the poster for our fanfic...

  • GumballTransformerFanOK about the adventure fic.
  • We start at Hyrule..
  • 6:35

  • 6:35GumballTransformerFanwith skullkid
  • 6:35

  • 6:35GumballTransformerFanand he heard news of a new magic found deep in the forstest

  • 6:36

  • 6:36GumballTransformerFanAnyway skullkid finds the new magic and he is teleported to Equestria
  • 6:37

  • 6:37GumballTransformerFanHe will go into hiding in the Everfree forest until everyone else arrives
  • 6:37

  • 6:38GumballTransformerFanIt's Transformers, Halo, Metroid, LOZ, and MLP
  • 6:38

  • 6:38GumballTransformerFanAnyway, next chapter will revolve around Phazon
  • 6:38

  • 6:39GumballTransformerFanAnd you Phazon, can tell the story on that.
  • Cause IDK what to say there.
  • 6:39

  • 6:40GumballTransformerFanAnyway, you find a way to a dimensional portal and you meet Master Chief.
  • 6:40

  • 6:40GumballTransformerFanYou team up with him and you and MC and his soldiers crash land in Equestria where you are discovered by the mane 6.
  • 6:40

  • 6:43GumballTransformerFanLink finds skullkid when he is also teleported
  • 6:43

  • 6:43GumballTransformerFanThey take refuge when they soon see the asteroid that is Master chief's ship
  • 6:43PhazonGumball123You see me and MC
  • 6:43Maskedman0000yes from there we will all meet
  • 6:44

  • 6:44GumballTransformerFanAnd now comes Bumblebee
  • 6:44

  • 6:44GumballTransformerFanHe is the scout who will take the teleporter in order to find Megatron on his starship
  • 6:44

  • 6:45GumballTransformerFanBut something goes wrong and Bumblebee is teleported to Equestria where he is found by Phazon, MC, and skull
  • 6:45Maskedman0000and link
  • 6:45

  • 6:45GumballTransformerFanHe sends a distress signal, and the other Autobots arrive in Equestria
  • 6:45

  • 6:47GumballTransformerFanWe all meet, I now play the role as Optimus, and with Phazon, Link, Skull, and Master Cheif, we will be ready for Megatron and the Halo aliens.
  • 6:47

  • 6:47GumballTransformerFanThat's the big battle scene in Canterlot.
  • 6:47

  • 6:47GumballTransformerFanOmega and Trypticon soon arrive and they fight.
  • 6:47 And so does Shining Armor

  • 6:48GumballTransformerFanThe battle ends, with Megatron along with Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave escaping.

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