That's all that came in my mind as I ran through the dark woods. As I cleared fallen trees and rocks and bushes, I breathed hard and my heart and mind raced

"Faster, Cathie. I'm catching up," said the voice that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

I looked back, but nothing was there. I only saw mist and fog and trees, their branches dripping with a deep, tarry black sludge. I felt a shudder ripple through my body.

I turned back, and WHAM! I crashed into a wall of trees. I fell on my back and began to inch away. I turned back again, and there it was. My tormentor.

A man, about nine feet tall and extremely thin slithered up to me. It had no face. Not a mouth, nose, or eyes could be found on its face.

Gently, deliberately, it tipped its head to one side, as if curious. It stared at me fo a moment, and I stared back. I didn't dare move.

Suddenly, a long, thin tendril shot out from its back and curled around my neck. My hands flew up to it as i desperately tried to loosen its hold. But it didn't budge.

Another tendril shot out and grabbed my wrists. I kicked and thrashed, but to no avail. The hold was vice-tight.

Slowly, the tendril around my neck began to lift me off the ground. I felt my windpipe begin to tighten, and I fought for breath.

My tormentor continued to study me with that invisible gaze. Then, it lifted its hand, the fingers now long and sharp. Then, a mouth with sharp, jagged teeth opened on its face out of nowhere.

"GOTCHA," the man hissed, and it threw its head and me, a dripping, fanged maw open wide. I prayed to be killed quickly.

And then, I woke up.