John Mackle
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Activities Baseball,Cheating Death
Friends Jerry Jones,Cherry Barns,Jack Moner,Janey Spot(Girlfriend),Uber Mon,Glenn Pack
Enemies Death
Status Alive
Location Earth

John Mackle was a 17 year old High school Baseball star until January 17,2012 he had a premonition that the train he was on,180,was gonna crash killing him and his friends.After that his friends all started dying in weird accidents.


A rock is blown by the wind into the tracks,and the train hits it,slidding over.Gleen falls throw the window and is crushed,as his inards scrape against the ground.A hook flies and almost nails Jack in the head.Jerry falls and is bisected by a train pole.The force causes the hook to fall on Jack,stabbing him in the head.He falls and his sharp nails stab Cherry in the head.Freaking out,she pulls and puls the hand out of her head and the body swings.The hook whacks Cherry in the head,and she falls dead.Janey,Uber and John are left,stand side by side in that order.A pilot flying a plane sees the train(which is still sliding)and is distracted,causing him to crash the plane into a building.The building cuts in half,and the top half falls and kills Janey and Uber.The train stops sliding and flies into the drivers spot.Blood is on the window,and the drivers head is in the thruster.Clibing up,John realizes the train is balancing over the cliff,and it falls,killing John and any of the remaining passengers.

Other CharactersEdit

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