

L3 biotic implants are developed after L2 implants prove to be dangerous.

2171 CE

In protest at the refusal of the Citadel Council to limit human expansion in the Skyllian Verge, the batarians close their embassy, withdraw into their home systems, and effectively become a rogue state.
Shepard is officially detected as a biotic and fitted with L3 implants.

2172 CE

      Shepard enlists in the Alliance military.

Chapter 1Edit
The Galaxy is full of wonders, each race of species has something unique about ether there history, technology or appearance. For example, the Asari, the first council race to achieve interstellar flight and to discover the citadel. But our story, doesn’t revolve around the Asari, or the Salarians, or even the Turians. Our story, revolves around species that are thought to be a threat and if given too much power, will end up overtaking other species. The species im talking about, are the humans. Humans have always been thought to be a threat, especially by Turians, since they had The First Contact War.
Our heroic tale begins on a ship, even with The First Contact War, the Alliance (the representative of earth and human colonies) and the Turian Hierarchy (Turian government) made a prototype ship called the SSV Normandy. The SSV Normandy is run by a captain named David Anderson, a man who is known as a War Hero and was known to be in the First Contact War. Anderson was spoken highly of by a man named Pressly and a woman named Chakwas. because of the Normandy's shakedown run, The Alliance gave him command over the prototype and he was allowed to hand-pick his crew. And this is where our hero comes into play, Commander Shepard. Anderson saw potential in Shepard and so became sort of a mentor to him. The Normandy’s first mission was to retrieve a Beacon dug up from the Alliance's scientists, but sooner or later, Shepard knew this was going to become more complicated then a simple shakedown run.
I was in my room, thinking about how grateful I was that Anderson hand-picked me for the job, I heard a lot of stories about him, how he was in the first contact war with the Turians. But I couldn’t be too soft I said to myself, Anderson was counting on me, he saw potential in me and I don’t want to disappoint. But that wasn’t the only thing I was thinking about, I was also thinking about this planet I was going to, Eden Prime, some say its one of the most beautiful human colonies out there, but then it has me thinking, why would there be a beacon on one of the most peaceful colonies out there? I know there more to this mission, im sure of it. We were half way there to Eden Prime, I thought I might aswell put on my gear. Im not one of those special classes like a adept who is a master of biotics or a Engineer who is a whizz at tech. Im just a normal soldier, but even if im not a master of any of those things, I can tell you what I am a master of, guns and that’s as good as anything. Instead of waiting in my room I decide to go to the Cockpit to see Kaidan Alenko, a hand-picked Lieutenant with L2 biotics, too be honest I dont know why he doesn’t upgrade to L3 and Jeff Moreau, also known as “Joker”, is the Flight Lieutenant of the SSV Normandy, I haven’t seen him get out of that chair once, must be in love with his work and the name “Joker”?, no idea where that came from, must be a funny guy.
Finally, i was in the Combat information centre, otherwise known as the CIC. The CIC was filled with many soldiers, doing there own job, to keep the SSV Normandy in good shape and working condition. As I was on my way to the cockpit, I pass a private with the name Jenkins, I haven’t really gotten to know him, but I suspect he will be hot headed, being a private and all, but I guess we were all like that at one point. After I passed Jenkins I notice another familiar face, Navigator Pressley, the man who spoke of Anderson's heroics. I wasn’t sure if he was a good friend of his or not, but he must of at least served with him, most likely in the first contact war, to speak of him so highly.
When I was nearly at the cockpit, I notice a voice on the comlink, It was most likely the lieutenant pilot Jeff, or otherwise known as Joker, if I ever get the chance I need to ask him about that name. I was nearly at the cockpit when I noticed a unknown figure. I couldn’t make out if he was human or not, but then I realise he was wearing Turian armour, looked pretty advanced, but I was more concerned on the fact that 'why' is there a Turian on the ship?, I didn’t think a Turian would be interested in a beacon on a human colony.
When I got to the cockpit joker then says “The board is green, approach run has begun”. I was guessing he was approaching a mass relay, a mysterious device discovered on Mars by humans, scientists later found out that this device was capable of light travel, cant say light travel is nice, but it gets you around the sol system. I look out the window to see we were nearly at the mass relay. “Commander, just in time for the relay jump” says Joker. As we got near the relay, the element zero core started to spin even faster, then the ship goes into some sort of corridor. Suddenly like the light the speed of light, the relay shoots us into another part of the sol system, I've always thought of the relays to be some sort of intergalactic slingshot.
Thrusters...check. Navigation... Check. Internal emissions sink engaged. All systems online. Drift... just under 1500 k.” says Joker. “1500 is good, your captain will be pleased” says the unknown figure walking away. As the Turian turned, I got a glimpse of his appearance, his like all the other Turians, has mandibles, has somewhat spiky hair, I dont know what they call it in Turian terms, only difference about him is his skin colour is red and he has a white markings on his face, I wasn't sure if it was war paint or some sort of birth mark. Im still curious about him though, its pretty weird that there’s a Turian on this ship, this ship was human and Turian made though, maybe his a ship inspector, but at time like this? I dont really think there's going to be a ship inspector on a shakedown run, I think there’s more to this then the captains letting on. Suddenly my thinking is interrupted by Joker. “I hate that guy” says Joker looking back on the Turian. “And why would that be?” says a unknown voice from the right. I turn my head to the right to see Lieutenant Kaiden Alenko, he is the biotic with L2 implants, I heard they were dangerous, I wonder why he doesn’t upgrade to L3. “Spectres are trouble, I don’t like having them around”. That guy was a Spectre? I heard they were like secret agents of the council, they have the highest authority, be honest, I defiantly would not mind being a spectre, but that’s going to be hard, since well, a lot of aliens don’t think very highly of us humans and they think were not ready to have that sort of power. “The council has the right to send someone on something they invested”. Thats right, the council funded this project, maybe Kaiden is right, I think im being a little bit too paranoid. I then hear a voice I defiantly recognize, Captain Anderson. “Joker, report” says Anderson quite sternly. “Just cleared the mass relay captain. Stealth systems engaged. Everything looks solid” replies Joker on the comlink. “Good. Find us a comm buoy and link us into the network. I want mission reports relayed back to Alliance brass before we reach Eden Prime” says Anderson. “Aye aye Captain. Better brace yourself sir, I think Nihlus is headed your way” says Joker. “His already here Joker...” says Anderson sounding quite unimpressed. Me and Kaiden chuckle as Joker just made a fool of himself, maybe thats where the name “Joker” came from. “Is that you commander chuckling? I want you here in the comm room for debriefing” says Anderson over the comlink. “Yes sir” I reply. “Captain sounds pissed” says Kaiden still laughing slightly. “I wonder why” I say walking away from the cockpit to the comm room.

Chapter 2Edit

As i came into the comm room, i didnt see Captain Anderson, but the Turian named Nihlus. As Nihlus saw me he called out my name. "Ah Shepard, im glad you came, it would give us a chance to talk". "What about?" i reply. Nihlus turns to look out the window. "This planet were going to, Eden Prime, it is said to be one of the most beutiful human colonies out there." says Nihlus looking out into the void of space. "They say its a paradise" i reply to Nihlus. Why was he asking me these questions? Is he intrested in the misson, or me? "Yes...A paradise. Serene. Tranquil. Safe. Eden prime has become a sort of symbol to your people, hasn't it Shepard?" Nihlus then turns back to me. "Proof that not only humanity can establish colonies around the galaxy, but also protect them." Nihlus then folds his arms. "But how safe is it really?" "What are you getting at?" i say suspiciously. "Your people are still newcomers Shepard. The galaxy can be a dangerous place." "Is the alliance truly ready for this?". What does he mean, Whats going on? I suddenly hear the door open. I turn to see Captain Anderson. Captain Anderson was a fairly tall African American man, with the standard issue Captains clothing. "I think its about time we told the Commander whats really going on." says Captain Anderson to Nihlus. "Something your not telling me Captain?" i say to Anderson. "This mission is far more then a simple shakedown run". "Care to Explain Captain?" i reply without sounding too angry that i wasn't informed earlier. "We're making a covert pick up on Eden Prime. Thats why we need the stealh systems engaged". "There must of been a reason for keeping this a secret Captain?" i reply with my arms folded. "This comes down from the top Commander, infomation strictly on a need-to-know basis."

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