February 3, 1972- Ian Ham and Anthony Burg are sent in space

Two Astronauts were on USA 327. USA 327 was a new type of a space shuttle. The first astronaut, Ian Ham knew that they were heading to Mars. Anthony Burg, looked around the new shuttle. A tapping sound was heard. Ian Ham looked around. Anthony Burg said" relax" Ian nodded. The tapping sound was heard again. Ian looked around. Anthony continued to examine the shuttle.

A while later, Ian heard the tapping sound again. Anthony heard it, too. Ian looked around. Chatter was heard. Anthony turned around. A screech was heard. Ian went back to observing.

A screech was heard again. Anthony said" What is going on?" Ian shrugged. A screech was heard, this time, louder. It became lower, and then it was piercing. Ian told Anthony to be quiet. The chatter was heard, louder each time. A tapping was very faint. A screech again. Mars was near. Ian went back to looking at the deep, dark space.

Anthony looked around, as the screeching sound was heard. The shuttle was shaking. Ian ordered his partner to hold onto a pipe. Ian's head hit the pipe. Anthony slapped Ian's helmet. Anthony opened the helmet and smacked him. Ian woke up. A scuttle was heard. Anthony removed a metal bar and threw it at the sounds. A roar was heard. Ian fainted. Anthony opened a compartment, a stun blaster. He fired the stun blaster, and it ricocheted. The laser blasts stunned Anthony, then he fainted. A roar was heard again.

February 5, 1972- Anthony and Ian recover from fainting

A chatter was heard. A spider-like creature with a beetle face looked down. It chattered. One of the legs held Ian. Anthony went to reach for the stun blaster. The blaster was on Shuttle 327. The shuttle was on a floating docking bay. A howl was heard.The spider-beetle dropped Ian. It scuttled away, as it heard the howl. Ian woke up. Anthony notices that the spider-beetle left web behind. The stun blaster was floating. Anthony threw its web to catch the stun blaster. The web roared. A alive liquid. The web turned red and started to wrap around him. It started to choke Ian. The red web picked up Anthony and tossed the astronauts.

February 7, 1972- Ian discovers that they are on Mars

Ian stood over Anthony. Ian said" We are on Mars" Anthony woke up, and smacked Ian. Ian said' You had a nightmare" Anthony nodded yeah. The spider-beetle's shadow loomed over him. It's pincers chirped. Anthony picked up Ian. The spider-beetle burrowed through Mars' surface. Green lava poured out, Acid. Ian and Anthony floated away to USA 327. A figure appeared behind the spider-beetle. A blaster was held by the figure and fired. The spider-beetle was wounded, then the acid covered it, making it solid.

The figure forgot the acid was still there. The acid started to cover the figure. The shadowy figure was a man. The acid consumed him completely. The man's scream still rang through Ian and Anthony's ears.

February 10, 1972- Anthony discovers that the man was a sorcerer

Anthony scanned the man. The man was a sorcerer. Anthony was glad to be back on USA 327. Ian came back with the sorcerer's life. Anthony read the reports. No. No. No. No. The sorcerer's name is Brad Burg. Brad had a son named Anthony, a astronaut. Anthony witnessed his sorcerer father was consumed by the acid on Mars.

February 15, 1972- Ian realizes that Mars is overrun by Mutants and now is Mars is green

Ian said" Anthony, Mars is now overrun by Mutants" Anthony realized the winged mutants built a statue of Brad Burg. The Winged Mutants then destroyed it for pleasure. A Reptillian roared from Mutant Mars. Ian held the stun blaster. The Reptillian made a screeching sound. Ian opened the window and fired at the Reptillian. The Reptillian was stunned.

February 17, 1972- Anthony informs Ian that the winged mutants were evil

Anthony said" The Reptillians were forced to serve the winged mutants" Ian nodded. Anthony and Ian fired stun blasters at the winged mutants. A explosion was heard. Mars was now saved. Anthony spoke to the Reptillian leader over a radio. Mars was inhabited and peaceful. Ian and Anthony piloted USA 327 back to Earth.

February 21, 1972- Ian and Anthony notice reptillian features

Ian woke up. Ian yawned. The yawn was like a hiss. Ian noticed he had scales. Ian grew into a green Lizard. Anthony noticed the same, but he was a purple Lizard. Ian and Anthony left and reside into the sewers. The sewers are now their residence.

February 23, 1972- Ian and Anthony accept that they were born Lizards and leave the sewers

Ian and Anthony grow into full Lizards. The sewers are too small for them. Anthony finds a beeping machine. Anthony's claw presses it. Ian snarls in interest. The two lizards are sent into a portal. The portal transports them to Mars. It takes ten seconds to get there, but it is now ten years later.

February 23, 1982- Ian and Anthony now live on Mars with the Reptillians.

Ian, Anthony and the Reptillians start a rule. Every inhabitant is a ruler. The Reptillians thrive into Mars. The Reptillians discover a staff. Ian and Anthony plant the staff into the center of Mars. The staff has a glow, and it makes Mars shine.

February 25, 1992- Mars becomes peaceful.

Ian, Anthony and the Reptillians outlaws violence. Mars is restored and is now peaceful. The Reptillians find a half Green and half Purple stone. The stone allows the Mars rule to last forever. Mars is fully inhabited and now is featured as the most thrived planet.

The End

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