It had been a long day. You spent it all with your best friend, John. You had a fun day with him, at the movies, ice cream shop, the mall.     You are now watching his favorite movie, Ghostbusters. You used to think this movie was lame, but that was before John gave you a long lecture on why it was the best movie ever. Anyhow, there you are, with him sitting by your side. He seems very quiet.... a little too quiet. Suddenly, as you go to look at him, his head is upon your shoulder.     A light blush begins to dust your face. His warm breath blows onto your face. It still smells like peppermint ice cream, your favorite flavor.      He makes a small squeak in his sleep. It's so adorable, all you want to do is hug him. He suddenly shivers, and curls up in a ball, promptly landing rather comfortably into your lap. It's almost funny how much smaller he is than you.       You suppose that he must be getting cold. It would probably be best to cover him up with a blanket. With him being much smaller than you, it's quite easy to lift him up to the couch. Even after you tuck him in with the blanket, he continues to shiver. The heater is already on, so you ponder what else you could possibly do for the poor thing.       Suddenly, an idea comes to you. It certainly couldn't hurt to.... could it? Despite your second thoughts, you decide to do it anyway. Gingerly fumbling with the blanket, you carefully slip yourself under the blankets beside him. He smiles in his sleep. Maybe he can feel your body warmth? That is what your goal was, to keep him warm. You reposition yourself so that you can be comfortable. He turns in his sleep, and his arms are now around your torso and chest. His arms actually feel rather soft. A deeper blush begins to dust your cheeks.       Still a little shocked by the sudden hug, you flinch a bit. Hoping you didn't wake him, you turn to look at him. All is well, his eyes are still closed. A mere second later, his beautiful blue eyes slowly open up.   "Nnngh. Wha..... Oh, good morning ______. What are you doing...?" He realizes where his hands are. His face turns a bright shade of red. "OH MY GOSH I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT REALLY REALLY I'M SO SORRY!!" He jumps back, his face still red like a tomato. You let a smile spread across your face. A giggle escapes your mouth.   "It's alright, really." You say, trying your best to comfort him. He blushes and nods. He grabs a pillow and covers his face.     "T-thank you."     "Hm?"     "For taking care of me, keeping me warm."     "It's alright, anything for you, my little John." You give him a smile. He suddenly wraps you with those soft arms of his, in a great big hug. Suddenly, you feel his lips meet with yours. You can taste that peppermint breath of his that you love so much. It's so amazing, this feeling, you almost don't want to let him go.    Once you let go of each other, you notice that John's face is still bright red. He says in a quiet voice, "I-I'm sorry, I just, I couldn't resist...."    "John. It's alright. I love you." You then proceed to kiss him on the cheek. You grab his hand and pull him closer to you, holding him in your arms. He's perfect for cuddling, so small and soft, still holding that Peppermint smell.     "I love you too."

(Writers Comments: This is my first time ever writing a ____XReader, hope you like it~ This is more for females by the way XD But yeah, my first ficlet! Expect more soon~)

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