&nbsp "AUGH!" I cried, sitting up in my bed. I felt my heart pound as adrenaline swam in my blood. I felt a cold sewat on my forehead and tears streaming down my cheeks.

Frantically, I pressed my hands to my neck, then to my stitched cheeks. I was all in one piece, thank God.

I buried my face in my arms and sobbed deeply. It had been almost three years since I was tormented by Jeff. I was seventeen years old, and I was still having trouble forgetting. And now, a nightmare like this? I wished the world would just swallow me up.

I looked at my alarm clock. The blue numbers gleamed 9:45 a.M. I had my appointment with Doctor Hatcher in an hour.

"Might as well get ready," I thought. I got out of bed and went to my mirror. My stitches were still intact, despite the fact I had a serious case of bed-head. I brushed it down and put in my angel-wing earrings.

Then, I pulled on a white t-shirt and a pair of my Morgan jeans. I pulled on my red hoodie, a gift from my dad after Jeff gave me an eternal smile. I pulled up my hood and left my room. I slid doe\wn the stairs on the bannister and went to the kitchen. I grabbed the car-keys from the rack and jingled them. I would pick up something on the way to my appointment.

"Well, look at that, dear. Our little girl is all grown up," I heard Dad whisper from the staircase.

"Bye, Mom and Dad!" I called as i grabbed my purse. "I'll be back later."


"Oh, dear..." Dr. Hatcher's eyes were wide with worry. He straightened his glasses and shifted in his seat uneasily.

"It was too real," I trembled, remembering. "Too vivid. What, do you suppose, is the purpose of a terror like that?"

"I think, it's unlikely, but not impossible, I think it's a warning to be careful from now on."

"Careful?" I echoed.

Dr. Hatcher siged, and continued, "My only advice is to keep your friends close and your enemy closer."

"No," I said. "First of all, I don't have any friends because I don't trust anyone. Second, there is no way, in Heaven or on Earth, that I am keeping that homicidal maniac close to me!"

"You might as well, because you made him stop killing. You made a truce with him. He's going to push you."

"Dr. Hatcher," I whispered fiercly, "if he ever comes close to me or my family again, no agreement, no truce, is going to stop me from calling the mental faucility. If he has a problem with it, well, then, so be it. I'm done being a victim. Thanks for your help, Doctor."