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Awoken H8 Seed WoodenToaster

(This story goes a little into Kenzie's past life, and what led up to her life today. Perhaps I'll make another for September and Beyond Her Tomb, as well; it depends if I feel like it.)

Kenzie's AwokenEdit

Kenzie slammed the door to her room shut, then leaned against it, panting heavilly.

Brittany Heganmire had actually done it. She'd always been saying she was going to kick her arse, but Kenzie never thought she'd actually do it. But now Brittany had finally done it.

She pressed a hand to her ribs. Yeah, there was definantly a broken rib there. As she looked at her wardrobe mirror, Kenzie saw that her bottom lip was split, and blood was lazilly sliding down her chin and dripping onto the floor.

She scowled at herself. They had been teasing her. They provoked the violent outburst.

She pondered it as the memory came back in a flash:





This was all normal for me by now. I'm used to the names and the threats and the insults. It doesn't hurt as much as it used to, but it still does. However, I've just learned to ignore them and continue with my work.

Then Brittany went too far. She had waltzed up to my desk, took my drawing. She smirked as she studied it with fake interest.

"Oh, I believe that you'd rather be slicing open corpses, wouldn't you?" Brittany chided, ripping the drawing in half, "Murderer."


I knew they were talking about my father. Everyone in school, even the teachers.... They thought, no they KNEW I was going to turn out like him.

I stared up at Brittany with a mixture of hatred and comtempt. "I don't care who my father was, and I don't care who YOU are. NO ONE speaks ill of me or my family. I mean, how DARE you!? Have you no respect for the dead!?"

Then I stood up, and I smacked her across the face without thinking.

I recoiled instantly, surprised at my violent action. I didn't mean to! "I-!"

I was suddenly pushed back in my seat, tumbling out of it and my desk landing on my leg. I cried out in pain while Brittany strode up to me.

"You little BITCH!" she shrieked in her high, preppy voice, "You think you can do that to me and get away with it!?"

She stomped down on my side, and I cried out as I felt something snap in my chest.

"Brittany! Get off of her, NOW!" I heard the principal holler, and Brittany instantly backed off.

"Sorry, daddy," she feigned innocence with a sweet smile.

I shoved my desk off of my and stood up, immediately swaying as I coughed and blood erupted from my throat.

"Oh, Mckhenzie, I'm SO sorry!" Brittany put on a sad face as she moved over to "help" me.

"DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME!" I screamed, tears pouring down my cheeks. I wiped them away angrilly and shoved her down, avoiding Mr. Heganmire as he protested against my leaving.

I knew I was never coming back. Whether I wanted to or not.

The thought echoed through her head, and the lines of tension smoothed from her forehead. It was actually a sweet thought.


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