You are Luke Skywalker.

You are called Wormie by your friends.

You ignore it.

You don't mind.

You realize R5-D4 had a bad motivator.

You tell Uncle Owen first.

You listen to C-3PO about R2-D2, and then tell Owen.

You find a message in R2-D2. A princess needs help.

You think she is beautiful.( This happens in the film)

You ignore her looks, and worry about her.

You recieve your father's lightsaber.


What happened to my father?

You are told about your father.

I am alone.

Where is Darth Vader?

You leave the homestead early.

Great, I have to meet with Ben.

Yes, I am away.

You come back. The homestead is burnt. Owen and Beru are dead.

You are mad at the Empire.

It is sad. There is nothing here for me.

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