As you know the 4 horses of the apocalypse will be in this upcoming fanfic. So here are some pictures to show what they look like. Each of them has a special type of gun, abilities, hand held weapons, and a super power to turn them into giant monsters.

I got this idea when I mentioned Glucrose in Corkscrew: Peace or War? This will be the untold history before Equestria was born, and before Celestia and Luna ruled.

The 4 Horses Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine:

4 horses of the apocalypse

Death's weapons:

A plasma shotgun that attaches to his whole arm.

His trademark scyth.

Pestilence's weapons:

An ion machine gun that attaches to his whole arm.

Spear and shield.

War's weapons:

Single shot arm cannon.

Giant sword.

Famine's weapons:

Acid machine gun that attaches to his whole arm.

Glowing red Ax.

Death's super form:


Pestilence's super form:


War's super form:

Fire Monster3

Famine's super form:

Advent of Zilla King Cobra by ZillaMaster91


Pegasus, Metrolane, Blitzwing, Scatterblast, Death, Pestilence, War, Famine, King Xavier, Queen Maldala, Warfront, Necromancer, Neo, and Corkscrew.


Dracos, Megasus, Thunderwing, Secronaut, Blasticus, Clastro, Megosoro, Smashdown, Nastroport, Frontline, Zamo, and Skyblazer.

Type Harmonies:

  • Pegasus: Pegasus, Commander of the harmony pegasi

Strong black pegasi with flaming wings, mane, and tail. He doesn't know of his true calling of being the leader of all pegasi, instead he began a rebelion against Harmony and Disharmony with his brother Megasus.

  • Metrolane: Pegasus, Second in command of harmony pegasi

Strong, athletic, and quite cocky. Metrolane is a light brown pegasi that is loaded with armor and special strengths that make him one of the strongest pegasi ever born. He wears a yellow visor that covers his eyes.

  • Blitzwing: Pegasus, Third in command of harmony pegasi

He was trained as an S-36 soldier in the rebelion that Pegasus started. He wears dark armor that covers his entire body. He has glowing blue eyes along with his russian accent that makes him a deadly assassin for the Harmonies.

  • Scatterblast: Stallion, Commander of the harmony stallions

Bold and brave are the two words to describe one of the best leaders the Harmonies have ever seen. Scatterblast began as a simple private but soon became the commander of all the Harmony stallions with his bravery and leadership. He has golden skin with a darker mane, he always wears armor in the battle or not.

  • Death: Super being, General of harmony forces

The 4th horse of the apocalypse and is also the most powerful. He joined the Harmonies side when the King himself asked for their assistence in the war. Although he is one of the bringers of destruction, he fought with the Harmonies for thousands of years.

  • Pestilence: Super being, General of harmony forces

The 1st horse of the apocalypse is somepony you do not want to mess with. Although he is quite cocky with his attitude, if you make him angry you won't live long. He fought with his brothers for thousands of years in the war for Glucrose.

  • War: Super being, General of harmony forces

The 3rd horse of the apocalypse and no doubt the strongest of the 4 horses. War decides who wins and who loses in any battle. He never jokes and fights to the end in the war that ravaged the planet for thousands of years. He controls fire and anything about fire, it is not wise to fight him.

  • Famine: Super being, General of harmony forces

The 2nd horse of the apocalypse is by far the deadliest of the 4 horses. He can starve one to death with a single touch. Famine is a proud, powerful brother of the 4 horses, even though he is the youngest, he is one of the strongest and most agile.

  • King Xavier: Alicorn, Leader of harmony forces

The King of the Harmonies and the leader of Glucrose, King Xavier is a peace loving leader until the war began that is. He took quick action and created the Harmony forces and fought the Disharmonies for thousands of years. When they were losing the war, he seeked help from the 4 horses and convinced them to fight for freedom and stop Dracos.

  • Queen Maldala: Alicorn, Leader of harmony forces

The wife of King Xavier, Maldala is a fair and justice ruler. She along with her husband rule the Harmonies and fought the Disharmonies.

  • Warfront: Stallion, Second in command of harmony Stallions

Warfront is not the brightest pony, but he is one of the strongest. He is in second in command for a reason, with his power he led the Harmonies along with his supremist Scatterblast. He is a red stallion with a black mane.

  • Necromancer: Unicorn, Commander of harmony unicorns, Head Scientist

Necromancer is one important Unicorn. Being Captain of all the Harmony unicorns and being the head scientist makes him a deadly apponent to all who stand against him. With his jet black skin and pink, yellow, and blue stripes going threw his white mane and tail, it makes him frightening to all.

  • Neo: Unicorn, Medical Officer

Neo was one of the most important medics and scientists. He is a white unicorn with a red mane and a faceplate, this makes him able to breath in space when he was fleeing from Glucorse along with many other Harmonies.

  • Corkscrew: Stallion, Private in Royal Commandos

One of the most well known ponies ever. Corkscrew is a Royal Commando that works for the king personally. He has no fear even though he is a private.

Type Disharmonies:

  • Dracos: Stallion, Leader of Disharmony forces

The evil leader of the Disharmonies, Dracos is a deadly and one of the strongest and most powerful ponies who ever lived. He has double the strength of any pony, his leadership is never outmatched, and his anger will soon get the best of him. He has ghost white skin along with his mane, he grows these strange purple markings all over his body when he was exposed to Dark Harmony. He began the War for Glucrose and is responsible for millions of deaths.

  • Megasus: Pegasus, Commander of disharmony pegasi

The younger brother of Pegasus who also shares a resemblence to him. Instead of all the red flame on him, it is blue flame. He joined his brother and began a rebellion against Harmony and Disharmony, but his wanting of power and leadership drags him to his true calling.

  • Thunderwing: Pegasus, Third in command of disharmony pegasi

Thunderwing is a strong flyer for Megasus, he is snickerish and powerful. Although he is one of Megasus's most trusted fighters, he also seeks power but fails at it constantly. He has cyan colored skin, his mane and tail are grey and shedding.

  • Secronaut: Pegasus, Second in command of disharmony pegasi

Secronaut also trained in the S-36 with Blitzwing, but he is different in many ways. First of all he fights for the Disharmonies and he works for Megasus. Second of all his eyes glow red and he has black armor. Third of all he is not very smart and Megasus makes fun of him for this.

  • Blasticus: Unicorn, General of all disharmony unicorns

Blasticus loves destroying things. He is constantly covered in armor and his true colors are rarely shown. He is a pure war machine and he is one of Dracos's favorite fighters.

  • Clastro: Stallion, Head Scientist

Clastro is the scientist of all the Disharmonies. He is covered in olive green armor and has a robotic and emotionless voice, as if he really IS a computer. He wears a red visor and always follows lord Dracos's orders.

  • Megosoro: Stallion, Commander of disharmony stallions

Megosoro is by far the second strongest of all the Disharmonies, the first being Dracos of course. He wears powerful armor but his colors are still shown. He has rusty red skin and bulging muscles, his mane is a lighter red. Megosoro is powerful and cannot be taken down easily.

  • Smashdown: Stallion, Second in command of disharmony stallions

Smashdown is a bold, brave Disharmony who follows by his own rules with his brother Nastroport. He is a grey stallion with a black mane, he controls the Harmony prison with his brother. They are merciles and kill Harmonies daily. Smashdown's weapon of choice is a hammer.

  • Nastroport: Unicorn, Second in command of disharmony unicorns

Nastroport is very cocky and brainy. He works with his brother Smashdown in the Harmony prison. He has dark blue skin with a messed up white mane. His weapon of choice is a trident.

  • Frontline: Unicorn, Third in command of disharmony unicorns

Frontline is a pure war fighter, he always leads most of the Disharmony forces while Dracos is not around. Although he is a strong fighter, he is coward and will try to retreat when he has the chance. He has green skin and a blue and yellow mane.

  • Zamo: Unicorn, Captain of disharmony unicorns

Zamo is one of Dracos's best fighters. He fights by Dracos's side through any battle and he never retreats. He wears armor, he has light purple skin and a very dark mane.

  • Skyblazer: Pegasus, General of disharmony pegasi

Skyblazer is the sky commander for Dracos's pegasi. Skyblazer tells himself that he is the best flyer in all of Glucrose, of course he isn't right. He is still a great flyer but is shown to be cowardly only when Dracos is around. He has dark yellow skin and a lighter yellow mane. He wears red goggles and flight boots on his back legs.